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A Fantasy In The Shade of Blue

The Australian outback. I had dreamt of this place for years. I didn’t know much about it but I knew that one-day I wanted to see it. Unfortunately, being the complete bungling idiot that I am, I made arrangements for the flight there and not for much else. Honestly I thought I’d figure it out as I went along.

Once there, I was greeted by a beautiful hot sun and an airport lousy with tourists. I made my way through the thicket of people and found a cab. I told the cabby I had no destination and asked if he could take me to a place where I could get a room. He obliged and I arrived at a little place and rented a room. I asked at the desk where I could find some information on places to go and things to see. I was handed some pamphlets and I headed for the solemnity of my room.

I thumbed through the stack of pamphlets only to see them for exactly what they were, guides to tourist attractions. I wanted something different, the real Australia. I wanted to go where the locals hung out, where I would stick out like a sore thumb and be gawked at, but someplace real.

I struck up a conversation with one of the young guys working at the place I was staying and he said he’d take me to a couple of places that he hung out after he got off work. Not really sure and being a scared American in Australia, I only brought enough money to get by with. If I was in any kind of trouble, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t taken for too much. As it turned out, my new friend was true to his word. We went to a couple of nightspots and really had a great time.

At the last spot we hit, I saw her. According to my newfound friend she was a local girl that had just returned to the are after being away for a while. She was there tonight celebrating her coming of age. She amazed me. She had long chestnut brown hair with blonde and blonder highlights, her skin was perfect and her eyes were magical. She had that smile that screamed innocence and I was so wrapped in her that I didn’t notice my friend leave. I asked the bartender where he had gone and he told me that he saw him leave with a lady, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

I didn’t care. This girl was dancing in front of me and she was magnificent. She changed partners enough to give me the courage to ask her myself. She agreed and we danced and I was so taken with her. I asked her name. Dani, her name was Dani. We danced a little more and I tried my best to talk to her for as long as she’d allow. It was in the middle of a dance that her friends came over and grabbed hold of her arm and just sort of whisked her away. I couldn’t really do anything about it and she seemed to look back, but I couldn’t be sure.

I left the place after that and while walking home replayed everything about her in my head. The walk home was pleasant and the breeze was so cool. I got to my room and just laid there on my bed, thinking about Dani. What right did I have, I only danced with her, nothing more, but still she dominated every thought. I immediately pulled my book from my canvas bag and wrote:

to dance
to dream
to be more
than I seem
to hold
and to kiss
to share us
is bliss
her lips
her eyes
Oh my God
her thighs
from her head
to her feet
awesome innocence
yet such heat
please let me be
more than I seem
and let her be more
than just fanciful dream

Those last words bahis siteleri escaping my pencil, I fell asleep.

Morning came with the sound of the ocean and birds. I got up, showered and headed down to the restaurant for what I thought was breakfast. Seems I had slept in a little later than I thought I had. Lunch was being served and so I ordered that. Unlike last night though, I took my little book and little pencil with me. My new friend was working this…afternoon and he came over to my table and said hello. He asked if I had a good time. I told him I had and that I had danced with that girl, Dani. He smiled and said he was happy I had a good time. He turned to leave and I stopped him, asking if he knew where I might be able to find her again. He laughed and said, she’s Australian, you check the beach. I guess I looked a little defeated because he said to wait there and he’d take me to where she normally hung out.

When we got there, he received greetings from all that passed us. Some asked who I was, most didn’t care. He finally asked a few people if they had seen Dani. None had, but he told me that this was where she usually hung and I might see her there if I wanted to hang out. I told him I’d find a shady spot and write. I looked out over the ocean and put my pencil to my pad, but it was all for nothing. Even with all this before me, she was all my thoughts. I must have looked like an idiot sitting there with my pencil in my book.

Then a voice, asking what I was drawing. Dani. I looked up and there she was, so beautiful, so sexy in her little two piece bikini. I told her I wasn’t drawing, I was, well I wanted to write. She asked what I had written and as I went to open my book, I remembered the last entry and quickly closed it again. I said to her that I had written nothing, at least nothing of any interest. I asked how she had found me and she told me that she heard someone was asking after her and I was the only one that didn’t fit. So she figured it was me and approached and recognized me from last night. She apologized for running off like that but her friends had taken her out and they were her controllers then.

She sat with me and we talked for a bit and I think I understood that she had an attraction to me that rivaled what I had for her. I absentmindedly put my book down between us and didn’t really notice that she picked it up until she started reading. She read a few and sort of thumbed through the rest until she came to the last page. She read with great eagerness and she smiled as she finished. She asked if that one had been written for her. It had.

She jumped on me and kissed me and I fell to the ground rather hard. She got up and with my book in hand ran over to a group of people that were sitting a little distance away from us. They all smiled, some looked my way and threw me some hand signals that I took for signs of approval. She came back over and helped finish dusting me off. She asked what I was doing tonight and I told her nothing, nothing at all. She smiled and said I was now.

She asked where I was staying. I told her and she smiled and said she’d be there at 8pm. She handed me my book and ran off. Hell, I didn’t even know what to wear.

I’m getting ready and I’m not sure what I’m getting ready for. I shower, I shave, I do everything a man is supposed to do before the big date, only I don’t know what the night holds in store for me.

