Noises Through the Wall Pt. 04Noises Through the Wall Pt. 04


All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

My escapades with my eighteen-year-old son were gathering speed. The train had left the station, and I could see the final destination. Before I’d watched him hump Gwen, I might have escaped my fate. But now, I couldn’t get the memory of the power and animalistic savagery of his mating out of my mind. Every time I closed my eyes, I’d see his long cock digging into his girlfriend’s pussy. The morning after my spying, I sent the men off to school and work. I had chores to do, but shirked my responsibilities. Instead, I spent the day with my new dildo, and it was good. But it wasn’t him. My frustration had ebbed over the last few days. I was somewhat satisfied with the dildo and my other dirty deeds. But my wants and needs had expanded. My libido seemed to be moving the goalposts on me.

Christopher had looked at my womanly assets in a way he didn’t eye Gwen’s tight, eighteen-year-old body. I wanted to give him everything. I wanted to flip that switch for him. Not his silly girlfriend. As I worked myself to another orgasm with that dildo, the thought hit me hard. I was going to have sex with my son. And there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.


Afternoon came, and I went down to the basement to listen through the wall. They were in Christopher’s room humping away. I could hear Gwen squeaking with every impact. I wondered if she was going to have the flood again. So that was why the sneaky guy had been doing his own laundry. I thought he’d been trying to hide his cum. Any normal teenager stains his sheets, and most don’t want their mother finding out. But it was her cum that was the real problem. I giggled as I listened to them, thinking how surprised they must have been the first time he’d done that to her. Would he do that to me? I certainly hadn’t ever gushed like that before.

Leaning my back up against the wall, I slid my dildo under my dress. In the short time I’d had the thing, I was getting to know it very well. A heavy percussion started in Christopher’s room. I could feel the vibration through the wall. He was really giving it to her. What was he thinking as he looked down at that skinny woman? Did he want something more to shake and bounce against what sounded like violent pounding? The dildo spread me out and I gasped. I was already not as tight as I used to be. What would Christopher do to my vagina with his larger cock?

The first time I’d heard those teenagers going at it, I was shocked. Maybe even a bit scandalized. But now … now … now I wanted to be one of them. To go back to those carefree days when pleasure wasn’t competing with all of life’s other pursuits. In those days, I could smile at a cute boy, go for a ride in his car, and give myself over to the joys of discovery and passion. These days, I had to clean, and shop, and cook, and tend to Carl’s needs. I was still his wife, but I just wanted to forget that fact for a little while. “Oh, shit … sweetie … you’re so big,” I whispered to an imaginary Christopher. The thumping on the other side of the wall built to a crescendo. Gwen screamed constantly. Christopher’s deep grunting just barely made it into the mechanical room.

Was he wearing a condom this time? Oh, Jesus, he could be knocking up his girlfriend right now. I prayed he had more sense than that. And then … I prayed he didn’t. I thought about that little bitch swelling with my grandchild inside her. I shouldn’t want it, but I did. She would be his. All his. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.” I came right along with the teenagers. A few minutes later, I quietly left the mechanical room and headed upstairs.


That Lefkoşa Escort night, I bit my nails sitting next to Carl on the sofa as we watched one of his shows. I couldn’t focus on anything. I was so nervous.

I’m afraid I may have snapped at him when he asked if we should watch one more episode before bed. I just needed my husband asleep. I did apologize to him as we snuggled under the covers. I’m not a monster.

After a time, his breathing evened out and slowed. He was asleep. Very carefully, I climbed out of bed. I removed the t-shirt I slept in, and took off my panties. In the darkness, I padded over to the bathroom and put on a robe. I fished in the cabinet and pulled out one of Carl’s condoms. He wouldn’t miss one. The man was an organizational mess. He couldn’t keep track of anything in our home if I didn’t remind him. I stepped back into our room. The clock on his bedside table glowed. Goodness, he really had gone to bed late. It was already ten-thirty. I hoped Christopher had stayed up for me.

With nervous energy causing my legs to tremble, I made my way through the dark house. I breathed a sigh of relief when I got to the basement. A ribbon of light shone from under the door. He’d waited for me. How sweet. This was it. I was going to do it. I may not be a teenager, but I felt every bit like one in a moment so pregnant with anticipation and the possibility. I opened the door, stepped in, and closed it behind me.

