No Strings Attached – The Christmas Rift Pt 2 – Chapter 28No Strings Attached – The Christmas Rift Pt 2 – Chapter 28


Liam wakes me up with a firm nudge to my ribs and points to the empty space in the bed next to me. It would appear that our playmate for the evening, Selena, has already woken up and disappeared off somewhere. I feel a sense of disappointment. It is prime time for sleepy, sensual morning sex; the kind I can’t get from my sadistic beau.I roll out of bed and follow Liam with a yawn and stretch. As I glimpse my reflection in the mirror, I stop and try to pat down my thick, crazy bed head and the annoying cowlick. This was the reason I didn’t go through the emo phase with Justin. My hair just doesn’t cooperate.As we find a couple asleep in his hallway, Liam gives them a gentle kick to wake them up. The worst part of these parties is getting hungover, naked people out. Unfortunately, with his current money situation, they’ve now become a necessity to bring in an extra income despite him no-longer needing to find someone like me.We end up in the kitchen, and there we find our beautiful siren sitting with a notepad and pen at the counter. I slide next to her and try to peek over her shoulder, curious of what she is doing.”Hey!” She complains, whilst trying to covering it up with her hands.Her eyes flare in annoyance as she pouts at me. Someone may not be the submissive she thinks she is.”I was just wondering what was more important than sleeping in a bed with two hot guys,” I drawl.As I distract her by sliding an arm around her waist, I grab her notebook and hold it above her head, pretending to read it. She tries to snatch it back, but I then climb on to the worktop and hold it up higher and taunt her with it by dangling it. She grows annoyed.”Give it back, moron!” she snaps.”Moron?! I should put you over my knee and spank you for talking to me like that.””You wouldn’t… You’re not my dom yet.”I sneak a glance at what she has actually written. It’s complete filth, and I realise it’s from last night as I see the words taut derrière. Intrigued, I continue reading.”His penis was so deliciously large, that it hit that incredibly sweet spot…” I read out loud.”Oh my god! Please stop…””So how do I compare to previous men? Ten out of ten, or could I do better? Why are you writing about last night, anyway? Is this for your blog?” I question.”Yes, I document all of my experiences.””All of them? What’s the name? I want to check this out and see what a bad girl you are.””I’m not going to tell you!””Oh please? I’ll make it worth your while. I’ll let you touch my derrière again? You know you want to,” I tease.”Haha, no. It’ll take more than that to get me to spill anything to someone like you.”I slide down to my knees and start to dance like last night and do a body roll. She blushes again, shyly. I’m pretty sure that this cutesy appearance is fake and deep down she’s a fox in the bedroom given a chance. I wrap my legs around her shoulders.”Seriously you don’t want this?” I ask, cocking my head.I pick up her hand and stroke it down my chest and stomach. I release her hand, but she leaves in lingering. My hand gently strokes her cheek and jaw, then I quickly move in and kiss her. I’m not above seducing someone and her mouth opening up for my tongue confirms that she’s attracted to me.Remembering we are not alone, I break away. Liam raises an eyebrow at me as he stands eating some toast and sipping a coffee.”Wanna fuck again?” I whisper in her ear. “You can have me whenever you want.”She bites her lip, and her face becomes red, so I lean in and kiss her again. I’d honestly let her have me whenever she wants if she decides to join us.”What about Liam?” She sighs.”He’s complicated. He’ll probably want to watch us first.”I move to kiss her neck, and she sighs as I leave more love bites over her neck, claiming her as my own. She’s wearing more of that delicious perfume which is driving me wild, making me want to get carried away with her. My hand reaches behind to her zip, and her dress drops to the floor. My mouth istanbul travesti kisses down to her breasts, and I flick against her nipples as she continues to sigh.”Ahhh, that feels so good.”Liam leaves briefly but returns with his camera and a condom for me. I lift her up on to the counter with me and lay her down on it, gently. My head moves between her legs, and I kiss her tenderly.I switch to licking her with my flattened tongue, and her hands grab at my hair and tug in enjoyment. Growing my hair out really does have it’s benefits. I start to flick her directly, exposing her small, bud-like clit and moans start to fill the room. Her legs shudder against my head as she gasps out as she cums, and I’m rewarded with more of her delicious, feminine fluids.I put on the condom and enter her roughly. I pull her into me then lift her legs over my shoulders so I can get deep. I want to feel myself buried within her as she cries out in ecstasy again.Cupping my hand, I give her a firm spank on her shapely buttocks. She gasps out, and I continue, striking her in time to my thrusts. I look over to Liam who’s watching with hooded eyes, fully erect, filming us.”You’re such a dirty girl,” I growl in her ear.She sighs, but she doesn’t respond to me. Instead, she meets my gaze then kisses me again.”You’re not a very good submissive