Meeting Mr CarlisleMeeting Mr Carlisle


Just after my 19th birthday, my family moved to a new house in a new neighborhood. I was excited to explore the new neighborhood. I was happy that I was quickly able to find a part-time job at a local veterinary clinic and also a great new yoga studio. I still had dreams of swimming competitively so most mornings I was out swimming laps in our back yard pool at 6:30. When I woke up, I would drink coffee and immediately plunge into the pool for my ritual 1.5 km swim. After this I would have a shower and get ready for my part-time job at the vet, feeling happy knowing I had done my training and was working hard.

I’m Asian and quite petite, not as curvy as white girls, so I try to build my body up a bit by exercising a lot. My breasts are quite small, only A-cups, but I have a flat tummy from swimming and running. My butt is small but not so skinny anymore as I never skip squat day. My mum is a typical asian lady that tries to preserve her pale skin with long shirts, but I like my light brown color and in the summer it darkens to bronze.

After a couple of weeks of morning swims, I noticed my neighbor Mr Carlisle on his verandah when I was climbing out of the pool. Mr Carlisle had introduced himself to our family when we first moved in, and he was a well built white guy in his early fifties I think. He was really tanned like he was outdoors a lot.

He was sitting and reading the newspaper and when I waved at him he waved back. The next time we waved at each other and he called out, “How’s the training going?”.

“Fine I think, but I’m finding it difficult to improve my speed”.

“I noticed your turns are a bit funky, you might be losing speed there. Hope you don’t mind the feedback.”

I felt myself blushing a bit and called back, “Thank you for noticing, I’ll try to work on them!”

He laughed and said, “No, thank you.”

I walked back inside and realized I was blushing even deeper, my face and chest were hot and my heart was racing. At first I thought he had made me feel angry, with the criticism of my turns, but then I realized my high school coach had said something similar, so maybe he was right. So what was I feeling?

Over the next month I trained hard, and I would see Mr Carlisle 1 or 2 mornings a week. When I walked out on the back deck and prepared to dive into the pool, I would always glance up at his verandah to see if he was there. But he was never there when I started swimming, only when I finished and emerged from the water did I usually see him. I found myself wanting to swim well for Mr Carlisle, and looked forward to the wave and quick chat when I got out of the pool.

I started to feel the desire for him to take more notice of me. I tried to make my turns perfect just in case he was watching me. My parents are quite traditional Asian parents, and even at 19 they still tried to control how I dressed. I would rebel sometimes but often it was easier not to have the argument and let them have their way. So I didn’t own any sexy two-piece bikinis, only one-piece racing swimsuits. I went shopping and found a nice white one-piece swimsuit, with very high-cut sides, showing off lots of thigh and pelvis.

I wore my new swimsuit bonus veren siteler the next morning, but Mr Carlisle wasn’t there when I looked up to wave, I felt a bit disappointed. That afternoon at my yoga class I noticed one of the other girls in the class was wearing an exercise top and no bra, her nipples were pushing through her top. I thought maybe she hadn’t noticed but it gave me an idea. I borrowed my mom’s dressmaking scissors and cut away the inside lining around the cups of the bikini. I slipped it on and my nipples were poking through the fabric. I liked how my small breasts were more obvious with the nipples on display, they looked a little bigger. I paraded in front of the mirror in my bedroom for a while wearing the swimsuit, wondering whether Mr Carlisle would like it. I noticed that because the bikini was white you could just see my dark bush through the material. Does Mr Carlisle prefer natural or bare?

The thought of Mr Carlisle staring at me in the swimsuit started to turn me on. I was imagining his strong hands touching me all over my body, I started to feel my pussy moisten. No, I thought, it’s wrong, he’s so much older than me. My parents would be devastated if they knew I liked an older white guy. So I went into the kitchen to pour some cold water, maybe that would calm me down. However, on the kitchen counter was a bag of zucchinis which my mom had bought at the supermarket that day. This set me off and my heart started racing immediately, I found myself picking one from the bag and heading back to my bedroom.

I closed the door, lay on my bed, and brought the zucchini up to my lips. I wondered whether Mr Carlisle’s cock is bigger than this one, he is a pretty well built guy. I ran my tongue over the shaft of the zucchini before wrapping my lips around it, I couldn’t help moaning a bit as it filled my mouth. One hand fell in between my legs and I touched myself through the thin material, moaning again. I wondered whether he would like my mouth on his cock and if I could satisfy him.

I wriggled out of the swimsuit and lay on the bed naked, touching my bare pussy and feeling how wet I was. I took the zucchini and ran the tip over my slit, I couldn’t help moaning again. I gently eased the tip of the vegetable into my pussy, it was already so wet that the head slipped in easily. I plunged the zucchini deeper and deeper into my sopping pussy, deeper than I thought I could handle, it didn’t take long for an intense orgasm to overwhelm me. I cried out as my pussy tightened around the shaft and I shuddered. I said “fuck, fuck”, and then covered my mouth, hoping my parents were out. When I finished I was shaking, I couldn’t believe how crazy this older guy had made me.

The next day I wore the white bikini again and was so happy to see Mr Carlisle when I climbed out of the pool. He was smiling down at me and asked, “How are you doing Steph?”

“Fine I think, I’ve been working on my turns,” I said.

“The turns are looking great. Feel like a coffee? I just made a pot.”

My heart skipped a beat, he had never invited me over before. I quickly glanced inside to see if my parents were awake, I couldn’t see their bedava bahis light on yet.

“Sounds perfect,” I said, hoping my nervousness wasn’t obvious.

