Welcome Li Ch. 13Welcome Li Ch. 13


Annie had taken Katie into town to stay with her mother for a few days. I was left at home with just Heather and Adam. Heather had been giving me the eye since she had arrived a few weeks before. After Annie had photographed her, Heather became Annie’s girlfriend. That was not uncommon. Annie would often keep a girl around after she had photographed her. I couldn’t blame her for hanging on to Heather. She was drop dead gorgeous. There was something kind of glamorous about her. She was tall, with long legs, had shoulder length, blond hair, big blue eyes a little turned up nose and the sweetest smile I had ever seen. She reminded me of Goldie Hawn, except Heather had a better body. Heather kind of acted like Goldie Hawn too, sort of silly, she laughed easily and had a really cute giggle. Heather was a really sweet kid.

If things had been different at Annie’s in those days, I would have made an effort to get into bed with Annie and Heather. There had been a time that Annie would share some of her girlfriends with me. She would probably have shared her bed with Heather and me if I had pursued it, but I was involved with Katie, Li and Adam at the time.

If Annie was fond of a girl, she would often keep her around awhile. Annie would take good care of her girlfriends. She would photograph them exclusively for a while, and pay them more than usual. She would buy them expensive clothes and jewelry. She would share her home and her bed with them. Annie would also take very good care of them sexually. If a girl had real promise as a legitimate model or actress, Annie would put together a portfolio for her, as she did for Heather.

After I’d kissed Katie good-bye, that morning, I had hoped to find Heather in the kitchen, where I had last seen her. Instead I found her in the hot, steamy laundry room. I gave her a hand with some laundry them helped myself to a piece of her ass. I fucked sweet Heather on top of the dryer, then ate her pussy until she came. I collapsed on a pile of laundry and Heather soon fell on top of me. It felt like a hundred and fifty degree in that little room. It got even hotter when Heather draped her hot, sweaty body over mine. I couldn’t have cared less about the temperature. I wrapped my arms around her gorgeous body and pulled her tight to me. I found her pretty face among her tangled, sweaty hair and kissed her.

“Teddy,” she whispered, “I really want you to know…” just then, the back door slammed. It could have only been Adam. I heard water running in the kitchen. He must have come in for a drink. I reached up and closed the door to the laundry room with my foot. I’m not sure why. It shouldn’t have mattered to Adam if I was fucking Heather. I felt guilty though, as if I was cheating. Annie wouldn’t have minded. Katie would have only been pissed if I’d fucked her in our bed. I wasn’t sure how Li might’ve reacted, but I certainly didn’t want Adam to know about Heather and me.

Before Heather had another chance to speak, I turned her loose and stood up. I looked down at her; naked, sweaty and vulnerable, peeking out from under her tangled, matted hair, lying on that pile of clothes. She took my breath away. I knelt down beside her, kissed her once more and picked up my shorts. I slid my cutoff jeans back on, stuffed my hard, still sticky cock into them and left the room.

I grabbed a pair of socks and my old Hush Puppies that I used as work boots, wrapped a bandana around my head and went out back to help Adam. He seemed glad to see me. He smiled broadly and wiped the sweat from his brow as I walked out. He was singing a Negro work song and swung his ax to the rhythm. I picked up the wood he’d cut and stacked it to the rhythm of Adam’s song. We sang and grunted, as we worked in the hot sun. After an hour or so, Adam put down his ax and said, “I’m ready for a break, brother. How ’bout you? Let me buy you a drink.” He walked toward the tool shed and I followed.

Adam led me to the old toolshed and opened the door. I hadn’t been in there for months. The place looked great. It had been cleaned up, tools put away and a stack of blankets and towels sat on a tool bench. There was a washtub, Kıbrıs Escort with a couple half melted blocks of ice floating in water, along with several bottles of beer, some cans of soda-pop and a jug of drinking water. Adam tossed me a towel and stepped to the washtub. He slashed his face with the cold water and took a deep slug from the water jug before offering it to me. He seemed right at home.

I wiped the sweat from my face and took the jug from Adam. I took a drink of the cold water and looked around.

“What do ya think of my private little get away?” asked Adam.

“Not bad,” I said, wondering when he had found the time to straightened that place up. It occurred to me it was not only his, but also Katie’s private get away. That was the place where Katie and he had hidden away, when they’d made themselves scarce. Katie had tidied the shed up and made a little love nest for the two of them. It was kind of exciting to think of Katie and Adam sneaking off to get it on, in that dusty little place. And there he was, sharing it with me.

“Heads up!” I heard Adam say. I looked over just in time to see a bottle of beer flying toward me. Instinctively, I raised my hand and snatched the bottle from the air. “Nice catch,” he said. He stepped to the workbench and opened his beer on a bottle opener attached to the bench. I walked over and opened mine.

