Hypno-Submission Pt. 04Hypno-Submission Pt. 04


Part 4: Katie Katie woke in her bed, feeling happy and refreshed.God, I feel good. I haven’t slept that well in ages. With all this stuff with Master Boratus, I …How did I get in bed? Wasn’t I in the bar with him? Or was I? It’s hard to focus. Did I dream it? I must’ve. How could he know I was going to be in the bar? And I don’t remember what happened after. I must’ve dreamt it. Yeah. Lost track of time last night, gone to bed, and dreamt of meeting him.Jesus, that man is doing a number on my mind. Maybe I’m taking things too far. Maybe I should stop this, stop talking to him, even block him.Oh well, I’ll deal with it later. Got to get ready for school.She slipped out from her bed and stretched.Ooooooo, muscles are a little sore today, and my ass hurts. What’s with that? Oh well, hot shower should help with all that.She headed for the bathroom, humming a song along the way. Despite the dream, she still felt great. Today was going to be an amazing day. She could feel it.Walking into the bathroom, she slipped off her panties then pulled off the shirt she wore to bed. Her butt still hurt. When she saw herself in the mirror, her eyes widened and her breath caught.Written across her chest in red marker, “obedient slut” glared back at her.“What the fuck?”She glanced down and, on her stomach, she read, “Master’s cum dump” with an arrow pointing down to her pussy.Her hands gripped the counter as the memories of last night came flooding back.*“Hello, Sir,” said Katie, her voice slightly distant.“Hello, pet,” replied Master Boratus.”I came as you ordered,” she said almost robotically.”Yes, you did,” said Master Boratus. “Good girl.”A wave of pleasure moved through her body.“Ohhhhh. Thank you, Sir.””Are you enjoying our game?” Asked Master Boratus.She nodded.”Consciously, I am resisting. It feels so delicious. But I know, ultimately, I will become yours.”-Katie’s hand went to her clit as the memories continued. She had never remembered what happened while she was in trance before, but apparently, Master Boratus wanted her to experience this over again.She glanced at the words on her body again and realized that they had been written backwards on her so she could read them properly in the mirror.-The milk chocolate coloured man smiled at her, his expression of satisfaction evident. She took in his shaved head, slim body, and angular face. His deep brown eyes pierced her, and in them, she saw the spiral from the video. The longer she looked, the deeper she felt herself slip into trance.“Perhaps, after you submit completely, I will reset everything and make you fight your submission over and over again.”She moaned at the thought. “Yes, Master. I would enjoy that.””Or perhaps I will simply keep you, completely controlled, completely owned. Would you like that?”She nodded. She was soaked, and yet she was tranced. Hypnotism was new to her so she didn’t think she could be aroused and in trance at the same time. But every word he told her increased her arousal while simultaneously deepening her trance.”I’ve Üsküdar Escort been waiting for you to contact me and tell me you’ve submitted completely. What has stopped you up until now?.””I have been interrupted every time I came close to cumming. I know that cumming while following your orders will drop me completely into your control. I’m still resisting it consciously, but I need it. I need it so badly.”The dark man nodded. “Yes, you do. You need to submit. You need to obey. Tell me.””I need to submit. I need to obey.””Tell me again, and feel it become more true when you say it.””I need to submit. I need to obey.””Tell me again, and feel that need grow.””I need to submit. I need to obey.””Tell me again, and feel yourself becoming the complete hypnotic slave you truly are.””I need to submit. I need to obey.”She was so wound up that if something touched her clit she would explode in orgasm.”What are you?””I am your obedient slave.””Do you love being obedient slave?””Yes, Master, so much.”And must you obey all my orders?””Yes, Master, while I am in trance I must obey all your orders.””Only while you are in trance?””Yes, Master, until I cum while following your orders, I am not your slave while I am awake.”“And when you cum while following my orders you become mine both consciously and subconsciously?””Yes, Master.””What if you cum while following my orders while you were still in trance?””If I cum while following your orders I’ll become your slave both consciously and subconsciously.””Good girl.”Again, pleasure washed through her body mixed with happiness and pride. “Ohhhhhh.””And while you are in trance you must follow all my orders?””Yes, Master. While in trance I am yours. I am owned. I cannot resist. I do not want to resist.””Good girl.”“Ohhhhhh.””Get up and follow me.”Master Boratus rose from the table and headed back out the door. Katie obediently trailed behind it.They arrived at his car, a blue Tesla. He opened the passenger door.”Get in,” he ordered.Katie slipped into the car while Master Boratus walked around and got in the driver’s side.“Put your seatbelt on.”Katie obeyed.”In a moment I’m going to wake you. When I do, you will be fully alert and able to talk and react as your normal self. However, you will not be able to leave the car, do any damage, or disturb my driving in any way. Understood?””Yes, Master.””Good girl.””Ohhhhhh.””When I tell you, ‘Begin,’ you will start playing with yourself. You will not be able to stop playing with yourself unless I tell you, ‘Release.’ You will continue to play with yourself until you need to cum. You will not be able to cum without my permission. You will not be able to stop playing with yourself unless I tell you, ‘Release’ or you cum. Understood?””Yes, Master.””What happens when you cum while directly following my orders?””I become completely yours, Master, whether I am conscious or unconscious.”“Good girl.”“Ohhhhhh.””Wake pet.”Katie glanced around the car, stunned. “What the fuck? How did I get here?””You Üsküdar Escort Bayan got in as ordered.””I what? This is kidnapping.””Only if you’re here against your will.”Katie wanted to punch him, but held herself back, though she wasn’t sure why. “Do I sound like I want to be here, asshole?”