Only a Make Believe GirlOnly a Make Believe Girl


Ginger’s cunt was wet. Juices matted the blonde hairs. The lips were swollen and slick. She sat on the floor with her legs open, wearing only an orange jersey with a portrait of Elvis. Her nipples made distinct points above Elvis’s ears. She panted as she tried to gather her thoughts. Steve had wanted her to humiliate herself so she had. But he wanted more.

“I don’t think so,” she said.

“I do think so.”

She looked at him. “He might not want to, Steve, and I don’t want to.”

“You sound like you’re pleading, Gin.”

“I’m not pleading.”

“I like his picture. He looks like a nice guy.”

“So what?” Her head was spinning.

“So, I feel like watching him fuck you.

“Steve, stop this.”

She wished she’d never told him about Paul or showed him the pictures, not that he didn’t know. It had pleased Steve to learn that Paul was young like himself but not muscular, a guy who wouldn’t challenge Steve’s vanity. Well, it was true. Paul was the sensitive type, a pretty boy you could say. She laughed to herself that she was the only interest the two of them were likely to share. She wondered why she didn’t close her legs, but she knew why. It was because she was afraid it would make him angry. She hated that she could never resist his humiliating demands. She thought this even as she kept her legs open. Her heart pounded and the light panting made her tits sway. Was he ever going to fuck her or were they going argue about Paul all morning.

“I’m going to call him up, Gin. What’s his number?”

Ginger sighed. She forced him to coax her. Then she gave him the number and closed her eyes.

Paul arrived within thirty minutes. Ginger had put on lipstick and wore light tan short shorts and a cutoff jersey that bared her midriff and showcased her tits. She had studied herself in a mirror and admitted she looked spectacular. If a person is going to do something she might as well do it right, she thought.

The young man was what Paul expected, and had feared. An opposite of himself. Strong and straightforward. A simple fellow. A guy who would appeal to Ginger in ways Paul couldn’t. On the other hand, Paul appealed to Ginger in ways Steve never would. Paul began to feel relieved. What would really have bothered him, he realized, was a guy like himself only better.

“It’s interesting you would want to meet me, Steve. I’ve wondered about you as well,” Paul said, smiling. He felt his confidence returning. He added some sugar to his coffee and sipped it. He felt Steve studying him.

“I figured we should talk about Ginger. I might not want you to fuck her anymore,” Steve said.

Paul made a choking sound.

“Then again, I might not give a shit.”

“I don’t suppose I have anything to say about this,” Ginger said, dryly.

“Quiet, Gin. This is between me and Pauly.”

“Really, Steve,” Paul said. “I can’t believe you would talk this way in front of Ginger. What is…”

“You’d rather do it behind her back, right?”

“I don’t think we should do it at all. Is this why you wanted to meet me. So you could …say that to me?”

Steve laughed. “He’s kind of cute, Gin. Looks like a pissed off chic when he gets worked up.”

Ginger took a breath, then spoke without smiling.

“Steve thinks you look effeminate. He saw the pictures we took at the beach. He said if you had breasts you would have a terrific figure.”

Paul flushed. He’d been made fun of before. Ginger teased occasionally but not in a mean way as she teased now. The old bitter thought returned. It didn’t count for much that you were intelligent or sensitive. What counted was brawn, the macho crap.

“Cut it out, will you.”

“I think Steve has a cute idea. It kind of turns me on to tell you the truth, Paul.”

“What idea? Will you please cut it out.” Ginger kept surprising him. Her white legs were crossed and the shapes of her tits showed with stunning clarity in her jersey. Ginger never wore tight jerseys around him.

“Would you say Ginger is a ten, Pauly?,” Steve said.

“What? Yes, of course. You look fantastic, Gin.” Ginger smiled and her eyebrows rose, humorously, but she didn’t thank him for the compliment.

“See, Pauly, what I said to Gin was that if you got dressed up like her, I bet you’d be a ten, too, if we don’t count tits. She says you might be a seven or an eight. I say a ten.”

“Very funny,” muttered Paul. His neck prickled and his heart seemed to have risen to his throat.

Ginger turned her eyes on him.

“If you’d do it, Paul, I’ll make out with you. It would be fun.”

Steve laughed. “It would be a way for her to try out being a lesbian without really being a lesbian.”

Paul had seen Ginger react to girl sex scenes in movies. He wondered if Steve was oddly perceptive or merely being crass.

Ginger was blushing. Steve’s remark had gone straight to her nipples. Her lips quivered before she managed a grin at Paul.

“I have another outfit like what I have on. And I have the other things you’d need. I know you would look Pendik Sınırsız Escort great dressed up like…you know.”

