Mark and Melanie: The DiscussionMark and Melanie: The Discussion


After our couple got home from an evening talking to Mark and Melanie, they had an extremely intense sexual encounter. This chapter starts as they’re holding each other and basking the afterglow. Still extremely turned on by their discussions earlier in the evening, they’re not done playing with each other.

While still feeling quite randy, they talk about whether or not to call Mark and Melanie. There are some brief lesbian, gay, and bisexual references in this chapter, but nothing too graphic.

You can read about how and when they met this other couple in-and about the intense sex that followed-in the previous chapter:

Mark and Melanie: The Meeting

I hope you enjoy following this couple as much as I’m enjoying writing about them.

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As we lay in each other’s arms, Donna asked me what I thought about what just happened. There were several things we each did that she could be asking about, so I asked her to be more specific.

“Does it bother you that Mark and I were talking dirty to each other, and that our conversation got me as hot and bothered as I was? Still am horny, actually. Are you upset that I’m this turned on, and he did it? He was flirting with me all night, but he was an absolute gentleman about it. You okay with what happened between him and me?”

“I’m not the least bit upset by any of that. I’ve told you before about my dance floor fantasy, where you go some club ‘by yourself’ and pretty much have carte blanch to do anything with any guy you want. At some point in the evening when you’re sitting at the bar, really turned on by the dancing and kissing and and grinding and dry humping and whatever groping was going on, I approach you, and introduce myself. We make small talk, and I whisper something in your ear. You laugh, nod yes, and leave with me. We then go to a hotel room and screw each other silly. The other guys get you all ‘warmed up’, and I get the payoff.

“That’s what happened tonight. Mark spent the evening engaging in verbal foreplay with you, and I got the full benefit of his efforts. So no, it doesn’t bother me at all.

“What about you? Are you okay knowing that I did the same thing to Melanie that Mark did to you? You okay with me telling her my jerk-off fantasies, knowing that I was intentionally getting her as turned on as possible? I got her as hot as I could get her knowing Mark would get laid big time when they got home. Does that bother you?”

She thought a minute, and said “I’m okay with it. There was a small flash of jealousy when I realized that you and Melanie were probably having the same type of conversation Mark and I were having. But it passed quickly; just like our encounter with Carrie, I understood that nothing that was happening was a threat to our marriage. And based on how damn good that sex just was, I’d say it was well worth the effort.

“And you know, it’s a rush knowing another guy is that attracted to me. I know you still think I’m sexy, but I have to admit that knowing someone else wants me that much feels pretty good.”

I had to agree. Melanie made it clear that both she and Mark were attracted to me, and yeah, it felt good. Never had a guy want to sleep with me, but I kinda liked knowing they both wanted me like that. It was time to compare conversations, and answers.

I started. “What do you think about having sex with Çakmak Escort Mark? Would you consider it? He’s a pretty good looking guy, and I have to tell you, I love the idea. I told Melanie about both of my go-to jerk-off fantasies. In the one where I watch you with another guy, without realizing I was doing it, the other guy was Mark. Really turned me on seeing Mark do you in the fantasy; could you see yourself in bed with him?”

“You’re right. He is a good looking guy. And he’s hot as hell; he almost oozes sex appeal. As long as you’re there with me, I can definitely see myself sleeping with him.” She reached over and stared lazily playing with my dick, which responded immediately to the attention. “And if you’re telling me the truth, if you really do want to see me with another guy, you’ll get your chance. If we get together with them and the situation presents itself, I’ll let him fuck me. And I have no doubt I’ll enjoy it.”

I was really getting hard in her hand; my erection told her how much I would like to see her with Mark. I continued, “How would you feel about being in bed with them both? Based on my conversation with Melanie, they’re both bi. Would you be comfortable if they’re both getting you all worked up? Would you be okay if he rolled away, and it was just you and Melanie? What if she wanted you to go down on her? I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, but I’m working through the possibilities. She might expect you to be active in the encounter.”

She thought about it before answering. “I’d like to be between them, having both their attention at the same time. I got a taste of that when you were fucking me while Carrie played with my clit and kissed me, and I liked it, experiencing several different sensations at one time. Her kissing me caught me by surprise, but it was a nice surprise. You’re a damn good kisser, but it was different with her. Anyway, yeah. I’d like to have them both doing things to me at the same time.

“And double teaming a guy with another woman sounds like fun. Never thought about it, but I like the idea. I could focus solely on one thing while she was focusing on something else. I think I would really enjoy that.

“Before that night with Carrie, I’d never been in a position where my going down on a woman was even a consideration. It was a little more than I could handle that night. Maybe I could do it now that I’ve had time to think about it; I’m not necessarily turned off by the thought. But then, I never saw myself having any kind of sexual contact with another woman, and I admit I liked what Carrie did to me, and I liked knowing it was a woman doing it. So I supposed I could go down on Melanie, just to see what it was like.”

She blushed a bit, and added “I guess I’ll do to her what I like to have done to me. Hope she doesn’t mind being eaten by a total novice. But back to your question. You’re right to make me think about it. The opportunity will undoubtedly present itself, probably sooner than later, and I need to know how I’ll handle it.”

I wasn’t sure how my next question would go over. “Could you watch me in bed with Melanie? I think she’s a knockout, and I’d like to have sex with her. How about something like this: you and Mark are on one side of the bed, and she and I are on the other side. We’re each watching our spouses get nailed by the spouse of the person we’re Escort Çakmak nailing. Could you handle something like that?”

