My Virgins: Mandy Ch. 1My Virgins: Mandy Ch. 1


I had just turned 21 and the dream of romantic love was finally wearing off. I had been looking for true love since I was 17. In three serious relationships I had done my best to make things work – I was faithful and true, a really good boy, but it wasn’t working. My current relationship was breaking up slowly, we both were scared of making it final.

I had lost my own virginity to a girl who wasn’t a virgin. I had always thought I would lose it with a girl who was also a virgin. In four years of sex I still hadn’t been with a virgin, and somehow it kinda got under my skin. I wanted to have the experience of being the first with a girl, and now I had started to grow out of the idea that I had to be in love before I got laid.

After taking a couple of years off from my studies to make some money I was back at University and I was finding that being a few years older was a good deal. I was learning, but I was still one of those dumb guys who think that it’s only guys who are hungry for sex. I was still being Mr Nice Guy, but I was smart enough to see that a lot of girls liked bad boys.

One night I went to a party without my girlfriend. Everyone there was a law student like I was, but most of them were only 17 or 18. It was unusual for me to be alone and I was enjoying it, flirting a little and not having to worry my girlfriend would get on my case. Even when you want to be faithful you still can’t help noticing a nice ass walking past.

I had sunk a few beers by the time I turned around and saw that Mandy had turned up. Mandy was a very hot redhead from one of my classes. She had the classic redhead colouring – green eyes and smooth creamy white skin. She was voluptuous, even though she was only 18, and she was gorgeous, and when my eyes moved up her body to her face, bingo! Eye contact!

She was with her boyfriend Andrew – a bit of a geek, also only 18, her boyfriend from high school, but I could see straight away she was using him as a chauffeur. She had a look in her eye that I would get to recognise from then on – the look of a girl who wants to dive in to the wild world she has been warned about. It’s amazing how much you can see in a girl’s eyes.

She sent Andrew away to get her a drink and I went over to her straight away. “Hi!” I said, “I’m Bobbie”. “I know who you are,” she said. Mandy’s look was half lust and half fear. “Really?” I said, “well let me catch up. What’s your name?” She told me and had a quick look over my shoulder. “You here with your boyfriend?” I asked. “That’s a shame”.

“You think?” she said. “Of course! My girlfriend is working tonight so I am all alone.” I didn’t know it then, but I was also going to learn from Mandy that girls seem to love proving to themselves they can pull a guy who has a girlfriend. I had said exactly the right thing. She was looking over her shoulder again and I turned to see Andrew was back with the drinks.

She introduced me and I could feel the tension straight away. I was bigger than Andrew and I had always looked old for my age. He was kinda tall and skinny, still had a pimple or two, and he was a geek. I made small talk for a while, taking the chance to keep the eye contact thing going with Mandy. “Well, I might see you at Uni,” I said to her, “later….”

I was trying to be casual, but the look in Mandy’s eye made me think about being unfaithful. I had always been faithful to my girlfriends up until then, trying to be a good guy, but I wanted more, I wanted to be bad. I was going to make sure I saw Mandy again and what happenned with my girlfriend Judith after that, I would just have to wait and see.

I went to a small law school, so there was no doubt I would be seeing Mandy again. I had always been a little shy with girls, but thinking about the way Mandy had looked Kurtköy Escort at me, I decided I would adopt a bit of a persona, if she wanted a bad boy, then I could do that. I had always wanted to be an actor and so now was the time to see if I could be different.

On Monday morning I saw Mandy sitting in the lecture theatre as I walked in. She was with her girlfriends, so I just walked past slow and there it was, she turned to me and looked into my eyes with a hot little smile forming on her lips. Her look was so hot I just smiled back on reflex, I was even kinda surprised. I didn’t know much about the female of the species.

I spent the lecture sitting up behind Mandy, watching her, thinking about how I was going to convert this feeling into action, and every once in a while I noticed she was looking back. By the time the lecture finished I had decided to just go for it. As everybody was wandering out I caught up with her and said hi. She immediately turned around giving me her full attention.

“Wanna coffee?” I asked. Not a great line but effective. “I have a class,” she said. “Well skip it, your friends can give you the notes.” “You want to be a bad influence on me?” she was smiling. “I guess I can catch up one class.” We wandered out with Mandy giving her friends a funny little look and a giggle – and that was good. Getting a girl to giggle is good.

