A Promise Ch. 02A Promise Ch. 02


You might want to read the first part in order to understand this one.

‘It’s about time you two love birds joined us,’ said Liz as we entered the kitchen, ‘you could have been a bit more subtle you know. I’m sure you are a bit famished after last night.’ Then turning to Connie she said, ‘I want details and be as specific as possible.’

‘Don’t you ever give up? If you want to know about last night why don’t you drop by my room later tonight,’ I replied. Then we all burst our laughing. After breakfast we took our regular morning walk but this time the girls decided to walk a few steps behind. Every now and then they would talk in hushed tones and giggle, I was sure by the end of the day everyone in the house hold would be privy to the previous night’s events.

They decided to head back and since it was a beautiful morning I opted to go a half mile further give me a chance to see a bit more of the coastline. When I got back, our moms had left to do some shopping so that left us kids. I turned on the TV to see if there was anything good on, unfortunately there wasn’t then the girls joined me and sat on either side of me.

‘Mark us girls have been talking,’ said Liz, ‘and we are willing to share you as long us it’s just the three of us and no one else.’

‘Why would I want someone else? I’m sure you two will be more than enough for me,’ I replied with a laugh. We ate lunch and decide to go do some shopping of our own. They modeled everything for me from skirts which left little to the imagination, swim suits to lingerie which gave me a massive hard on. They were constantly giggling at me.

Let me describe them a bit, Liz is 5’9 120 with 32B size tits, Connie is 5’8 120 and 32B size tits, and to top it off they had matching shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. They bought me suits and casual wear and made me model for them. When we got back our moms had returned and they seemed to have done quite a bit of shopping themselves.

As I changes for dinner, Connie entered my room and she was wearing one the short dresses that she had bought that afternoon. She came up to me and passionately kissed me, and when we separated she told me that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I started caressing her butt and then slipped my hand under her dress and inserted a finger in her pussy which was wet, unfortunately we didn’t have time otherwise I would have fucked her on the spot so we headed down for dinner.

I couldn’t wait for supper to be over because I was so horny I thought I could burst a nut. Connie wasn’t making things easy for me as she kept teasing me with her foot. After super I whispered to her to meet me in my room later, she just gave me a knowing smile and wiggled her butt at me so I ran to the bathroom for some temporary relief. The wait for Connie was torture to say the least but I knew she wouldn’t let me down.

Finally there was a soft knock on my door and naturally someone entered without being invited. Again I couldn’t quite make her out as the lights were out, but I figured she was back for round two. As the figure got closer I realized she was naked, and when I called out Connie’s name the reply I got surprised me because it turned out to be Liz.

‘What happened to Connie?’

‘She’s still sore from last night and besides I’d like to have a taste too.’ With that she pulled back the covers to expose my rock hard dick. She pushed on my back and gave me a deep French kiss, she proceeded çanakkale escort to kiss her way down my body sucked on my nipple and inserted her tongue in my belly button. When she got to my dick, she slowly licked my head and inserted it in her mouth. She repeated this motion a few more times and by this time my dick was glistening with a mixture of pre cum and her saliva.

She then proceeded to insert my dick inch by inch until she almost had it all in her mouth, then I felt my balls tighten and warned her that I was about to blow she quickened her pace and I couldn’t take it any more and climaxed she was able to take it all without spilling a drop.

‘Where did you learn that?’

‘I read a book,’ she replied then giggled, ‘I’m also a virgin so please be gentle you are quite big you know.’

‘Don’t worry I will.’ I had blown my load but I was still hard so I laid her on her back and decided to tease her a bit. She was already wet so it was easy to slip a finger into her pussy, her clit was a little bigger than Connie’s so it was easy to locate. I licked her pussy and proceeded to suck her clit I also quickened my finger fucking, she responded by letting out small pleasure moans and as she came she grabbed my head and pressed it to her pussy and came.

I couldn’t wait any longer as I needed relief my self so I turned her around, lifted her ass, aimed my throbbing dick at her wet pussy and proceeded to insert it slowly until I came to the barrier. Then in one quick move shoved forward, she sunk her head in a pillow and proceeded to scream into it. Then I slowly pulled out and started pumping slowly at first then picked up the pace as I felt my climax approach.

I reached down and started to rub her clit which caused her to climax, I continued pumping and just as I was about to blow my load I grabbed her hips and shoved as deep as I could then climaxed. By this time she had had multiple orgasms, and understandably we were both exhausted we didn’t even bother uncoupling and just slept.

When I woke up the next morning, we were still coupled and before long my dick started growing hard and this didn’t go unnoticed by Liz. She then lifted her left leg to give me better access I started to pump slowly as I figured she would still be sore after last night. This time we climaxed together then she turned and faced me and gave me a good morning kiss.

‘I love you and hope this wont be a one time thing,’ she said.

‘What kind of person do you think I’m? You and Connie are my world now and besides your moms would kill me if I broke your hearts,’ I replied with a laugh. We got cleaned up and headed down for breakfast. Everyone was up and as soon as we entered the kitchen, Connie came up and gave me a passionate kiss. I wasn’t expecting that and it showed on everyone’s faces, Mary and Maggie winked at me which made me blush mum didn’t say a word but after breakfast came up to me and gave me a hug.

‘I trust you will remember what we discussed the other day.’

‘I made a promise and I intend to keep it,’ I replied.

‘Good because now things are a bit different and the girls expect you to be there for them.’