“I think I could. After being with them tonight, I think I’m okay with watching you screw someone else. I mean, if I’m getting laid by a guy, it seems fair that you should get laid by his wife, girlfriend, whatever. I’m at the point where I know that has to be both or neither; either we both get laid by someone else, or neither of us do. As long as we’re there together, if I get to fuck Mark, you get to fuck Melanie.”

She added “Now do me a favor. Shut up and lay there for a while.” At this point, she climbed on top of me, straddled me, grabbed my cock, and guided it inside her. I knew what was about to happen; she was about to use me as a living, breathing sex toy. She mounted me one night some years ago, instructing me what to do to her and when it was a helluva lot of fun practicing until I got it right.

She usually does this after we have really intense sex, which means I’ve already come at least once. And what we did earlier was pretty damned intense. Since it usually takes me much longer to come again once I’ve already come, she knows she can pretty much ride me as long as she wants with no fear of me finishing before she gets off. And when she finally climaxes from doing what she was about to do, its almost always a deeper, more body-shaking orgasm. She can take as much time as she wants to get off, and it’s so powerful that it’s usually her last orgasm of the night.

She was still hot and slick inside from the sex we just had. I’m guessing she was also turned on by the conversation we were having, so lubrication wasn’t a problem. She slowly moved up and down, rotating her hips and pressing her clit against me as she descended, burying me as deep inside her as possible. I lightly stroked as much of her beautiful body as I could reach. Every place I could touch her would add to the intensity of her orgasm; when she gets in this mood, her entire body is one continuous erogenous zone.

My hands eventually found their way to her breasts. I spread my fingers out, making contact at the bottom of her breasts. I slowly slid my fingertips towards her nipples, so she felt multiple separate touches at the same time. I finally made my way to her nipples, gently rolling them between my thumbs and forefingers, applying more and more pressure until her slight groan told me I was where she wanted me to be. Much like me, there’s almost a direct line between her nipples and her groin. Even if she was trying to postpone her orgasm as long as possible, the right stimulation of her nipples pushes her towards a climax, and she’s hard pressed to stop it.

I finally took my right hand and traced my way down to her body to her pussy. I pressed my thumb between our bodies and against her clit, gently rubbing back and forth. She settled down on me, still rotating her hips, so my cock stimulated every inch of her vaginal walls. She was leaning slightly forward, with her hands on my chest for support. With my fingers resting against her belly while I was massing her clit with my thumb, I could feel her abdominal muscles start to tighten up and twitch; I knew she would be coming soon.

When she finally did come, her fingers dug into my chest; I kept up the same speed and pressure on her right nipple and her clit all Çakmak Escort Bayan the way through her climax, trying to keep her on that orgasmic high for as long as I could. I never get tired of watching her come; I like watching her come almost as much as she likes coming.

Panting a bit, she leaned down and gave me a very deep, very wet kiss. She rolled half off, leaving one arm and one leg across me, and put her head on my shoulder. After a few minutes, she spoke. “Mark and I talked about something that I want to talk to you about. He asked me if I could watch the three of you in bed together, where there was sexual contact between him and you. I know you’ve got that other jerk-off fantasy, the one where you’re with the couple. But would you really do another guy if you had the chance?”

No hesitation on my part. “Yes, I would. I’d really like to know how it feels. In the right situation, there are things I would like to do. If you could handle seeing me with another guy, I would definitely like to explore it. How do you feel about it?”

“Honestly, it’s something I’ve never given much thought to. It doesn’t really turn me on, but it certainly doesn’t turn me off. You’ve mentioned how you’d like to be laying side-by-side with another guy, heads at opposite ends and blowing each other, since it would sorta be like blowing yourself. I can definitely see why that appeals to you. And I admit it would be interesting to watch. I don’t know. I wouldn’t stop you if you had the chance.”

It was getting late, and I was still hard and almost aching for a second release; she told me to relax and let her take care of it. She’s really good with her hands, and I always love getting a handjob from her. After lubing up her hands, she gently twisted them as she pumped up and down on my erection. There is a combination of speed and pressure and stroke length that is so perfectly stimulating that it almost forces me towards the finish line; when she does that to me, I couldn’t stop my orgasm if I wanted to. Which I don’t.

Tonight she showed me how well she knew that rhythm. After a few minutes, she knew by my breathing that I was approaching my orgasm, so she stopped for a few seconds and let me wind down a bit. She went right back to that maddeningly incredible pace, taking me a little farther, then stopping again. When she resumed again, she whispered “This one’s for real. No stopping this time.” In a matter of a few seconds, I roared and exploded, shooting all over my stomach and chest.

I cleaned up the mess, and as we lay there together, both completely satisfied, she asked me if I thought we should call Mark and Melanie and ask them if they want to get together. There was enough sexual energy between the four of us that if we did meet them, in all likelihood we would all end up in bed in various combinations of pairs or threesomes or a foursome; Donna and I both knew that.

I answered, “My answer is yes, I’d like to call them and see what happens. You?”

Silence for a few seconds, then “Yes, but if we get together with them, again you have to understand something. I hope you’re serious about seeing me with another guy. I want to see Mark naked. I want to suck him into my mouth and see how hard I can get him. I really want to fuck him. And I really want to find out if he’s as good with his mouth if it’s doing something other than talking.”

I burst out laughing, and she asked me what I found so funny. “Melanie said almost those exact same words to me. She told me that if I was as good with my mouth doing something other than getting her horny, she might never let me take it off her pussy.”

Donna laughed and said “Let’s call them.”

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