Japanese ‘Hotel-Health’Japanese ‘Hotel-Health’


There are some establishments in Japan called Delivery-Health or Hotel-Health. They advertise on the web and are located in the red-light districts in Tokyo. The shops have a narrow store-front and advertise with neon signs. You go in, they show you cards of available girls who are foreigner friendly and they will find a hotel for you. It is best you have Japanese skills. I have heard of people turned away because they could not speak Japanese. A usual session is for two hours. Yuki, the girl I chose was pretty short and small, but excellently proportioned with a great pair of tits, nice legs, a great ass, a cute face and a nice smile. Though her profile says she was twenty-three, she was twenty-eight but looked to be around nineteen to twenty years old. I thought she could have been a college girl. Did I mention the small hands she had that will make your gaziantep escort cock look big? She also had smooth skin and smelled very nice. When you look at her, you just want to treat her right. So yeah, I showed up at my designated hotel room and called the front desk to tell them my room number. Within ten minutes, Yuki came in. She looked at me with a bright smile and introduced herself. She was much cuter in person than on the photo. I took her hand and kissed it, saying she was much prettier than I had imagined. She felt initially shy how I was coming on to her. Unfortunately, me acting like a young Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air flies over Japanese girls from time to time, so I tried inspiring my act from Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man with how he treats his girlfriend in that movie. She then got the impression that I was a really nice guy and she liked the way I held her hand. Normally most girls just want to shower right away, but she guided me to the couch while holding hands and we sat down and she leaned on my shoulder while holding my arm. I leaned my head on hers, we started slightly kissing, and little by little, we got more intense. I had her sit on my lap and she said she could feel my erected cock poking her. She took off my shirt while we were still kissing and we were taking off each other’s clothes and fondled each other. Soon we found ourselves naked. With her on top of me still, I stood up while carrying her to the shower and we had a great time in there. Then things calmed down and after the shower, and she put on the swimsuit. So why did I pick a one-piece swimsuit as opposed to a skimpy bikini? Well, I had this stupid ass Baywatch fantasy and felt a need to fulfil it. I asked the front desk if they had any other colors but they said the blue one was all they had and I figured I would work something out. I showed Yuki a clip from Baywatch on my phone with the girls performing CPR on the guy and while in the shower and still wet, I wanted Yuki to do that. Yeah, a lot of you who are reading this may be thinking that I am some dumb ass, but hey, I still consider myself young at heart but in the context of the 1990’s. I also had to explain to the girl what the show was and how it was popular in America before we had internet porn and all that. We got ourselves really wet. I lay on the shower floor pretending I was unconscious. She acted her part as a lifeguard, she was freaking out and all that, and she started the whole CPR thing. I told her beforehand to do the breathe ins and chest compressions five times and then she acted all composed like a real life pro lifeguard.

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