Naughty Nights On My Tiny BedNaughty Nights On My Tiny Bed

August Ames

The last time I was home for New Year’s Eve was ten years ago. I know my daddy misses me because I am his little princess. And so making it home for the Holidays became my priority this year.

My Holiday plans felt bittersweet. I was looking forward to all the fun with my family.

I flew down to Montreal, my hometown.

On Dec 30th, I met up with some of my college friends. My hot college crushes looked way more handsome than I last remembered. Especially Ronny, his thick hairy skin sent shivers down to my pussy. I can’t believe he’s that same guy I kissed multiple times during our “truth or dare” parties.

Ronny drove me back to my parent’s house. He still remembered the address. We exchanged phone numbers and I gave him a kiss on his cheek.

“Ronny, I will try but can’t promise I’ll have time to hang out this time.”

“Stephanie, I’d love to see you again. Can I call you?”

Ronny holds my hand and says: “Stephanie, I remember how you were so cute and shy trying to lick and suck my tongue.”

I get out of the car my pussy so wet. I felt like touching myself.

Daddy opens the door. He gives me a kiss on my neck. I run down the stairs to my room.

Daddy calls: “Steph come back up and hang out with us.”

“Ok, daddy,” I say.

I call my guy back in the US. I tell him how horny I’m feeling. I start talking dirty to him telling him how wet I was.

Brian makes me touch my clit. He makes me finger fuck my pussy and doesn’t quite with his dirty Rasimpaşa Escort talk until I come. I try to get him off but he was busy at work, like usual.

I was lying on my single bed with my fingers wet with my own juice. Daddy opens the door, he was holding a phone in one hand listening to my conversation and now watching me have an orgasm.

My cunt was as red as cherries. I did not know how I could hide my arousal from daddy’s watch. My daddy saw me, his little doll, having phone sex with her man.

Daddy was too embarrassed to comment.

I had dinner with my family that night. We all watched “Basic Instinct”. Not the typical family movie but it’s my brother Arman’s classic favorite.

I saw Daddy glimpse at me at the scene where Sharon Stone uncrosses her legs and shows off her bald pussy. I have a feeling Daddy was thinking of my cherry lips at that moment.

I spent New Year’s Eve with my family. We all came back home around 2 AM. It sucked that Brian was not around and I was so horny for him. Maybe unconsciously I did not want him to be around. It was the perfect opportunity to misbehave.

I decided to go out with Arman.

It was a wild crazy night out in Montreal.

Walking to the club I told Arman I was horny. It was hot for me to be in the world of my 26 year old brother. I was walking so close to him making him feel uncomfortable. I was wearing a short dress with knee high boots. My tits and ass curved just right. My abs Rasimpaşa Escort Bayan were showing off slim and toned. My legs were the highlights of my look.

Arman and I walked down Crescent Street.

We waited in line in front of a club. The couple in front of us were making out. I was very drunk; I looked at Arman and gave him a kiss on his cheek. I think for a moment he thought I was going to kiss him on his lips with my tongue deep in his throat. I was feeling cold. Arman wrapped his arms around me. My nipples were hard but were getting harder with Arman’s thick heavy arms wrapping around my shoulders.

Waiting in that long line, I could not believe my eyes had landed on Jeff.

It was Jeff my friend from work. Jeff is one of the orthopedic residents. Jeff gives me a hug. I introduce Jeff to Arman.

We finally get into the club.

After a couple of more drinks I go to Arman and get the keys to his downtown apartment.

He says: ” Steph don’t leave yet you can sleep in tomorrow.”

I leave with Jeff.

I’ve wanted to fuck Jeff since so many months now. We even made it down to the call room a couple of times but every time I start touching his 7-inch cock I stop. It feels wrong because I love my boyfriend.

But I was not going to lose this chance. New Year’s Eve and Brian was lost I don’t know where. I was not going to lose Jeff this time.

We walk into Arman’s apartment. I tell Jeff how I get hot thinking about Escort Rasimpaşa his cock every time I do a case with him. I tell him how distracting his 7-inch cock is to me.

Jeff kisses my lips and tells me how hard he gets every time I move around in the OR. He tells me I get his cock so hard and loves watching my tight ass through my scrubs. Jeff tells me he gets so turned on seeing my cleavage.

I take Jeff to Arman’s bed.

We fuck on my brother’s bed. Jeff’s cock feels even bigger than I had imagined. His 7-inch cock is just the right size for my pussy. Jeff fucks me in positions my guy could never do. His muscles were so big and thrust forcefully into my pussy. I hold on to his big arms and bite his skin. I was crazy for Jeff. He was so strong, masculine and so secure. I swallow his cum. Jeff had so much cum that his nut messes up my face.

Arman gets back home with no keys.

I put on Jeff’s shirt and open the door for my brother.

My face was all messy with cum. My lips looked pink and juicy.

Jeff comes to say hi, walking naked toward my brother and me.

Jeff and I make out in front of Arman.

Next morning, on New Year’s Day, Daddy comes over with breakfast.

He walks in to Arman’s room and finds my naked body messy with cum. Jeff waking up as daddy walks in. Daddy sees Jeff’s horny cock hardening over my pussy as he tries to fuck my ass early that morning.

I could see Daddy was watching. I was so turned on with Jeff’s 7-inch cock that I did not give a fuck about who was watching or whether or not it was appropriate.

Daddy leaves me alone with Jeff.

Later that night I find Brian again.

Daddy will never believe me when I tell him that fucking Brian in virtual feels more lustful, sensual, and sexy than any 7- inch real hard cock.

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