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None of what you are about to read actually happened. ******* If you enjoy my story or any others on the Nifty site, please show your appreciation and donate what you can afford. ******* Finally, thank you again to my editor, Jim. ********************* He was laughing and struggling, shrieking, “I would rather be shot than poisoned.” I nearly cried. I had my Davy back. Staggering round, laughing, we finally ended up together on the couch. Me on my back with Davy on top of me. He stopped laughing, his face was studying mine. That spooked me. “Davy, are you okay?” “Yes, I am fine. I just can’t help loving you. You daft apeth.” Before I could speak, he pushed his lips to mine. I mumbled into his mouth, “Thank goodness for that, because I love you with all of my heart.” As we broke our kiss, I put on my pouty lips again, “What’s a daft apeth?” “You are, you silly sod!” ********************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 117e � Whale watching Marcus continues the story I sat bolt upright, momentarily wondering where I was, immediately feeling the damp patch I was sitting in. I grinned, the memories of last night came flooding back to me. My sudden movement caused Denis to stir. He looked at me through bleary eyes, “What’s up?” I had to smile. He looked so gorgeous laying naked next to me. The sheets had partially pulled back, revealing his muscled torso and arms. “Sorry darling, nothing, I just forgot where I was.” I leant over and kissed him. He moaned sensually and winked at me. “Mmmm, it is lovely here, isn’t it?” He rubbed his hand over the sheet, “I love this bed, it’s so cosy, especially with you in it too. Don’t you want to cuddle up to me again?” He winked suggestively. His hand guided me back down and he shuffled over to me, slinging one leg over mine. His lips nibbled my chest, creeping to my nipple, murmuring, “We don’t have anything to get up for.” I felt the electricity flooding through me as he slid himself between my legs, his lips kissing me hard. “God, I love you. I hate that we have to be apart.” I could only moan in agreement. His cock was rock hard, it hit against my taint, forcibly rolling my balls out of its path. I could feel the wetness of its head pushing, no sliding against my still sticky hole. He licked my neck up to my ear. Nibbling the fleshy lobe, murmuring, “Can’t you talk Forts into getting his own place up here? Then I could move up too. I can’t stand being without you.” I turned, looking straight into his eyes, “You know I want to be with you too.” His fingers brushed over my lips, “Well, speak to him then.” “Denis, you know it’s not my place to do that. What about if I go back to being a footman down at the Manor?” “You don’t want to do that. Forts would listen to you, Davy definitely would.” His cockhead pushed against my hole. I gasped as it popped inside me. Even with the fucking I had received last night, and boy, was it good, my hole ached at the intrusion of his cock again. “Please, at least ask him.” He begged. His tongue slid into my open mouth, “For us.” “Okay, okay.” His cock pushed deeper. The warmness and fullness returned to me. I tilted my hips, letting him get in deep. “For us.” He kissed me again. “Okay, okay, just fuck me.” He chuckled, sliding his cock back and thrusting forward. His bellend brushed over my now tender man nut. Fuck, it had taken a battering last night. The pleasure Denis was generating in my groin was sending sparks shooting along all my nerve pathways until they exploded in my head. I would have to speak to Davy and Forts. I couldn’t give up this pleasure. I didn’t want to. ** Athol takes up the story “Okay guys, drive safely and remember to phone when you get there. Give my love to Torcall.” Dexy gave me a wave and turned over the six-cylinder Chevrolet truck engine, it gave a splutter and then roared into life. Niki and McPhee, who were sitting up front alongside him on the bench seat, gave a great cheer. I was sure I saw a look of relief on Dexy’s face, too. He had explained that this was one of the latest vehicles that had arrived at his depot, and one of the largest American trucks then being built. He wanted to see how it performed on the journey, and it gave them plenty of space for the cargo they had to take. With a last smile and wave, the truck moved forward. Behind them, the Jeep, carrying Lance and Greg, shifted into gear and lurched forward after the truck. The vehicles looped round the courtyard in front of the Castle and with Niki waving enthusiastically out of the window while McPhee held on to him, they set off down the driveway. Destination: Fort George. As they vanished out of sight, Forts turned to me, “Sorry, Dad. I just didn’t think I should go.” Forts paused, obviously trying to decide if he should continue with an explanation. I helped him out. “Son, it’s okay. Nathan spoke to me last night. Are you and he okay