New Gym, New Friend Ch. 02New Gym, New Friend Ch. 02


The rush of the warm spray beating against my sore body felt terrific. I closed my eyes and leaned forward letting the blast of water hit the back of my neck and shoulders. A sigh escaped my mouth as I slowly melted into the stall. Eyes closed, I heard Caleb in the opposite shower.

Turning towards his stall I opened my eyes a crack to peek in my partially open curtain. To my surprise, his shower curtain was fully open revealing his entire body.

My heart jumped a bit. Caleb was lean as I surveyed the back of his body. His head had a small bald spot and the striations in his neck muscles were visibly seen. His shoulders and arms were toned, but not bulky and his back lowered to almost a perfect “v”, but the realizations of age began to form around his midsection revealing a slight, but almost non-noticeable tire.

This made him normal I thought. Brining myself to look lower my eyes opened a bit wider. Caleb was still washing his chest as I saw his butt cheeks flex and lean to each side. In the gym, I noticed his legs, but now seeing him in all his glory made the frame of Caleb look hot. If not for his graying hair he could of passed as a 40 maybe even 35 year-old. I noticed the perfect cut of his calves, a feature I always thought was sexy.

“God,” I thought. This man could be my dad, but for some reason that intrigued me more. The way Caleb fostered himself into the coach/father figure made me feel vulnerable to his commands. Still staring at his body, I looked up noticing Caleb was now facing me. Panicking I nearly jumped closer to the wall to hide my peeking head, but noticed his eyes were closed.

I looked again slowly surveying his full frontal. My eyes gravitated to his manhood. It was average size about the same as mine. Flaccid, it was about 2 inches long. His scrotum hung low hot from his workout and hotter still from the warm water. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. What made me want to stare at it longer was that he had not a speck of hair around his cock or balls. Even more, I realized his body was fully shaved which made him look younger than his real age. I wanted to reach out and caress his smooth body.

He began to stir lifting his hands and rubbing his Eminönü Escort face with his palms with his head leaning backward letting the water hit the top of his forehead. I quickly turned. My cock was already at half-mast. My heart beat fast. I’ve done stuff with guys before, but never guys this old and it usually only happened in gym showers. This was serious. We actually talked and are going to be working out together for the next couple of weeks. I definitely can’t be caught sneaking a peek and getting off on this old married guy. However, the fact of the matter was that this new circumstance got me even more excited.

I turned the shower faucet to a cooler temperature and began to soap my body hoping that the blast of the cool water and the vigorous soaping would help me think about what really is just going on here.

He’s young. I thought as I entered the shower. Trying to rationalize my actions, I concluded that he was just going to end up hurting himself if he ran that half-marathon without a proper trainer and no friends to help him correct his mistakes. It’s just one of those things that guys will do for other guys.

I heard Derrick breath out a moan as I slowly opened up my curtain. I noticed a crack in his shower curtain, which revealed most of his body. Intentional? Maybe, but Derrick seemed confident for a guy his age, but was obedient in my instructions. This made me even more attracted to him. He was a total coach’s boy, listening to every word I said earlier. My mind wandered as I closed my eyes and turned back around. He probably was awarded the coach’s award for never complaining and being such a team player and being a role model for his team and blah blah blah.

Letting the warm water rush onto my chest I began to soap my smooth hairless skin contemplating about my new role as coach and maybe even father figure. Derrick reminded me of my days as a track runner in high school. In fact, Derrick was me when I was younger. Always working to get up with what talent we were bestowed with. I smiled, what a way to start the year. A part of me wanted to vicariously live through Derrick guiding him into things I never got to experience Escort Eminönü or opportunities missed. However, there was something erotic about Derrick that made me want him closer.

His confidence certainly made him likable since he was not arrogant, but it was enough to make him charming and witty. My wife came into my mind suddenly. What would she say if she knew how I was feeling about his kid? And yes, he literally is a kid even if he’s over 21. Eyes closed I turned around in the shower to let the water run down my back. My mind warped to the time I had my first experience with a guy a few months back.

We didn’t do anything, but we intently watched each other shower in the deserted showers at the local community college. He was younger, but experienced as he revealed every inch of his body to me and me doing the same. We came in unison that morning, but I never saw him after. It was exciting, dangerous, and risky, but the memory of us caressing our bodies had been my masturbation fantasy for the past months.

Fuck it. I thought pushing out my wife’s face and the deserted shower scene. It’s nothing more than me helping out this kid do well in his little marathon gig. Anyways I’m not some perv trying to seduce younger men. I’m married for God’s sake! But the reality was I did feel somehow attracted to Derrick, but he was definitely straight.

Opening my eyes, I hoped Derrick was looking at me to contradict my last thought. He didn’t seemed interested as I was welcomed by his back. I surveyed his body. It was lean, but not completely lean. He had some meat on him as swimmer’s usually do, but his toned and square back compensated for the meat he did have.

The rest of his body was slim, but proportional and the caramel tan of his whole body except for the obvious Speedo tan sealed the deal. I couldn’t stop staring at his tan as it was a stark contrast from caramel brown to nearly pasty white, but it neither seemed gross or wrong, but rather sexy. It was more a testament of hard work swimming laps in outdoor pools. I related to that having suffered from weird tan lines from both the running suit worn during competition and my normal training Eminönü Escort Bayan gear.

Derrick began to turn as his hands reached back to soap his lower back just above his Speedo tan. I couldn’t blow it now if he caught me looking at him. Too late. My eyes met Derrick’s. He smiled.

“Yah take a good look at the tan.” He said. “Everyone stares at it. I know it’s bad, but there’s no use in tanning it out if it’s just gonna come back the next time I workout.”

I gave a feigned laugh as I turned back around to face my shower. I was not sure if I should be relieved that he saved us from the potential awkwardness or terrified that he just caught me looking. I hoped it was not the latter. I began to quickly finish showering up being timely not to look like our last interaction scared me out my wits. I finished first as I headed back towards our lockers.

As I opened mine, Derrick walk passed me brushing against me slightly as he stepped over the bench to get into his locker behind me.

“So I was thinking,” I began as we both were still drying off and getting changed. “I’m not due to the office until around 10 tomorrow you know being the boss and all, I was going to run the park across the street for a bit. Maybe like five to six miles at 10k pace.”

Derrick laughed. “No more of this pace talk. It’s only my first day training and I’m already tired of the lingo. But yeah, I was just gonna bum it tomorrow, but I DO need the training. Sound good boss.”

Boss. Hmmm I like that I thought. “Alright Derrick until tomorrow you did good today. We’ll meet around 8am outside the parking lot. Bring your “A” game.” I said now facing him and taking a step out I slapped him in the butt.

“Hey,” Derrick shouted hopping forward. “For that, I’m gonna give you a run for your money old man.”

“We’ll see.” I said rounding the corner and out into the cool night air. Tomorrow would be fun.

I got dressed slowly. I still felt Caleb’s hand on my ass. It was a playful locker room gesture, but this lingered.

Getting fully dressed I walked out of the gym, my legs sore from the long run earlier today. And to think I was gonna be out here in just a few hours again subjected to another painful run. The thought of sharing a run in a secluded park on a weekday morning made my mind wander again.

“He’s like your dad.” A voice said in my head. “Yeah, but still,” I murmured under me lips. We’ll see about that tomorrow.

To be continued in Pt. III…

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