My Hot professor part oneMy Hot professor part one


It was a typical bright, sunny, and happy day for me. I had gone to all my classes that day but I had been dreading my last class. It was one of the hardest classes I had ever taken in college and was a 350 level course. I was busting my ass to pass and did not know that I was failing the tests when I was studying at least twenty hours a week. So I got to class and I had sat in my normal seat which was the third row and the first chair. I always made sure that I was right in front so my professor knew I was always paying attention. As the rest of the three hundred and fifty kids piled into the lecture hall, my professor came strolling in from the side door. He was looking rather sharp in his button down and jeans. I had always thought this professor was hot. He does have the flaming chili pepper on Rate My Professor. After he was done setting up his lap top, he had proceeded to say, “Alright, let’s get started.” I remember sitting there taking my notes and not understand a goddamn thing. He was one of those professors that spoke very quickly but also spoke intelligently. That basically meant he was impossible to understand. My fingers were beginning to swell because I had been typing so fast trying to keep up with him. Before I knew it, the seventy five minute class was over and he had said, “Have a good weekend, I’ll see you all on Tuesday.” His office hours were right after class and I had to truck all the way across campus to see him. If I failed porno hikayeler that class I would be set back a semester and would have to graduate late. I had been to his office, hours before and he knew who I was. He also knew that I was busting my ass to just pass one of his tests. So I had walked in and to my surprise he was the only one there. He said, “Hey, just take a seat. I’ll be right there I just have to finish an email.” I had to tell myself to calm down. I did not know why I was so nervous. I was also extremely horny. I had not had time to play with myself or have sex in the past three weeks because I had been so focused on school. He was lucky I didn’t jump him right there. He then had turned to me and said, “What can I do for you today?” I then explained what I had been having problems with and after forty five minutes of sitting their listen to his sexy low voice I couldn’t help but get a little turned on. I had tried listening to him but every minute I was there it had just gotten worse. The next thing I remember him saying was, “Ok, will that be all? I have to run to a conference in a little bit?” I said, “Yeah, it is ok. I want to go look over the rest of the material.” I had gotten half way down the hall when I had gotten a phone call from my mom and had to search through my bag as I walked down the hall. Before I knew it the whole contents of my bag was on the floor. I had given out a slight sigh and guess who had come seks hikayeleri over to help me? “You look like you could use some help there,” he said. I stared up into his hazel eyes and had been mesmerized by how gorgeous they were. “Yeah, I don’t know where my head is today,” I said. He bent down to help me pick my stuff up and I didn’t realize it but my black lace thong popped out. Out of the corner of my eye I had caught him staring. When I had turned to look at him he immediately looked away. He handed me my stuff back and I had put it away. He then said, “I’m sorry about that, its what being a man does to you.” I turned to him and without thinking said, “I never said I did not like it.” He looked at me for a second and had not said anything. I don’t think he was prepared for that comment. I could not believe that had come out of my mouth. I remember thinking it was like word vomit. It had just come out “When a gorgeous girl steps into my office it’s hard not to slip a peak sometimes,” he said. I had to stop and think for a second. I couldn’t believe he thought I was gorgeous. I remember saying to myself “I can’t be that good looking. But I’m not bad looking at all. I have a nice hour glass figure and a pretty face but I’m definitely not gorgeous. I was so astonished.” I had winked at him and said, “Then maybe you should take what you want instead of just peaking.” His eyes lit up. I’m aggressive when it comes to things I want. sex hikayeleri He was no different. I had wanted him so bad. I thought he was so hot and I needed to have him “I forgot something in my office. Do you want to walk back with me?” he said as he winked at me. I smiled and said, “Yeah why not. I have to ask you a few more questions anyway.” We got to his office and he reached into his pocket to search for his keys and my anticipation had been building. I was so horny and ready to go to the point where I hadn’t been able to stand still. But of course I had composed myself to act somewhat like a lady. He opened the door and we both walked in. “Now what was your other question you had for me?” he said as he shut the door quietly behind him. I had been leaning against his desk trying to look all sexy. I smiled and winked. “You know what my question is professor,” I said. “Oh I do now? What question would that be?” he said with a smile. “Are you going to pull my panties off with your teeth or are you just going to push them to the side?” I said smiling. He then had walked over to me grabbed my face and started to kiss me. His lips were so soft and plump and he smelled like Dolce and Gabbana cologne. I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my lips harder into his. I massaged my tongue against his and lightly bit his bottom as I listened to him moan. “Sit down in the chair,” I politely said to him. I wanted to give him a little strip tease before I played with his cock. I slowly lifted up my shirt and took it off which had exposed my purple lace bombshell bra. I rubbed my busty chest and slowly took my bra off. I had then started to pull my shorts down but enough so they were at the base of my butt.

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