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There are a total of four stories, already written, that I will be posting over the course of the next month. I will post once per week so I can have time to read the feedback posts, if there are any. I urge you to let me know what you think of these stories, good and bad. They are strictly fantasies, mine, and bear no resemblance to real circumstances.

No cocks were actually sucked during the course of writing this story! LOL!

I hope you enjoy.


My name is Phil. I’m in my early fifties, a little overweight, but who isn’t. I’m married to a wonderful woman, have been for the past thirty years. In that time we’ve raised a great son, sent him to college and married him off. Our sex life has been good, we’ve explored our sexuality quite extensively, and we still can’t keep our hands off each other.

Still, I’ve had a long standing fantasy of having oral sex with another man. I’m not interesting in the whole butt-fucking, kissing, falling in love gay sex thing, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it doesn’t do anything for me. No, my fantasy involves finding a buddy-with-benefits so to speak. Someone I can enjoy performing oral sex on and who would enjoy reciprocating on that level only.

The urge has become almost unbearable lately and I’ve decided to take a chance on making my dream come true.

I have a best friend, Rich, who I’ve known since we were kids. We went everywhere together, camping, sledding, skating, you name it. When we got interested in girls we even double dated. My wife and I moved away from home a number of years ago but Rich and I never lost touch, not totally, though there were times when many months passed without contact between us.

Ten years ago Rich and his wife, Joan, moved to our town and bought a house three doors down and across the street from ours. We started hanging out together again like when we were kids. Our families all got along, his wife and mine are very good friends and our kids are very friendly as well. Their daughter moved out recently so they too are empty-nesters.

I was sitting on my patio with a beer in my hand and Rich was sitting across the table from me and we were listening to the ball game and sunning ourselves. Our wives were out at the mall, shopping, and would be gone for hours. We were planning to grill out together after the women got home then play some cards. All in all it was a typical weekend.

I decided that today was going to be the day that I told my buddy of my fantasy. I wasn’t really as brave as you might think though. We’d told each other many personal things over the years, our fantasies included and never once had he ever judged me so I felt reasonably comfortable raising the subject.

I set my beer on the table, it was nearly empty anyway, and looked over at Rich. He was leaning back in his chair, his shirt off, wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts and sandals. He looked a lot like me, a bit of a paunch but not real bad, typical middle age spread you might say. I glanced at the crotch of his shorts and thought about the last time I had seen him naked. It was in high school when we had to take showers after gym class so we wouldn’t stink the rest of the day.

Our body styles were very similar then, as were our cocks. He was about the same size as me, soft, back then so I figured he’d be about the same as me now. I’m not huge, strictly average in length, but a decent thickness, and I hoped Rich was the same. It sure looked that way as his package filled out his shorts about the same way mine did.

I stood up, planning to get another beer. “Hey, you want another beer?” I asked.

Rich swirled his can and sat it on the table. “Nah, I’m good. I don’t want to get too lit. The sun is feeling good and these beers are going down way too smooth.”

I looked at my beer can again and sat back down. “Yeah, maybe I’ll pass this time too.” I paused and looked down at my feet before I continued.

“Hey, I’ve had this fantasy lately that I’m dying to tell you. The thing is it’s a bit kinky.”

Rich smiled that dirty smile guy’s smile and said “Kinky? Oh you’ve got my attention, now, let’s hear it.”

“Well, it involves oral sex…”

“Oral sex, what’s kinky about that?” Rich asked confused.

“Well it’s not the oral sex, per se, it’s the partner. I’ve been fantasizing about performing oral sex on a guy.” I paused for a second before I continued. “I’m just interesting in oral sex, you know? I really want to hold another guy’s cock and feel it get hard in my hand then take it in my mouth and make it feel real good, then swallow his load when he shoots in my mouth.”

I glanced over at Rich to see how he was taking my fantasy and he had this thoughtful look on his face. So far so good, at least he wasn’t freaked out, not that I thought he would.

“So, how about you, you ever fantasize about doing oral with a guy?” I asked softy.

Rich sat quietly for a few seconds that seemed like hours. “Yeah, actually I have. It hasn’t been very diyarbakır escort long but lately I’ve had the urge to see what it was like, at least once, you know?”