“Your words and your actions are two different things.””Look, Master, I mean Mister, I’ve been enjoying this game, but it’s just been a game. This is way too real. I’m done and I want out.”She glanced at the door, but made no move to open it.”I have a better idea,” he said, his voice smooth and sure. “Let’s play another game.””Are you fucking crazy? I said I’m done with games, and I want out.”She didn’t notice that he’d stopped at a light and she wasn’t using the opportunity to bolt.”One last game,” Master Boratus said calmly. “If you still want to leave when we’re done then I won’t stop you. I will take you right back to the restaurant and leave you and never bother you again.””And what’s involved in this game?” Katie asked, wary. “Are you going to see what it takes to fuck me? That’s what this is all about isn’t it?””This is all about control, pet. Truth pet, you love being controlled, don’t you?””Of course I do,” Katie replied. “Shit. How do you get me to say that?””But it’s true, isn’t it?””What if it is?” she challenged. “That doesn’t justify what you’re doing?””It does if you asked me to do it.””What do you–“”Begin.”Katie’s hands reached down to her skirt, pulled it up, slipped into her panties, and begin working her clit.”What the fuck?””Feels good doesn’t it?””Make it stop.”“Truth, pet, does it feel good? Do you love it?””It feels amazing. I love it. No! Make it stop!””If you really don’t want my control, you can make it stop and you can leave. But if you want my control, if you crave it, like I know you do, then you’re going to keep playing until you cum.”Katie didn’t know what to feel. Her arousal was growing rapidly but, at the same time, she wanted to resist. She wanted to stop him. Master Boratus reached over and flipped her visor down, then lifted its vanity mirror cover. She stared at the girl in the mirror. She barely recognized herself. Lust filled that girl’s eyes. There was a wildness to her that was both enticing and scary. That girl was a slut. A horny, needy, slut.“Oh God,” she moaned as her fingers worked their magic. “What happens if I cum?””When you cum,” he corrected. “You become mine. My slave. Mind, body, and soul.”She almost came right then from his words. Despite the insanity of them, the ridiculousness of her becoming his slave completely, the idea turned her on like nothing before. Still, she resisted. She loved the idea of control. She couldn’t deny that. That’s what brought her down this path. But complete slavery?“No!” She exclaimed. “That’s not what I signed up for? Control games, sure. But your slave? What does that even mean?””It means you follow any order I gave you, anytime, anywhere.””Are you kidding? What about my life?””Slavery Escort Üsküdar will be your life.” His voice was so matter-of-fact, so confident.Just the way he talks makes it sound so good.”But if you’re worried about your education,” he continued, “and your interactions with others, on the surface that will remain the same. For now anyway.””You’re insane. I’ll never agree to that.””You’re missing the point, pet,” Master Boratus said. “Cumming means that you agree to it wholeheartedly.”Do it. Give in. You want this.No!She focused her will into resisting. Her hands slowed a little but didn’t stop. And then, as if in defiance to that resistance, one of her hands slipped two fingers into her pussy and pumped.“Oh God!”So much better.”Problem, pet?””I … I need to cum.” She was panting. “I don’t want to, but I need to.””What’s stopping you?”Obey your Master.”I don’t know. It’s there. I can feel it. But it won’t come.””Yes,” he said with a chuckle. “That’s the guarantee we put in. We want to make sure that this is what you want and not what you’re being forced to do. So, if you want to cum you must ask to cum.”“What?””Basically, if you want to be my slave, you must ask to be my slave. We’re just using your orgasm as a metaphor.”Her body was on overload. She needed this orgasm. What it meant terrified her, but if she didn’t cum now she felt she would go mad.”Fine,” she spent. “Make me cum.””That’s an order, not a question. Try again.”A slut obeys her Master.“Fuck! OK, OK, can I cum?””Ask nicely.””May I cum please?”A slut cums for her Master.”Better, but that’s not quite it.””Jesus, what the fuck do you want me to say?””May I cum and become your slave, Master?””No, no fucking way!”Yes. Every fucking way. How about this?Another finger slipped inside her while she worked her clit strategically, her subconscious making every move she loved.Boratus smiled. “I have all night.”“Oh God. Oh God please. I can’t take it!””May I cum and become your slave, Master,” he repeated.Her hand pumped furiously into her pussy. She cursed it for being on his side.”Please, I’m begging you, may I cum?””May I cum and become your slave, Master.”Say it. Say it, slut!It was over. She felt it. She knew it.“May I cum and become your slave, Master?” She begged.”Cum, pet,” he said as if it was something inconsequential.Her body spasmed out of control. Her mind seemed to explode in white light, as though all resistance to remain who she was was being incinerated.“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. I’m cumming for you, Master!” She screamed.Master Boratus drove calmly as though this was something that happened every day while she bucked and moaned, while her brain overwrote who she was using pleasure to erase any mental obstacle.-Katie picked herself up from the floor. The orgasm she had experienced from the memories was not nearly as powerful as the one in the car, but it was still strong enough to make her knees buckle and drop her.”I belong to Master,” she whispered, remembering herself repeating it over and over again in the car until the orgasms finally stopped.She looked back in the mirror. The story hadn’t ended yet. She hadn’t seen how the writing got there.-Katie breathed heavily, calming down from the most powerful orgasms of her life. She looked over at the man beside her and smiled lovingly. “Hello Master.”

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