Taking Charge Pt. 01Taking Charge Pt. 01


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Author’s note: Fair warning, this is not a quick read. There’s plenty of sex, but this is a pretty big story. I have split it up into seven submissions, otherwise it could take quite a long while for this to be approved. This came about as a short-story experiment and exploded from there. I wanted to write about the blissful ignorance I have encountered when meeting certain married couples over the years, and the collapses of those relationships that came about when they pretended nothing was wrong. The challenge was to make it entertaining, so here’s to hoping I succeeded.

Ignorance is bliss, as they say. But sometimes, ignorance is just ignorance. It is one thing to not realize there is a problem with one’s marriage. It is another thing entirely to ignore it. Rebecca thought she had it all, but when her husband’s cocky, gorgeous and take-charge best friend moves in with them, she finds herself careening down a slippery slope with no way to stop her descent. Is it lust driving her into another man’s arms, or loneliness? Raised sheltered and pure, and now faced with temptation, Rebecca discovers that she knows far less about the woman she is than she ever imagined, and she may not really know her husband at all. Is her marriage worth saving or has she been unhappy for too long? Rebecca must take charge of her life, or someone else will. If they haven’t already.

Chapter 1

It was an accident

It all started by accident. I never intended for it to go as far as it did, but I’m not sorry either. I have never been so happy and sexually fulfilled in all my life. And I never would have guessed that I’d have my husband’s best friend to thank for it.

Ryan, my husband, had met Jake in grade school. They grew up together, whereas I met Ryan in college. From the moment I met Jake, I knew he was trouble. I loved Ryan, and I still do, but Jake was everything that Ryan wasn’t. He was tall, blond-haired and blue-eyed, extremely fit, and beautifully handsome. The instant I saw him, I wanted him. I didn’t want his personality. Where my husband was sweetly charming and always polite, Jake was rude, crude, and a domineering jackass.

No, I wanted his body.

I should stop here and explain that I’m very reserved, or old fashioned, if you prefer. I was raised in a very strict Catholic family. I wasn’t Catholic myself, but one of the things I did take away from my upbringing was the notion that my virginity was a precious gift. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, just give it to anyone. I’d been determined to remain a virgin right up to my wedding night, and I succeeded. But the temptations were always there. I wasn’t blind to sex or the needs of my body. Attractive boys stirred up feelings inside me, as expected, but I never acted on them. I came very close to giving myself to Ryan before we married, but I managed to hold out.

But Jake…wow, Jake was dangerous. See, Ryan was a temptation, being attractive and all, and Jake was too, but add in his cocky attitude and powerful presence, and I was ashamed to admit that I was far more physically attracted to him than I was to Ryan. I’m sure if Ryan had been more aggressive — he’s a very reserved man, like me — it would have been just as difficult for me. Still, like I said, Jake was dangerous.

I had subtly tried to prevent him from becoming a staple in our lives. I shouldn’t have wanted him the way I had, with such a powerful, primal craving, but I did. But Ryan wouldn’t be deterred. Jake adored my husband. Ryan had been the proverbial band geek and math nerd all his life, and I’m sure he loved that a wildly popular jock had befriended him.

I don’t know why Jake liked Ryan. Maybe it was football. Jake loved it, and Ryan had an eidetic memory. He could give you the stats on every team in the NFL, and he was fascinated with the rules and the probabilities of every play, game and season. During football season, Jake would come over to our place to watch the games with Ryan, and they would stay up late into the night drinking beer and talking about this player and that coach and those piss-poor calls by the refs, and what have you. Me, I’d just go to bed early. In fact, any time Jake was around, I made myself scarce. Ryan must have thought I really hated his friend, but we never talked about it.

The truth was that I had never craved a man like I craved Jake, not even my husband. He was tall, strong, gorgeous, and a prime alpha male. He was crude when it came to women, but he never directed his attitude towards me. If he’d just been an ass, I’m sure that would have killed any desire I had for him. But no, Jake was always polite with me, even sweet, I guess. We never had deep conversations or anything, but he would ask me about my day, how I was doing, and things like that.

