Mother in Law LustMother in Law Lust


At breakfast, Jane told her husband John, “Mom needs to stay here for a month so that the upgrades to her new house can be done. It was supposed to have been done before she took possession, but some dummy screwed up the dates. I took the liberty of inviting her to stay here for the month, I hope you don’t mind.”

John smiled, his wife had given him a premium good morning fuck, he thought she’d been buttering him up.

“Not at all baby, your Mom is welcome anytime.”

Jane smiled back, and said, “A lot of guys hate being around the mother-in-law, but not you. So nice that you and her can get along so well.”

John was looking forward to it, Dianne Conners, his mother-in-law, was 48 years old, and her face is a peaches and cream complexion, smooth, unblemished, when Jane and her are standing together, it would be easy to mistake her Mom for a slightly older sister, even though Jane is only 23. Dianne’s zaftig body is like a work of art. Not fat, or out of shape, but full-figured, with the curvy, voluptuous shape that gets him the most. Her melons were enormous, looked to be 40 inches, and they stood up full and firm. John had gotten a good look at her a few months ago when they picked her up and went to the beach.

Dianne stripped off her clothes and uncovered a white bikini that made John’s cock take serious notice. Those glorious melons filled out the top, and with her bikini bottoms scooping down so close to her pubic region, he wondered what kind of bush she was sporting. Or was she shaved bare and smooth, it looked like she could be.

When she turned her backside to John, oh fuck, the way her bottoms made that awesome cleave right up between her cheeks, made him rock hard. John thanked goodness that he was not wearing anything less than fairly loose board shorts, so his cock could grow unrestricted, without it being visible. He had a feeling that she knew what she was doing to his cock, he saw a naughty glimmer in her eyes, she’d smile at him as she displayed her body, and it seemed that she made sure to give him lots of time to feast his eyes on her awesome form.

With that kind of eye candy to feast on, it made John think of the road warning signs, SLOW, CURVES AHEAD. If he was lucky enough to be between those curves, he would take his time.

After a couple of hours, they took Dianne home. On the way back to their house, Jane told John to take the road that leads down to the river, it’s a nice, secluded spot, she had something for him.

When John stopped the car, Jane purred, “I am so horny baby, I need to suck that sexy cock of yours.”

His cock was still hard from eyeing Dianne’s charms, and when Jane stripped off her sundress, the sight of her hot body, he was more than ready. Jane’s russet color hair hung to the middle of her back, her light gray eyes were shiny with lust. She didn’t have her Mom’s big tits, but her 34D’s never failed to get him going. The dark pink nipples were stiffly erect, and the sight of her bare, smoothly waxed mound, damn, so sexy.

Jane led John down to the riverbank, she smiled, and turned to him, her hands reaching in, and letting out a purr of pleasure as she found what she was seeking. His shorts hit the ground, and Jane was on her knees, like an eager subservient little cocksucking wife, eager to suck him in.

Just before she took him in, she Çukurambar Escort purred, “I’m gonna stroke my horny little cunt while I suck you, sweetheart.”

Having the hot vision of Dianne still fresh in his mind kicked off a fantasy, and as Jane nursed at his prick, he imagined Dianne standing a few steps back and to Jane’s right, wearing that awesome bikini. She reached behind herself, tugging at where her top is tied up. It loosens, and she is ready to pull it off.

Dianne purrs, “Look at my tits.”

She hooks her fingers through the top straps and slides them off and away. Her big milk jugs are free, holy fuck, big succulent mounds of tit flesh. She grinned, cupped her tits, caressing her nipples, mouthing “suck my tits” and then shook them at John. He imagined himself sucking and nipping those giant melons. In real life, his cock was fully extended, Jane’s hot mouth working him over. He could feel the vibrations of her purrs of pleasure, as she stroked her pussy in time with her mouth riding his pole.

In his fantasy, Dianne purrs, “Time to show you everything, look at my snatch.”

