A Beautiful SunsetA Beautiful Sunset


The colours astound my eyes as I rest with my head on your chest, eyes blinking lazily, satiated, happy, content, and in beautiful surroundings. I smile as we watch the sunset. As Master and submissive, as lovers, as friends. All rolled into one.

I tip my head up, and kiss you gently. I smile and slide up to your ear, whisper gently in it, “I love you, Master,” before returning to my previous position, a bratty lil grin on my face. You turn my head to the side, forcefully, yet gently hold my head there as you whisper, “I love you, little one.”

I shiver, my body tensing against you, my nipples hardening and brushing against your side, my legs quivering as I strain to keep them from clenching and giving away my reaction. You smile, a soft laugh as you note the reactions and I realize, but don’t mind, that I’ve failed.

You flip me onto my back, tilt my head back with the grip in my hair, you nip and bite my neck, my soft, nearly silent groans a sign of approval and pleasure. Your hand releases my hair and moves down to the back of my neck, rubbing, the other guiding my hand down to stroke you.

I slide my hand up and down you as your bites move rize escort down to my collar bone. You slide my hands up, pin them over my head and growl in my ear not to move them, with a soft shiver, I nod in compliance. You leave a hand up there, effectively pinning them and swat my thighs apart, kneeling between them, leaning down over me and kissing me as you press your hips into mine, guiding yourself to my entrance. I lift my hips in a silent plea, and you press into me, agonizingly slow, teasing me with the speed of your entrance and the small pulls back, taking what you give.

I growl softly at you, and look abashed at the raised eyebrow you give me. You smile, and continue teasing. I feel your gentle throbbing and take heart, hoping it can’t last too much longer. My hopes are brought to life as you suddenly thrust hard into me, dragging a gasp of surprise from me. You lean down and whisper in my ear, “Don’t cum, little one. Wait for me. Wait until I tell you.”

I reply, between gasps, “Yes, Master.”

You set a steady pace, thrusting inside me, head tipped down to bite and suck at my nipples. I squirm a little under you, trying to concentrate bostnews.com on anything to provide the small ounce of control needed to wait for you. You sense this, and whisper again into my ear, “Little one, I’m going to pull out. Flip over.”

I nod, incapable of speech as I fight to control my orgasm, and you slide out of me. Resisting a whimper, I flip over onto my stomach, and you lift my hips up. I arch my back and turn my head so I can see out of the corner of my eye and you grip my cheeks and spread them, not gently, but not rough either, a thumb sliding down to massage the small pucker revealed to you. You dip your thumb inside my moist entrance before bringing it back to the small star, and massaging the moisture into me.

I moan gently and try to press back on the thumb, trying to press it inside me, then it’s removed, and I sigh in disappointment. I feel something warmer and still very wet pressing against me next, and smile, pressing back into it as I feel it seek entrance. I gasp as it slips in and stifle a moan. You hold onto my hips, and slowly pull me back onto you, pushing into me at the same time, gently, steadily.

I relax as the small burning pain slowly goes away, replaced with the full, deep pleasure of having you there. You start to thrust slowly into me, gaining gasps and soft whimpers of pleasure from me. You smile as you feel me pressing back into your thrusts, and gentleness falls away, replaced by need, as you thrust harder, faster, deeper. I respond, needing every bit of it.

You lean over, grabbing my hair and pull my head back, “Don’t forget, wait until I say to cum, little one.”

I gasp out, “Yes, Master,” and tug my head away, trying to get my hair released. You return your hand to my hip and continue to thrust into my, faster, more erratically as you get close. I hear your breathing, and clench, moving my hips a little as you thrust in, attempting to increase your pleasure, and feel you tense and thrust hard, as you cum, and growl out, “Cum with me little one.”

My orgasm hits me fast and hard as you thrust once more into me, and me back onto you. I bury my face in the comforter as I cum, breathing harshly.

You slowly caress my back as I relax, and you slide out of me. I flop to the bed, turning my head towards you as I feel the bed shift with your weight, and grin at you.

“That was a beautiful sunset.” I giggle.

“What sunset?” Your smile makes my heart soar.

“I love you, Master.”

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