“Like a girl,” Paul murmured.

“Yeah,” Ginger said.

“Why are you doing this, Gin? I thought we respected each other.”

“I do respect you, Paul. This has nothing to do with that. It’s just a fun idea. It would be fun for you too. Think about it. You always talk about being opened minded. Open your mind, Paul. It’s a really cute idea if you give it a chance”

“You’re embarrassing me. Both of you,” Paul said, filled with hurt.

“No we’re not.”

“No one’s laughing at you, Pauly. You got something hardly anyone has. That’s all. Ginger thinks you’re a special guy, she ain’t got no disrespect.”

Paul’s face softened, but his eyes remained wary. His mouth had gone dry.

“You’d make out with me right here, yes?”

Ginger laughed. “Yeah.”

“I suppose Steve would watch?”

“Sure, I like to watch a couple of pretty girls getting it on together,” Steve said, mildly.

Paul blushed and eyed him. When Steve met his gaze, Paul dropped his. He felt faint.

“I didn’t say I would do it,” he said, weakly.

“You’re going to do it, Paul,” Ginger told him. “You know you are. It will be fun, you’ll see.”

Paul sighed. He was putty in her hands, he knew. But there was something else, something big, something that thrilled. He became afraid then and backed off. They cajoled him, intimidated him. They reassured and excited him. They were patient with him, relentless, and before he gave in he knew he was going to give in. In a strange way Steve did seem to respect him. Okay, it was a come on, but it assuaged him nonetheless. They were manipulating him. Sapping his will power. He understood this but it did nothing to shore up his resistance. If anything, the knowing undermined him more.

When finally he slumped his shoulders and said he would do it, he laughed to cover his embarrassment and defeat. He looked at Ginger. “Remember what you promised.”

She fastened her big eyes on him. “Mmmm, I sure do.”

Paul reappeared in forty minutes. Ginger could hardly believe what he’d accomplished. Steve had twice dispatched her to check on his progress but Paul had refused to let her in the bathroom, saying through the closed door that he was doing fine. There was no doubt of that now as Paul stood in the archway in light tan short shorts and cutoff jersey, with his made-up face and blonde curls. His blue eyes shone as he regarded them shyly.

While he’d been gone, Ginger and Steve had talked about what they would do with him. Ginger had the camera ready.

“You’ll like him better as a girl,” Steve had laughed.

“I guess!,” Ginger had laughed back.

“I know you dig girls.”

Ginger had pursed her lips, declining comment.

“Ever get the hots for Kimmy?”

“She’s my niece, Steve.”

“Big deal. She’s a total piece of ass.”

“She’s sixteen years old.”

“Exactly. I’ll bet you’ve thought about her.”

Ginger reddened. Why wouldn’t he leave it alone?

It was then that Paul showed himself in the archway.

“Jeepers,” Ginger said.

“Not bad, Pauly. Not bad at all. Walk back and forth like a model,” Steve directed.

Paul walked back and forth like a model. His hairless legs were white and shapely and the ass that lightly swayed in the clinging shorts was pretty as pie. The white arms were hairless, too, and the bare midriff was flat and smooth, skin like a girl’s skin. The face was perfect and cutely framed by the wig. Paul smiled. He had seen himself in the mirror.

“I was wrong. You might be a ten,” Ginger said.

“That’s a relief!,” Paul falsettoed.

“Even the voice. Man! Hey, Paula. Yeah, you’re going to be Paula from now on. So, Paula, show us your tits. Ginger wants to see them.”

Paul tittered. He had made himself up for Ginger but he had done it for Steve as well of course and it was the strapping young man’s gaze, more than Ginger’s that Paul felt keenly as he paraded before them. A wildness danced in his mind.

“A girl shouldn’t show another girl her tits,” Paula said, lightly.

Ginger occupied the middle of the big sofa. “Show me anyway,” she said.

“I want to walk like a model some more.”

“Show us your tits, Paula,” Steve said, firmly.

Paula paused. The girlboy kept her head down. Her heart was beating too fast. She closed her eyes and raised the jersey.

“Wow. Like a chick’s nipples,” Steve said.

It was almost true. Paula’s nipples were large and round and accentuated by a spur of the moment application of lipstick that lightly circled the pink rims and showed on the nipple points that a moment before had been asserting themselves in the jersey, instigating Steve’s, “Show us your tits, Paula”.

Steve shook his head and remarked again that the nipples looked like girl nipples. Paul blushed. How thrilling to feel complimented instead of ashamed. He looked at Ginger and Ginger patted the cushion beside her Pendik Suriyeli Escort in invitation. Paul smiled and sat down, the two of them, like twins, side by side with their white legs and tan shorts and cut off jerseys and blonde hair. Ginger’s heart pounded. She had thought about doing it with a girl a million times but she’d never so much as kissed one for sex. If Paul could pretend so could she.