She undid the ties at the side of her bikini bottoms, letting them fall away. Oh fuck, he imagined she is just as bare and smoothly waxed as Jane.

“Jane and I got matching Brazilians, makes me feel so sexy to have my pussy hair free, I love it”, Dianne coos.

She grinned and humped her hips at him, and purred, “Oh yeah, my daughter is in the position I prefer, as a subservient little cocksucker. Just the way I’d like to suck you. I love getting a mouthful of fresh hot spunk to paint my tonsils. Do you like what you see, mmmm, suck and fuck my cunt.”

As Jane’s mouth tightly gripped his cock, sliding up and down his throbbing shaft, John imagined himself on top of Dianne, fucking her wildly, sucking those giant melons and ramming that sexy-looking bald pussy, feeling her tight, fiery cunt squeeze his throbbing prick, the imagined sound of Dianne’s grunts and squeals of pleasure as he drove it into her. John was running it out, he imagined the grip of Jane’s lips was the gripping tightness of her Mom’s burning cunt.

In his mind he could see it, Dianne’s legs wrapped around his waist, urging him on to go deep, as he slammed every bit of his surging cock up her fiery box, oh fuck, he could feel a hot glut of cum gathering in his balls as Jane’s mouth traveled wetly up and down his surging prick. He reached the edge, his cock jerked and swelled up, and he was ready to blow.

In his fantasy, Dianne growls, “Yes my sexy son-in-law, let me have it, cream my cunt, give it to MEEEEEEE!”

His mind imagines her voice rising up to a shriek, and as his fantasy cock exploded inside Dianne’s hot, hungry cunt, squirting wildly, his throbbing cock exploded in real life, his spunk gushing into Jane’s eagerly sucking mouth. That did it, and Jane’s muffled squeals of pleasure around his cock announced the explosion of her orgasm, her mouth became the ultimate gripping tightness around his squirting cock. She had to swallow twice as he fired a massive load into her mouth, as she eagerly drained every last drop out of him.


At that time…

“Mmmm, mmm, mmmmm, fuck, yes fuck me, John!”

In her bedroom, Dianne Connors was nude, laying back and wielding her 8-inch dildo, sliding it Çukurambar Escort Bayan in gently and sensuously, feeling her juices coating the shaft, giving it a pure pleasure ride. She had her stainless steel butt plug snugged up her ass, the jeweled red heart shape tight against the rim, oh yeah, the rubbing together creating the most delicious sensations.

She had a fantasy going, her son-in-law’s hard cock fully extended, her mouth taking him in, and making his toes curl with the best blowjob ever. The hard pulsing, the spasms, and the explosion of hot spunk filled her mouth with hot sperm satisfaction.

He’d be back up in no time, and between her thighs, he’d take the plunge as she jammed the dildo as deep as possible, just as deep as John’s cock would go. Imagining her own son-in-law driving his dick into her, the idea of doing something so forbidden just made it all the more heated. Dianne could feel the moistly sucking depths of her clasping vagina around her dildo, thinking it was John’s cock, oh yeah, be so fucking hot.

Her fantasy John growled out, “Fuck, oh fuck baby, gonna cum, gonna fill you, sweetheart, yes, yes, YES!”

Dianne felt the rushing explosion, her pussy clamped down, became the ultimate gripping tightness, her buttocks tightened up, squeezing at her butt plug, and in her fantasy, his cock swelled up tight, her howls of orgasm filled the bedroom as she imagined John’s cock jetting his hot semi-incestuous sperm directly into her eager womb. Just that thought made her body light up as another orgasm tumbled in, and a third and forth, she was writhing wildly as her orgasms had their way with her.

As she drifted down, she wondered if John would like some hot Mommy-in-law loving. She’d seen the way he sized her up in her bikini. She didn’t want to take her away from Jane, just some hot, unbridled no strings attached sexual joy.


Just a few weeks later, fate intervened. The work on her home renovations had gotten mixed up, and she would have to wait another month before she could move in. Her daughter quickly jumped in to invite her to stay at their house for that month. Dianne was happy to accept, and she couldn’t help it, she was eager to get John to sample her sexual prowess. Like daughter like mother.


