Beltaine FireBeltaine Fire


Raven’s eyes swept the clearing observing the robed figures building the bonfire. Her own robe of lavender velvet accented by purple thread embroidered into a Celtic circle and other Celtic symbols acting as clasps to hold it closed, swirled around her sandaled feet.

As the sacred circle was drawn and the spirits invoked, the drummer and the piper began to play. Raven watched as a breeze moved through the clearing stirring embers within the fire to dance upward toward the star speckled night. The salt smell that filtered into the grove spoke of the sea that was not far away.

Raven made her way to the circle and waited for permission to enter. Only good was invoked and to break the circle was to invite evil in.

As she began to move to the music , chanting softly. Her violet eyes watched her fellow dancers. One dancer seemed to draw her attention. His powerful frame could not be disguised by the emerald green robe he wore. The only thing she could not see was his face.

As the dance picked up to follow the increased beat of the drums, Raven lost herself in the moment. Praising the God’s and Goddess’ for a good year and praying for a good season. The dancers moved.

Every once in awhile a movement would reveal a bared leg, as the beat picked up and the dancers got more into the rhythm. The priestess called for the final invocation and opened the circle, but the dancers still moved.

Raven’s hood fell away and her black hair gleamed in the firelight. Tendrils fell out of the bun she had put it in to tease her neck. The heat from the fire and the exertion as she danced made her reach up and unclasp the button at her throat.

A pair of emerald eyes watched her movement from across the fire. Raven felt his stare from across the blaze. His hood had also fallen back and his chestnut curls were damp at his nape. His robe opened into a vee and Raven saw the light spray of his chest hair.

Raven felt drawn to him and found herself dancing toward him, moving her hips suggestively. Letting her robe part to show her long tanned legs. His lips parted and the tip of his tongue came out to wet them as he smiled at her.

As she got close, Raven liked the way he had chosen a robe to match his eyes because that is why she wore her lavender robe.

He held out his hands and she took them as they matched their rhythm to each other. Raven glanced around and noticed others had paired up. The magic of the night and the Beltaine fire was working on everyone.

He bent his head close and told her his name was Riley and he brought up her hand, turning it palm up he kissed the center.

The heat from his lips scorched her palm and Raven drew in a gasp. If a simple kiss like that burned her, she would be a pile of ash by dawn.

He pulled her in close and she could smell the sandalwood soap he had bathed in. They swayed to the drums, their bodies brushing together. He gathered one of the tendrils of her hair and let it run through his fingers, then reaching up took the pins from her hair.

As her midnight locks fell down her back, his eyes lit up. The ends stopped at just above her knees, ringlets separated to fall into soft waves.

His hand did not stop at taking her hair down it moved down her neck to her breast where he undid another clasp. She felt the breeze blow on her exposed flesh and instead of cooling it , she felt hotter.

Raven felt she should return the favor and reached up to undo one of the clasps on his robe. Her fingers lightly brushed against the wiry softness of his chest hair.

She reached down and took his hand the led him away from the fire toward the grove of trees that surrounded the clearing. As they went she reached down and grabbed the bag she had left at the tree line.

Raven had learned to always be prepared for festival fires, especially the Beltaine fire. She had scoped out the area when she had arrived, wanting to find the perfect spot for after circle activities.

Raven had found a spot close to the water, and it was surrounded by big rocks with a small clearing in the center. As they had walked she had unbuttoned the last clasps on her robe.

When they got into the clearing, she pulled out a blanket out of her bag. And she walked to the center of the clearing . She spread the blanket out and stood up, then let her robe fell to the ground.

The moon was full and cast enough light for him to see all she offered. She stood about 5’6″ and her breast were a 36c cup with dusty pink areola and darker pink nipples. His eyes traveled down to take in her small waist that then flared to her hips. In her navel a pearl caught the moon’s glow. Her legs were long and slender, as she bent to get a bottle of wine out of her bag, he was gifted with the site of her perfectly almanbahis rounded bottom.

