Wife of Jailbird “Looked After”Wife of Jailbird “Looked After”


Stella’s husband (Carl) had been sent down for five years. He had been held in custody for nearly six months but now she knew she would be without him for over two years. Carl had charged his two best friends (who had committed the crime with him but not been caught) and their wives with looking after the rather naïve and slightly younger Stella while he was incarcerated.

“Why don’t you join us on Friday evening for our drink with the girls? The boys always watch the football on a Friday evening so us girls are free to have a few drinks and laughs down at the pub.”

Stella enjoyed the evening of drinking and some flirting with the men in the pub. Annie and Barbara flirted as usual but did find themselves slightly upstaged by the younger woman. When they returned to Annie’s house the two men were about half way through watching the game. Stella assumed that the girls would join their husbands but was told that the boys were always left to enjoy their game.

The two wives said that the boys would pay no attention to them while the game was on. Fuelled by a few drinks Stella was having none of this. She said to the girls that if they weren’t going to get in there she would show them how to do it. Annie and Barbara agreed to say they were going to bed so that Stella had the boys to herself. The match was in full swing as Stella stood in front of the boys but not blocking their view of the screen.

“Let’s see if I can encourage you to pay less attention to the game and some attention to me. I feel as randy as hell and I am going to take my clothes off. I will soon see whether you are as dedicated to the game as your wives think.”

With this she started to take her clothes off. She was no professional stripper but did make it as sexy as she could. The fewer the clothes left on her the more time the boys spend watching her. When she was down to just her sexiest bra and pantie set she said.

“If you two concentrate on only me for the next minute or so I will remove what I have on. If either of you glance away for even a second I get dressed again. Do you understand?”

The two men understood the words but weren’t sure she was being serious. Looking at each other they quickly indicated that they understood before Aydın Escort looking back at the near naked girl in front of them. Now Stella had their full attention she took her bra off in the slowest sexiest way she could muster. Eventually the garment hit the floor and her hands and arms were removed from their protective position. Her boobs were not big but her nipples were beautifully erect as the very red buttons pointed slightly upwards.

If the bra took a long time the panties took even longer. She twirled as in a dozen stages of less than an inch she rolled them down until they just cleared her bottom. Now facing away from them she bent at the waist before letting them drop to the floor. She had managed to keep her legs almost fully closed but after removing the panties completely she opened her legs as far as was comfortable as she grabbed hold of her ankles. The boys could for the first time see she was cleanly shaved and, even from where they were, clearly aroused.

“Here is the deal boys. If either of you want me to go down on you then go and get a chair from over there. Strip completely naked and sit on the chair. Oh there is one condition and that is the chair must be facing away from the screen. To prove I am a good sport I will leave the sound on so you can hear the game. Again if you as much as glance round you will be free to enjoy the remainder of the game with no interference from me.”

She smiled a very satisfied smile as the men almost tripped over each other getting the chairs in place before stripping off. It was clear from their erections that they had not only been paying attention to her stripping but had also liked what they had seen. As she knelt and approached the two chairs it hit her that she was completely out of order. The drink kicked in sufficiently for her to very quickly dismiss the thought.

She was able to switch between the two boys every time there was any danger of one of them losing control. Stella always enjoyed giving head and having two helpless victims was twice as good as usual. This was however not getting her laid or completely proving her point with the wives. Her needs were not being met and they were still able to at least listen to the game.

“I Aydın Escort Bayan have one final offer. If you both wish me to fuck your brains out the game gets turned off. If either of you wish to keep the game on then it all ends right here. Here is the remote control you had better use it very quickly or I will go and find a better use to put my wet pussy to. “

No words needed speaking between the two boys as the screen quickly went blank. As with the blowjob Stella gave the boys turns as she mounted them and bounced up and down with them buried deep. Now she was controlling herself as much as them. Each time any of the three got close to cumming she switched laps. The time between switches got less and less and the atmosphere in the room became more and more tense. It was at this moment that the door flew open and the two smiling wives strolled over to the shocked Stella. It was Annie who broke the silence.

“We told you that we could deliver her to you so that she would be putty in your hands. Looks like you have her exactly where you want her. My god she looks like she is ready to explode. So you think you can come in here and take control do you? Well you can think again. Your pussy needs to be punished, but you might even enjoy it.”

With this Stella was laid down on her back with the two men sitting on an arm each. They also held behind her knees so that her legs were wide apart and her bottom and pussy very exposed. From a small bag Annie produced a lightweight flogger that she draped across Stella’s swollen wet pussy. It was Barbara who picked it up and started to flick it across the wide-open pussy. Stella wailed as the flogging got firmer and firmer. None of the four watching was certain whether she was in pain or in ecstasy.

“I can see that the best way to punish you would be to deny you the relief you clearly crave. That would however not be much fun for us either. I for one feel like I have missed out so far. What do you think Barbara? I think we should make her entertain us by using her mouth to prepare us for our husbands’ cocks.”

“I don’t need much preparation but I think you are right she does need to realize her place. I haven’t had a good licking for a while. Can Escort Aydın I go first?”

Barbara didn’t wait for an answer but moved so she was squatting over Stella’s face before lowering herself down onto her mouth. Stella was so aroused this aggressive move only heightened her excitement. Barbara’s husband saw an opportunity and quickly moved behind her and entered her with the greatest of ease. Stella was now faced with not only a very aroused pussy but also a pair of balls. It was not the first pussy that she had licked, but it was the first since she had been at college.

The flogging of her pussy and more specifically her clit carried on without getting harder. It took nearly five minutes before her mouth ripped an orgasm out of Barbara. This triggered Barbara’s husband to lose control as her pussy contracted time and time again leaving him unable to prevent himself from cumming. Barbara took over the flogging as Annie settled her pussy onto Stella’s mouth and Annie’s husband started to fuck his wife from behind. Barbara started to flog Stella much harder. It hurt but it also stimulated the very aroused woman.

It was Stella’s screams into Annie’s pussy that aroused Annie so much she came frighteningly quickly. Her husband was aroused but not enough to cum with her. While not initially happy missing out he quickly saw his opportunity.

“Stella do you want me to fuck you where you are or are you going to ride me?”

There was not an option whereby she would not be fucked by him but that was fine by her. She was keen to take back a little bit of control and was quickly on top of him as he lay back and relaxed. Now all three of the others took up positions. Barbara’s husband stood in front of Stella and offered up his limp cock. The two women knelt behind her and initially found a nipple each. Now Stella realized that nothing was going to prevent her from cumming. Barbara moved a hand to Stella’s clit, removing Stella’s hand to do so. The build up to an unstoppable orgasm was immediate. The final touch was provided when Annie used her spare hand to tease the crinkled dark skin of the desperate woman’s anus.

Stella came with a force she had never known. She was very verbal right the way through her long lasting climax. She collapsed forward totally exhausted but very satisfied.

As she began to drift off to sleep that night Stella reflected that the period her husband was in prison might not be so bad after all. The sex that evening had been the best ever.

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