“I love your lipstick, Paula, in both places” she said. Ginger’s way was to wait for her dates to make a move. This date would be different. Ginger leaned into Paula. Her tits pressed Paula’s chest. She kissed Paula on the lips. The kiss grew. For a second Ginger almost wished Steve would go away. Then she remembered why she didn’t want him to go. She kissed Paula with their mouths open, tongues dueling.

Paula moaned, being kissed the way girls are kissed. Ginger’s hands moved up Paula’s sides beneath the jersey and onto Paula’s ribs and then Ginger was rubbing Paula’s nipples through the jersey while she kissed Paula on the mouth, making Paula a bit breathless. Ginger’s head dipped and she continued kissing, kissing Paula’s ear and neck. Ginger pushed up Paula’s jersey and put her mouth on one of Paula’s made up nipples, sucking and licking it. Ginger’s head moved on, kissing onto Paula’s bare stomach. Ginger pushed the tip of her tongue into Paula’s navel. She put her hands on Paula’s thighs and her right hand nudged within an inch of Paula’s dick sticking up in the cute shorts.

Ginger pulled back and looked Paula up and down. She smiled.

“It got big, didn’t it?”

Paula laughed. “It got big for you,” the girl voice said. Paula wasn’t about to stop being a girl just because Paula had a dick.

“Mmmmm, I’m going to have to do something about that, aren’t I?”

Paula’s heart stopped, almost.

“That was the deal,” Paula agreed.

“You girls should check out this deal,” came a strong male voice.

Steve sat with his legs splayed and along the inside of one leg within the slimfit jeans wedged a large presence. Ginger and Paula turned and saw it. Paula made a nervous laugh and looked away, wishing Steve hadn’t interrupted them with his rude invitation.

“Mmmm, look at that,” Ginger said.

“I saw it,” Paula said under under her breath.

“Oh, Paula, you shouldn’t call him an it. Mmmmm, how big do you think he is?”

Paula blushed and forced herself to look again. She didn’t want to look. The last thing she wanted to think about and look at was the bulge she had glimpsed in Steve’s jeans. Ginger called it a “him” but she had called Paula’s an “it”.

“Let’s go over and say hello. You know, just check him out a little,” Ginger suggested.

A shiver ran through Paula. “Noooo. You and I are supposed to be making out.”

“We will. But let’s go see…him first. Just for a minute.”

Paula realized she was staring at the bulge against her better judgment. She looked up quickly and, without meaning to, met Steve’s eyes for the first time since her transformation.

“Just for a minute, Paula,” Steve said, politely, fixing Paula with his gaze.

Paula swallowed, but did not say no.

Ginger took Paula by the hand and led her to their destination, on their knees in front of Steve’s lap. Steve’s legs fenced them there. Paula blushed hotly.

“I think he likes it that we’re looking at him. Its making him get even bigger,” Ginger said. “Is it all right if we play with him a little bit, Steve?,” Ginger asked, sweetly. She put her right hand over the imprisoned dick. She extended her forefinger along the rounded shaft. The finger pressed softly. Steve stirred. Ginger looked up at Steve’s face while she made her finger lightly trace to where the head was, then trace the finger back. She did it a second time, and a third. Steve closed his eyes.

“Mmmmm, he feel so hard and strong. Try it, Paula.”

“Nooo,” Paula breathed.

Ginger lifted Paula’s hand. “Just one finger,” Ginger said. She placed Paula’s hand on Steve’s thigh and held it there a moment before she let it go. Paula’s hand didn’t move for fifteen seconds and then Paula extended a single finger.

The denim over the hardness was warm to the touch. Paula ran her finger along the cock’s bulge and then she ran it back again. It was fun all right, it was about the most fun a person could imagine if playing with an atom bomb could be called fun.

“There,” Paula laughed. She was going to have a heart attack if she kept having fun at this rate.

Ginger laughed with her and told Paula she was proud of her and then she kissed Paula on the mouth and felt her nipples through the jersey and Steve watched the kneeling girls kissing at his lap and waited quietly for them to finish. Steve’s eyes had reddened and they looked at Paula more than they looked at Ginger.

Paula opened her eyes after Ginger stopped kissing her.

“We did make him bigger,” Ginger told her.

Paula nodded. Afraid to look up and risk meeting Steve’s eyes, Paula was forced to endure a steady Pendik İranlı Escort view of Steve’s beleaguered lap.

“Try it again, Paula,” Ginger said.

