Going On A (Sex) Trip With LorenaGoing On A (Sex) Trip With Lorena


I had been going out with Lorena for nearly two months, and things were going perfectly well. However, as she was my student in a university class, we had to take precautions so that nobody could notice what was going on. This meant no signs of affection while we were on campus or hanging out together so much while we were there.A long weekend was coming soon, so I proposed Lorena to go on a trip together. The plan was to go to a small town near a natural reservoir and explore different beautiful places. Lorena accepted, and once classes finished on Friday afternoon, we stuffed my car with our backpacks and things we were going to take with us and set off.I must say upfront that Lorena, apart from being so smart, is a very sexual girl, someone who likes to experience situations without inhibitions, and I guess that’s something that I found extremely attractive about her. So, this trip was, in a way, an experience to explore our sexuality and lust deeply.Our first minutes on the road were filled with nice talks about literature, music, and the current state of the world. Then, when it started to get dark, we brought more dirty topics to our conversation, so eventually, we ended up playing sexual questions.We would basically ask each other questions about our sexual experiences in the past. For example, I would ask Lorena about fantasies, positions she enjoyed the most, or the biggest dick she had had in her hands. She would ask me about exotic places where I had had sex, or which student I would like to fuck if we weren’t together.At some point, I asked her if she had ever had sex with someone in a car, but she said she hadn’t. Then, she gave me a naughty look and put her left hand on my thighs.“Why? Do you want me to…?” she asked.“Well… I mean… I didn’t ask that because I want you to… You know! I mean… Well… Why not?”She immediately used her right hand to unbutton and unzip my pants, and then, she grabbed my cock and stroked it to make it grow.“Oh, Professor Daniels, do almanbahis you mind if I fill my dirty mouth with your tasty cock?” Lorena asked naughtily.“Not at all. Please help yourself!”She went down on me while I carefully looked at the road. It was already dark, and few cars appeared on the highway. While she sucked my cock, I caressed her soft red hair and her back. Then, I unbuttoned her shirt a little bit, unfastened her bra, and used my right hand to play with her sexy medium-sized boobs.She kept sucking and licking my dick. Then, she got hold of my balls and pressed the base to kind of inflate them. She introduced my right testicle in her mouth, while with her left hand she kept stroking my shaft. She did that for some seconds, and then, she looked at me.“How do you like it, Professor Daniels?” She asked me as she passed her tongue along her lips.“So good! Keep sucking!” I said as I grabbed her hair and pushed her head gently towards my cock.She placed her tongue on the tip of my dick and licked it sideways. I grabbed her hips and pushed her towards my seat so that I could touch her ass. Then, I introduced my hand under her panties and began fingering her warm and humid pussy.“Wow! You’re so wet, Ms. Stevens. How come?” I said.“It’s you, Professor Daniels. You make me so horny!” Lorena said.I kept fingering her while her mouth pleased my hard cock. Then, I began exploring a territory I had not been able to reach in our relationship: her asshole. I placed my right index finger on her hole and rubbed it. Lorena moaned as if she were inviting me to continue with my exploration. I took some of her pussy’s humidity and used it to lubricate her anus. I repeated the action three times, and then, I penetrated her rear hole.Lorena hissed and moaned. She placed her hands on my balls one more time as she increased her sucking pace. I felt I was going to explode. I dug her asshole, and as my finger went deeper, Lorena stroked my cock fast, and I just couldn’t hold it anymore, almanbahis yeni giriş so a huge wave of cum entered her mouth.Her mouth kept working as the size of my dick decreased. Then, she went back to her seat and looked at me again.“Was that an accurate blowjob, Professor Daniels?” She said.I looked at her. My cum dripped from her mouth, and one of her tits was hanging out of her shirt.“You were amazing!” I said. “I’m going to fuck you hard as soon as we arrive at the hotel,” I promised.“Please! My pussy needs some attention,” she said as she introduced her hand inside her jeans.One hour before we arrived at the hotel, we decided to stop to have something for dinner. We ate some sandwiches and salad, rested for a while, and then we continued our way. We got to the hotel at around 10 pm. We took our backpacks to the room, opened the door, and leaped onto the bed.Although it was kind of late, we weren’t tired at all. I got on top of Lorena and opened her shirt, which immediately revealed her naked boobs, as she had happened to take off her bra in the car while she was sucking my dick. I kissed and licked her beautiful breasts, and then I sneaked my hand into her pants. I rubbed her pussy, which was wet again, and then penetrated it with one of my fingers.“I want you to fuck me now!” Lorena ordered.I took off her pants and shirt, removed my clothes very quickly, and went back to the previous position. Lorena spread her legs widely and produced a loud moan as soon as she felt my cock getting inside her warm pussy. I thrust quickly as I placed my right thumb on her clit.Lorena screamed wildly. I pushed harder and faster and moved my hand from her clit to place both hands under her ass. I spread her ass cheeks and put one of my fingers inside her asshole. Lorena grabbed my ass, too, breathing at a fast pace, and told me to kiss her deeply.We got lost in a passionate kiss, and as my dick moved inside her pussy, and my finger explored her tight asshole, Lorena almanbahis giriş got to experience the highest point of pleasure. She screamed out loud as her thighs contracted frenetically, and her hips shook as if a powerful tremor was taking place in her whole body.I stopped, took my cock out of her pussy as her hips moved crazily, and placed the head of my dick onto her clit. I rubbed it and immediately Lorena got to experience another wave of orgasms. She grabbed my cock and my balls and pressed them tightly, and in a second, we both came again. This was just the beginning of a hot trip.The next day we stayed in bed until 10 am, we took a shower, and then drove to a nearby lagoon. The place was really beautiful, and we got to walk around. Later at noon, we went to a nearby restaurant and ate some delicious local fish. We spent all afternoon there as there were many activities to do. We left the place at around 6 pm, stopped in a little town to have dinner, and went back to our hotel. Another night of wild sex waited for us.On Sunday morning, we decided to go hiking to a mountain that was thirty miles away. We got up early, had some coffee, made some sandwiches, and packed some water. We checked out as we wanted to spend the night in another hotel, and began our trip. We arrived at the entrance of the place at 9 am. I parked my car, and we went to an information booth to get a map.We talked to the person in the booth, who provided us with some valuable details about that area and gave us a map. We looked at the map and noticed several possible paths leading to different places. After analyzing our options, we decided to follow the longest path.As we climbed up, Lorena started to pinch my butt, so I reacted doing the same. At some point, we ended up hugging and kissing passionately, and I took advantage of the solitude in that place to touch Lorena’s ass and boobs.“We should find a place to fuck,” she said.I totally agreed. We continued walking until we arrived at a kind of flat area with some old ruins. The place consisted of some high wide columns without any kind of ceiling. Lorena guided me behind one column, and when we found cover, she immediately dropped on her knees and pulled down my shorts.

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