if you keep staring at me like that,” I whisper in her ear, not wanting Liam to hear.I continue spanking, the sound of the slap resonating around us at the same time that I slam into her. Her beautiful eyes continue to look into mine, and I start to feel like she’s penetrating through me, discovering all of my secrets. I don’t like it.”You’re still staring. Do I need to blindfold you?”Janet, the housekeeper, then walks in, interrupting us. I’m not overly fussed by her anymore, but Selena quickly wraps her hands around her exposed breasts, clearly uncomfortable. I need to move this to somewhere else. I lift her up and wrap her arms around my neck.”Hold on, baby girl.”I carry her upstairs, with Liam beside me then drop her on to the bed. Aroused by watching us, Liam takes my place and begins to fuck her on her back.”You’re so fucking hot,” I whisper in her ear.I kneel above her, facing Liam and she starts to suck me, focusing on my frenulum. I brace myself against Liam’s shoulder with one hand whilst gently stroking her clit.Audibly Liam finishes, and he withdraws, leaving me to explore her with my hands. She’s dripping so I part her, lean forward and lick the delicious wetness away. She cries out as a wave of pleasure flows through her body, and her legs shudder against my head. Panting and tired from what we have done to her, I stop holding back and finish in her mouth. As she swallows, I move to kiss her.I pull Selena to lay between my legs and rest her head against my chest as I wrap my arms around her and nuzzle her neck. I look over to see Liam putting down his camera then he joins us, laying on his side. I never thought life could feel like this.”So are you going to join us, Selena?” Liam asks.”How would it work?””Exactly like this, every single day. We have high sex drives, so this is our every day.””You spend the whole day indulging your whims?””Yes. I own some nightclubs and Matt will be working there, but when we’re not busy with that, we do this.””That seems incredibly decadent.””It is. Don’t tell me you’re not tempted to spend your days with two men? It would be fantastic material for your blog.”I remain quiet. I hope she’ll join us. I’d been unsure whether she’d be a good fit with her seeming so innocent, but Liam has been showing his softer side around her. If we can keep the intense side of our relationship to when it’s just us then, it should be fine.”I don’t want something casual, though.””Liam said yesterday that this isn’t casual. You’d be our girlfriend, polyamorously,” I answer.”What about dates?””We can do dates. Romantic istanbul travesti dinners, cinema, flowers. Anything you want babe,” I say softly, stroking her cheek.She tips her head to look up at me.”I think I need more persuasion,” she replies, mischievously.Liam’s eyes flash with excitement. We’re both happy to go for another round of fun. I slide my arms underneath hers to hold her back and kiss her from above. Liam moves between her legs. I keep her held firmly against my chest as we kiss her. As Liam makes her climax again, she gasps against my lips.”What do you say now?” Liam asks, lifting his head up.”I don’t know…” she sighs.”I think we should tie her to the bed until she submits,” I reply.As Liam leaves the bed to get the rope, I move to sit on top of her, straddling her lap. I run her hands back down my body, so she feels the taut muscles on my stomach.”How can you be unsure about whether you want this every day?” I tease.”Pleasing two men seems like hard work, and Liam seems a little scary.””Well, I’m the pain slut, so you don’t need to worry about that side of him. We’ll be gentle with you.”Her gaze travels to my arms, either side of her head.”Those scars… Was that Liam?””I don’t want to talk about those… ” I reply, pulling them away and kissing her again to silence her.The last thing I want to talk about is my past. Even Liam has tactfully avoided it.Liam walks over grinning as he brings his rope over. I roll her over and hold her down as he binds her arms together behind her back. He moves down to her legs and binds her thighs to her calves in a kneeling position. I then place a blindfold over her eyes.”What’s your safeword?” I ask in her ear.”Aliens,” she replies instantly.Liam looks at me with a surprised look on his face.”Bit of a sci-fi theme going on here…” He mutters.”Mine’s spaceship,” I whisper back.”Give me a number between one and twenty,” Liam demands from me.”Go for twenty. She’s been very naughty by leading us on.”I lean over her back and keep her legs parted as he spanks her, gentler than he’d do with me. She lets out a small yelp with every strike.”Are you going to say yes?” I ask.”Nope,” she smiles.”I think she wants another twenty, Liam.”He spanks her again, and I watch as her bottom becomes rosy. She doesn’t make a sound this time. Instead, she gently pants and her cheeks flush.”Do you want another twenty, baby girl?” I ask, stroking her beautiful, soft hair.”Mm-hmm,” she responds.I rest my arm on her arse and gently, I spank her pussy, cupping my hand. She gasps out.”You seem to like it like that. Again?” I ask.”Yes, Sir!”I slap slightly harder, and increasingly I feel her become wet. I climb off her back and remove a suede flogger from the rack as Liam continues making her moan.He moves over to give me space as I return then picks up his