I’m not sure that Jake really cared to hear anything I had to say. bursa escort Oh, sure, he’d listen, but what he really wanted was to watch my mouth as I talked. Jake was always watching me, checking out my butt in tight jeans, or my legs when I wore a skirt, my feet when I was painting my toenails, or my breasts when I wore a tight shirt or a low-cut blouse. Whenever I’d catch him, he’d quickly avert his gaze, but he wouldn’t blush. He’d smirk though.

There was another truth there too. I liked Jake checking me out. Actually, I liked it when men checked me out in general. I liked feeling beautiful. Ryan constantly told me I was, but hearing it and seeing the evidence of it are two completely different things. Like I said, Ryan was reserved. He’s not the type of guy that checks out girls, if you know what I mean. Not even his wife. Anyway, I’m far from tall, standing about five-foot-six, but I keep myself in good shape and I’m rather proud of my body. I’m used to men checking me out, and while I tended to blush when I noticed their appreciation, I still liked it.

But Jake’s attentions were my favorite, and that’s what made him dangerous. Those first few months of knowing him, I found myself wearing more revealing clothing when he was around, fitted jeans or skirts instead of long dresses, and tight shirts and sweaters rather than frilly blouses. Almost every time Jake came over to visit, I made a point to throw on a skimpy bikini for a dip in our hot tub and/or pool, weather permitting. The truth was that I liked showing off for him. I got a reaction from him that I couldn’t get from Ryan. Sure, Ryan would smile and tell me I looked great, but Jake would practically salivate at times, and that was the kind of attention that I secretly craved.

There was one particular occasion that stood out in my memory. I’d worn the skimpiest bikini I owned, a little black thing that contrasted nicely with my pale skin. There was barely enough material to cover my most private parts. The rest of it was barely-there straps. Jake and Ryan were already in the hot tub when I came out and got in with them, bringing two bottles of beer for them and a glass of wine for myself. When Ryan went inside to pee, Jake had looked over at me.

“You look good, Rebecca,” he’d told me, voice low and sexy, but his expression was far from lecherous, more cautiously appreciative.

It was the most overt compliment he’d ever given me. I’d thanked him, and that was that, but I’d been certain his voice had been laced with pure desire, and my insides had clenched with heat. After Jake left, I practically begged my husband to have sex with me. It was always like that after Jake would leave. My body would be in a high state of arousal — I’m talking high orbit here — and I would relieve myself with Ryan. He never suspected anything, or if he did, he never indicated so.

Jake made his living selling high-end homes, the kinds that run low seven-figures. When the housing market went to hell, his income dwindled to nothing practically overnight, and with his spending habits, I guess, he didn’t have any money saved for a rainy day. My husband came to Jake’s rescue, offering him the use of our guest room, and Jake had accepted. He’d been living with us for a month.

The real trouble began when I stumbled upon something I shouldn’t have. Jake was always seeing some new girl, and that night was no exception. I wasn’t comfortable with him bringing women into our home, largely because the ecstatic sounds of his carnal activities were quite loud — God, the sounds those women made, Inever made noise like that! Ryan wasn’t bothered by it. If anything, he was proud of his friend, happy for him, and rather amused by it all.

But that night was different. Ryan was working really late, as was the norm in for the last couple of years. I’d spent the last hour soaking in a hot bath with my iPod playing Owl City. I was still wearing my headphones — largely because Jake had come home with a girl, and I didn’t want to hear what they were doing — when I donned a big fluffy robe and decided I could use a cup of hot cocoa. Tapping my fingertips against my thigh to the beat of ‘Deer in the Headlights’, I passed the door to Jake’s room and couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t quite closed. The hallway was dark, and there was very dim, flickering light coming out of Jake’s room. Candles?

Against my better judgment, I peeked through the inch-wide crack, and what I saw took my breath away. The foot of Jake’s bed faced the door, and there was a naked woman beneath him, her legs splayed wide outside of his thick arms. He was pumping his hips up and down and driving the biggest, thickest, longest penis I had ever seen in my life into the woman beneath him. They were facing away from me, so they had no idea I was watching them. Maybe that’s why I didn’t move.