We went to one of the cafe’s on campus and had a coffee and talked smalltalk for about an hour. It was going good, and I had let her know that I wasn’t really happy with my girlfriend and she had let me know Andrew was more of a habit than the love of her life. This was great. I had always wanted to find true love and now I was just trying to get laid, much less stress.

We were making heaps of eye contact and I was feeling how good it was to be a bit detached, not trying to make a girl think I was maybe her one true love, just trying to get her hot and horny. We had about three coffees and it was getting obvious that things were happening. Then she said that since she had skipped that class she was finished for the day.

“So are you going home?” I asked. I already knew that I lived on the way to her place. “Cool,” I said, “can you drop me? I don’t have anything else to do today.” I was lying of course, but missing a class wasn’t going to stop me taking a chance if it came my way. “Well sure, if you want.” Mandy said, smiling. This was definitely looking good.

We walked up towards the law school car park when Mandy walked off in a different direction. “Can we go this way?” she asked, “It’s just I don’t really want to run into Andrew.” “Sure.” This was looking better and better. This was the first time I had tried being a bad boy and I was surprised that the girl was making it so easy.

We went the long way around to her car and got in. Since she was driving I was able to spend most of my time looking at her. It was still warm and she was wearing a silky summer dress. She had a soft, round, white body. I had never been with a redhead so I didn’t know what to expect if I got to see what was under that dress. But I knew it would be good.

I gave Mandy directions but it was only a few minutes to my place. I shared a big old house with three other people, but no one was home when we got there. I asked if she would like to come in and see my place, since we had been talking about it over coffee, and she made my heart start beating a little faster when she said yes. I had to remember to stay cool.

I opened the door and we went inside. I gave her a quick tour and then I said she should come and see my room. At that time I had a big old room with a fireplace and a grove of orange trees growing outside my window. I was a great old room and it was painted green Maltepe Escort and had a really cool feel to it. I like nice stuff and I have learned girls like that.

I had a really big old bed and two old armchairs. Mandy was kinda just looking around and I wasn’t sure what to do, so I decided to go for it. While she was looking out the window I walked up behind her and put my arms around her, “You like it?” I didn’t know how she would react to me being so forward, but it was like she had been expecting it.

She turned around in my arms so we were face to face, “What about Judith?” she asked in a little voice, looking into my eyes. “She like’s it too.” I said, and kept looking in her eyes, til she started to laugh. I took her chin in my hand and kissed her, and she kissed me back and started pushing her body back into mine as I closed my arms tight around her.

The good thing about being in a relationship is that you get to have a lot of sex. I had never been a player up til then, but I had spent a lot of time fucking, and once Mandy opened her lips to my tongue I knew what to do. While I was still kissing her I picked her up and moved her over to the bed and laid her down on it, all without breaking the seal of our lips.

I have always thought that kissing is almost a physical metaphor for fucking, and I was showing Mandy exactly what I wanted to do with her, pushing my tongue into her throat then tickling her own tongue before I pushed deep into her mouth again. Mandy seemed to have the same idea and she was just letting me kiss her, pash her, with her eyes closed.

I was hot, hard and horny now and my right hand went straight down between Mandy’s thighs and under her soft, light dress and when my fingers reached her crotch I could feel already she was hot and wet. But what sent a little shiver of excitment through me was when I touched her and I felt her spread her legs apart, letting me in, letting me know she would let me play.

I pulled her panties to one side and let the tip of my middle finger softly run down between her cunt lips. She was really hot and really wet and as her lips came apart under my fingers I could feel the rim of her cunt really tight but open, and I just slipped the tip of my finger into her tight hole. As I did it I pushed my tongue deep in her mouth to synchronise the sensation.

With my tongue in her mouth Mandy couldn’t say anything but she moaned and I felt her arch her back and push so my finger went in to the knuckle and I started to move it slowly in and out of her luscious cunt. I put my thumb on her hard clit and started to roll it around her clit while I pushed my finger deeper into her cunt and kissed her more and more.