8pm. canlı bahis There’s a knock on the door. I answer in my robe, having given up trying to figure out what was going to happen tonight. She stands there in jeans, a T-shirt, that is showing her beautiful full breasts and her smallish but erect nipples, sandals on her feet and a bag over her shoulder. She asks if I’ve eaten, I tell her no, I haven’t been able to get tonight out of my head and have had even more trouble preparing. She tells me to order some dinner, we’ll be eating in. She pulls the bag from her shoulder and starts putting candles everywhere. She turns the lights out and we order dinner. Dinner is filled with more than idle chitchat. We use that time to learn more about each other. She asks if I write professionally, I don’t. I ask if she really wants to be here, she does. I’m really confused by this whole thing. She says she has a confession to make, she knows me, or rather my work. She has shared it with all her friends, she found me on the net and never, ever thought she would meet me. She had been to shy to write, because she thought I seemed so…worldly. She had talked to me because we had danced and she thought I seemed like a nice guy. It was when she flipped through my book that she realized that I was Romeo Blue.

She told me that tonight she would fulfill her fantasy, she would meet Romeo Blue and share a night of ecstasy with him. I told her that two fantasies would be fulfilled this night. She had captured my soul and I wanted her more than she ever thought she could want me.

Dinner through, we made our way to the little sofa, the only light candles. I kissed her then, her mouth, like kissing an angel. I was breathless. Her eyes, I don’t know if it was the lighting or something else, but they seemed to change color ever so slightly. She was so warm in my hands, like her body was on fire, all 5 feet, 3 inches of her. Her skin was golden like the sand, and perfect to the touch, to the feel.

I could take it no more. I stood and offered her my hand, she took it and I lead her to the bed. We stood together at the side of it and I undressed her. I took my time, her T-shirt coming away from her body like it regretted it, her jeans much the same. She stood then in her panties, slightly shivering, but not from cold, I think maybe from anticipation. Her nipples were hard, like two pebbles and I suckled first one then the other. As I had changed into some jeans and a T-shirt to match her attire for dinner, she took the time to undress me also. Kissing here and there, biting ever so gently at my nipples and rubbing her hands all over my body.

I dropped to my knees and pulled her panties down with my hands, rubbing her body as I did this. I laid her on the bed and crawled onto it after. I kissed her pretty little feet and her ankles and I started to work my way up, I got her shins, holding them up to allow me to better worship them. It was then I noticed the little scars around her ankles, I kissed them, pretending they were fresh boo-boos that needed my kissing to make them feel better. Then ever higher, to her thighs and her hips, then to the tastiness of her lips. I rub my hand over her lower abdomen and as I slowly test the waters with my tongue. I put it in a little and move it up and down in her hole, feeling the moistness take affect and feeling her lips part more and more. My hand still on her abdomen, güvenilir bahis my thumb travels south a little and starts rubbing just inside the top of the lips and then moves to her clit and gently travels little circles around it. I feel her cum, a little and I want so much more than this.

I move up more and I kiss her bellybutton, stick my tongue in and move it around some. I’m amazed at its flatness, like the great expanses that mark the deserts that are Australia. I kiss her breasts, again playing with her nipples as I move on past them. I leave kisses all around her neck then I kiss her lips again, and again I am lost in her kiss and in her eyes.

She rolls me over and starts to kiss her way down my body, she drags her tongue all over me and I am in agony from her touch. Agony in that I can’t feel it all over me. She gets to my cock, which has been rock hard from the outset of this. She kisses it, then flicks it with her tongue. She starts to put it in her mouth but stops at just the tip and pushes her tongue into the hole, God this feels so great. She then starts to suck on just the tip, making it scream for more. Suddenly and without warning, it’s gone, she’s got the whole thing in her…throat. Then she glides up and down, up and down and I’m having a fit trying not to cum.

She releases me and slides herself back up. She whispers to me that she would like to make love, that she wants tonight to be meaningful and full of all she dreamed I would offer her.

So we kiss, and we touch. Everything seems in slow motion, she pulls me on top of her and positions the tip of my dick at the entrance of her warm and wet pussy. Slowly I slide it in, she has hold of it and is slowly putting the tip of it into her, rubbing it up and down the slit. Pre-cum is moistening her like crazy and she pulls me into her. It pops in and she seems shocked for a second. Then she relaxes and I drop ever so slowly onto her. I feel the warmth climbing up my cock like lava crawling up the side of a volcano before it erupts. I’m in to the hilt and I look at her and she looks almost uncomfortable. She has her pretty nails dug into my back and seems to be stopping me from moving. I freeze and she looks at me, her eyes had changed color before and they had done so again, they were turquoise and had tears welling in them. I was again confused, then it hit me, I looked between us and saw a thin trail of blood. I was her first.

I kissed her then and moved with a slow methodical thought, she had given herself to me, I had to make this as wonderful for her as I could. I slowly started to pull it out, then put it in, I keep this up, very slowly until I see that she is comfortable with it. As we progress she becomes more and more intuitive as to what she wants. We kiss, she bites my lips, my neck, and she sucks on my skin and pulls me into her harder and harder. She moves, writhing beneath me like a maddened animal trapped with no place to run. She moans and she groans and the more this goes on the more I feel I might lose control and cum all inside of her.

Then it happens, she stops moving and grabs my ass, pulling me into her with a sense of total control that I didn’t think her capable of mere minutes before. I see in her eyes that she is cumming and she is cumming in such a way that it seems to be lasting for quite a while. Then I feel it, from inside, her pussy walls are…undulating, quivering and making it hard for me to think. I’m cumming and I feel like her pussy is milking my cock for all the cum it ever had.

We lay together in silence and we kiss, we cuddle and as sleep takes us, we are content.

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