There was no sound. The loud music in my ears masked everything. I stood there for I don’t know how long, bursa escort bayan mesmerized by the sight of Jake’s huge penis plunging in and out of his girl, of his incredibly tight butt and hugely muscled body powering his thrusts. Her clean-shaven vagina was lifted straight up, stretched wide around the gargantuan pole of flesh pushing into her. He would draw out of her until the wide tip of his penis distended the mouth of her vagina, his thick shaft glistening wetly, thoroughly soaked in her fluids, veins bulging obscenely along his length, then he would thrust back in. With every plunge, her anus clenched tight, winking right at me.

In my shock and lust induced haze, I was somehow able to notice that Jake wasn’t using his entire length. Either he didn’t want to, or that poor girl couldn’t take all of him. I think the real reason I watched them was because of the position. I didn’t have a lot of sexual experience, despite being married. In fact, the only positions I was familiar with were missionary and me on top (sorry, I just can’t call it cowgirl without blushing). Granted, what I was seeing that night wasn’t much different from missionary, but the way the girl’s legs were pinned in front of Jakes arms, and the way her pelvis was tilted up, good heavens, he was really thrusting into her, like straight to the bottom. I could only imagine what that felt like.

As I watched, Jake fucked his girl harder, faster. His balls lifted towards his body, tight against him. The thick tube running along the underside of his shaft throbbed, swelled, pulsed. He pushed into her and held himself there. Her thighs quivered, Jake’s entire body flexed, muscles cording powerfully. I saw the exposed shaft of his penis swell and jerk inside his girl, her vagina stretched impossibly tight around him, and moments later, white cream broke free of the seal where she was stuffed full of his penis. It welled up around his shaft, and every time his penis jerked inside her, more semen was forced out of her until it began to leak down the crack of her behind and over her anus.

It was the most lurid, carnal and offensive thing I had ever seen, and so fucking hot. I couldn’t stop watching.

After a long while, Jake raised his hips and slowly, so very slowly, drew his magnificently long cock out of his girl. His broad tip, as big as an apple (okay, probably not, but still huge), popped out of her with a wet sucking slurp, leaving her white-washed insides gaping open, and an instant later, his thick seed gushed out of her. There was so much of it that it poured down the crack of her butt and soaked the sheets. I could see her tight abdomen flexing, her legs quaking, and her smallish breasts wobbling as her body trembled in the aftershocks of her apparently quite powerful climax.

I saw Jake’s back and shoulders shaking, like he was laughing, but I couldn’t see his face. His huge length hung precariously over the girl’s lower body, dripping semen onto her stomach. He grabbed his penis and slapped it against her mound a few times — something I’d never seen before, and found oddly fascinating. Then he angled it down and powered his giant member right back inside her and wiped his sticky hand off on her thigh. My eyes went wide as Jake resumed fucking her, as though he had never come, as though he would never stop. At some point, he shifted his upper body and released the woman’s legs, which instantly wrapped around his waist so that she could dig her heels into his butt, urging him to fuck her ever harder, ever faster, and Jake was only too happy to oblige.

To my utter shock, Jake came inside her again, but he never stopped. He fucked her right through his climax, and hers, white cream coating his shaft and splattering everywhere as he pummeled her. Jake stopped to roll them over and bring his girl atop him.

Oh my God. Surely he wasn’t going to fuck her again. Was he?

I caught a glimpse of his handsome face, split with a wide grin, his blue eyes sparkling as he cupped her ass and thrust his hips, pushing his incredibly wide length up into her body. She held herself up above him on her arms, her small breasts wobbling in his face as he fucked her. Then suddenly, his blue eyes flicked to the door.

I gasped and jerked out of sight. My heart was pounding so hard that it hurt.

Had he seen me? Did he know I was watching? Did he wonder how long I’d been there?

Oh God, I was mortified! I beat a hasty retreat, heading for the kitchen, wanting to run but afraid to do so because someone might see the panic in my stride and suspect what had happened. Which was silly and completely irrational, because nobody else was home. Ryan was at work. It was just me, Jake, and that girl that he was giving a real pounding.

I paused my iPod and stood at the stove, waiting for the kettle to whistle, and I couldn’t stop seeing Jake’s thick penis powering in and out of his girl. All the noise his girls made, it seemed perfectly escort bursa justified. I hadn’t heard them just now, not with my iPod blaring in my ears, but I hadn’t needed to. The way that girl’s body quivered and shook beneath Jake, with as wet as his penis had been from her fluids, oh I knew well enough the sounds she had been making.

