My ex-wife, part 2My ex-wife, part 2


Those who read part 1 know I am a musician, and my roommate and I fought over my new bitch, a hot cutie with an appetite for hot shit. Read part 1 if you want the details.

So the drummer moved out, leaving me to share the apartment with the other guitar player, who was very shy and really very introverted. I began to learn some things about Susie after she moved in with me and we spent our time together. She was bi, was into BDSM and could be a switch, but truly preferred being a sub. She had started fucking when she was 13, and by her 14th birthday she had already been taking it up the ass and learning to eat cunt. Not only that, but she discovered that her family dog loved to be jerked off and loved to fuck. I remember her telling me that the dog at first would try to hump her when her parents were around, and how embarassing it was. She overheard her mom telling her dad that it was a normal consequence of Susie beginning to menstruate….little did they know she was jerking him off, sucking his cock and taking it in her cunt and shithole. Her solution was to fuck the dog so hard and so often that he would be too exhausted around her parents in the evening, to want any sex.

That next Sunday morning I woke up with a HUGE hardon, and discovered she was licking my balls. I knew that my remaining roommate, the other guitarist, visited his parents every other weekend, and he would be away all day. I smiled at her and she grinned and said that I must have been having a great dream, because my cock had been rock hard for over an hour as I tossed and turned in bed. She climbed on top and guided my cock into her pussy, which was wet and creamy and offered no resistance. It was hot and a snug fit, and she rode me like rodeo queen. Before long I was creaming inside of her, and she had a long powerful orgasm…contracting for a long time after it was actually over. She climbed off and looked down and noted that my balls were covered with cum…hers and mine. She went down on me and cleaned me up. Before I knew it, she was snuggling next to me and then suddenly kissed me and asked how much I loved the taste of my own cock cream. I had never tasted it before, since no other woman had ever done that with me. Trying to be macho, I said I was not afraid of it, but that it was not something I would typically seek to do.

She laughed and asked if I liked it as well as I liked the taste of her cunt and her cream, and I said that I preferred hers over mine. She laughed again and got up and mounted my face and told me to taste hers then for a comparison. Without thinking (duh!) I shoved my tongue in her cunt, and instead got a flood of my own cock cream right down my mouth. She was laughing like hell but getting very turned on as well. Soon her ass was hovering over my mouth, and I was sliding my tongue inside it. It was pungent, and tart, but still very sweet, and I enjoyed not only the taste, but the fact that she was bearing down on my face, kneeling on my shoulders, pinning me to the bed, and demanding that I suck her ass as she humped my tongue.

My cock was rock hard again and she started to suck it. Suddenly I could not push my tongue into her ass for some reason, but then realized that the tip of my tongue was up against a very firm, and very thick, turd. I tried to push her off of me, but even though I was not successful, she got off and turned and looked down at me, pissed off. She challenged me and asked what kind of man was afraid to do a thing his woman was willing to do. After all, she reasoned, she was only a girl, and I was a big tough guy. I told her it was a bit too much for me, and she said it was a deal breaker; if I didn’t want to satisfy her the way she Kumburgaz Escort satisfied me, she would get her stuff and move the fuck out.

I didn’t know what to say, and she siezed the moment to swing her ass back over my face and lower her asshole to my mouth. I distinctly remember exactly what she said, exactly the way she said it; “if you’re not willing to be MY bitch, I sure the fuck am not going to be YOURS!”.

I found myself submitting, her mouth on my cock, her finger going into my tight asshole, her other hand cupping and massaging my balls and trying to coax more cream out of them. Before I had time to reconsider my predicament, it happened. My tongue was forced out of her ass as she sat down very forcefully on my face. My lips were forcefully sealed against her asshole and that turd began to fill my mouth. I was amazed at how firm and how hot it was…and how SWEET it tasted. I felt her mouth come up off my cock, and heard her ordering me to suck it…to suck her asshole….to suck her turd like a cock….to eat her hot shit!