I wasn’t sure whether he meant me to come through his front door. It was still early and I didn’t want to walk through the house and wake my parents.

“How should I…?”

“Oh just jump the fence,” he said, “I’ll come and catch you.”

Only wearing my swimsuit, I started climbing the fence and made it up to the top railing. I was contemplating how to get down when Mr Carlisle appeared. He outstretched his arms and I half half jumped and half fell into them. All of a sudden he was embracing me and we just kind of looked at each other, me feeling very small in his arms. I was clinging to his shoulders, which felt very toned and thick. He put me down gently on the ground and I could feel myself blushing, when I looked over he was blushing too.

“Would you like a towel?” he asked, “you’re still all still wet from the pool.”

I wasn’t sure if he suggested the towel for the water or my modesty but said I yes, and we entered through the lower floor of his house into a guest bedroom. He passed me a towel and I tried to decide whether to cover my bottom or top half, but chose bottom, leaving my nipples still visible and poking through the swimsuit.

We went upstairs to his kitchen and he poured out the coffee. I started to look around at the walls, there were so many beautiful paintings. I had my back to him and was looking at an especially beautiful painting, showing some ships in a harbor. He walked up gently next to me and handed me the coffee, “I bought this one in Amsterdam”, he said. Mr Carlisle’s hand strayed to my back, to the bare skin between my shoulders where the one-piece swimming suit did not cover. As he explained what the painting was about I leaned back against him, feeling his crotch press into my butt.

He turned to me and said, “I really like your new swim suit Steph”.

“Thank you so much”, I said, blushing a darker red.

He traced his finger down my arm and I got goosebumps.

“You have such a gorgeous figure, more like a dancer than a swimmer,” he said softly in my ear.

I could only stammer, “Oh…I…thank you…I just wish my chest was bigger.”

“Steph dear, your chest is amazing,” he said as his hands moved to my belly then slowly upwards.

“Do you mind…?” he asked.

“I like it…I’m sorry…they…aren’t bigger,” I stammered again.

“Don’t apologize Steph, I love them,” he told me as his big hands moved up to my chest and cupped my breasts through the fabric of my swimsuit.

He fondled my breasts gently at first, then kneaded them more firmly. As his fingers started teasing my nipples I moaned, and felt my nipples get hard and warmth grow between my legs. I turned around and kissed him on the mouth, he kissed me back deeply. We placed our coffees on a side table and then he picked me up and carried me down the hallway to his bedroom.

He threw me on the bed and kissed me again, saying, “Let’s get you out of this,” and helping me out of the swimsuit.

I wriggled out of the suit while he took his shirt off, deneme bonus revealing a muscular and hairy torso. He lay down on the bed next to me and we lay there kissing, then he slowly started kissing down my neck, over my chest, taking each nipple in his mouth. He continued down, kissing my belly, then going further, spreading my thighs and gently started kissing my pussy.

Waves of pleasure hit me as he lashed my pussy with his tongue. I moaned and put my hands on his head and pressed my pussy against his face. It felt so good that I wanted him to never stop. I knew my pussy was completely drenched and I was pushing it up against his face. I felt an orgasm building but at that moment he stopped, and took off his shorts and briefs. As he slipped his briefs off I saw his already hard dick spring out, it was big, long and thick, much bigger than the zucchini. He placed his cock head on my slit and kissed me again.

“Do you want me to fuck you Steph?” he asked me.

“Yesss,” I moaned, pushing my pussy up against his dick.

“Tell me how bad you need it.”

“I need you so bad Mr Carlisle, I beg you. Please fuck me.”

“Are you a naughty girl for teasing your older neighbor? You know I was watching you and your see-through swimsuit.”

“Yess I’m a naughty girl Mr Carlisle…I’m such a naughty girl…now please fuck me”

He continued to rub the tip of his cock against my slit.

“You must like teasing older men, don’t you?”

“Yesss I do….”

“Call me Daddy.”

“….Yesss Daddy I love teasing older men. I love older perverts staring at me.”

He inched his cock head into my dripping pussy, and I moaned loudly.

“Mmm you are a cock tease aren’t you Steph? Say it.”

“Ahh omg…yes Daddy, I’m such a cock tease, I love teasing old man dick.”

He inched into me a little more, I was starting to feel my pussy stretching to accommodate his big dick.

“Mmm do you have a slutty asian pussy Steph?”

“Yesss Daddy. Pleeease fuck my slutty asian pussy. It needs your big white cock. Teach me a lesson for teasing you.”

That pushed him over the edge and he slid all the way in, burying his cock deep inside me. I gasped out, feeling completely stretched by him. He started fucking me gently at first, then picked up speed. I could hear the slap of his body hitting mine and the squelching noise of my wet pussy. It didn’t take long for the first orgasm to hit me, I started crying out as it hit me and he slowed down a bit as I grabbed him hard and convulsed.

After the orgasm subsided, he rolled me onto my stomach and entered me from behind. Fucking me more slowly now, but deeper and firmer. I started constantly moaning in pleasure, completely forgetting how much noise I was making. He was whispering in my ear how much he needed my pussy and started grunting himself. A second orgasm started to overtake me as I felt him tense up, then blow his load inside me. My orgasm was intensified by the warm jets of cum he pumped into my pussy.

We lay on the bed panting together for a long time, maybe half an hour. His dick slowly softened and eventually slipped out of me. I realized I better get back to my house before my parents noticed I was gone. I gave him a quick kiss on the forehead, put my swimsuit back on, and climbed back over the fence. I jumped down onto the grass on my side and as I walked inside I realized his cum was leaking out the edge of the suit and down my thigh.

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