Every night from then on kept getting better and better because I was having more sex than anyone else I knew. We tried to be a little discreet, but our moms didn’t mind us expressing our love for each other. And at the end of our 4 week stay we said our tearful çeşme escort goodbyes, Mary and Maggie promised to drop by as often as their schedules would allow. When we got back we had to figure whose room we would all move into because we all had single beds and we had agreed that we would share the same bed. Mom solved this by offering up her king size bed and switched it with Connie’s. Since my room was a bit larger than the girls’ we moved the bed in there and did a bit of redecorating, actually the girls did. We agreed during dinner that we would be a bit restrained around mom. After super I watched a bit of TV and then retired to our room. The girls were waiting and the sight that met me was to say the least mind blowing.

They both wore see through light blue night gowns with nothing underneath. The gowns accentuated their wonderful figures and I immediately got a hard on. When Liz saw my reaction she approached me, slowly caressed my face, kissed me lightly her scent was exotic and couldn’t quite make it out but who cares. She led me to the bed and at this point Connie got up and approached us, she helped Liz undress me taking their time.

My dick was throbbing so hard I thought it would burst through my shorts. Connie unzipped them and pulled them down, I stepped aside and she took them off throwing them at the corner. She then knelt down in front of me took my dick slowly caressed it then inserted it into her mouth and started sucking. Slowly at first then picked up the pace, Liz in the mean time was sucking and licking my balls and in short order I was blowing my load in Connie’s mouth.

She was able to take it all without spilling and then she turned to Liz and shared some of it when she kissed her. After their hot lip lock they looked up at me and smiled. Liz then pushed me on my back and mounted my still hard dick while Connie sat on my face. I proceeded to lick her pussy which was already wet and leaking pussy juice, in the mean time Liz was fucking me in slow deliberate thrusts which felt so good.

It didn’t take long for the girls to cum and when they did, I thought the bed would break due to the violent shaking. You would have thought I would be used to their intense orgasms but each time we made love it always amazed me. After a short while the girls switched positions and it was Connie’s turn to mount me. Since I had not cum it didn’t take long and this time it was my turn to have an intense orgasm and I shot my load deep in her pussy.

Since it had been a long day we decided to sleep and the girls snuggled up to either side of me, rested a head on each shoulder and we slept. Life was good, and a few weeks later we got our acceptance letters from the local college. Connie against my mom’s advice had decided to hold off going to college until we were eligible and her gamble paid off.

School didn’t start for us until the spring and since it was only a twenty minute drive we didn’t have to move out. Christmas was fast approaching and I wasn’t quite sure what to get the girls. I decided to call their moms and see if they had any ideas and they suggested I propose to them. Since I didn’t know what to make of this I discussed it with mom and oddly enough she suggested the same thing.

‘But legally that’s not possible,’ I replied.

‘I’m not saying that you ‘marry’ them, just show your commitment.’

‘But I do that every time I tell them I love them.’

‘Oh Mark, diyarbakır escort sometimes a woman needs more than a few words. Why don’t you ask them what they would like?’ That was a good idea but it would take the fun out of the whole process. That gave me 3 weeks to either shop for a gift or ‘propose’ to them. A few days later mom told us that Mary and Maggie would be joining us for the holidays, naturally the girls were excited.

I picked them up at the airport a few days later, and they couldn’t stop enquiring about what I was getting their girls. Then 3 days before Christmas I made my decision, I was going to propose and I was going to use the bracelets their moms sent me. In the mean time the girls couldn’t stop prying, and to say the least I was having fun leading them a little, the love making couldn’t have been better I could go three times a night with them and their sex drive seemed to increase every night.

Finally the big day arrived and the women as usual made a spectacle with the gift exchange. When it came to my turn I made the girls sit down then produced the two bracelets and slipped them on their respective wrists. After a short pause I ‘popped’ the question and for a moment I thought they would turn me down because they looked at me with a somewhat shocked look. Then all of a sudden they jumped on me, knocked me to the floor and screamed something that sounded like an affirmative.

‘We have something for you too,’ Connie said. Then she proceeded to produce two plastic sticks from her pocket and even before I took them in my hand I knew what hey were. Now it was my turn to look shocked.

‘How long have you known?’ I asked.

‘Well Liz is about six weeks and I am four weeks along we just got our doctors confirmation last week.’ That explained their increased sex drive the last few weeks. From that point on, things seemed to move like lightning mom decided to buy us a house three blocks down the street. Maggie and Mary got down to setting up the nursery and picking out the décor, and all this was done with very little input from me which was fine because it was a madhouse those first few weeks in the new house.

Things settled down when school started, they seemed more relaxed and fortunately for me they became hornier as time went on. We had decided to get a king size bed to accommodate their increasing size. We didn’t have to worry about the babies’ birth until mid summer so life went on almost at a normal pace. Their boobs doubled in size to and they loved it when I played and sucked them especially so when they started lactating.

They loved to suckle me and for them it relieved their breasts, then Maggie and Mary decided to move to our town to be near their grand kids when they were born. When school closed for the summer things picked up again lamas classes were always interesting because I would always get looks from other couples as I had two pregnant women with me.

Soon we couldn’t make love from the front which was fine with me as I loved doggy style and so did they. They were always horny and kept asking me if they were still beautiful, and of course I would always reassure them of this. As the delivery dates approached I got a bit anxious, I was going to be a dad at nineteen but fortunately for me our moms seemed to always be around when I need some advice.

Connie went into labor first and after twenty two hours she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom we named Maggie after her mom. A week later Liz went into labor and after eighteen hours she also gave birth to a baby girl whom we named Mary after her mom. Looks like I was destined to be surrounded by women, well until the next set of babies.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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