“Oh, hey, Mom.” Christopher lay on his bed, his phone in his hands. He looked up and smiled. If he noticed I was holding a condom, he didn’t show it.

“What are you doing, sweetie?” I made my way to the side of the bed and crawled up next to him.

“Texting with Gwen.” His eyes went a little wide. He’d noticed the condom. “Should I … um … tell her I’m busy?”

“No, Christopher, you can keep texting with your girlfriend.” I stashed the condom in my pocket and pulled down his pajama bottoms. He wasn’t wearing underwear. How delightful. His big guy was semi-hard and growing. I put my hand on it, doing my best to ignore the diamond on my finger. I could practically feel the life and vitality surging into his penis.

“Maybe … um … I should just catch up with her tomorrow.” He started swiping at his screen.

“No … Christopher … apple of my eye … keep texting her.” I smiled broadly up at him, but kept an edge to my voice. “I want to see if you can concentrate on Gwen … while I’m doing this.” I pumped him with one hand. “Tell her that your mother came into your room, and that I’m really boring.” The cock in my hand grew to a length that could accommodate two hands, so I obliged it and my right hand joined my left.

“Okay.” His eyes struggled to pick a target, bouncing from his phone, to his penis, to my smiling face. Obediently, he kept swiping the keyboard on his phone. “But … um … you’re not boring, Mom.”

“Well, that can be our secret. Most men your age find their mothers very boring.” The force of my arms moving caused my robe to open, exposing some good cleavage. His gaze now fixed on my chest when he wasn’t looking at his phone. I worked him for a while as he texted.


“Yes, sweetie?” I was now staring at that beautiful cock in him hands. He was so perfect.

“What’s the condom for?”

“Hhmmmm.” I glanced up at him. His cheeks were flushed. “Who’s asking? You or Gwen?”

“Dang, Mom. I’m not telling Gwen anything about this.” His face flushed an even deeper red. “I was just, you know, wondering.”

“I noticed you weren’t wearing one with Gwen in my bedroom Kıbrıs Escort yesterday.” I let go of him, and pulled the condom out of my pocket. I held it up and made a show of tearing the foil and pulling it out. “So, I thought you’d need a lesson in wearing one.”

“Oh.” His face fell. Clearly, he’d thought we were going to have sex, and I’d dashed his hopes.

“Don’t look so glum.” I placed it on the head and tried to unroll it. It didn’t seem to want to stretch enough to go over that great bulb at the end of his cock. “Once I get this on, I was going to let you wear it … inside me.”

“Really?” His whole body lurched at the news, including his penis. This made the unrolling even harder. “We can do that? I mean … um … really?”

“Yes, but only if I get this on. Hold still a second.” I tried again, but I wasn’t going to get it to fit without ripping the condom. That would sort of defeat the purpose. “Damn. It won’t fit.” I sat back on my butt and my shoulders slumped. I shrugged at him. “Go ahead and text your girlfriend that your mom can only give you a blowjob tonight. Sorry, Christopher.”

“I’ve got condoms that fit me. Remember?” Like lightening, he sprung from his bed, opened his desk drawer, and returned with a condom. “Can we still do it?” He was so excited, he almost looked drunk. It was adorable.

“Why didn’t I think of that? Keep texting Gwen.” I tore the packet and pulled out the condom.

“Sure, sure.” He picked up his phone and continued his conversation with his girlfriend. As I rolled the condom onto him, I wondered what they were talking about. I remembered the little sweet nothings they’d said to each other while doing doggy on my bed. Probably something like that.

“There.” Satisfied, I gave his penis a tap and watched it sway back and forth. He was well clad. I stood on the bed next to him. I was so wet. Butterflies had taken over my stomach, and I had a knot in my throat. This was it. “Are you ready?” I dropped my robe, stuck my hips to the side and made a pose. “You like? How do I compare to Gwen?”

“You’re just as beautiful as her.” His eyes went wide and he dropped his phone next to him. He hurriedly pulled off his pajama top.

“Thanks,” I said in a flat voice. That wasn’t exactly what I was fishing for. Well, I could change his mind. All I had to do was rock his world. I stepped over him so that my feet were on either side of his hips and looked down. He was so fit, and masculine, and hard. Holy shit, I was going to rock my son’s world. “Are you ready?”

