My Wife’s Cousin Ch. 01My Wife’s Cousin Ch. 01

Alexis Texas

Angie gave me that sly grin, so I sat next to her on the couch and relaxed, my legs spread. Her hand ran up my leg and her fingers slipped beneath the hem of my shorts. Glad I wore my baggies today. Her fingers crawled further up my leg as my cock slowly stiffened. I looked into her baby blues. She touched her tongue to her lips and narrowed her eyes. Man, it’s good to have a horny wife.

Her cousin Jennifer was spending the weekend with us before heading off to her freshman year in college, and was in the shower as we sat enjoying a few minutes alone.

“You sure you want to start something? She’ll be out any minute now,” I said.

She replied by taking my cock in her hand and firmly squeezing it.

“I guess we can finish later if we have to,” I said.

Turning her body toward me, she said, “I’m not worried, are you?”

As her hand continued its stroking inside my pants, I lay back and closed my eyes. What did she mean by that? She knew I was hot for her cousin. No, this couldn’t be what I thought. “Not if you aren’t,” I said.

“Good.” She stroked some more. “Do you like Jennifer’s new haircut?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“It’s been a couple months since we’ve seen her. She’s looking very grown up.”

“Uh huh,” I said.

“She’s getting a nice round ass,” she said.

“Yes, I noticed.”

“I know you noticed.”

I was getting very hard. Angie used to get jealous when I noticed other women. Not until a few years ago did she start loosening up, seeming to enjoy the fantasy. She asked who I thought about — I gave her a short list, and her cousin Jennifer was on it. The horniest I’ve ever been was when she let me pretend I was fucking Jennifer when I was drilling her. That was a couple years ago.

Angie whispered in my ear, “What do you want to do tonight?”

“I think you know,” I murmured.

“No. Tell me.”

I breathed deep as her hand stroked. “I want to fuck.”

“Who do you want to fuck?”

Here’s where the wrong answer can blow the whole day. “You know who I want to fuck.”

“I want to hear you say it.”

I took a breath. Some pre-cum began to rise as her hand squeezed my cock. “I want to fuck Jennifer.”

“Maybe I’ll let you.”

Oh, God it was hard not to come right then. The shower kept running. “Would you really do that?”

“Only if I can watch. Maybe we’ll both have you together.”

“What if she doesn’t want to?”

Angie smiled and kissed Etiler Escort me. “Jennifer and I have been talking.”


With a muffled squeak the shower stopped running. My first instinct was to get Angie’s hand out of my pants, but I fought it. Instead, I reached up and caressed her cheek, then kissed her deeply and passionately.

The sounds of footsteps came down the hall.

“Close your eyes,” Angie whispered.

I did so, and leaned my head back on the couch. She went back to stroking my cock, though gently this time. I listened as the footsteps entered the room, and it was all I could do to keep from looking, knowing I’d see Jennifer. I wondered what she was wearing. Neither of them spoke.

I felt someone sit on the couch next to me.

Another hand touched my other leg. I smiled.

This new hand, smaller than my wife’s and more timid, slowly moved under my shorts and fumbled with my boxers. Angie let go of my cock and pushed it toward her cousin as Jennifer’s fingers reached the flesh of my rod. Oh, those sweet young hands, those eighteen year old fingers around my cock were a dream come true. I imagined Angie nodding her encouragement.

Then my wife’s hand slid out, and I felt her unbuttoning my shorts, followed by the zipper slowly going down.

Angie pulled my cock out and I opened my eyes a crack to watch her head descend upon it. The warmth and pressure of her mouth sent a wave of pleasure through me. I opened my eyes all the way and beheld Jennifer. Gorgeous young Jenny, staring at my cock.

She wore only a satin bathrobe.

Her hair was damp from the shower, but the short cut was sexy. Her full lips smiled when she turned to look at me, pretty brown eyes glistening.

I smiled at her, our eyes locking together. I’d waited years for this moment.

As Angie sucked on my cock, Jennifer moved closer to me. Her hand touched my face. Our lips met. I kissed her with a passion I’d never known, hoping I wasn’t about to cum too soon in Angie’s mouth. Not yet.

Angie pulled away and sat back. I felt her watching us. I didn’t care that I was kissing my wife’s cousin right in front of her; in fact, her approval made me much more horny than if we’d been doing this behind her back. My fingers ran through the hair on the back of her head, and my other hand touched her thigh, gently squeezing through the robe. With a noisy and delicious smack, our lips parted and we Escort Etiler lay back out of breath.

“You two really got it bad for each other,” Angie said.

I looked at Jennifer and we grinned.