I was standing just two feet away from Adam at that point. I could smell him. It was an odor that I was growing accustomed to; an odor that I was growing fond of. I could almost feel the heat radiating from his hot, sunbaked flesh. “To us,” he said as he raised his bottle, I raised mine and he added, “To Annie, Katie, Li and the rest. To all of us!”

“To us,” I echoed. We touched the necks of our bottles together and drank to “us”. I leaned back on the bench and looked around the old shed. Katie had done a fine job of making that old place seem homey. Most of the tools had been there before any of us had arrived. Many of them were probably antiques. She had transformed it into a place where someone could actually work, or could escape, for a romantic interlude. The idea of Katie and Adam sneaking off to this little spot invaded my mind again and I noticed that Adam was still just two feet away and staring at me.

Adam had a very intense look in his eye. As he looked deep into my eyes, I could sense that a thousand thoughts were going through his mind. He seemed inquisitive, pained, angry and amused, all at the same time. I became aware that Adam was far deeper than I had ever imagined him to be. I knew that I could never fathom the depth of his thoughts. It was almost frightening. He seemed to sense the fact that there was some fear, or apprehension, on my part, and his expression softened. An aura of tenderness spread over him. He reached out and touched my cheek. I think I might have shivered at his touch. He ran his fingertip down my neck, across my chest, just grazing each nipple and over my stomach, pausing at the waistband of my shorts.

Adam broke his gaze from my eyes and looked down as he unbuttoned my cutoffs. I felt like I had been released from a spell. My attention was drawn to Adam’s hands as he opened my shorts. My cock, which had gotten hard as soon as he’d touched me, was trapped in the folds of denim. Adam reached in and freed my cock and wrapped his hand around the shaft. His hand was still cool from handling the ice water and cold beer. I’m sure I shivered then. My shorts fell to the floor.

Adam slowly lowered himself to his knees. He leaned in and drew a deep breath and froze. Time stood still as I realized he smelled Heather. By then her scent had reached my nose. A trace of her lavender soap, mixed with her sweat, which I could discern from Adam’s or mine. Then there was the unmistakable, heady aroma of her sex. I smelled Heather’s pussy and it drove me wild. I had to wonder what effect that smell had on Adam.

Adam paused for only a second or two, then gently licked the head of my cock and took in another deep breath. He looked up at be briefly, then began to tenderly lick the crown of Magosa Escort my dick. He continued to methodically lick and kiss his way down the shaft of my cock, while cradling my balls in his hand. As much as I wanted him to take my dick into his mouth and suck me, I reveled in his cleansing ritual. He was savoring the flavor of a sex act that had transpired just an hour before, an act in which he didn’t participate directly, but was relishing later.

Once Adam had licked every bit of my cock clean, he looked up at me again and took the head of my dick into his mouth and began to suck. I laid a hand on his head and gripped the edge of the workbench with the other. Adam sucked my cock as no one ever had. It was truly amazing. My knees nearly buckled. In the short time we had been together, he had learned exactly how I liked it. I closed my eyes and dug my fingertips into the workbench as I enjoyed the best head job I had ever known.

I was able to hold out and not blow my load too quickly, thanks to Heather. I was close to cumming when I opened my eyes and looked down on Adam, kneeling before me. I couldn’t help but think of Katie sucking Adam’s cock, as he stood right where I was. It was such an exciting thought. I turned my head and glanced out through the open door of the shed, only to see Heather, twenty feet, or so, from the door, watching.

From where Heather stood, she could have seen me standing there, and maybe Adam’s back and probably his legs and feet. She couldn’t have seen my cock, or known for sure what was going on, but there would have ben no doubt what we were doing.

I saw Heather there, before she knew that I had seen her. I looked at her golden hair as the sun danced off of it. I saw the way her face was lit by the mid day sun. I could see the shape of her wonderful body, under her sun dress, and wanted her to come closer; to watch us, to join us. We made eye contact and she moved along, as if she’d seen nothing; as if she were only passing by.

My focus once again turned to Adam’s hot mouth on my cock. I would never have been able to enjoy his attention for so long, had it not been for Heather. She had drained me of my cum earlier and interrupted me when I was about to cum in Adam’s mouth.

I thought again of Katie and Adam getting it on in that little space I shared with Adam. I pictured Katie, sitting on the workbench, with Adam standing in front of her, driving his gorgeous cock into her sweet little pussy.

I wondered how far Heather had gone since she’d seen Adam going down on me. I wondered if she’d been turned on at the sight of us, or was she just disgusted. I wanted to share Adam with her. I was reaching the point of no return once again. I was about to cum into Adam’s mouth, when I heard Heather’s voice, in the distance, “Adam? Teddy? You guys out here?” we heard her call. She had waited what she thought would be an appropriate amount of time, I suppose. Adam paused, and we heard, “I’m going swimming. You’re welcome to join me if you wanna!”

