Mr. White’s Cum SlutsMr. White’s Cum Sluts


This is the final sequel to “My daughter gets her first fucking” & “Turning Diane into a cum slut”.


Over the course of the next couple of weeks things went well for Diane. She moved most of her personal items to the mansion. She had a large bedroom that she put her own personal touches to make it feel like home.

Diane called me every day to say that she and Mr. White got to know each other very well and he was a real nice man.

She said that the sex with him was great and he hadn’t made any unusual demands regarding sex, yet.

Diane told me that Mr. White bought her clothes and whatever else she wanted.

Then she told me that he was having friends over this weekend and she was going to be joining them.

After the weekend, Diane called an filled me in on what happened with his friends.

“Mom,” she said, “I was Mr. White’s pet for the weekend. He had me naked, wearing only a rhinestone dog collar and a fancy leash.”

“Then,” she said, “I had to stay on all fours and if somebody called me, I had to go to them so they could play with me.”

I asked her to tell me more.

“Well, there were two couples. Both couples we’re in their fifties. It didn’t take them long before Mr. White and his friends got naked. The two men had nice sized cocks and the two women were both smooth and had big tits and pierced nipples.”

She continued. “Mr. White told me to sit, which I did while he fucked both women as their husbands watched. He shot his cum on them and called me over to lick it off of them, which I did.”

Then she said, “While I was licking his cum off of them, one guy got behind me and slid his cock in my cunt and fucked me until he came. When he finished, the other guy slipped his cock in my ass and gave it a good fucking and shot his cum in me.”

Diane continued. “One woman took the leash and led me to the outdoor shower. She had me kneel down and she placed her pussy almost in my mouth and then pissed directly into my mouth. I tried to drink it all but there was so much it spilled out all over me. She gave my ass a few slaps because I didn’t drink it all.”

“She brought me back inside where both men had hard ons again and told me to get on the bed. Then they dp’d me and Mr. White had me suck his cock as the two women sucked on my nipples. The men both shot their hot cum in me as I was still sucking Mr. White’s cock. It didn’t”t take long for him to cum in my mouth. This time, I swallowed all of his cum.”

“After they finished with me, they told me to go lay in the corner.”

Diane then told me that she serviced all of them throughout the evening and the next day, as well.

She even told me that she had a lot to learn and I told him I wanted him to teach me everything. She said he even would like me to join her in a special get together he is planning for next month.

I told her I would be happy to Join her and for her to tell Mr. White.

The next day, Mr. White called me to discuss Diane’s training. He said that Diane was good but needed more work and asked if I would help. I told him I would be happy to make Diane the best cum slut he ever had.

He then told me to stay over at his place to train her before next month. I told him I would be there in the morning.

The next morning I arrived and Diane was surprised and happy to see me. She took my stuff and put it in her room. As soon as I got settled, I undressed and we went to see Mr. White.

Mr. White told Diane that I was there to help train her in becoming a great cum slut. He then said that training will be 24 hours a day until his Heybeliada Escort get together next month.

He then said that four of his friends would be over tonight and he left us alone.

Diane and I went to her bedroom and got on the bed and started making out.

My daghter learned a lot in a short time. She wasted no time in getting into 69 and with us eating each other out, Diane started peeing slowly in my mouth. As I drank her golden liquid, I returned the favor and she drank all of mine until I was dry. It didn’t take us long before we both had our orgasms.

We shared our golden nectar as our tongues played together.

We rested a bit then showered and prepared for tonight.

It was about 9 p.m. when four young men arrived. They must have been in their early twenties.

Diane and I greeted them naked and brought them into the large living room.

Mr. White came in and introduced me and Diane to the men. He also told them to undress and that we were theirs for the night.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw them each give Mr. White wads of money which made me realize what we were in for tonight.

As the men undressed, Diane and I watched them and when they finally got naked, we saw their big, hard cocks.

