A loving family: Part 1A loving family: Part 1


A loving family: Part 1 This story is about many years of desire finally coming a reality. Within this story there is a strong base of reality with sexual references being mostly fictional, names have been changed and all people involved are of legal age. I hope you enjoy. Perhaps I should start with myself. My name is John. I am now 34 years old. I am 5’10” around 180 pounds. As prior military I carry myself tall and proud. I will admit I am no longer as fit as I used to be, but I am also not fat. I have gained a bit of a belly that my wife says she loves. I would say that as endowment goes I feel pretty normal, around 7 ” and thick. Yet again, my wife claims to love it. My wife Sarah is now 28, around 5’5” and petite. She has a wonderful frame in my eyes. She has a nice small butt that is the perfect size and shape to cup in your hands for great pleasure. Her breasts are beautiful as well. She has a full B or small C cup breasts that are very well placed on her. Being a nipple guy, this is where her breasts really shine to me. She has very perfect nipples that when excited stand out from her breasts about an inch and almost a dime in diameter. We met almost 5 years ago and have loved growing with each other every step of the way. We are both very sexual and enjoy pushing each other to try new things. This has gone a long way toward keeping things alive and interesting. Her family immediately loved me, so I can’t give a horror story of in-laws. In fact, let’s talk about about some of my in-laws. She has two younger sisters who are gorgeous in their own şişli eskort ways and a hot cousin to boot. This story is however about her oldest sister Jess. Jess lives in another state with her mother, so we do not see her very often. When we do get to see her she usually stays with us for around a week at a time. This is where the thoughts and sexual tension comes from. Now Jess is a beautiful girl. When I met her the first time she was 16 and very developed. She always had desires to be in the military and was enrolled in a ROTC program at her school. This along with playing volleyball gave her a very fit athletic build. Along with her athletic frame Jess was blessed with a bigger ass than her sister but not huge. The big difference between them was their breasts. Jess was blessed with large I would guess a full set of D tits that would become the object of many thoughts and what-if’s. To not bore you too much with the daily or annual grind of our lives I will sum things up a little for you. My wife and I, as I said, have always enjoyed trying new things. We have had a threesome with another girl, but shortly after had issues in our marriage due to my fears of long term commitment. I will say that by this time after being married for two years Jess has come to visit about four times, each time, bringing the same frustrations of sexual thoughts pooling into my head. Physical contact is a given in this family. It is commonplace to break silence or boredom with random punches or shoves, just playing around. There always was that red shoulder angel şişli escort saying push just a bit more, or how can I get a cat fight going and maybe catch both of the beautiful women in a cat fight and possibly see the loss of some articles of clothing to get a better glimpse of her young smooth body. But sadly this never happened. Things started to change recently however. Jess had turned 18 and graduated high school. We all were expecting her to move on to college but fate had other plans. Jess had called and told us she was pregnant. No going to college now. To make things worse, life at her mom’s was getting tough. Too many people in a small house, and not very respecting of her. My wife offered her sister to come stay with us for awhile so she could have the baby and get back onto her feet. This idea both bothered and excited me. I was not too happy with yet another mouth to feed. Although, I would be seeing Jess more and after reading many erotic stories a part of me thought this is how it all begins. I never knew how right I would be. Between the time we offered and Jess finally moved in there were many conversations between my wife and myself on how things would go with her here. She would be sleeping on the couch in the living room and unfortunately, that was where I got dressed and ready for work in the mornings as to not wake our kids. I think Sarah knew my head was reeling with thoughts of Jess; she had to know. Jess moved in and things were going better than I expected. We were getting along great and she kept to herself a lot. mecidiyeköy escort My sex drive, however, has blown into overdrive. I seem to walk around the house in various states of erection everyday. My wife turned me on, without a doubt, but now there was an 18 year-old beauty here with us as well. Somehow the pregnancy made her even sexier. Suddenly my thoughts got even more involved with my sister-in-law. She would get off the couch and announce she was going to take a shower in the only bathroom we had. Her showers were never quick. I couldn’t take the curiosity anymore. One night when she went up to the shower, I got up from were I had been reading stories on my computer, and went upstairs. I knocked on the door. “Yes” she said from the other side of the door. “I need to use the restroom. Can I come in?” “Can you wait about five minutes?” she asked “Not really. I should have gone before you came up here.” “I guess” she said. I could hear the reluctance in her voice. I slowly opened the door and walked in, closing it behind me. It took a few seconds for the steam to clear from my glasses. Once I could clearly see again I could make out the silhouette of her body through the shower curtain. Once again I was tortured by the lack of clear sight of the body I wanted to see so badly. I walked to the toilet that sat right next to the shower curtain. As I bent over to raise the seat I could not tear my eyes away from the shadow of her figure, well within arms reach of me. My mind raced. Just then I was brought back to some form of reality when I heard Sarah call from downstairs, yelling, “I have to go to the store to get some movies and snacks for the night dear.” I then heard the door to the house open and close again. Returning to the task at hand, I once again focused on the figure in the shower.

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