The BeltThe Belt


It wasn’t proving a successful, nor enjoyable evening. A sultry warm night, permeated with the sounds of everyone having a good time. They were enjoying it, but for me it was a washout.

I’d never liked this town, having only moved here to be with the now ex-wife. But, it was home, for now at least and work was close by too.

With the changes in the economy, changing wasn’t likely any time soon so I may as well enjoy the summer whilst it lasts.

The one benefit to drinking in the late evening summer sunshine though is not being holed up indoors. The rays radiated downwards, gradually created longer shadows as the piped music from indoors, some trashy 80’s track I hardly remembered had the men and women of this town dancing.

For me though, that wasn’t to be the case. I never dance.

Bored out of my skull and contemplating an early end to the evening, I shifted position to observe the car crash of an evening. And was I glad.

Out of the corner of my eye, I captured sight of an alluring image. A woman, probably mid-20’s and with a fine body came into sight. What did make me look though was just what she was trying to do.

It was pretty clear she’d just been to the festival style outdoor toilets and was now struggling to fasten her belt around her slender midriff. Each time, she checked she had it the right way round, and, as sure as an octopus picking the right football scores, each time, it fell to the ground.

Exasperation fell upon her face, now clearly becoming all the more frustrated by the troublesome leather strap and we briefly caught each others glance. A shy, timid smile confronted me, and as shy a response headed back her way from myself.

But my brain was already working overtime. It’d been months since I’d felt the tender touch of a woman. Frantically my mind started working it’s way through an opening phrase to attract her attention and perhaps stimulate some conversation.

There was no need for words as I worked my way through the throng of laughing, chatting revellers. Right bahçeşehir escort up behind her.

She jumped a little as I took hold of her belt, by now cast aside on the table and slowly wrapped it around her slender torso. The smell of her perfume, her hair everything came and washed over me as I checked it wasn’t too tight. There was no escape for the belt this time and, much to my relief it stayed firmly in place.

As she turned to face me, that shy smile came back once more as she thanked me for my efforts.

“And how’s your evening, my knight in shining armour?” she mused.

“Beltin'” I quickly quipped back, thankful that I’d not had to make the opening line, and the opportunity for humour had so easily presented itself to me.

The ice was broken in those few, short moments and we chatted like old friends. In that time, I’d discovered that Jane was 26, lived nearby, was single and made it abundantly clear she was in the mood to party into the small hours.

What I didn’t realise, at that time, was just what kind of party she had in mind, but I soon realised that the invitation was extended solely to me and so, as those who had been there for much of the evening strolled off to the other clubs dotted around this town we were in the taxi queue hand in hand and gentle and tender stolen kisses, becoming more urgent in her desire.

A few moments later, we stepped through the front door of her flat. A new-build on the outskirts of the centre. But I wasn’t there to evaluate how nice her home was and she made that abundantly clear as she stumbled into my arms, rising up slightly once again as we kissed in each others arms.

Taking my hand she took control of the situation, dragging me through her hallway and straight to her bedroom.

“I’m not normally so forward but I really need to be fucked” she bluntly stated as she unbuttoned my shirt casting it aside on the floor.

My hands worked there way to her belt, the same belt that had bakırköy escort started this whole chain reaction of events off and as it landed with a metallic thud on her floor too, I lifted her dress off her to be presented with a body of perfection.

A slim size 10, toned, and just a hint of a tan, a nice pair of 34C tits encased in a plain bra. That too was discarded and I gazed upon her rapidly stiffening nipples before she worked her way down my body, trailing kisses over my neck and chest as she unfastened my jeans and found that I was already hard. Ready, and prepared to give her what she needed.

She hurriedly took my cock out and quickly licked up and down my shaft, easing out just a hint of pre-cum which she ravenously lapped up before engulfing its entirety leaving me balls deep inside her.

As we collapsed in the bed, I slid my hand inside her thong, feeling how closely shaved she was, and most notably, how wet she had already become. Before long, we were both entirely naked, our hands roaming each others bodies as I kissed her neck and worked down to those fine breasts. I took her nipple in between my teeth and felt a gasp of pleasure arise from her lips as my fingers continued to work on her engorged clit and her breath became more ragged as she approached her orgasm.

If there is one thing I enjoy, it’s the taste of a woman, and my tongue ventured further down her body, again taking in the wondrous scent of her sex. It stroked gently against her and I groaned at how delightful she tasted. If the intoxication of the night was wearing off, it was replaced with another form and I thrashed my tongue wildly against her, lapping up more and more of her juices.

By now her legs were wide apart allowing me unfettered access to her and I roughly inserted two fingers deep inside her curling up just enough to press just the right buttons.

It was enough to send her over the edge as I felt her tense up and with an almighty roar she came hard. The başakşehir escort sound only spurred me on and within what felt like only seconds her whole body shuddered and convulsed with the pleasures being pulsed through her body.

“Don’t just watch. Fuck me” she panted breathlessly.

I moved up her body and looked her in the eyes. The look of pure lust overcame me. It had been so long for either of us, that much was apparent and I threw her legs over my shoulders as I thrust myself deep inside her.

The amazing sensations of how hot she really was almost immediately sent me over the edge, barely able to hang on to any modicum of self-control. I knew if this was to last, and that’s exactly what I wanted, I had to overcome the urges to wildly fuck this stunning creature of beauty and wild sex.

Pulling almost all the way and then just edging myself in a couple of inches seemed to calm my desires somewhat although it was doing some amazing things to Jane as she panted and writhed more, pushing towards me forcing me to gradually bury myself deeper inside her pussy.

The sounds of our rampant fucking permeated the room, two bodies connected as one as both our desires became more and more satisfied by each other and we surged and writhed against each other, each forward thrust plowing myself deeper within.

The growing urges within me came back and the pace of both our movements and our erratic breathing became more frantic as she approached yet another orgasm. That was enough to throw me over the abyss, that all too familiar tingle surging from my balls to the base of my cock then out, deep inside her, filling her with my cum.

Her tousled hair waving and a bead or three of sweat on her forehead we again looked into each others eyes recognising the enjoyment our encounter had given to both.

“Wow” was the very best I could muster when I finally caught my breath.

A wide grin, replacing the previously shy smile spread all over her face. “Now that was something” she replied.

As we lay cuddled close in the early morning sunlight, weakly trying to fight its way through the curtains we both knew that our futures fight not be the same in the future.

“That belt, we should frame it as a memento of the night” I suggested to her.

“A frame? I have far better uses for it” she winked back at me.

“Now sleep. I’ve got plans for you in the morning.”

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