Babysitter NikkiBabysitter Nikki


“Seriously, I’m eighteen years old, I don’t need a babysitter to stay here anymore. You go to your party, or dinner or whatever and I’ll stay here.” Jared groaned at his parents while idly combing his fingers through his short blonde hair.

“Then consider yourself grounded, and she’s a house sitter.” His father retorted unwilling to negotiate that point as he adjusted his cufflinks and then tightened his tie slightly checking his reflection in the window. He was a handsome man, for a man in his mid forties and he could see much of himself in Jared. In fact his son who’d just turned eighteen the week before bore an almost startling resemblance to his father at that age. Mr. Fletcher glanced around the room.

“Grounded? You’re kidding right? You’re going to ground me?” Jared asked almost in disbelief. Eighteen year olds were subject to such petty forms of punishment as grounding or spankings. This was absurd. “You can’t ground me!”

Mr. Fletcher stepped towards his son who was still about an inch shorter than his father and easily more slender dropping his voice several octaves as he spoke. “You’re right, I can’t ground you. What I can do is charge you rent, how’s six hundred dollars a month sound? Then I can charge you for the damages your little party caused when I left you alone last year. My house, my rules.”

The party had gotten out of control but that was partially because his parents had left him alone for an entire weekend, not one night. A party that lasted nearly thirty six hours of beer, pizza and teenagers. . .to say that it had left the house a wreck was one of the understatements of the century. A half dozen of his friends had stayed to help, and they’d pitched in to have a professional steam cleaner come in and the house was still in shambles when his parents arrived. That hadn’t been the first time either, just the worst. “Do I make myself clear Jared?” The boy looked up at his father then nodded his head, leaving it lowered as he backed away. “Good, I’m glad we had this talk. Hun! If we don’t hurry up we’re going to be late!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Sarah strode into the room wearing a knee length red dress that nearly matched the color of her hair and really brought out her freckles. Tanned legs flowed down from the dress into a pair of sensibly low heels but still high enough to bring out the beauty of her toned calves. Even though she was well into her forties Sarah was still attractive, the crow’s feet around her mouth and at the corners of her eyes did more to give her character than to detract from her beauty and ataköy escort while she no longer possessed the near perfect figure she’d had as a girl she still had a physique few could complain about. “Is the sitter here?”

“Not yet, she called and said she’d be running life five minutes late. I told her to make sure that Jared stays in the house and behaves himself.” Mr. Fletcher responded.

“She’s late!”

“Relax honey, I already told her she’s skating on thin ice and she’ll be here soon. I think Jared can be trusted not to tear the house down in the next five minutes though” Sarah nodded and picked up her purse kissing her son on the cheek and making him promise to be good. “You heard her son, don’t cause Nikki any problems.”

Mr. Fletcher opened the door to leave and found a woman standing at the door one hand preparing to knock and an oddly surprised look on her face. She stood about five and a half feet, maybe a bit less and a nearly perfect combination of tits and ass stretching her red tee shirt and jeans nearly to their burst limits. Her brown hair was tucked up into a blue and white Seattle Mariners cap but a few strands fought their way free to frame her face. Her skin was the color of dark honey and which her perfume faintly smelled like. “Sorry I’m late.” She managed while clutching to her backpack.

“I don’t have time to discuss punctuality with you right now Nikki, the emergency numbers are on the fridge, there’s twenty bucks to order a pizza with. Jared has school in the morning so he needs to be asleep by midnight.” Mr. Fletcher said as he squeezed past the young woman and into the hallway. “Just make sure he behaves.”

“Will do Mr. Fletcher.” Nikki said with a smile and stepped out of the way as the man and wife half ran down the walkway and got into their Benz to drive off.

“I’m going to my friend’s house.” Jared said as soon as his parents were out of sight and started to step out of the house but Nikki move d to block his path.

“Your parents said you’re staying here, so you’re staying here.” Nikki said firmly closing the door behind her. “Now go plug in your Playstation or some shit, what do you want on your half of the pizza?”

“No really I’m going to Brad’s, I’ll grab something to eat on my own. Call your boyfriend up, order whatever you fucking want on the pizza and I’ll be back by midnight.” Jared said again trying to walk around Nikki but she moved again blocking his path.

“You are staying here.” Nikki repeated.

“Fine. avcılar escort I’m staying here!” Jared replied waving his arms around wildly and then walking back into the house. He went straight into the kitchen and grabbed his father’s vodka and a glass.