As she stood and turned toward him, Raven knew she had aroused him because of the tent blossoming from his robe and the gleam in his eyes. She wanted to see him bathed in moonlight and she told him this as she sat down on the blanket.

He turned with his back to her and undid his robe. He let it fall slowly revealing his strong muscular back that tapered into a nice waist. She licked her lips as his perfect ass made its appearance. It was one of those ass’s that begged to be squeezed and caressed.

Raven lay back resting on her elbows as he turned and she saw that the hair on his chest spread across both pecs then tapered down his belly to his groin, where jutting out proudly stood his erection. He looked to be about 9-91/2 inches long and just the right size width ,big enough to enjoy but not to choke on. Raven knew she would enjoy sucking his cock.

He knelt on the blanket and Raven remembered the wine she held. She slowly drew out the cork, when it came free, she tilted the bottle back and took a drink letting some of the wine dribble down her chin, to slowly drip toward her upturned nipples.

She passed the bottle to him and he drank, his eyes following the trail the wine made down her chest. He passed it back saying he preferred to drink his wine from her body. She smiled a taking another drink , let more drip down her chest.

She leaned back offering him a drink, he leaned toward her kissing her lips, licking the wine from them. The feel of his tongue licking her lower lip, made Raven melt. She slowly stuck her tongue out to meet his.

Their tongues picked up the dance that they had recently left. Parring and thrusting in each others mouth. Raven drew his tongue in to lightly suck on it, giving him a taste of what she would do to his cock. He returned the sucking action to her tongue and Raven felt her pussy contract and her clit hardened.

As they continued to kiss, their hands weren’t idle. Each seemed not to be able to get enough of the other. He broke the kiss to trail baby kisses down her neck, sucking after the trail the wine had made. Light flicking motions of his tongue as he lapped at her skin seemed to ignite sparks within her body.

He had reached one of her hardened nipples and he slowly circled around the nipple, kissing and licking . Raven wanted him to take it into his mouth. She lay back to give him full access but he skirted around it moving across to the other breast. Here he did the same until Raven was panting for need to feel that mouth surrounding her nipples.

He looked up at her, smiled seductively and answered her whimpered request. Slowly he flicked the left nipple and an eruption of lava swept through Raven’s blood. He drew the tip into his mouth and sucked on it lightly as his tongue continued to flick it. He sucked more of her tit into his mouth, gradually sucking harder. Raven’s hands had found their way to his hair and she pushed him against her, silently pleading for more.

As he pulled away she moaned but he was just beginning as he took her nipple between his teeth and gently bit down. Raven felt her first orgasm coursing through her body and when he broke the bite and gave the other tit the same treatment, she lay her head back and just let the sensations flood her.

While his mouth worshiped her breast, his hand traveled to the apex of her thighs to find her pretty pussy. Raven spread her legs and his thumb found her pebble hard clit and slowly he rubbed it. And as he bit on her tit, he flicked her clit. Raven moaned and arched her back as she came. His finger found her hole and she rode her climax, he entered her with sure hands, stroking her as he sucked on her tits.

Soon he had two fingers fucking her. Tickling her, just as she crested on her first orgasm. He found her G-spot and tapping a finger against it, set off another wave. By this time Raven was whimpering and bucking her hips, she needed more.

As if sensing her need , he withdrew his fingers. Raven felt bereft and empty but his head was moving down. And as he moved between her legs, Raven opened wider to allow him full access. He spread the lips of her pussy, allowing him a perfect view of her rock hard clit, that looked like a dark pink pearl resting in a lighter pink shell. He told her she had a beautiful pussy and then lowered his head to taste her.

He drew her clit into his mouth, gently teasing it with his tongue. Raven felt little sparks shoot through her body. She raised her hips to his mouth, he sucked on her clit but then his tongue would flick hit hard and he would lick down toward her hole, then back up . As he sucked on her clit , his chin rested on her hole and almanbahis yeni giriş he would move his chin against it.