“Yeah,” she said. “I’ve had my eye on him for a while.”

“Well, I’m hot for my hubbie, too.” Angie slipped a hand around my neck, turning me toward her, and kissed me. Her tongue probed me as her cousin’s had a moment before. She got up and sat over me, my cock pressing against the crotch of her jean shorts. “Well, I’m sorry I didn’t call you sooner, Jen. One weekend isn’t going to be enough to satisfy this guy. If I’d known this was going to go like this-” She pulled her T-shirt off.

My wife looked great for thirty. Just a slight bulge around the belly, nice curves. Tits still perky, thighs still firm and smooth. She moved over my cock like a lap dancer, driving me wild. Jennifer watched with wide eyes and a grin.

“Here, unhook me, Jen.” She turned her back to her cousin who, hesitatingly, took the bra strap in her fingers and worked the clips apart. Angie slid the strap off her left shoulder and lifted her arm through it.

I reached out and slid the right strap off.

Jennifer giggled.

“Take his shirt off,” Angie said.

“Ok.” She lifted my T-shirt up and over my head, tossing it to the floor, and placed her warm soft hands on my chest.

I put my arm around her and held her close, kissing the top of her head, as Angie kept slowly riding me. I told Jennifer, “get her bra off.”

To my surprise, she grabbed it and pulled it off, tossing it with my T-shirt. Angie’s gorgeous boobs sprang free, nipples hard and red. “Woo-hoo!” Jennifer shouted.

“You’re not going to keep that robe on, are you?” I said.

“Yeah, you can’t let us be the only ones undressed,” said Angie.

I found the sash and untied it, then slipped my hand inside and around her waste, feeling the soft flesh of her belly, then moved my hand slowly upward until I felt her breast.

“Ooh, squeeze it, honey,” Angie said.

Her young breast felt soft, the nipple tender. I pulled back the robe, exposing it, then pulled the other side so I could bend down and kiss it. Wondering if she liked them sucked the way Angie does, I tried it. Her groan seemed to answer my question.

“Suck it, baby,” Angie said, squeezing my thighs between hers. “Suck both of them.”

Jennifer closed her eyes as Etiler Escort Bayan I took her other breast in my mouth. With my left hand, I pushed aside the robe from her thigh, and stroked her leg. Feeling her soft bush, I grabbed her crotch and felt her moist heat. Then I kissed her lips again as she bucked to meet the pressure of my hand.

“Isn’t he a good kisser?” Angie said.

“Mm-hmm,” she said, not breaking our kiss.

“Don’t forget about me, hon.”

I turned and watched Angie stand up, and reached to unbutton her pants as she’d done mine. They were tight and needed to be peeled off. Her underwear came half way down with them, but I left them on for now. I touched the wet spot.

“I love my horny wife,” I said to Jennifer.

She giggled and said, “Why don’t you two show me how it’s done?”

“Oh, now that’s a great idea,” Angie said.

I slid my hands up her thighs, and between her skin and underwear. Slowly sliding down, I pulled them off.

“Do you shave it?” Jennifer said.

“Uh huh.” Angie pulled my pants down as I lifted myself off the couch, taking my underwear with in one motion. She took Jennifer’s hand and placed it on my cock. “Just squeeze it hard, and move your hand up and down. That’s what he likes.”

“Like this?”


The tip of my cock was touching Angie’s pussy lips, and I was sure Jennifer’s hand was touching her. Did she mind touching another woman? Was I going to get a special bonus?

Angie touched herself. “I’m plenty wet now, so stick it in me.”

Jennifer moved her head so she could see closer, pushing my cock back and forth against Angie’s lips, finding the way in.

“Right there, honey.”

She pushed it up, and my cock slid in. Angie moved her body down, enveloping my cock, and we rocked slowly.

I put my arms around my wife and pulled her to me. We kissed, and I watched Jennifer’s eyes looking at our bodies. Her lips were parted in a slight smile, and her hand went to her crotch. She started to play with herself.

When Angie and I found that spot that drives her wild, we held ourselves there. Her eyes squeezed shut. Our movements were small, the tension strong. I felt her jerk. Her legs twitched. “Mmm!” she said. “Uuuuuh!”

We relaxed, Angie slumped over me, facing her cousin, panting. Her wild blonde hair softly tickled my face and I held her tight.

“That looked awesome,” Jennifer said, nodding her head.

Angie reached for Jennifer’s hand and held it. “That was just a small one. He can make me howl like a coyote sometimes.”

“I can make myself cum pretty well,” Jennifer said. “But you two are like pros.”

“Well, my hubby’s going to teach you to fuck like a pro, then. And I’m going to help.”

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