Big Tits

Yeah it was a surprise, probably would have been more of a surprise if I had not been a bit drunk at the time. I was visiting my mother for the weekend and she set up a quick party to celebrate the visit. Nothing big, it was just a few of her friends who knew me and a few of my friends, including my current girlfriend who drove in from the college for the party.

I had slipped upstairs to go to the bathroom and since it was the small bathroom directly off my room I didn’t bother to completely close and lock the door before I started. Anyway, I had a lot beer to drink so I was only about half way finished when I heard the door creak behind me. Figuring it was my girlfriend sneaking in, I didn’t turn or try to stop, I just continued.

It was only when I heard, “You’re getting it all over the rim, just like when you were little,” and suddenly my mother squatted down beside the toilet. “Here let me show you,” she continued, grabbing my cock from my hand and aiming it for me.


“Now don’t interrupt me. You used to pee all over the place when you were younger. See how easy it is,” she said, aiming my cock so the stream lightly glanced off the porcelain before trickling into the water. Tahtakale Escort “So much less splashing.”

As the last of the stream trickled into the water, she reached over and grabbed a bit of toilet paper and dabbed the last droplets of urine from the tip of my cock. Dropping the toilet paper into the water, she reached up flushed the toilet and said, “And if you bothered to wipe like us girls we wouldn’t have to continually clean up those yellow stains from the floor.”

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I went to turn and slide my cock back into my pants, but my mother wouldn’t let go. She actually tugged it back and began stroking it.

“Mother, you’re drunk,” I said, gritting my teeth as my cock began to harden.

“Not so drunk that I don’t know what to do with this,” she replied, working her hands up and down my shaft as I came fully erect.

I reached down to pull her hands away when she moved her head forward, opened her mouth and slid it over the bluish head of my cock. She closed her lips around it and began sucking hard as her right hand firmly grasped my shaft.

“Mom… ah,” I interrupted myself with a moan as I leaned back against the sink Escort Tahtakale pushing my hips forward. The feeling enveloping my cock was incredible, beyond anything I had experienced before. Certainly well beyond anything any of my girlfriends had ever done.

Seeing my response, she pulled her head back and said, “Yeah, I didn’t think any of your girlfriends were treating you right. Any of them make you feel like this?” she asked before sliding her mouth back down over my cock.

“No Mom, nothing like this,” was all I could mumble as I began rocking my hips back and forth watching my cock slide in and out her mouth as her hand slid quickly up and down the shaft.

Continuing to suck hard, my mom then reached up and began massaging my balls with her free hand. I grasped the sink with my hands steadying myself as I gave in to the pleasure she gave me. In just moments I felt the pressure building in my balls and with a moan I arched my back, shoved my hips forward and came, spurting my cum into my mother’s mouth.

As I began to cum she reached her hands around and cupped my ass, holding me tight to her as she swallowed and continued sucking. I was about to reach Tahtakale Escort Bayan down, perhaps cup her breasts when I heard, “What the hell is going on?”

I looked up and saw my girlfriend standing at the door. I immediately froze as my mother calmly, took one last long suck from my cock, stood up, dabbed a bit of cum from her chin with a finger and slowly liked the white gob before saying, “Don’t worry sweety, I’m just showing my son what he should expect from a woman. You better step up your game from now on.” She then reached up, patted me on my cheek and walked out of the bathroom.

“You disgusting shit,” was all my girlfriend could say before turning, pushing past my mother and running downstairs. I quickly slipped my cock back into my pants, zipped up and then tried to catch her, but by the time I made it downstairs and out into the front yard, her car was pulling away.

I probably should have been a bit upset, but damn, if what my mother had just done to me was really what I could expect from a woman, I realized my girlfriend was simply going through the motions. I guess I just needed a woman a bit more like Mom. Stepping back into the house I noticed my mother sitting on the couch talking with some of her friends. She looked up, nodded to me and voicelessly said, “We’ll talk later.”

I then walked into the kitchen where I explained to a couple of my friends that I was in the market for a new girlfriend, all the while wondering what Mom and I would have to talk about when the party was over.

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