now?” “Me and Davy?” “No, you and Nathan. I could tell by your face, you and Davy seem okay. I just don’t want any animosity between you and Nathan.” “No Dad. We are fine, Nathan was right, really.” His voice trailed off. I could sense it was time for some father son time. “Come on, let’s have a walk down to the stables. You can show me how that filly of yours, Daphne is doing.” Fort’s face immediately lit up at her name. “She is doing great, Dad. Come on, I will show you.” We headed off down the drive towards the stable block. I had a couple of things I wanted to bring up with him; which to choose first? “Mishcon phoned last night.” Forts glanced at me, waiting for me to expand on my statement. The air of expectancy got to me. “He wants to come up soon. Apparently, he has that file all translated now, the one about your Erzincan Escort parents’ disappearance.” Now did I tell him anymore? I waited to see what he would say. Forts thought for a moment, then stopped. “Well?” “Son, he hasn’t really told me anything. After all, it is your file, left to you by the old Grand Duke. The only thing he asked was how Dima was and if he was still with us?” Forts snapped defensively, “What does he mean, how is Dima and is he still with us? Of course he is!” I heard myself sigh and saw Fort’s face stiffen. “Drageon, son. I get the impression, most of it will be very uncomfortable reading, especially for Dima and Theodora… You have to remember you are the senior Romanov in the country, people will be looking to you for…” Forts stared at me, “For what?…” It felt like a challenge. “Well, some may feel you may have a decision to make when you hear the full story regarding Dima’s father.” Forts swallowed and started walking again. I followed. He suddenly halted, turning to me again. “Dad, surely it isn’t right to blame the acts of the father on the son?” “Drageon, I hope you’re right; I really do. But as Horace said, “For the sins of your father, you, though guiltless, must suffer.” “I don’t care what some long dead Greek said.” He started walking again. I decided not to tell Forts, Horace was actually a Roman. “The Bible, too, teaches: ‘God visits the sins of the father on the children.'” Forts snorted, glaring round at me. “Are you seriously quoting the Bible at me now? YOU!… You of all people!” “Son, if it is as bad as Mishcon hinted, and if the story were to get out, you will be under a great deal of pressure to distance yourself from Prince Dima Chikenoff.” Forts snapped, “Haven’t I lost enough already? My real parents were, in all probability, murdered. I won’t lose one of my closest friends, because of something his father may or may not have done… Now, can we talk about something else?” “Drageon, I am not trying to upset you…” “Dad, enough. Let us wait to hear what Mishcon says first.” Forts shook his head and turned and hugged me. “Dad, I am sorry. But can we just wait until Mishcon gets here?” He forced a smile, “Come on, let me show you my beautiful girl.” We walked under the arch, through into the stable yard, Forts heading straight towards the stall with the name ‘Daphne’ above it. He called out, “Hello girl, Daphne.” There was a whinny from inside the loose box and her head appeared over the open half door. I had to laugh. He had barely said hello, snorting up her muzzle, when there was a loud thumping and snorting from two boxes down. Pegasus’s head had appeared over the door, there was more thumping against the wood. Forts chuckled, “Easy, boy. Are you jealous? I am just saying hello to your girlfriend.” It was moments like this I cherished with Forts. There was no side to him, he just oozed love and friendship to everyone and everything he came in contact with. Pegasus let out a loud whinny and strained his neck out towards Forts. “Son, I think you had better say hello to him. Remember, he has kicked one of those doors clean off before.” Forts glanced round, smiling at me, “How could I forget?” He gave Daphne a hard clap on the neck and then went up to Pegasus. The beast immediately became calmer. Forts slipped open the bolt and pulled open the stable door. “Out you come, boy. Come and say hello to Dad.” Pegasus pranced out of his stall, somehow this beast knew he was the ‘king of the stables’. He stopped in front of Forts and the two of them did that horsey thing of breathing into each other’s noses again. Pegasus turned and walked to Daphne’s box. Forts laughed, “See Dad, he prefers his girlfriend to me.” Forts was smiling again, that was a relief. Forts crossed and opened Daphne’s box. She came out like a demure ‘femme fatale’, nuzzling up to Pegasus’s flank. He began making deep rumbling noises in response. Forts laughed, slapping Pegasus’ large rump, “Behave yourself, you sex mad thing.” “Just like his Dad.” The words had slipped from my lips before I realised. Fort’s smile vanished. He didn’t even look at me, he just stared straight ahead. “Go on, get it off your chest. There