One of the men approached me and pulled me towards him. His big hard cock pressing against me. He pushed my head down to his cock and told me to suck it. He then said that he wanted me to watch Diane with the three men as I sucked him off.

The other three men took Diane and told her to kneel. As she did, she was told to suck their cocks.

I watched as Diane took turns Sucking their big cocks.

As I sucked my guy, Diane was sucking them. Then one by one, they pulled their cocks out of her mouth and shot stream after stream of their cum all over Diane.

Just then, my guy shot his load on me.

My guy told me to go to Diane and suck the cum off of her and share it with Diane. I did as I was told and lapped up their cum and kissed Diane and shared their cum with her.

After a brief respite, they told Diane to lie on the bed. One guy mounted my daughter and another guy laid underneath her. I could see the top guy slide his cock into Diane’s cunt and the guy underneath, slipping his cock into her cunt as well.

I gasped as both men had their big cocks in her cunt, fucking her.

She was able to take both of them as they started fucking her. This time, they shot their loads in her. When they finished, I was told to suck out their cum from Diane’s cunt.

As I sucked out their cum, Diane’s body was convulsing in one orgasm after another. It was evident that Diane was loving every second of my tongue being in her cunt.

The men left us alone while I finished off my daughter.

Later, after some rest, One guy threw me on the bed and spread my legs and shoved his cock in my cunt and started fucking me. Another guy came over and told me to get on all fours. The first guy got underneath and got his cock back in my cunt and continued fucking me. The second guy placed his cock at my ass hole and slowly inserted it in my ass.

Soon, both men were fucking both my holes in unison. Another guy came over and stuck his cock in my mouth and the last guy had me jerking him off.

All the time, I saw Diane watching me and I could not imagine what she thought of her mother but I was enjoying it too much to care.

As I tried fucking them back, I could feel that they were ready to cum. I fucked them hard and faster as my body rose off the bed. Then, both men came at the same Escort Heybeliada time and filled my holes. The guy I was sucking, came all over my tits as did the guy I was jerking off.

Mr. White told Diane to gather up all the cum and put it into a glass. She did as she was told and got a glass full of hot cum. Then Mr. White told her to drink it all down.

Diane looked at me, still with evidence of cum on me and lifted up the glass and drank it all down.

Then she went over to each guy and sucked their glistening cocks clean, then came to me and shared it with me.

I was never so proud of my cum slut daughter as at that moment.

The next day, I got a call from my niece, Maureen. She told me she just graduated high school and was coming for a visit.

I told her that Diane and I were staying at a friend’s house and I would have to let her know if she could stay here. I told her I would call her tomorrow.

I went to Mr. white and told him the situation. He said she could stay but only if she would be willing to train as a cum slut.

Maureen just turned 18 and is drop dead gorgeous. She is about 5’4″, 115, about a 38c, a flaming red head with her hair hanging down over her shoulders, green eyes and a sexy smile. And, the last time I saw her, she had a trimmed red bush.

I told him I wasn’t sure but I would see what I could do. He said she sounded great and hoped that she would train.

I then called Maureen and told her she could stay but, and it was a big but, that Diane was in special training and would she like to train too?

Maureen asked what was the training and I took a deep breadth and said, to be a cum slut.

There was silence on the phone. I heard nothing for a long time and asked if she were still on the phone. Maureen said she was and was a bit shocked. Then she said that she would still like to come for a visit and see what it was all about.

Two days later, Maureen showed up at the mansion. I answered the door, forgetting I was naked and when she came in, I hugged and kissed her. Diane came running and hugged and kissed her cousin. We then took her to our room.

Maureen was a nudist too, so she wasn’t surprised seeing us with no clothes on but she was curious about the training.

Diane eagerly told her what she was doing for Mr. White and I could see Maureen getting a little excited.

As Diane told her, I told her to get naked and join us by the pool and Diane would tell her more.

In no time at all, Maureen was naked and the three of us headed out to the pool.