Her orgasms were building quicker now and another one was growing. He took her legs and raised them above his head so that her pussy hole was at the right level and began to tongue fuck her. He would withdraw and suck on her hole then lick her clit, take it in his mouth, then lick back down to her hole sucking her sweet cum.

Raven’s head was thrown back as her strongest orgasm shook through her. Her body was jerking as if someone had attached strings to her nerves and was pulling them. Little lights were erupting behind her eyelids. She felt plugged in. She felt like she was going to overload on the electric feeling.

He broke contact when he felt her body go stiff then relax. He reached up to her chest to check her breathing. Once he felt her breathing steady, he began to finger her tight pussy. As he entered her, he felt the small contractions as her orgasm rippled through her. She was so wet.

He gently stroked her then he bent to take her clit into his mouth again. As he stroked her with two fingers his pinky teased her asshole, slowly working into it. She moaned as he entered her ass fully with his finger, then her body started to convulse as another orgasm rippled through her.

Raven’s mind was mush. She couldn’t think, only feel the extreme pleasure his mouth and hands were giving her, but she felt the need to take him in her mouth. She wanted to give him the same pleasure, the same rapture.

When he broke contact with her clit, she moved to let him know she was ready to do something else. She felt so empty as he removed his fingers from her ass and pussy.

She slowly sat up, still feeling a little dizzy and kissed him deeply. The taste of her own juices turned her on, because it had felt so good.

Raven pushed him back as they continued to kiss. He lay prone now. Open to whatever she wanted to do to him. She broke the kiss to rain butterfly kisses down his neck stopping briefly to suck at the juncture where his neck and shoulder met. This was one of her favorite places on a man.

After leaving a small love bite, she moved down to his chest, feeling his chest hair tickle her chin. She found one nipple and flicked it with her tongue. The pebble hard nubbin seemed to jump at her tongue. Raven loved the feel of his nipple on her tongue. She licked slow circles around it causing it to stand harder, then she raked her teeth over it gently.

His inhaled breathe told her he liked what she was doing. She nibbled on his tit a little more then moved to the other one. She didn’t want it to get lonely. As she played and teased his nipples, his fingers were fanning through her hair.

Raven felt his erection against her chest and rubbed her breast against it. She began kissing down his chest stopping to nip and nibble around his navel. Moving lower still following the trail of dark hair to where his cock stood proudly.

Raven grabbed hold of it to feel the iron shrouded in soft flesh. She rubbed the head, then lowered her lips to it. Her tongue reached out to taste it. She licked it slowly, taking her time. Enjoying the feel of him on her tongue, his salty-spicy taste. Her fingers wandered down to gently knead his balls as she took the head into her mouth.

Raven swirled her tongue around the head then , teasing his pee hole with the tip of her tongue. All the while working her mouth around the head. Taking more of his cock in as her tongue continued to flick and swirl over the head and around.

Halfway down she came back up to the head only to go back down, taking him deeper into her mouth. Sucking on his cock and when she came back to the head , she sucked a little harder , shaking her head like a dog with it’s favorite bone.

Her temp increased as she felt his hands buried deep in her hair guiding her head as he thrust up into her mouth. He was groaning deep in his throat as she sucked harder. Taking him all the way down. He tongue slipping out at the base to lick his balls. She licked up his cock and then just licked and nibbled her way back down to his balls.

She had been kneading them while sucking them and they had grown harder and tighter as she gave his cock her adoration. Now she wanted to savor the feel of his balls in her mouth.

He widened his legs to give her an unobstructed view of his package. She took first one nut in her mouth, rolling it around in her mouth, sucking softly on it. Then sucking in the other nut . Sucking on them, rolling them against each other. Then releasing them she licked further, teasing his taint- between his ass hole and his balls, flicking her tongue over the area. This was the spot where you got the almanbahis giriş real smell of a man.

He growled deep in his throat, then told her, he wanted to feel her hot pussy around his cock. He needed her pussy around his cock.