is obviously something else you want to have a go at me about!” “Drageon, that’s not fair. I only want the best for you.” “So, I am right then,” he muttered as he separated the two horses and returned them to their respective stalls. I watched as he went over and collected a wheelbarrow and pitch fork. He stopped by the water trough, hands on his hips. He stood square on to me, “Go on then. Get it off your chest.” “Drageon, stop it! Listen to yourself. I am your Dad. I don’t deserve to be spoken to like this. I care about you and only want the best for you.” Forts shook his head, “Go on. I am waiting for the ‘but’.” “Son, fine. You want it straight; you’re going to get it straight! I know you’re under a load of pressure. We all do! ‘But’ there are you happy now? I hissed back at him. “‘But’ what Nathan said is correct. You are messing with Davy’s head. You either want him as your life partner or just as a shag. You have to make your mind up which it is and either tell him it’s over or you show him some commitment. You can’t keep slipping off having sex with other guys when he is not there and then saying sorry to him and expecting him to forgive you.” “You sleep with other guys!” “Only with Archie present and or when we both agree, it is never behind each other’s backs!” “Oh, so that’s okay, then?” “If that’s what you as a couple both agree to, then yes, it is!” Forts turned away, muttering something I couldn’t hear. “Forts, you’re still young. You still have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t go committing to something with Davy that will leave you feeling trapped. It is not fair to you and especially not to Davy.” Forts turned to me slowly, his face tormented, tears streaming down his cheeks, “Dad, I do love him, more than anything.” I hurried over the few feet to where he was standing and wrapped my arms round him. We stood hugging, both of us sobbing into each other’s necks. “I am sorry, Dad.” “And so am I, son. Growing up is not easy. I only want the best for you.” “I know. I love you, dad!” “I love you too, son!” * Later that day, I was back at my desk. I hated having that conversation with Forts this morning. But, God, there was that word again. Things had to be said, and the air cleared. Luckily we had parted friends, and after finishing with the horses, we had both went for a long walk along the burn, even spending Erzincan Escort Bayan some time paddling along part of it, beautiful quality time together. The sound of the lunch gong gave me a start. Dragging me from my daydreaming. I was sitting staring out the window. A movement below me caught my eye and brought me back to the present. It was Davy and Forts; they were walking side by side down towards the stable across the courtyard. They were obviously deep in conversation. I stood getting closer to the window, trying to make out their facial expressions. “Everything okay?” I glanced round, “Hi Archie, sorry I didn’t hear you come in. Yes, I am fine.” Archie came over to my side as I turned back to the window, “Who are you watching?” “Forts and Davy.” “Problems?” I sighed, “Only time will tell, hopefully not.” I went back to my desk. Archie joining me, “I have done the roster for the medicals, I have given the Prof. thirty-minute appointments, twenty minutes for the examinations and ten minutes for updating notes.” “Will that be long enough? Why not make them one-hour appointments? Fifty-minute examinations and then ten minutes for notes? I want to ask him if he would cover the birds and the bees talk with all the boys individually too. I am not sure the group sex education sessions went that well. Some of the boys seemed overwhelmed by it all.” Archie chuckled and began ripping up his roster, “So you want me to start again then?” As I nodded, the phone began to ring. I picked up the receiver, “Castle Fraser school for boys, Athol MacDonald speaking. McPhee, it’s you. Are you okay? You sound a bit breathless.” I held the receiver so that Archie could hear as well, “So you got there safely?… Good, good. Sorry, did you say if you have to sing ten green bottles again, you will go mad?… It’s Niki’s new favourite song?… I can’t say I am sorry I missed that one then. How is Torcall? Promoted again?