Just so you know, Maureen still had the trimmed red pussy.

As Diane was telling Maureen about her training, Mr. White came out to the pool. He was naked and had a nice hard on.

I introduced him to Maureen and he gave her a kiss on the cheek and sat close to her on a lounge chair.

He asked if she heard about the training Diane was undergoing and she said that Diane was just telling her about it.

Mr. White just came out and asked Maureen if she would like to be a cum slut too.

As Maureen thought about it, Mr. White got up and moved toward her. He placed his hard cock in front of her mouth and told her to suck it until he came.

Diane and I watched as she swallowed his cock in her mouth and in a few minutes, he shot his load in her mouth. Diane quickly ran over and started sucking the cum out of her mouth.

Mr. White told Maureen she did real well and would like her to be a cum slut.

Maureen looked at me and Diane and just nodded her head yes.

Over the next Heybeliada Escort Bayan few nights, Diane and I had a much sex as possible with Maureen, with Mr. White joining us or watching us.

He loved watching Diane and Maureen doing 69.

One day he took both girls outside to fuck them. He did Diane first and came in her, then, with his cock still in her cunt, he peed in it, then told Maureen to lap it all up.

Maureen obeyed without hesitation.

Then, after a few minutes, he fucked Maureen and shot some cum into her. This time he told me to place my pussy against hers and for me to pee in her cunt. Then he told Diane to suck out the nectar, which she did.

Mr. White’s party was the next night and he was proud to have three cum sluts available for his guests.

The next morning, everything was being prepared. Caterers were there as well as bartenders. The guests would be arriving at 8 p.m.

Mr. White said ten couples would be there and the three of us would be at their disposal and fulfill all their requests.

He told Maureen to wear a short, white pleated skirt that barely covered her pussy along with a see through top, and to basically to look like a teen cheerleader.

He told Diane to wear a sheer g-string and a sheer bra and high heels.

He told me to wear a black bustier with my tits visible and high heels.

He also gave me the job of making sure every guest’s needs were met.

Guests started arriving and I led them to the gigantic room where the party was beng held.

Mr. White already had large pillows, towels, dildos, vibrators, whips, nipple clamps and other assorted goodies for the guests.

Maureen served drinks and the guests made sure they felt her up and touched her whenever they got the chance.

Diane moved among the guests, letting them play with her if they wanted to.

I was approached by several men and women for sex and made arrangements with them to please them during the course the night.

Mr. White came in the room and asked the group for silence. He introduced the three of us and told them that we were available for their pleasure for the night.

He then left the room and the party really began.

The first thing everyone wanted was for us to get naked, which we did.

Then men and women came over to us and told us to undress them, which we did. In a short period of time, everyone was naked.

One fellow took Diane and laid her on a pillow. He mounted her and slipped his cock in her cunt. As soon as he started fucking her, a woman went over and placed her cunt over her mouth.

I watched as Diane was getting fucked and eating a woman out. The guy finally shot his load in her cunt.

As soon as he was done, another guy came over and got her on all fours and fucked her ass, shooting his cum in her hole.

I saw Maureen on her knees blowing a couple of cocks and watched as they came all over her face and tits.

One women came to me and had me like down so she could mount me and rub our pussies together until she had her orgasm.

Then I saw four guys around Diane. She was on all fours. One guy got behind her and slipped his cock in her ass. Then another guy got right beside him and tried to get his cock in her ass too.

I could not believe it as my daughter took both cocks in her ass.

I was told to go lick their cocks as they fucked her ass.

Diane then let out a moan and said, “Mom, this feels great.”

Suddenly, the room got quiet, then realized that they had mother/daughter cum slut.

The rest of the night was complete sex for the three of us and the guests.

The next morning, Diane woke up when I called her name several times and shook her.

Finally, she awoke and said that she just had an incredible dream that seemed to go on forever.

As she got out of bed, she asked why the bed was so wet. I just looked at her and smiled.

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