That first night in the house, Dianne was restless. With a different bed and different surroundings, it was hard to try and drift off. She decided the best way to try and calm down enough was to masturbate, and she purred as she slid her butt plug up between the tight cleave of her asshole.

She cued up her favorite memory that had actually happened when she was 19, in college, and dating the football team’s running back. After a frat party, she found herself with her guy and 4 other team members, her boyfriend reached across her and gently grasped her breasts, and began to massage them with his hands.

Her body responded, her breasts and nipples were very sensitive, and she felt the gush of wetness as her pussy lubricated quickly. They had toked up, and she was flying high, smoking marijuana always got her horny as hell.

Very quickly, 5 guys and herself were totally naked, and she mounted her boyfriend, sliding her tight asshole down on his prick, her pussy upthrust and ready, and she saw one of the guys step up between Escort Çukurambar her legs, pushing his cock between the lips of her pussy and rub it against the entrance. She was slick with her own juices as he pushed harder and Dianne began to feel herself stretch as his cock began to disappear inside her. She still felt super sensitive from the marijuana she had toked, so she could feel every bump, every ridge as his cock stretched open her tight tunnel. As he pushed the last inch into her she winced as she felt it bump against her cervix as he bottomed out inside her. She heard the long drawn-out grunt from the guy as his cock was encased in the tight grip of her steamy pussy.

“Oh Yeah, tight, so tight, yeah.”

She had turned her head, and saw a stiff 7-inch dick ready, and as he moved in she opened her mouth to suck him in. She felt her hands being taken and each hand was filled with a surging dick.

She moaned in real life, and she took her ball gag and gagged herself, if she didn’t, she’d be howling the house down.

She felt every ridge of the cock in her mouth, moving at a leisurely pace, and after the first few thrusts, they got into a rhythm, and she was getting a triple fuck, while stroking off 2 more dicks. It was like nothing she’d ever enjoyed, feeling 2 cocks rubbing against each other as her lower holes were shafted, while her mouth rode a hard dick and her hands were busy with two cocks. The sheer perversity of the situation inflamed her lust even more, and she had let them use her as a living sex doll. She could feel the guy fucking her mouth speeding up, and she was ready for the explosion.

“Fuck, oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, FUCK!”

She felt the cock swell and start to pulse, and his hot spunk filled her mouth. She gulped down the first mouth-filling rush and nursed at his dick, savoring the thick streams that coated her tongue.

The guys who were getting their dicks stroked reached out and gently cupped a breast each. Their hands squeezed and released her breasts, gently tweaking her nipples, and she felt the fucking reaching a crescendo.

Her boyfriend grunted and growled and she felt the hot wet splatter as her blew his nut right between the cheeks, painting her dark cavern white with his load. That started a chain reaction, as Dianne’s hips thrust up to meet the cock plundering her cunt, she felt it swell up, then spasming wildly, and it began to spray his cum deep inside her, she had exploded into orgasm at that point, and she did in real life, remembering the feel of the other two guys, a couple of seconds later, their rock hard dicks bucking in her hands, and the hot, wet splatter of their cum across her breasts.

Her body was writhing on the bed, the ball gag muffling her cries of orgasmic joy, riding waves of sizzling pleasure as she recalled that night, the highlight of her sexual experience. She finally felt her orgasm start to ebb, and she flopped back, feeling dreamy with contentment.

After college, she had married a year after graduating and stayed true to her husband who was a very good lover. He had died 2 years ago, a heart attack, and he had only been the same age as her, at 46. It had taken her a long time to get over his death.

The house she had bought and was having renovated was part of the process, shaking off the ghosts of the past, and moving ahead.

She had dated a couple of guys in the past 6 months, slept with them once or twice, and that was it. She wasn’t up to making a long commitment, she just wanted some hot, enjoyable sex. And with her son-in-law in the same house, she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation.

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