… Give him our best and don’t let him drink that barrel of our brew all at once. Okay Chris, have a good time and we will see you all again tomorrow… Oh Chris, thank you again for doing this. Bye.” I put down the receiver, “Well, at least that’s going well.” Archie didn’t say anything, just began whistling ‘ten green bottles’. I scrunched up a sheet of paper into a ball and launched it at him. He began laughing. I put my head in my hands, “God, Archie, I hope Niki forgets that bloody song before he gets back. I don’t think I could stand it!” ** Forts picks up the story Here I was again, my head spinning, staring at Daphne’s statue. Nathan’s, and now Dad’s words, and what each of them had implied, were now vying for the limited space in my head. They were both right. I had to make my mind up what I wanted, no, what was for the best. I thought I had. Davy and I had the most amazing sex last night. I was sure then. Now here I am again after my walk with Dad, what to do for the best, especially for Davy? ** Torcall takes up the story The knock on the door that I had, oops, we had been expecting, finally came. “Sir, your friends have arrived from Fraser Castle.” “Thank you, Sergeant.” Sergeant Conolly gave a quick head nod and closed the door again. I caught Russel and James’s eyes, they were as excited as me to get out and see everyone again. The three of us rose slowly and then it descended in to farce as we all dashed for the door, me narrowly beating them both, to shouts of cheat as I threw their flat caps across the room from the coat stand and ran out. “McPhee, hello, great to see you again. Niki! … Oomph.” Niki leapt into my arms, his legs wrapping round my waist. I turned as we were joined by Martin and Brandt. “You remember Major Russel Martin, my aid-de-camp and Captain James Brandt?” McPhee held out his hand, “Yes Sir, but I see you have all been promoted.” “Ahh yes. They promote anyone now,” I laughed. I noticed the three Americans standing quietly, “Dexy, Greg and Lance, isn’t it? Good to see you all again. Come in guys, we have a little lunch laid on for you.” With Niki still hanging on to me, I led everyone into the officers’ Mess, where a buffet lunch had been laid out. I turned to McPhee, “The General is looking forward to seeing you again too Chris. You made quite the impression at Christmas.” McPhee blushed pink. “Oh dear. Colonel, would it be okay for me to ring the Castle and let Athol know we have arrived safely?” “Certainly, McPhee. James, can you take McPhee down to the office?” “Sir.” McPhee smiled and winked. “Viscount Tilney.” Captain Brandt put his arm round McPhee, guiding him out of the room, “So you remembered.” They both chuckled as McPhee added, “How could I forget?” ** McPhee takes up the story. Captain Brandt waited until I was inside, then pushed me back against the closed door, “It’s good to see you again, Chris.” Before I could answer, his lips pushed against mine. He pushed himself hard against me, “God, you’re a sexy fucker. I have missed you.” My tongue pushed back, tumbling with his. Our hands running up and down each other’s backs, our fingers gripping hard into each other’s bums. I ran the material of his kilt up through my fingers, finally feeling the firm, bare flesh of his arse cheeks. He winked as I lifted him, his legs wrapped round my waist as my larger frame easily lifted his feet from the floor. He laughed, “I hope you’re not starting something you won’t finish.” “Oh, don’t worry. I will finish.” I turned us round and moved him over to the desk, sweeping my hand over the surface, sending piles of papers to the floor. He grinned as I placed his arse on the edge of the table, his fingers pulling at my sporran and kilt material. Urgent hands released my belt, my fly plaid slipped from my shoulders, joining my long kilt on the floor. Gasping as his fingers wrapped round my nine-inch cut shaft, “Fuck I have missed this,” he moaned, wanking it slowly. Slapping away his hands, I pushed him down, forcing his back flat to the desk. My hands threw back his kilt and slid up his firm, downy, muscled legs, lifting his feet up over my shoulders. Dropping to my knees, I smiled to myself, his pucker mere inches from me, pink and juicy looking. I pulled down his six inches of hard cut man meat, down over his large balls and took his bellend into my mouth. He groaned again, his hands grabbing my hair, “Suck it McPhee, know your place.” Brandt and I had this long running joke. Technically, he out ranked me on the aristocracy ladder. He was a Viscount, whereas I was only a baronet. “Of course, My Lord.” I Escort Erzincan licked down to his balls, the blond hairs tickling my nose, his sweaty balls flooding my senses with the horniest man musk. I licked his sac, swamping my mouth with his taste, such an amazing memory. Moving lower, I snuffled under his balls with my nose like a hungry pig truffle hunting. My lips brushing over his taint and then his pucker. He wriggled, his hands gripping my head, driving me deeper into him. “Fuck yes. Get me ready McPhee!” My hand wanked my shaft, smearing the now free flowing precum over my swollen, throbbing cock head. My tongue and lips teased his winking hole. With it glistening with saliva, I traced the tip of my tongue, round and round the crinkled skin before plunging as deep as I could into him. Working hard, I soon felt and tasted the soft, delicate, velvet lining of his hole. Hungrily, my lips and mouth feasted on this most exquisite of morsels, sending Brandt moaning, his arse writhing and riding on my face. Before standing, I spat on to his pucker, my fingers forcing my saliva into his hole. With his ‘fuck me eyes’ locked on mine, I pulled him tighter to me, right to the edge of the table. I gripped my shaft and pushed it hard against his hole. He tensed, then let out a long deep rumbling sigh as I pushed the head into him. