I was sitting in the bed decorated with flowers, awaiting my husband’s arrival. I never ever dreamed even in my wildest one that I would be married off to a old guy, who turns 60, within a few months. My eyes were swelled up with the tears that I cried after I got engaged. It was my fate, a young girl who turned just 19, a few weeks back is now someone’s wife. I am not against marriage but with a old pervert, I just can’t digest it.

I am really not in mood now, to tell my past nor how I look. I know the night about to follow will be filled with his manliness filling up my femininity. The dawn of tomorrow will see me a woman, deprived of my preserved and precious virginity. The bed I am sitting now wearing this red silk saree will soon witness me; lying atop it, nude, spread and copulated. My in-laws, my mom and my kid sister who are all outside will listen to my whimpers, moans and cries in the middle of the night.

‘He’s your husband and it’s traditional for a women to submit to his desires. Do not protest nor be reluctant. Just co-operate and it will be end within no time,’ was my mother’s advice before she left me alone.

I would like you to know how I look. Even though, I ain’t in a mood to describe my features, I feel it’s fair to know what kind of girl the hideous beast is going to feast on. I stand 5’3, petite built, measuring 32-26-34; small, round breasts topped with brown nipples; handful for a man which goes below into a curvy, thin waist; soft and silky to touch; and my legs that are supple. I am brownish and looks like a traditional Indian girl. I think my dusky beauty lured me into this fate. Using my family’s poverty, the man offered a deal. To take care porno indir of my mother, my brothers and asked for me in marriage instead.

Not an indecent proposal but for me it was. How to marry a bald old man? How do I get intimate with him? I felt tears roll down my cheeks, feeling betrayed…

My new husband walked in, standing tall at 5’11 and reasonably built with an average physique. He was no man of patience. He didn’t let me speak either. All I saw was his naughty smile with gleaming eyes that feasted on my tender body, even though I was dressed from head to toe. I felt ashamed yet a man’s lustful look did provoke a slight tingle between my legs. For a split second, I imagined him on top of me, lying between my open legs and humping me in unison. ‘Oh….God….’ was the words from my lips. I snapped back to reality and felt guilty. But, couldn’t help it. After all, I am a young girl whose filled with passion and desire.

He sat near me and made a formal talk. All the time, I was sure he wanted to know what’s inside my clothes rather than my heart. Unable to control himself, he moved his hands over my hips. I felt a sharp sensation from the area as his warm hand caressed me through my saree. By the time, I was ready mentally and physically for the fast approaching first sex in my life.

My doubts on his stamina were cleared when he pushed me over the bed and rolled over me. I felt his hard thick cock touching my thighs. The size was…. I don’t know but it was big. At least for me and thicker than I imagined. He dimmed the lights a bit and made himself nude above the top. I glanced in astonishment seeing his hairy, toned chest rokettube even at such an age. He unraveled my saree, my jewels and undid the hooks on my top. His expertise was evident in the way he made my top nude, exposing my tender breasts. I didn’t had much time before his lips enclosed mine in a tight kiss. My never ever kissed lips felt it wonderful and new. He kept nibbling, chewing and biting my lower lip.

Then his hands cupped my tits in a vice grip. It was so hard that made me whimper in the most tiniest pleasurable pain.

“Ohh….please don’t. I can’t,” was all I could manage to say with his lips tightly glued around my erect nipples. He went on a wild spree sucking it and milking it, till I could take no more. I was writhing in the bed; moaning and thrashing in pleasure, my hands caressing his hair, holding it tight.

My old husband then adjusted his clothes and made himself nude for the next level in our night. I was bit scared seeing the size of his cock. He came back to the bed to make me nude and see my virgin body. I controlled my reluctance as he stripped me completely. I was there fully exposed to my husband’s eyes, my erect nipples wet with his saliva, my pussy dripping and my lips quivering in anticipation.

He didn’t make me wait long and came back to resume kissing me. His hands held my tits firmly as he kissed me with fiery passion. My young body was flooded with pure pleasure. After a brief interval, he stood with his hard cock near my face, asking me to suck it. I was inexperienced but wanted to give it a try. I started engulfing his cock into my mouth in a slow and steady manner. Soon, I picked up a pace with porno him holding my head and fucking my mouth for all it’s worth.

He removed his cock out of my mouth, breathing hard and baked in the pleasure of my sucking skills. Then, he shifted position and moved my legs apart. I knew he wanted to be inside my pussy and I had been aching for it. He moved the blankets covering out nude bodies and placed his cock in the entrance of my pussy. Slowly, I felt his cock move into my virginity, leading me into a sharp pain that made me scream.

“Oh…God…No, Please stop, I can’t take it. It’s so painful.” I said so loud and thrashed his back to save myself from the hell. My insides were burning with his cock going deeper and deeper each second. He kept pushing forward and didn’t stop till his pubic hairs touched mine. I breathed a sigh of relief and rested to overcome the aftermath of my first penetration.

I clung to his shoulders for support as he started moving his cock in and out, fucking me rapidly. Both of were sweating, panting and gasping for air but never stopped our fucking action. My pussy was torn by his manly cock which will be fucking me for the rest of my life. I am now his official wife and will be there to pleasure him any time. I felt my orgasm building up inside my body which came is spasms in the next minute. He continued to plunder my tight pussy and finally came deep inside my womb.

He then pulled me for one last kiss which lasted for more than 2 minutes, leaving me breathless. I hugged him back tight and reciprocated his intimate kisses. He felt me all over my body and dozed off to a satisfied sleep for the night. I just laid staring at the ceiling and recalling my first night with my husband whom I underestimated before. He was quite a hunk in the bed and I feel he would keep me happy in and out of bed.

Satisfied with what I wanted, I snuggled closer to him and drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

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