“I know, believe me, I know. I’ve gone back and forth over whether to share this with you but you’re my best friend and you’ve never been judgmental over my previous fantasies and I wanted to talk to you about this.”

Rich looked me right in the eye and smiled a shy smile. “I’m glad you did, Phil. Real glad. It gave me the courage to answer you truthfully. Thanks for thinking so highly of me, buddy.”

“So, what do you think? Would you like to try it?”

“Us, now?” he asked seeming slightly off balance.

“Yeah, us, right now. The wives are going to be gone for another few hours and we’re in the right frame of mind. I’d like to try, if you think you would?” I really wanted to do this with Rich but I didn’t want to push too hard and scare him. It was more my fantasy than his, after all.

“Hmm,” he said thoughtfully, “you’re right. This is the perfect time. We’ve both agreed we’re interested in this and, as you say, the wives will be gone and there’s nobody to bother us. …Yeah, why not.”

I smiled so wide my cheeks hurt. I was going to do this! I was going to suck my first cock, the cock of my best friend! I stood up from my chair and grabbed the cushion, dropping it in front of Rich. I knelt down in front of him.

“How about I go first, since it was my idea?” I rested my hand on Rich’s leg and looked into his face.

“Okay, that works for me. What do you want me to do?”

I knew just what I wanted, I’d been thinking about this day for months. “Stand up, I want to remove your shorts.”

Rich slid his chair back slightly and stood in front of me, with his hands at his sides. His zipper was right in front of my face and I could see the swelling of his cock already starting. Good, he wanted this as much as I did. I reached my hand towards his waist and I noticed a slight tremble before I slipped my fingers into his waistband and started undoing the button.

The button popped and I brought my other hand up to his zipper, sliding it down slowly, my hand coming into contact with his cock for the first time, even if it was through his clothes. I could feel the heat of his cock and I couldn’t wait to see it in the flesh. His underwear was bulging with his semi-hard cock and I grasped the waist of his shorts and underwear, sliding them down.

His pubic hair came into view and soon I got my first glimpse of his cock. It was everything I had dreamed of. It was almost a duplicate of mine. It was about five inches; it wasn’t totally hard yet, and decently thick, and like mine, uncut. I was entranced by the sight but continued to pull his clothes down until they piled up around his ankles.

I move my knees slightly closer to him. I had to see that cock up close. I ran my hands back up his legs, my left hand settling on his waist and the other coming up to pass over his balls, then continued up until I had his cock securely in my grasp. It felt familiar and strange all at the same time. It felt great, hard on the inside and covered in soft smooth skin. I took a couple of small strokes and Rich moaned. I looked up at him and smiled. “I really like your cock, Rich, it looks great! I can’t wait to get this baby in my mouth!”

Suiting words to actions I leaned forward and licked the head of his cock as I pulled down with my hand uncovering the head for the first time. He had a drop of precum on the slit that I eagerly licked up. It tasted wonderful, all sweet and syrupy, just the way I like it. “God, that tastes good. I love the taste of precum.”

Rich looked down at me, confused. “I thought you said you hadn’t done this before? How can you love the taste of precum?”

I leaned back on my heels, still holding his cock and stroking it gently. “I’ve had this fantasy for years. Over that time I decided that if I was ever going to make it come true someday I needed to get used to the taste of cum. For the last few years, every time I masturbate, I’ve been cumming in my hand and licking it up afterwards. Sometime I’ll cum in a glass and drink it down. I’ve come to love the taste of my cum, I’ll tell you. Anyway, while I was jerking off I would also taste the precum and I found out I loved that even more. Some days, when Marilyn is gone to her mother’s, I’ll play with myself for hours, slurping up all the precum I can get. Does that answer your question?”

“Yeah, it does. I think it’s hot, you eating your own stuff like that.” Rich said, breathing heavier.

I saw his legs starting to shake a bit so I pushed him back gently so that he sat in the chair. I moved forward, between his knees now as they spread obscenely, and lowered my head to his cock again. The head slipped past my lips and onto my tongue, sliding further into my mouth. I closed my lips around it and sucked, my head bobbing up and down. I was in heaven. I had a nice hard cock in my mouth, my best friend edirne escort was giving it to me and he was moaning like he hadn’t had a blowjob in years! I must be doing something right!