Paula swallowed. “Just a little,”

Paula put a finger against the long hardness. It made Paula feel naughty, almost like a slut, putting a finger there. The finger had treaded lightly the first time. Now Paula pressed down, wanting to feel the hardness. Paula could barely breathe. She felt the watching eyes, Steve’s and Ginger’s. Paula slid the finger back and forth on the hardness all the way to the end. Back and forth the finger went, each long stroke sending shivers through Paula. Paula had to open her mouth to breathe. When Paula finally looked up, Steve saw that Paula’s eyes were hot. Paula sensed that Steve would be able to see her excitement in her eyes and in the way that she breathed. Paula looked at him in spite of it, or was it because of it, letting him see, and all the while the finger moved against the penned cock. Paula was taunting the cock to come out, and she knew it.

“Let’s take his pants off,” Ginger said.

“No, no, no,” Paula breathed. “You’re tricking me. We weren’t supposed to do this.” The fear was back.

“Oh, Paula, I’m not tricking you. We’re just having fun. Now, don’t be silly. Help me take off his pants.”

“Mmm mmm,” said Paula, wide-eyed. Ginger had her hands on Steve’s crotch, tugging at the zipper, working it over the bulge. Paula could hardly believe it. The fly was opening. White underpants showed, stretched by the bulge within. The fly kept widening until the bulge jutted through. Paula held her breath as Ginger attacked the button at the top of the jeans. Suddenly, the whole front of the jeans gave way and Paula stared agape. The shaft was wrapped in white cotton but the bulbous head had escaped through the slit in the underpants like a purpled demon risen before the kneeling worshipers with their blue, batting eyes. For a time the only sound was the sound of the breathing. Then Ginger laughed.

“He looks silly stuck like that. We better take off the dungarees. Come on Paula, I want you to help me this time.”

“All right,” Paula said, softly. It was as though the cock had a power and the power had gotten inside her and was spreading, disabling what little will power she had left.

Ginger removed one of Steve’s shoes. Paula watched at first but then, taking a deep breath, began to take off the other. Ginger and Paula looked at each other and giggled when they

took hold of the sides of Steve’s pants and then the pants came down over the muscular legs and shoeless feet and only the white underpants remained if you ignored his socks which Ginger and Paula fully ignored.

“You take them off,” Ginger said.

“Oh no,” Paula begged, but the power was strong.

“You have to, Paula. It’s only fair. I did the fly.”

Paula swallowed. Paula took a deep breath. Paula pinched the band of the underpants as far from the bulge as Paula could secure a grip. As Steve lifted, Paula yanked but didn’t look. She only looked at the underpants as they journeyed down Steve’s strong legs and over his feet and when she dropped them on the floor. Then Paula looked.

“Oh, I shouldn’t look at him,” Paula giggled.

“Now that’s a cock for you, Paula” Ginger said.

“Mmmm. I hope you’re satisfied, Ginger,” Paula said, crossly.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we are just going to look at it, I mean him. That’s all we’re going to do, Ginger. That’s what you said!”

“I said no such thing,” Ginger laughed. “The poor guy is all worked up. Look at him. He wants to cum, Paula. You and I are going to help him out.”

“No, no.”

“We have to. If we don’t make him cum, Steve might fuck us. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Paula didn’t know what to say.

“Do you want Steve to fuck you, Paula?”

Paula swallowed. “Well, how are we going to…to do it.”

“With our mouths of course,” Ginger grinned. “He likes to go inside girls’ mouths, especially when the girls are pretty and they have pretty mouths. I can see he likes your mouth a lot Paula. It’s so pretty. I’ll bet you can make him cum in no time.”

Paula swayed on her knees.

“I’ll take this side and you take that side, okay?,” Ginger said. Her face dipped toward the cock and her mouth opened. She kissed the long shaft of the cock, causing the cock to entertain a small, foreboding spasm. Then Ginger licked to where the balls were and she licked up again to the foreskin, leaving a trail of saliva that glistened on the hardness.

“Mmmmm,” she said, not closing her eyes, but taking Paula by her jersey and pulling her toward the cock.

The cock loomed in Paula’s face. Paula breathed through her open mouth. Her parted lips came closer. Paula closed her eyes and felt the first electric touch of cock against her face, against her lips. She heard Ginger say “Mmmm,” again. She wanted to say that too so she did say it and then Paula let out her tongue and licked the underside of the cock, licking it down to its base, then licking up half way to the promised land of the cockhead. Paula’s tongue met Ginger’s tongue working the cock’s other side and the two tongues happily licked each other and then moved on, each to its own good work, bathing the long hardness until the cock was wet all over from drool.

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