All he could do is nod up at me, his eyes drinking in the undersides of my tits.

“If I do this, do you promise to always wear a condom with the women you sleep with?” I sat down on him, and reached between my legs to grasp his cock. Damn, he was so big.

He nodded at me again.

“Here goes.” It was a good thing I was so wet, because even with all my work with the dildo, his cockhead felt simply enormous. “How … does … a little thing … like Gwen … make this look … so … aaaaahhhhhhh … easy?” I sunk down on him. When he bottomed out, I felt a little jolt of pain deep inside me. So, that’s what bumping your cervix feels like.

“I don’t know, Mom.” His eyes were still so big. His hands gripped the sheets. He looked like he was experiencing every Christmas morning in his life all at once.

“Now … hold still … I’m going to try something.” I moved my hips, hesitating at first, but then smoothing out my motion. I tried to remember how to move my body during sex. I was no lily-white virgin, but he was so different from every other man that Girne Escort I felt like one. “Does that … ugh … feel good?”

“Yeah … you’re really tight.” He nodded at me vigorously, biting his lip. I was tight, was I? Well, I didn’t think that would last for long.

“Do you want me to … uuuggghhhhh … keep doing this? Or … uuuuggggggg …” I groaned. He kept hitting that spot deep inside me. Pain and pleasure danced together in my womb. “… should I … bounce?”

“Bounce … please.” Christopher was such a polite young man.

“Okay.” I did as he asked. By the third bounce, I thought he might rip me right in half. I’m sure my expression gave me away, because a look of concern spread on his face.

“Are you okay, Mom?” He managed to keep his gaze on my face despite my flopping tits, so I knew he was really worried.

“I’m … ugh … fine.” Despite my rending vagina, I persisted in bouncing on Christopher. If his skinny girlfriend could do it, I could, too. “It’s just … uuuuggghhhhhh … a little more than I’m … used to.” I rode him without saying anything for a while. The effort of it took my words away. I think the only sound in the room was unladylike grunting from me, I’m embarrassed to say. After a little while, the pain waned and the pleasure waxed. Even my cervix stopped barking at me every time I landed my weight on him.


“Yes?” I had been staring through a poster on his wall as my orgasm spiraled closer and closer. I looked down at Christopher to see the ecstasy so clearly written on his face. The sight of that expression was the biggest turn on ever.

“We’ve been going … uh … uh … for a while. I’m … almost ready.” The question formed in his eyes. He wanted to know if he should pull out.

“You can … ah … ah … ah … do it inside. That’s what the condom … is for.” I put my arms behind his head and pulled his face to my boobs. “Grab me … sweetie … squeeze … me.” I was fixing to have the biggest orgasm of my life.

“Sure … Mom.” His voice was muffled by my tits. He grabbed the flesh around my hips and held on tight. That low growling sound I’d heard him make with Gwen vibrated against my ribcage. He was going to do it. I held on tight and bounced my hips on him.

Screaming filled the room. It was me. My mind pulled in a thousand directions and fragmented in rapture. As I floated down from the clouds, I became aware that he was kissing my boobs. I snuggled them into his face. As pleasure moved out like the tide, I realized I was looking at his phone on the mattress next to us. On the screen, Gwen had left message after message asking if Christopher was still there. Toward the bottom of the screen, she had signed off in disgust. Score another one for Mom. Sorry Gwen.

Eventually, I sat up and pulled off of him. Goodness, there was so much sperm in the condom. “Remember to throw that away where your father won’t find it.” I crawled off the bed and pulled on my robe. The sheets between his legs were soaked. He had made me have the flood too, and I hadn’t even realized.

“Sure, Mom.” He smiled lazily up at me.

The happiness I had given him warmed my heart and tickled my pussy. I thought about getting a new condom, but forced myself to head to bed. I shouldn’t get greedy. I walked to the door. “I seem to have made a mess of your sheets. I hope you don’t mind sleeping around it. I’ll clean them in the morning.”

“No problem.” He looked like he wanted to say something more about that. Maybe about how it wasn’t the first time he’d done that with a woman’s cum all over his bed. But he wisely stopped himself. “I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie. Now get a good night’s rest.” I left his room and walked upstairs. When I got to my room, I found I was too jazzed to go to sleep, and too sore for my dildo. So, I lay down next to my husband and replayed the night’s events over and over again in my mind.

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