I slipped my hand down his shaft a bit, allowing more of him to enter my mouth. I could feel the head pushing toward the back of my mouth on each stroke. I was really getting into it now as I slipped my left hand from his waist and started to fondle his nuts. They were good sized and rolled around in their sack as I tickled and stretched his ball-sack.

“Harder,” Rich said, panting harder now. “Squeeze my balls a little harder, please?”

I aimed to please so I increased the pressure on his balls, squeezing them a little firmer than I had been. I guess that did the trick as the next thing I heard was a very satisfied groan and a hissed “Yeah, that’s it, Phil, suck my cock.”

I was enjoying this so much that I wanted it to last but I guess Rich was too excited by the circumstances. I felt his nuts pull up in their sack and the head started to swell in my mouth.

“Phil, Phil! I’m…I’m coming!”

The words were no sooner out of his mouth than the first spurt hit the back of my mouth and slid down my throat. I kept up the sucking and moving up and down his pole as three more shots quickly filled my mouth followed by a couple of weaker spurts. I felt that he was done shooting so I carefully slipped his cock out of my mouth but I didn’t swallow it just yet.

I gently stroked his cock again as I leaned in close to him and opened my mouth. I wanted him to see the load he had shot before I swallowed. I wanted him to know that I enjoyed sucking his cock and I was going to enjoy swallowing his cum as well. I closed my mouth, smiled awkwardly and swallowed, once, then again, making sure I had it all. I opened my mouth again, showing him that his load was now on its way to my belly. I smacked my lips once then leaned down, capturing the last drop that had gathered on the end of his cock.

Being uncut myself I knew he would probably be sensitive after cumming so I pulled the foreskin over the head and took it back into my mouth, allowing it to soften completely before allowing it to slide out and rest on his thigh.

Rich looked blown away and he didn’t speak right away. I stayed on my knees between his legs, waiting to get my reviews. Had I done a good job? I thought so, based on his reactions. Would he want to reciprocate? I really hoped so, as my balls were starting to turn blue and I had to adjust my cock in my pants due to the swelling.

“Wow,” Rich gasped, “that was awesome, Phil! I don’t think I’ve ever had a hotter blowjob, I mean it. You seemed to know just what to do to really get me off, and when you showed me the cum in your mouth…well, I was blown away! I loved it. It proved to me that you really wanted it and that you had enjoyed it, maybe even more than I did.”

“I did, Rich. I loved it, every second. It was everything I’d ever dreamed of and more. Your come tastes good, a lot like mine, so I was very comfortable swallowing it all, I only wish you had more, you stopped before you filled my mouth completely!” I laughed.

Rich shook his head like I was nuts. “I’ll have to work on that for next time,” he said.

“Next time?” I asked, “There’s going to be a next time?”

“Oh yeah, you don’t think I’m going to let you get away with only doing that once do you?” he asked seriously.

“Well, I was hoping, but I didn’t want to presume, you know, just in case you didn’t enjoy it.”

Rich smiled at me, his friendship showing through the satisfied expression. “I more than enjoyed it, Phil. That was the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me. I really loved it when you took my cock back in your mouth and let it soften there. Nobody has ever done that before, nobody.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve always wanted to have that done to me so I decided to try it.”

“Okay, Phil, it’s your turn now.” Rich stood up, his cock hanging flaccidly between his legs. It looked good and I almost sucked it in again when he stopped me. “No, it’s your turn. Let me help you up.”

He extended his hand to me and I gratefully accepted. The old knees weren’t used to this but I hoped they would soon. When I was standing I stepped back while Rich pulled up his pants. Once he was done he sat back down and asked me to step closer. I moved between his knees again and I felt his hands on my waist. One hand popped the button while the other slid the zipper down. As my shorts opened you could see the massive wet spot on the front of my underwear where the precum had soaked them through.

Rich leaned forward and licked the juices off. The feel of this tongue was great, different than my wife, surer somehow. I felt him actually sucking the juice right out of the cloth. He leaned back, looking up into my eyes.

“You were right, precum is great! That stuff tastes better than honey!” He got excited at this point and yanked my clothes down so hard that elazığ escort my cock bobbed as it got free of my pants.