camera and gives me a smug look. I caress her gently with the falls, dragging them over her shoulders, arms and up her inner leg. As I stroke along her sex, she sighs and relaxes. With a flick of my wrist, I gently strike her between the legs and gradually build up the intensity as she sighs for me. Liam hands me a crop.”Don’t forget the safe word,” Liam reminds her.”Yes,” she breathes.I strike with the crop, directly and she lets out a muffled squeal. I pause, giving her time to decide if she wants more. She doesn’t use her safeword. I continue with the strikes and watch as she squirms at each one and cries out. I stroke downwards and the crop comes away, covered in her satiny liquid. She definitely gets off on being treated mean.I hand the crop to Liam then lubricate my hand. I slide a finger inside and revel in the warmth of her gloriously wet cunt.I start to slide my hand in as he strikes her arse, and she begins to moan and open up. I get close to getting my whole hand in. I continue to fuck her with my hand, and she starts crying out with pleasure again. Moments later, she tightens istanbul travesti around me as she orgasms and covers my hand with more of her delicious juices.”Safeword?” Liam asks, but there’s no response.It’s time to end the play. Liam undoes the rope, and I cuddle up to her, pressing my body against her back to provide comfort whilst he gets her a hot drink. I stroke her hair as she sleeps, exhausted by us.”Are you falling for her?” Liam asks quietly, behind me.I turn around to talk to him.”Why? Are you jealous? You know I have enough love to go around, Liam.””Just don’t forget that I come first!” He growls.”You might want to keep that quiet. You sound like you don’t last long.” I tease.His hand clamps over my mouth, and immediately I regret my smart mouth. It just rolled out too quickly off my tongue.”Stop being so cocky. I will put you in your place, Sub.”Adrenaline rushes through me as his eyes flare with anger. I want him to retaliate so I lick his hand, deliberately taunting him. He let’s go.”I’ve clearly been too soft on you recently. You’re a brat.””So are you gonna punish this bad boy?” I tease.I stick out my tongue and his face twitches. He seizes me by the jaw then shoves me down beneath him. His hand reaches to my neck as he sits over me, and he restricts my breathing.”I’m going to make you wish you’d not done that, Lover.”He let’s go, and I gasp for breath, incredibly turned on by him, exerting his strength over me. He drags me out of bed and carries me to the bathroom, picking up some handcuffs from the rack on the way.Dumping me in the bath, he cuffs my hands to the taps and puts the plug in. He turns the cold water on and fills it, so it’s close to submerging me. I tense my muscles so I’m sitting up the best I can and smile at him. I love him the most when he’s like this and gets into his dom-space.His foot presses down on my chest. I quickly hold my breath before I’m submerged and entirely at his mercy. I’m unable to stop him, and giving him this control over me fills me with excitement. He removes the pressure from his foot, and I try sitting up again as I splutter.”Don’t ever forget that your life is in my hands,” he growls.”Yes, Master,” I reply, feeling myself becoming aroused.He then repeats the process of holding me under the water several times as he displays his dominance over me. I feel painfully cold and shiver as he pulls me back up again.Selena walks in and interrupts us.”This is really dangerous!” she cries out.”Yes,” Liam responds simply.He shoves me back under, holding me beneath the water slightly longer than the previous times. I start to struggle and kick my legs to signal him. The pressure is removed instantly.”Who’s in charge here?!” He yells in my face.”You, Master,” I whisper.He unlocks the cuffs then hurries out the room which isn’t like him. We usually had sex following this. I sit up and rub my wrists.”Are you okay?” Selena asks, looking concerned.”I’m fine,” I say climbing out of the bath and grabbing a towel to dry off. “Don’t worry about me.”Her arms wrap around my neck.”Are you sure? Liam seemed scary, just then.””I like him when he’s scary. He only does what I’ve consented to. I can safe out when I want.””How can you when you’re under the water like that?””Have you never done edgeplay? You know, risk-aware consensual kink?””No.””Well, I trust Liam as my dominant to know my limits and keep me safe. If I’m gagged or unable to speak, I can use hand gestures, or in this case, my legs.””I think I’m going to head home,” she says, looking away uncertainly.”Oh. So, have you made a decision?””I don’t know. I really like you, but Liam scares me a bit.””You know Liam is serious about safe words and consent? Go home and think about it. We can wait,” I answer, feeling a little disappointed.”Can I have your number in case I have any questions?””Yes, sure thing.”She hands over her phone, and I put my number in.”Thanks. It was really nice to meet you,”I raise her hand to my lips.”And I was very glad to meet you. Even if you don’t want to play with us again, you’ll be able to find me at Club Indigo.””Is that one of Liam’s clubs? Is it a strip club?””Yes, Friday night is ladies night,” I grin. “I’ll give you a private show if you want? No charge.”

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