I blew another load all over her face as she flooded my mouth with a solid log about 9 inches long. And suddenly she was over me, lowering her mouth to mine, taking my still hard and still throbbing cock into her slimy shithole. Her lips opened and closed over the protruding tip of her own hot turd, sticking straight up out of my mouth, and she took it in until her lips were actually touching mine. The cum was drippng off her face onto mine, and it got in my eyes and stung like hell for a few minutes, but I was more amazed at the fact that not only was I now literally eating her shit, but sharing it with her as my cock was buried in the rest of her hot fudge load. Unbelieveably, I started to cream again. Not much…but for the first time I came three times in a row.

It probably took an hour until we were done with that turd. My inhibitions were now gone, and I was thinking entirely with my little head and not my big one. It would not be until later when I thought about any possible health complications, but for now, I was turned on by the fact that MY shit whore was nastier than I could ever have dreamed.

Eventually we got up and went into the bathroom to shower, and she lifted the toilet seat cover and suddenly said, “Geez, what the fucking was I thinking”? Instead she turned her back to me, told me to kneel, and to clean her ass out. I hesitated and she asked if we were going to have “one of those moments again”. In a few seconds a flood of cock cream and soft shit cascaded out onto my tongue and all over my face. She stood me up in front of the mirror and massaged my cock and balls and said, “look at MY shit slave!”. She smeared the shit all over my face and rubbed it all over my chest, covering my nipples with her hot brown poo. She turned me around and licked them clean, and as she licked my face and kissed me she said what a shame it was that I wasn’t a woman, because she would love to be licking my shit off a big pair of tits. Then she grinned and said that she could get a strapon, and really turn me into her bitch.

In the shower, we talked as we cleaned up. She told me that when she started taking dog cock in her ass, her dog had gotten the knot inside of her, and that it was scary because he kept flooding her ass with “dog juices and dog cum”. She said it felt like an enema, and she could not get his cock out and the pressure was unbearable. When it finally came out of her ass, there was a flood of brown cum all over the floor of the basement. More than that, she looked at his cock, and it was totally covered in her shit. He laid down and started to lick his cock clean, Escort Kumburgaz and she became so wet watching him that she leaned down and helped, licking and sucking her shit off his cock and the slowly subsiding knot of his prick. At first she told herself she would just give it a little lick to see what it was like, but that once she tasted her own shit she could not stop herself until it was all cleaned up.

I was amazed at what she was telling me. She had been into this for years as a teenager, and now as a young woman of legal age she decided she was going to find, fuck and marry the nastiest guy she encountered. She said she envisioned herself as a full time shit whore for a loving but cruel husband who would make her submit to progressively more degrading acts, and that those acts could include anyone he wanted her to satisfy.

I told her I knew very little about her beyond our budding sexual and living-in relationships. She told me who her parents were, where they lived, what they did, and told me about her sister, who was older, but also a nasty girl. She also told me she had dropped out of school and earned her living sucking cocks at 30 bucks per load. The drummer had met her that way, just for a blowjob, but he really wanted to fuck her ass and gave her an extra 50. His really big prick lit her fuse, and she started fucking him for free, and wound up that night in our apartment. He had already fucked her ass a few times, but that night she was high and wanted it nasty, and decided to shit on his cock and to see what would happen. She was really turned on by the way he made her suck his shitty cock clean, but that morning when she woke up he was gone, and I was there, walking in on her in the bathroom.

As I said in part 1, she thought she was alone. Here she was, going in to use the bathroom, her ass and teeth still covered with dried shit, and this huge turd is still floating in the toilet. Sure she was alone, she reacted the way her clit demanded. As she is telling me all this, she stated that she fantaszied that she was looking at a massive “horse turd”. I asked her if that was something she fantaszied about, and she admitted it could make her cum when she thought of her favorite fantasy; being forced to suck a gigantic black horse cock and swallowing a virtual flood of cock cream….and then being forced to stand behind the horse, sucking its asshole and eaing fresh, hot horse shit while being fucked brutally in the ass from behind.