The head was partially exposed and a big gob of precum was getting ready to fall from it so I slipped my fingers down, gathered it up and slurped my stuff off them. Rich slapped my hand playfully and said “Uh-uh, Phil. You had yours this is mine.”

With that he leaned forward as I leaned in and my cock entered his mouth. It was warm and wet and his tongue slid out to lick down the shaft as I slipped further in. He grabbed my ass with his hands and started to move me into his mouth, basically controlling my movements while his head remained mostly still. I looked down and saw the sight I had been waiting for. My best friend had his lips locked on my dick as it sawed back and forth in his mouth. He looked up, catching my eye, and I smiled, letting him know he was doing exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t say too much as I was trying to maintain my balance as my knees grew weaker with every moment.

All the excitement got to me and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. “Rich, I’m gonna cum soon. If you don’t want a mouthful you’d better back off.”

All Rich did was increase his pulling of my body into his mouth and that was all it took. With a huge groan I let loose, flooding his mouth with shot after shot of my hot, creamy sperm.

I guess he wasn’t quite ready for the amount of cum I shot as some leaked out and down his chin coming to settle on his leg but he was a trooper and that was all he lost. I collapsed onto the pad I had laid on the patio earlier, my knees finally giving way. As I was catching my breath I heard Rich swallow, big gulps it sounded like, then he licked his chin, catching what had leaked there. Not wanting to waste a drop he also scooped up the bit from his leg and sucked it off his finger.

“God, Phil, have you been saving that load for weeks or what? I thought I was going to drown!”

“It was all the excitement I’ve been under, waiting to tell you what I wanted then sucking you off. I’ve been hard for hours!”

“I’m glad I was able to make you feel as good as you did me, Phil. I really enjoyed it. I hope you don’t feel weird about this but I really want to continue to do this as often as we can,” Rich said sincerely.

“I do too, Rich. Now that I know how good sucking cock and getting sucked can be I want to do this again and again.”

Rich looked down and my softened member and his eyes widened a bit. I wondered what he was looking at since I was nothing out of the ordinary. “What is it, Rich?”

“You really do shave your balls,” he said curiously.

“Yeah but how did you hear about that?” I asked.

“Oh Joan mentioned that Marilyn had told her but I didn’t believe her. I didn’t think you were into that, even though Marilyn told her how much she enjoyed sucking you off now that your balls were shaved.”

“Marilyn told her?” I asked incredulously. “God nothing is sacred with those women!”

“Don’t be mad, Joan wanted me to do it too, she said she’s tired of spitting out pubic hair every time she sucks me off.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said faking a spit. “I was going to mention it to you if you decided you wanted to continue. You won’t believe how sensitive your balls are after they are shaved.”

Rich sat thinking for a bit. “You know I might have to try it.”

I got another kinky idea and pushed ahead before I could change my mind. “Hey, if you’re going to do it I want to be the one to shave you.”

“You serious?”

“As a heart attack. I want to be the first one to taste those shaved balls, your wife can have second dibs!”

“I’m sure we can arrange something, Phil. I’d love for you to be the one to shave me,” he said softly.

“I look forward to it. After all, I’m the experienced one here. I wouldn’t want you to cut that beautiful cock off doing it wrong!” I laughed but he knew I was serious about wanting to be the first to shave him.

Since we had finally calmed down from our mutual excitement I noticed that the sun had moved a lot lower in the sky. I stood up, pulling my pants back up as well. “It looks like we should get the coals going, the girls will be back pretty soon.”

“Yeah, gee I didn’t realize how late it was. Time flies when you’re having fun, huh?”

“Especially the kind of fun we were having. I have the feeling we’ll never have all the time we want to be together, but the times we do will be some of the best we’ll ever have. I’m glad I confided in you, Rich. You’ve made my greatest fantasy come true and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Me either, I didn’t plan on this when I came over here, obviously, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. You’ve opened my eyes to a whole new pleasurable experience. I can’t thank you enough for trusting in me. You know I’d never tell anyone, right?”

“Oh, I know that. You didn’t have to say it.”

“Well, I wanted to make sure you knew. I’ve always loved you like a brother and now we’re even closer and I think it’s great.”

We cleaned up the patio and started the coals to heating and nothing more was said about our encounter that evening. We had a great dinner, beat the girls at cards three out of five hands and called it a night around midnight.

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