Adam pulled his lips back to the head of my cock and stroked my wet member with his hand, jacking me off into his mouth. I knew that he wanted my cum, and I wanted to shoot it into his mouth. I was getting close again, but he slowed after a minute, and stopped. Slowly he stood, but kept his grip on my cock. He looked me in the eye again and moved in close to me. He was only inches from my face. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought for a second that he wanted to kiss me. I wondered if he might be angry. He was obviously aware that something was going on between Heather and me. I felt guilty and ashamed.

Adam moved closer still. I thought again that he wanted to kiss me. I didn’t know if I wanted him to kiss me or not. He touched his cheek to mine and whispered, “Go to her, Teddy. She needs a life guard. She shouldn’t be down at the river alone.” I nodded in agreement as Adam let go of my cock and stepped back.

I bent down to pull up my shorts and noticed the bulge in Adam’s cutoffs. I wanted his cock so much, just then. I couldn’t resist the temptation to touch him. I reached for Girne Escort him, but he stepped back. I stood up and fastened my pants. “She needs a life guard,” I said. Adam nodded, then I turned and left.

I stepped out into the blinding sunlight. It felt glorious. I turned to look toward the river. I squinted and saw Heather standing just a few yards away. The sunlight glistened upon her golden tresses. She had taken off her sun dress. She was wearing a little blue bikini, that brought out the sparkling blue of her eyes. Her luscious breasts were straining at the top. The tiny bottom was snug and fit her perfectly. She beamed at me with a smile that outshone the sun. I could have fallen in love in a second.

“I’m sorry I interrupted you guys,” she said as I approached her. “I had no idea…”

“Its OK,” I said, “No problem.” I was wishing that we’d had a chance to finish. I was sure that Adam wanted my cum as much as I’d wanted to give it to him. I figured I’d have another chance with Adam later. I didn’t know how much time I had with Heather. Annie would be back before long and would probably take her away from me. Then I wondered if things might turn out differently. An image of Annie and Heather in Annie’s bed flashed before my eyes, and my half-hard cock was instantly rigid again. It had been quite a while since I’d joined Annie and one of her girlfriends in her bed.

Heather took my hand when I reached her and we walked toward the river. “I am really am sorry,” she said, “I didn’t realize you guys were…”

“What gay?” I asked. “Well, we’re not, really”

“Or bi?”

“Not that either, really.” Heather gave me a quizzical look.

“Before Adam showed up here, neither of us had: you know: been: with another guy.”


“Yeah,” I told Heather the same lie that I had told Adam. “He’s the first guy that I had ever been in bed with and all this is as new to me as it is to him.” It was truly, a new experience both of us. I told her, in intimate detail, how Katie, Li, Adam and I had spent our first night together and she was amazed and apparently a bit turned on.

Heather put down her things at the bank of the river and ran toward the water. I kicked off my shoes and chased after her. We swam and played in the water a while. I chased her, caught her, kissed her, she escaped and it would start all over again. After a while, we slogged up on the bank and collapsed on her blanket.

We lay there, on Heather’s blanket, kissing and caressing one another, as I told her all about Li, Adam, Katie and me. “You sure have a lot going on in your life right now, don’t you?”

“You can say that again.”

“You sure do have a lot…” I cracked up before she finished. It was a dumb old joke, but coming from her, it somehow seemed fresh. We both laughed. Heather’s laughter touched a place in me that had never been touched.

“So I picked the wrong time to show up and fall in love with you,” she said.

“Don’t say that.”

“What? That I’m in love with you? Why?”

“Because I want to fall in love with you too.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“Because you’d have to take a number and stand in line.”

“Behind Annie and Katie and Li and; Adam?”

“Don’t say that either, please.”

“What? About Adam?” she asked. She raised herself on one elbow and looked me in the eye. “It’s OK to be in love with him. You can’t tell your heart who to love.”

“You don’t think its disgusting?”

“I think its sweet. If I thought it was disgusting, I wouldn’t be here, with you, right now. You go ahead and love them all; Annie, Katie, Li, Adam…Your heart is big enough. You might even find room for me.” That was the sweetest sounding thing anyone had ever said to me. I pulled her pretty face to me and kissed her.

Heather ran her hand down my chest reached into my cutoff jeans to find my cock a little cold and shriveled. “Poor little fella,” she whimpered. She pulled off my wet shorts and let the sun warm my skin. Between the warmth of the sun and the tenderness of Heather’s touch, he didn’t stay shriveled for long.

Once my cock had reached his full potential, Heather wrapped her fingers around it and scooted down on the blanket. She suddenly sat up and looked toward the house. I’d heard it too, the sound of tires on the gravel lane. “Annie’s home,” she blurted out, “I’ve gotta go.” With that, Heather snatched up her things and ran toward the house.

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