Oh, SisterOh, Sister


The living room was dimly lit. The lights that were on rattled with a steady rhythm, generated by the action that was going on in the room right above me.

It’d been like this for half-an-hour now. Sitting downstairs listening to my sister getting fucked, it had felt almost like three hours. Truth be told, it probably would be three hours before they were done. During that whole time, I would be down here, squirming. With each thrust felt through the house, my sense of humiliation and helplessness grew, and with that, so did my cock. In the short time since my sister started getting fucked, I’d already beat off twice, to no relief. Each time I relieved myself, my frustrated arousal only came back twice as hard, and the fact that I had came by my own hand twice, while Luke had been fucking my sister the entire time and probably wasn’t even near cumming, only added to my shame.

I stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking up into the darkness, imagining what it must have looked like in my sister’s room. I could see my sister’s bra laying just on the top step. I didn’t know if she’d left it there on purpose to tease me, or if it had been ripped off and forgotten in the heat of the moment. Either way, I know I wanted it, but Luke had given me specific instructions; put one foot on the stairway, and I’d be fucking sorry. For a brief moment, I wondered if maybe I could sneak to the top of the stairs, beat off with the bra, and then put it back before anyone noticed. I had even begun to start walking, but a scream from my sister startled me, and I quickly went back to the couch, frustrated and humiliated.

The thrusting grew quieter. I knew they weren’t done. I could envision Krystal on her knees in front of Luke, giving close attention to his cock, hungrily licking it up-and-down. Finally, she would take his cock in her mouth. She might try to do it slowly at first, trying to decide how many inches she can fit in her little mouth before it’s completely full, but Luke wouldn’t give her time for that. He’d just start facefucking her, getting his cock as far back into her mouth as he can. I thought about Krystal’s red Silivri Escort lips spread over his dick, muffled moans emitting from her mouth as she gets used to being fucked there. I wondered if my little sister had ever given a blowjob before.

I scavenged through the laundry room, looking for something, anything, to help satisfy me. Krystal had known Luke was coming over a week in advance. I didn’t know until he told my yesterday. Surpisingly, it wasn’t arousal that hit me when I first heard the news, it was more like anger. Of course Luke had always talked about fucking my sister, and yes, I had beat off to the thought of it more than once. He’d even gotten me into this habit of “borrowing” clothes from her out of the laundry. The deal was that I would bring her underwear to him, let him use them to beat off with, and maybe, if I did a good job, he’d let me use them afterwards. But that was one thing; actually coming into my house while my parents were gone and fucking Krystal was another. Hell, I hadn’t even know that they’d been talking! I can still remember driving home, mad as hell at Luke for taking it too far, but even angrier at Krystal for allowing it to happen. The game had gone on long enough, I thought. This was no longer a fun little secret. This was about to enter my home.

There I was, marching towards my front door, ready to go off on Krystal. I was thinking about what I would say to her in order to sound like the responsible adult and convince her of the evils of promiscuity and blah blah blah, it never happened. I opened the door, and there Krystal, laying on the couch with her bare feet on the table, cell phone-in-hand. She looked up at me and gave me that cute, mischievous little grin of hers.

“Hi, big brother,” she said. I could hear the snarky tone in her voice when she called me, “big brother.”


“I’m texting, Luke,” she said, and looked back down at her phone. She wiggled her toes in a not-so-obviously sexual way.

I tried to tap into some of that anger that I had earlier, but I found it had all melted away, replaced by a feeling Escort Silivri of helplessness. Here I was, defenseless against my little sister. Luke was no doubt telling her all the things he was planning on doing to her, and he may have even revealed a few secrets about me. True, Luke had been the one to put me up to stealing Krystal’s underwear, but he had a way with words, and I knew he could easily make it sound like I was the freak. Hell, wasn’t I? For Luke, it was just another girl, but for me, it was my sister.

“Do you like my feet?” Krystal asked in that playful voice of hers. I suddenly realized I’d been absent-mindedly staring at her feet for a while now.

“Do you want to touch them?” She asked, giggling under her breath a little.

Some big brother I turned out to be. I’d never felt so small in my life, rubbing Krystal’s feet while she sexted Luke.

But that was nothing compared to what I was feeling now. Despite all my searching, I couldn’t find one bit of clothing belonging to Krystal. This wasn’t something she would have the foresight to do on her own. Luke had to have told her to bring all her stuff upstairs. Damn him. It wasn’t enough for him to humiliate me by fucking my sister while I sit downstairs and listen, no, he had to make sure to deny me of anything that could make it more pleasurable for me.

Why did it turn me on so much?

Hours passed. I lost count of how many times I jerked off, but my erection always came back when I thought about Krystal and Luke changing positions, him forcing her to explore new territories, turning her into a little slut. Or was she already a slut? Regardless, I could tell by her moans and occasional screams that she was enjoying him. For a brief moment, a sickening thought entered my brain; if I had the chance to fuck her, would I be able to please her like Luke can? I pushed the idea out of my head, but despite how disgusting it was, it was also fiercely arousing.

I was on the couch masturbating, the same spot Krystal had sit in while I rubbed her feet, when the thrusting finally stopped. All was quiet Silivri Escort Bayan and still in the house. The clock was on the floor now, knocked off by the shaking. It said 4:12 AM. They lasted for one more hour than I thought they would.

I heard my sister’s door open. I quickly pulled my pants back up. It was a reflex action. Luke had already invaded my personal life and humiliated me beyond belief. The embarrassment of being caught could never compare to what had happened that night.

He marched right down the stairs. I almost thought he was going to leave without even addressing me, but as he put his hand on the door, he turned his head and looked at me.

“Your little sister is an awesome fuck, dude,” He told me. I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at the way he said it, like we were just two guys talking about some random girl.

“I’m glad you liked her,” I spoke the truth. When I did a good job, I usually got rewarded somehow.

“Yeah, she was a fucking animal! I thought I’d have to break her in, you know, but she just kept coming at me…are you sure she was a virgin? She really knew what she was doing with her tongue.”

I shrugged. Luke laughed.

“Whatever, she sure as hell isn’t a virgin now! She passed out on the bed almost as soon as she came. I guess she finally ran out of energy.”

“That’s cool,” I mumbled, not sure what else to say.

“Oh, and don’t even fucking think about going up there and seeing what she looks like. She’s sprawled out naked on her bed, but you’re not allowed to see her like that. Only I am. If I found out you disobeyed, I fucking…”

“Don’t worry. I won’t, I swear,” I was telling the truth. I would obey like I always had. Luke seemed to be able to tell, and the air of hostility vanished.

“Well, I gotta get home. Tell Krystal she was a great fuck. See ya, cock bitch,”

He left, and I was there alone. I thought about Krystal laying on her bed naked, recovering from Luke’s fuck. Suddenly, it dawned on me how tired I was. I climbed up the stairs, heading for my room. The bra was no longer there. Luke must have taken it with me. It seems like something he would do. I walked passed Kelsey’s door, making sure not to look inside.

“Good night, cock bitch,” I heard her say, her voice exhausted.

“Good night, Krystal,” I responded, totally defeated.

I closed my door behind me. I must have jacked off until morning.

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