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, fuck me Chris, fuck me hard.” I smiled down at him, “Are you ready? It’s been a while.” His hand dropped to my hips as mine moved to his taut, muscled stomach. “Go for it.” I eased my hips back and pushed resolutely forward. His head hit the wooden desk hard, his eyes rolling back. His mouth, open in a silent scream. “That okay, My Lord?” James bit his lip, exhaling, “Fuck, I had forgotten quite how big you are, stud. Now fuck me!” So it began. We soon had a good rhythm going between us. His eyes closed; his face lost to pleasure. Five minutes later, the perspiration was dripping from my forehead, splashing down onto his cum gutters. His hard, glistening, cut cock swaying wildly as my balls slapped against his taint. The phone began to ring, I stopped. His eyes opened. “Don’t you fucking dare stop. Ignore it.” I laughed and began slamming into him again. The door opened behind us and the sergeant’s face appeared, “Oops, sorry Sir. I didn’t realise there was anyone in here.” He stammered, open-mouthed as he processed the scene before him, turning he mumbled, “The phone wasn’t answered… Sorry… Sir.” As the door closed, James gasping, “Thank you, Sergeant.” We both wanted to laugh, but were too close. “Oh, fuck McPhee, I am going to cum. Fuck, no hands!” James’ cock flexed, his arse muscles spasmed round my shaft, and his cockhead exploded, launching jet after jet of cum in to the air. It fell back on to his stomach, his cum gutters, channelling it down towards his balls. Not that I really noticed, my own cock, stimulated by his suddenly spasming, gripping arse muscles, hauled my balls close to my cock bone and I too began pumping out my cum, deep into his warm tight arse. I collapsed forward on to him, my cock still buried deep inside his twitching body. Our lips once more joining in an undulating wet, passionate alliance. “How was that, My Lord?” He winked, “Not bad for the first time this visit.” He kissed me again. “I didn’t realise how much I had missed you, Chris.” His fingers stroked my face. “You had better make that call now, and we had better be getting back.” He laughed, “And I had better speak to Sergeant Conolly.” I stepped back, my deflating cock pulling from its warm lair. Brandt threw me the hand towel from the room’s small wash-hand basin. “Here, use this.” Having cleaned myself up, I handed it back to him. He gave himself a quick wipe and then sorted out his kilt and shirt. My long kilt would take me a bit longer. I picked up the phone and asked the operator to put me through to Castle Fraser. I heard the line click and crackle for a moment before it was answered. “Castle Fraser school for boys, Athol MacDonald speaking.” “Athol. It’s me, we are here.” “McPhee, it’s you. Are you okay? You sound a bit breathless.” ** Davy continues the story Forts had come to the classroom. He was strangely quiet. He mumbled something about wanting to speak to me. He nodded curtly at Nathan. What the fuck was going on? I followed him down the stairs in silence and out into the courtyard. “Forts, what is it? “Davy, we need to talk, I’m sorry.” We walked slowly down towards the stables. He wouldn’t speak, he just kept telling me to wait. My mind was racing. I followed him up into the room above the stable entrance archway, joining him standing over by the window facing the driveway up to the castle. “Forts, what is it? Why have you brought me here?” I glanced round the room. Finally, he spoke, “This is where we first made love, remember? You tricked me into letting you suck my cock.” “I don’t remember you taking much tricking.” “Davy, you do know I will always love you, don’t you?” I felt myself stagger, “Oh God, do I need to sit down for this?” Before he could reply, my eyes glassed up and a big tear rolled down my cheek. I knew something was terribly wrong. My head decided it knew what was coming. I looked round and sank down on to a nearby hay bale. “I knew something was up. You have been acting so strange.” I couldn’t help myself sniffing. No, I wasn’t going to show how upset I was. I rubbed my face, forcing myself to get back in control of my collapsing emotions. “Come on then, get it over with.” Forts looked at me questioningly. Dropping to his knees, reaching for my hands he murmured, “Shit, I am really crap at all this.” I couldn’t bare it, “Forts, please. Stop, you’re torturing me. Just tell me it’s over and I will go.” “It’s over?” His words hit me like a train. I staggered to my feet, pulling my hands from his. ********************** Folks, I really hope you’re enjoying the story. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know. Blackscar. 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