“Stop that! You’re not old enough to drink and if your parents wanted you drinking I’m sure they would have said so!” Nikki shouted as she followed right behind. “Seriously, just sit down play your fucking games and wait for your parents.”

“No, fuck you. I’m too fucking old for a babysitter.” Jared said again trying to open the bottle but Nikki had slammed her hand on the top.

“What’s it gonna take to get you to stop acting like a brat and just let me do my job in peace?”

“Hand job.” Jared blurted out half meaning it, half bluffing.

Nikki paused for a moment letting her eyes travel the length of the boy. He wasn’t ugly at all, actually the scraggly blonde hair and baby smooth skin made him sorta cute in that innocent way. “A hand job?” She repeated making certain she’d heard him right.


She paused considering her options a little more. “I give you a hand job, one little hand job and you’ll behave for the rest of the night?”



Jared paused slightly. He hadn’t expected her to agree to his deal, certainly not without more of a fight than she’d put up. “Ruh-really?” Nikki might have found Jared cute, but girls his own age had a different word for him. Nerdy. Even at a party that had nearly torn his parents house of it’s foundation he’d only gotten to feel some girls boob and get the quickest amount of lip contact that could qualify as a kiss. The idea of this tanned beauty actually touching his cock had it lurching in his pants straining to escape its denim confinement and leap into her hand.

“Really. You’re not getting shy on me are you?” Jared started to blush, the heat trapped around the collar of his shirt but he didn’t move. He was too afraid if he moved, even the least bit she’d see how hard he was and start laughing. “C’mon lemme see the dick. I can’t stroke what I can’t see boy.”

Nikki continued to tease him but she could feel her nipples hardening, pressing against her bra, through her tee shirt and knew Jared had to see them. His eyes had already been focused on her tits before and now they couldn’t wander an inch as each breath had them stretching her shirt farther. Lower she felt herself getting wet, her thighs starting to slip as she moved bahçelievler escort her legs back and forth. “Hurry up or I’m won’t do it.” Nikki said trying to sound impatient instead of horny.

Jared almost fell over as he tried to unzip his pants and yank them and his black and red plaid boxers down to his knees in a single jerking motion. Without noticing Nikki licked her lips as Jared’s cock leapt into view. He was just a little over six inches long but thick and the tip was already a deep delicious purple that begged her to take him between her lips instead of in her hand. Though, wrapped her hand around the hard piece of meat and gave it a firm squeeze that pulled a moan from his lips. “You like that?” She whispered squeezing again this time making him throw his head back before nodding.

A wicked smile crossed Nikki’s lips as she continued to leaned down and spat on his cock and then started stroking his cock. Jared started reaching around clutching for something, anything to support his weight as Nikki’s expert handwork started to turn his legs to mush beneath him. “You like having me stroke your cock don’t you? Tell me you like it.” Nikki teased as she started to slow giving him time to find the countertop behind him.

“No no please don’t stop, don’t stop!” He gasped as she nearly stopped. ” I love having you stroke my cock!” Nikki stopped and wrapped her hand tight around his cock head. She didn’t so much stroke anymore as she did squeeze and let the lube move her hand over the tip, faster, and faster as he started to pulse in her grasp.

“I wasn’t gonna stop til you came even if you wanted me to.” She growled faster and faster now, her eyes completely fixated on his organ. She could see it twitching, tightening, his hips rolling and it made the wetness between her thighs spread. “Cum.” She suddenly commanded her hand picking up speed. “Cum!”

Jared was dragging air into his lungs in short gasps trying to keep from screaming as the beautiful woman stroked his manhood. His hands were again grasping as finally closing around a fat pen and clicking it over and over again. Jared bit down on his lip trying to stifle another shout but this one tore it’s way free of his lips and into the air as he came.

Nikki gasped as it finally happened and the boy came, bucking his hips forward in her grip one final time before erupting. She’d expected it on her hand, on her arm his first blast landed on her chest, with the second her stomach before the rest dribbled out and Nikki squeezed, teasing the last few drops out of him and onto the floor. “Now you’re going to be good?” Nikki asked turning on the sink and washing her hands as well as reaching for a paper towel and dabbing Jared’s cum from her shirt. Jared nodded and pulled up pants holding them in place with one hand, the other still clutching the fat white pen as he went to his room leaving Nikki to clean up the mess they’d made.

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