The sudden voice startled me so badly that I jumped in front of the stove.

“Can’t sleep?”

I glanced at Jake and felt my thighs squish together. Oh my God. I was soaked! And there was an ache low in my body, an itch, a burn, a tightening that was almost unbearable. I had never been more aroused in my life.

Jake was getting himself a tall glass of water, and he was wearing only a towel. There was a huge lump under it too, against one thigh. His powerfully muscled body glistened with sweat. His chest and arm flexed as he raised his glass and drained it completely, watching me the whole time.

Yeah, Ibet he was thirsty. He should be, after the plowing he’d given his girlfriend.

He lowered the glass and sighed, then smiled. “Cat got your tongue?”

“N-no, I-I’m fine,” I stammered.

Jake’s smile widened. I couldn’t take him staring at me, not when he was half-naked — and probably well and truly naked under that towel — and looked so good, glistening with sweat, chest heaving and cheeks a little ruddy from exertion. I tore my gaze away from him and plucked a mug out of the cabinet. The kettle whistled loudly.

“Just get out of the bath?” he asked while I fixed my cocoa.

I nodded, but refused to look at him. I couldn’t, not when I was suddenly reminded of what I was wearing, a bath robe and nothing else. I wasnaked under that thing. And he knew it. I knew he did. And God, I was so wet down there, so hot that I swear I could smell it. Oh, please, I hopedhe couldn’t smell it!

“I think I heard you pass my room a few minutes ago,” he said.

I froze, the spoon making a loud clang against the side of my mug.

“Forgot to close the door,” he added, and it sounded like he was closer.

“Did you?” I said innocently.

“Sorry if you saw anything.”

Definitely coming closer.

“No, I didn’t see anything,” I said, a little too quickly.

He chuckled. “No?”

I shook my head.

I felt him then, standing right behind me as I was adding marshmallows to my mug. He shifted closer, close enough that I felt his wide chest brush against the back of my robe. He leaned over my shoulder, his mouth close to my ear.

“Cocoa?” he said softly.

I nodded.

“Yum.” His voice, low and deep, shook me to my very toes, and when he spoke again, his lips brushed against my ear. “I’d love a taste.”

My breath caught. “Get your own,” I breathed, and hurried out of the kitchen, away from him.

And that was how it all started.

Chapter 2

As I lay in bed, trying to go to sleep, my body thrummed with desire. I hadnever seen a penis like that before. No, penis wasn’t the right word. As much as I found the correct word distasteful, there was no denying it. Jake had the most frighteningly large cock I’d ever seen.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I liked to think that I had a healthy sex life with my husband, and Ryan wasn’t small where it counted, but God, what would something like thatfeel like? I couldn’t imagine. Not to brag, but I was pretty tight down there. Ryan was above average in all aspects, but I was able to handle him because he was just one of those guys that never got quite fully erect. If we went too long without sex, say about a month, he would have to take extra time with me, I’d get so tight. Would someone like Jake even fit? God, the stretching, the filling, and with his length, the depths he could reach…

I shivered violently and my insides clenched, hard.

Good Lord, why was I even thinking about this?

It took me a long time to get to sleep, and when I woke up at five in the morning, I was still wound tight. Ryan was sound asleep beside me, and the instant I saw his morning wood tenting his shorts, I pushed my hand inside them and held him. He’d been surprised, pleasantly so, and it was really good sex, even if just a quickie — I came just before he did — but it didn’t scratch the itch quite well enough. After he left for work, I was still worked up. The itch persisted all day, the need to be stretched and filled. Again, I was pretty small down there, so Ryan filled me just fine. Or, at least I thought he did. I really wouldn’t know, without a basis for comparison. He was the only man I’d ever been with.

I don’t know if Jake’s girl left in the middle of the night or really early that morning, but I didn’t see her. In fact, I never saw her again.

Jake brought home a new girl two nights later. I was on the couch with Ryan, watching a movie, when they careened through the front door, her arms and legs wrapped around his big body as he carried her inside, and her mouth feasting on his while his hands clenched her ass. She was much shorter than the previous girl, and auburn haired, as opposed to blonde. In fact, she looked to be about the same size as me.

Christ, how was Jake going to fit himself in her?

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