The Venus Club Ch. 01The Venus Club Ch. 01


I am not sure what makes guys in uniform so attractive and sexy to both men and women. Is it just the flashy appearance with its imposing glory? Or the fact that a uniformed guy, like a knight in a shining armor, exudes masculine charm? Or that these guys are so hungry for sex due to their living for lengthy periods in restricted areas away from female or family company? By experience, I can confirm that the last one is a myth.

I joined the army right after graduating from college in 1979. The prospects were good and I needed time to decide what to do with my professional life. Now, I see how innocent things were then. Some may say “naïve”, but to me things were innocent. Sexwise. The scare of HIV was years away, most STDs were treated successfully with antibiotics and the worst that could happen was a hurt ego when you got rejected.

A year later I was stationed at a base by the large capital of this small Mediterranean country. My four years there as an army nurse were rich with experiences and shaped my present personality.

In service, I never saw anything blatant. There might be some rumors about guys, an occasional glance or a move or gesture that you could see with the corner of your eye, but nothing more. Things were very different then. No “don’t ask, don’t tell”, everything had to be “don’t do, don’t show, but if you see, you have to tell”. Not that I was solely interested in men, women were attractive to me as well. Given the choice, I would fuck a woman in the ass and take a dick in my mouth.

For the first few months, I was lonely. Not many chances for a girlfriend in a society that is so closed. One day, after my gym work out, I went to the shower room to find another guy, around 20 years old, rinsing himself. I usually face the wall in cases like this to cover my potential erection and this time was no exception. I was getting hard at the thought of being in a room with another naked guy, just the thought. We never spoke a word and after he finished, he left. I followed a few minutes later and went for my towel in the little locker room. He was there wiping himself and grinned upon my entry. He was a strong guy, not very tall, but muscular with a bubble etimesgut escort butt and an average sized cock while soft.

“Hi, I am Bob” he said.

“Hey there, I am Ricky”

“How are you today?”

“Not bad, thanks. How about yourself?”

“Great, just great. Can’t wait for the weekend.”

“Sure, we all need a good rest”

“I don’t need a rest. I can’t wait to fuck some nice juicy meat, understand?” and winked.

No, I did not, but tried to be polite and grinned. He went, “Are you coming?” and this was an opportunity for me to learn what he meant. I was in need of some good time too, but the local area was not offering this. After he laughed at my face when I asked for an explanation, he told me there is a place, a private house where army guys go and join the natives for super wild parties. These parties were not just parties, these were true orgies where anyone could do whatever with anyone else to their hearts content and delight. There was only one rule: all involved in any activity should agree 100%, or then the thing had to stop.

At 24, what else did I need? I grabbed the opportunity and the next Saturday around 8pm, me, Bob, and two sergeants – Tyler and Jeff, both black and in their late 20s – were in a car anticipating the best of times with our tools getting hard at this thought.

After an hour’s drive, we reached the Venus Club. An old man opened the old and narrow gate. We left the car and walked about 5 minutes to the house. It was a secluded mansion, a large, 2-story Mediterranean villa maybe 100 years old with a huge property around. Thick bushes around the fence were providing protection from indiscreet eyes, but anyway, there was nothing around for miles. We did not have to ring, somebody opened and welcomed all four of us. They knew we were going. Tyler and Jeff let us and went their ways.

Bob became my guide. He took me to a room where little boxes with numbers were stacked. He took two empty ones and asked me to put my clothes in one of them. He undressed, I did too and our hard cocks were free at last. With his cock hard like this, Bob reached 7 inches and was etlik escort promoted to the “Respectable Size” league in my eyes. We placed our stuff in the boxes and, as we were close to each other, he reached out and fondled my balls. A tiny chill ran down my back, I loved it. I did not look at him, but stroked his lower back and ass cheeks. “Nice and full” he said, “you need to share this with as many as you can.” I loved the idea. “Same to you” I said and smiled.

We walked to the first room on the right. A large table was in the middle. Two naked girls were lying on it, their pussies stuffed by two dressed guys with their protruding cocks out of their pants. One of them was in a tuxedo. He looked older and really assertive in his manners.

The other guy was young and very well hung. He was in the girl’s pussy fucking her slowly, dipping his fingers in her juices and making her lick them. Without pulling his dick out, he lifted one of her legs high and plunged his thumb in the girl’s asshole. She smiled and sighed and he pumped her with his thumb so hard, she was sliding on the table’s top. She moaned and arched and more juices flowed out of her stuffed pussy. He removed his thumb from her ass and put it in her mouth. She licked and sucked everything humming with delight. By now, I thought, his cock was in a pool of girl cum.

Bob and I were stroking ourselves and each other very gently all the time. We got closer to this couple and the girl said in broken English, “The more, the merrier” and smiled. Her pussy juices were flowing down on her asshole, a shiny asshole. The man slapped her left cheek and thrust himself inside her very violently a few times making her arch her body again, then he pulled out and said, “She is yours for now. Let me have a drink and I’ll join you” and he left with his cock hanging out of his pants.

Bob bent over her cunt and started licking her juices, her clit, her trimmed hair and fingered her slippery anus. He sucked her thick cunt lips and teased her swollen button of pleasure with the tip of his tongue. She pressed her lower abdomen with her hand and Bob started playing again with her clit, eve gelen escort rubbing his tongue up and down and lapping her slit saps, just to add some lubrication. He kept fucking her asshole using her cum, only he had two fingers in her now.

I wiped with my right middle some of her dripping juice and fingered Bob. Just a twitch was all he did. I stroke his dick slowly and squeezed his balls. They were full and felt heavy. Then I licked my index inserted both my index and my middle in Bob’s ass. He was pushing and opening his ring for me.

As he raised his torso away from her cunt, his butt cheeks squeezed my hand and I pushed even harder to keep them inside him. He plunged his dick in her all the way and lifted her legs up and apart. He was going for the deep penetration. I was massaging his rectum, his prostate felt like a little lump I loved to tease with my fingers. In less than a minute, we had our rhythm; when he pulled back from her, I pushed in him, and when he plunged in her, I pulled back relieving his intestine from the pressure but I never pulled out.

When the guy came back, he went straight to the other couple, the one with the older man. He mumbled something and climbed on the table. He slapped the old man’s face with his cock and pushed it into his mouth. The old man sucked the head and kept fucking the girl. He seemed to me like he was doing this for ever. Two centers of pleasure for a man who must have seen a lot. And done more. He finally pulled himself out and came with a sigh. I could not see but I believe the girl’s pussy was all covered with mature sperm.

The guy on the table squatted on the girl’s face and gave her his cock. The old man teased the girl’s clit with his fingers and she gasped for air, moaning with pleasure, having two men at her service. She screamed and squirted her juices on the man’s tuxedo. He burst laughing and slapped her cunt making a loud wet noise. The guy in her mouth did not cum. He was like me. When I get very, very excited, I can’t cum. I stay hard and go forever. Bob was close but was able to control himself. He tickled the girl’s clit with his thumb and she exploded. Her legs shaking, she bit her lips and squeezed Bob’s cock with her cunt muscles.

Then, my friend decided it was time to continue our exploration in other rooms. We left the girl in a sort of trance and while we were walking to the next room, he told me this was the “Vanilla” room. I felt this question growing inside my head. If this is ordinary, what else am I going to see here?

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