Raven made one more round on his cock. And as she lifted her head, the suction made a loud popping sound.

Sliding up to kiss him, Raven straddled him, the tip of his cock teasing her wet entrance. Guiding him in with her hand, she felt him glide into her moist warmth.

The feeling of him filling her felt so good and when she had taken him all the way in , she moved just slightly letting her pussy become accustom to the feel of him.

When she could wait no longer she rose to the point of him almost coming out, then rocked back down. Raven slowly started to ride his engorged member, squeezing her muscles as she withdrew, then advanced back down.

Raven felt his hands grab hold of her tits and he squeezed them in time with her pussy contractions. She threw back her head and rode him harder. Soon he lifted her up and off his cock. He flipped her over onto her back and taking her by the ankles, he slipped back in. Where riding him she had felt impaled, now he ground into her spreading her legs in a vee, reaching deeper spots.

She could feel his cock, expanding as it brushed back into her. He then put her ankles on his shoulders and bent forward to kiss her. He slowed his rhythm, just letting the feel of their bodies joined bring on an intense pleasure. Long, steady strokes with an occasional twist to ake her look at him with her darkened violet eyes. Then he would pull out and then enter roughly.

Raven loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out. The pleasure was so intense. She felt another orgasm building and when he reached down and thumbed her clit she came hard. Her pussy walls milking him and he continued to ride her. She was whimpering and moaning and he would play with her clit, making her buck up against him. Then he would lean forward and take one of her nipples in his teeth and bite just a little.

By now Raven was riding one intense orgasm after another. But she wanted more. She told him she wanted him from behind. He withdrew and Raven’s pussy mourned his removal. Flipping over on her knees, he quickly re-entered her.

Raven reached under her body to play with her slit and his balls as he fucked her. He withdrew and fingered her covering his fingers with her juices, then re-entered her. He used her cum to lubricate her ass and while he pumped her pussy, he fingered her asshole.

He had his hands spayed out with both thumbs spreading her ass entering her. Raven loved to be filled with cock, fingers and toys. She told him that there was some oil and a small dildo in her bag.

He chuckled and said she came prepared, in answer she squeezed on his cock with her pussy muscles. He had the toy out and oiled up quickly and without stopping she felt the toy enter her ass.

As he pushed the toy in he withdrew almost completely out then he rammed into her. Raven felt her next orgasm rip through her as the sensation became so intense. He was moving both his cock and the toy quickly now. As her orgasm caused her pussy to contrast against him, she felt knew he was getting closer.

Raven felt his cock going deeper and deeper. Closer and closer to the sweet spot where Heaven awaited. His strokes were becoming faster and he would almost totally withdraw then buck back into her. The toy was forgotten as he grabbed her by the hips grinding faster and faster.

Raven felt it then, the head of his cock entered her cervix. The feeling of being opened so deep within was electric. Raven heard a roaring in her ears and she was screaming “Yes” at the top of her lungs, then as the most intense of her orgasms shot through her, it became just a guttural growl.

He was fucking her hard now and growling himself as he let himself go. Raven felt him come inside her, the head of his dick feeling like it was double what it had started out as. He continued to pump into her as his orgasm and her own continued.

Raven felt as if her whole body were made of jell-O, both of their breathing was slowly coming back to normal. He was still within her, moving back and forth just a little. They were both coated with a fine sheen of perspiration. Slowly the world was coming back into focus.

He kissed her sweetly as he withdrew from her body. Rolling onto his side, she reached up and caressed the side of his face. The sound of water lapping at the rocks beyond made Raven move.

She sat up and taking a drink of wine, she tried to get the world to stop spinning. Little sparks fired behind her closed eyes. She handed him the bottle then slowly she got to her feet, then stood while he drank.

Raven held out her hand to him and he stood and took it. She guided him from their lover’s circle to the water and they swam.

In the clearing they could see the glow of the Beltaine fire as they frolicked in the water. The drums had fallen silent.

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