I was kinda surprised she was letting it happen so fast. This was the first time I had the chance to learn that if a girl thinks a guy has an expectation she will fuck him, it can be enough to make her decide to do it. Being just three years older than her was enough to put the idea in her mind that I would want it all. If she came into my house, she was saying yes.

I decided to push my luck and try something pretty radical. I took my mouth off hers and pushed myself up on my knees. I looked down without saying a word and saw her legs were spread and her dress was pushed up to her hips and I could see her hot pink cunt with my right hand still working it. She was looking up at me with a look that told me she was mine.

Keeping my eyes fixed on her eyes I slowly pulled my finger out of her cunt and with both hands I took hold of her panties and pulled them right down and off then I put my hands between her legs and spread her thighs apart and let my face fall down into her soft red muff. I put my thick hot tongue on her cunt lips then let the tip find her cunt Tuzla Escort and pushed it in.

I already knew that all girls love a guy who likes to eat quim. What I learned with Mandy was that some girls get so horny they just totally lose control. When I had tasted Mandy’s sweet cunt I found her hard clit with my tongue and started to suck it like a third nipple. This drove her wild and she grabbed my head and started pushing her cunt into my mouth.

I put my hands behind her knees and pulled her legs apart and pushed them up so I could really get her whole cunt in my mouth. Now I was sucking on her clit then pushing the tip of my tongue into her hot tight cunt. This was my first taste of redhead quim and it was enough to make me a real sucker for redheads to this day. And that soft downy hair tickled my nose.

I could hear Mandy moaning and cooing while I slurped her soft cunt lips and suckled on her thick hot clit. Now I let her feet down on the bed and slipped one hand up to her cunt. I suckled and licked her clit and gently slid one finger into her tight, tight hole. Then she started to move her cunt on my finger, pushing down, her urge to fuck taking control.

Now I wanted to take it further, not rushing it but just to take it past the kind of groping she would get from younger guys. I slid one more finger into her luscious cunt and then pulled my mouth away and got onto my knees next to her, still with two fingers feeling her tight hole stretched around them, looking down into her eyes, open now, looking at me.

With my other hand I unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped and pulled my thick hard cock out for her to see. She looked at it for a moment, she was flushed and breathing hard, and without a word she lifted her head and moved onto one elbow and brought her mouth up to my knob, glistening with my pre-cum. She looked into my eyes then at my hard knob.

Now she took hold of the base of my cock with her hand and started to suck and lick the last four inches of my cock. I put my thumb on her clit and started rolling it around feeling how wet she was, stretching my fingers apart to open up her tight cunt, feeling her moans through the vibraton on my cock more than I heard them. God was her cunt tight.

There is some kind of connection between my fingers and my shaft when I am fingering hot wet cunt. I could almost feel her cunt on my cock from the sensation I had in my fingers. Now I was holding her head with one hand, pushing my knob deep in her mouth while she worked my cock with her hand and mouth, and I worked her cunt, feeling it open and hot.

We hadn’t said a word for 10 minutes and now my cock was aching for the thick wet lips of her cunt. Gently I pulled my cock out of her mouth and let her head down onto the pillow. With my free hand I pulled one of her legs up and moved between her legs so my cock was hanging hard and thick inches from her cunt. She was looking at me wide eyed, panting.

I eased my fingers out of her cunt and with the same hand took my cock and put the hard wet knob between the lips of her cunt. I rubbed it up and down til I found the sweet spot, and looking into her eyes I used my hips thrust it just a little and looked down to see her tight cunt stretch around the knob and then down onto the shaft of my thick bulging cock as it went in.

When I looked at Mandy’s face her eyes were closed and she had an intense half smile on her face. I leaned forward and put one hand either side of her body with the only point of contact now was four inches of my thick cock in her tight hot flaring cunt. She looked up at me and softly said, “I’m a virgin.” A jolt of adrenalin went right through my body and my cock.

I let my weight push the full length of my hard cock deep into her belly. Mandy moaned and I felt her pushing up, pushing her cunt onto my cock. “Can you feel my cock inside you?” She opened her eyes and gasped, “Yes!” “You aren’t a virgin Mandy.” With that I went down onto my elbows, kissed her deep, bent my back and pushed my cock deep to the hilt.

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