That same evening, I got a call from the drummer, who said I could go fuck myself, that he was breaking up the band. That really was bad news, because my lifestyle depended on that extra money. The other guitar player got pissed off that I made the band break up, and suddenly moved out of the apartment, leaving me with the entire rent payment. I was going to go broke. Susie came up with an idea…how much would the drummer be willing to pay to fuck the bitch of his new enemy? What would it be worth to him, to be able to shit in my woman’s mouth, and without my knowledge of whom she’d fucked, to come home to me with fresh shit on her breath, to kiss me? Well, we both agreed I would not have to do that, but agreed it would be hot for her to shake him down for some cash, so she called his brother and got his new number.

When she called his apartment, a female answered, apparently his new girlfriend. Susie talked to her casually for a moment, and realized that his new girlfriend was someone she went to high school with. It turned out that she and Susie had experiemented sexually, eating cunt and ass. However, this girl found a boyfriend and broke it off with Susie. Her name Kumburgaz Escort Bayan was Kathy, and I listened to Susie explain what she had in mind, telling Kathy all the sordid details. Kathy said she didn’t know, and didn’t think he would like it, but that she wouldn’t care if Susie did him if it meant some extra cash. Susie told her that the drummer knew the number at his old apartment, and to call her and set it up.

Well, instead, Susie got a call from him that was nothing but threats and screaming and name calling and that kind of bullshit. So she hung up, and we figured that was the end of that opportunity. We never heard from him again, but about 3 weeks later we were at the apartment when Kathy showed up at the door. Susie let her in and looked at her, a bit puzzled, and asked if the situation had changed. She said no, but that she had been thinking about what Susie wanted to do for him, and decided that it really made her hot, and she wanted to experience it herself. Susie looked at her, not quite understanding what she meant and asked her to be specific. Kathy looked at her, took her hand, kised her on the lips and then said “I’ll pay you to eat my shit”!

Holy fuck, I felt my heart racing. I could not believe this. Suddenly Susie was all over her; groping her, kissing her, undressing her. All along Kathy was saying, “it’s been too long”, “I have wanted you for years”, “I fucking love how nasty you are”, and so on. There they were, just inside the front door, piles of clothes on the floor, and Susie took her hand and led her into the bedroom. I followed closely behind, admiring Kathy’s incredible ass.

Kathy said she could not believe this was really happening, that she had the nerve to want this, that she was really here, or that Susie would actually want to do this. Susie laughed a bit and then kissed her passionately and told her that she had missed her for years also, fantasized about her ass all the time, and had cum many times thinking about eating her shit…even when she was eating MINE! I wasn’t offended by that revelation, instead I was turned on!

They got on the bed and Susie told me to join them. I watched as Kathy straddled Susie’s face, and as Susie lapped at her wet cunt she was suddenly inundated in a torrent of light yellow piss. It ran down between Susie’s boobs and pooled above her pubic area, and I lapped a lot of it up and then started licking her cunt. Then Kathy shifted slightly, her ass over Susie’s open mouth, and she began to mutter the most incredibly delicious obscenities as her asshole blossomed and a dark brown turd began to emerge. I was now watching intently, stroking my hot cock, fingering my own asshole as this beautiful turd oozed out slowly and slid across Susie’s tongue and into her mouth. Susie lifted Kathy away, positioning her over her own boobs, and the remaining torrent of hot chocolate-brown fudge quickly covered Susie’s large heaving breasts.

Then just as suddenly, Susie dragged her back up, and started sucking Kathy’s hard clit with all that shit in her mouth. As she sucked, that cunt became covered with Kathy’s own hot shit, and she started to cum. In a few minutes she was spent and fell to the side. Susie reached for me and guided my cock into her shit filled mouth and I fucked it hard as she choked and gagged and spit shit all over my thighs and belly. Then, without warning, and totally unexpectedly, I felt Kathy pulling me back, my cock exiting Susie’s mouth, and watched as this beautiful black-haired Goddess went down on my shit covered cock. In an instant, they were BOTH sucking it, and I blasted a stready stream of thick, potent cock-goo all over their faces and tongues!

I fell into a deep sleep within a few minutes and found out that they had showered and dressed already by the time I came to. They were drinking coffee in the living room, and discussing a business proposition.

More in Part 3. Stay tunes. Comments?

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