Michelle and Lili AgainMichelle and Lili Again


After the couple of days we had had with our new friends, – Jeff, Andy, Linda and Sue – (who, incidentally, had invited us to stay with them some time at one of their houses) plus our “older” friends, Mandy and Charles, Tricia and I felt a little exhausted, but we knew that a night’s sleep would do wonders towards our recovery. We stayed at a municipal camping site overnight, and decided to sleep in separate bunks so as to recover more quickly, for who knows what was to come?

Next day we were able to arrive earlier than had been intended, and both refreshed and somewhat recovered we looked for our usual pitch, hoping that it had not been taken. We were in luck – it had not, and was standing invitingly as if the actual pitch itself would be pleased to see us.

But what pleased me even more was to see, on the very next pitch, as they had done last year, the French caravan belonging to Pierre, Lili, and (of course) their daughter Michelle.

I had already told Tricia about Michelle, as readers of my last story about Mandy will know, so when I told her that the next pitch was taken by Pierre, Lili and Michelle she could hardly contain herself, wanting to meet them as soon as possible, which she did.

We had hardly unhitched, gone inside to strip off so that we would blend in with the rest of the naturists on the site, than we took out the awning to erect and to attach to the caravan,but as we took it out of the car there came a sudden “‘Allo!” from the next caravan, and Pierre came running out, naked, naturally, as this was a nudist site. “Mel!” he shouted, running with his arms outstretched, and then calling to whoever was inside his caravan that Mel was here again.

Immediately Lili came running out, followed by Michelle, plus another girl of around the same age, and a boy who seemed presumably to be her twin.

Quickly I introduced Tricia, pointedly telling them that Tricia only knew them from what I had told them but saying that she knew how friendly we had become last year, right to the last detail.

Michelle now told us that she had been concentrating on learning English for the past year, as she felt that she had not been able to speak enough last year, and came up to me and openly kissed me, while one of her hands surreptitiously crept between us to fondle my limp penis. Lili and Pierre looked on with amusement at this, and Tricia seemed to be amused as well. So, on my introducing her, she copied Michelle’s movements with Pierre, her hand sneakily fondling his thick protrusion, while Lili and Michelle both silently laughed.

As is the custom amongst the French, though, I also had to embrace as well as shake hands with Pierre, who then introduced us to his nephew Didier, or Didi for short, and his niece Josephine, or Fifi for short. He explained that they were twins, and I was delighted to find, on my kissing Fifi on both cheeks, that she was cheekily rubbing her breasts against my naked chest!

Then, in only a slightly accented English she murmured into my ear, “You will find me as enjoyable as you did Michelle, ma cher.”

Anyway, niceties and introductions over, we all set to, and soon the awning was tightly secured, and we were able to take a rest.

“You would like a drink?” asked Pierre, indicating that we should join him and his family in their own awning. We agreed, and Tricia and I followed him inside, where, to our amusement, Işıklar Escort Michelle was sitting back on a lounger chair, and Jules was sitting on her lap, facing away from her.

Sitting opposite them were Lili and Fifi, similarly positioned except that Fifi was sitting on Lili’s lap. But what took our attention was the fact that Michelle’s hands were round Jules’s now erect cock, and she was pumping him quite strongly. Lili’s and Fifi’s eyes were intently fixed on the scene before them, although Lili’s own hands were toying with Fifi’s pussy, as she sat with legs splayed out

Suddenly Jules cried out in French, “Je viens! Je viens!”, whereupon Fifi jumped up and in a trice had fastened her mouth over his elongated tool, where it was obvious she was taking in his cum as he convulsed in his throes of ejaculation. As soon as he seemed to have subsided, though, Fifi, her cheeks bulging as if she was retaining all the fluid in her mouth and not swallowing it, put her mouth to that of Michelle, where she obviously began to take in some of it from Fifi. But then Lili ran over to them and began to openly kiss Michelle, evidently taking her share of his cum, just as Fifi presented her own mouth, still with its contents, to Didi for him to taste, too!

Tricia was entranced! She has stood quite still during all the above action, but now she, too, was goaded into action as she dropped down in front of me and started to give me one of the most frantic blow-jobs she had ever given me, using her hand forcibly to speed up my ejaculating. I was half there already, though, after witnessing the wonderful scene so enacted fore us, and soon I was spurting into Tricia’s eager mouth, which she allowed to fall open for the others to watch. And no sooner had I finished than Lili dropped to her knees in front of me to finish off whatever might have remained on my cock after Tricia had drained as much as she could.

I forget who was kissing whom after that, but I do know that each of them had a share. So, when Pierre appeared out of the inside of his caravan, holding a tray of drinks, they were most welcome.

Appetites temporarily fulfilled, we sat and chatted for a while, as Didi and I recovered from our efforts. It was natural, too, I suppose, that we all sat together for a meal later on, as Lili fed us all with a delightful salad.

The meal over, we naturally sat around, sipping wine, swapping stories, and I was amazed at how much Michelle’s English had improved during the last twelve months, so much so that whenever Pierre or Lili was hesitant for a word she immediately came out with the correct one.

Night fell, though, faster than it does at home where we were used to longer twilights, and although we continued drinking, we were gradually pairing off in a way. For instance, Tricia gravitated towards Pierre, and Didi and his Aunt Lili were sitting extremely closely together, their arms straying towards the other’s more sensitive areas. I found myself between Michelle and Fifi, two nineteen-year olds with more than just a brazen outlook.

As the evening wore on, though, and the drinking began to take more effect, Lili discreetly pulled the awning window curtain across so that we were now virtually unseen from outside.

None of us, though, had any inhibitions whatsoever, and fondling continuously took place, with no restrictions Escort Işıklar as to the participants.

But then Fifi whispered, or rather spoke in a loud whisper, that it was time we were all going to bed, and that she and Michelle would be more than happy to keep me warm!

Didi and Lili were already engrossed in foreplay, and Pierre and Tricia seemed oblivious to everyone, as they embraced and groped.

So, without causing a disturbance whatsoever, we all three quietly left and into my caravan, where we immediately fell onto the previously made-up bed.

I was unable to count the number of times we dropped off to sleep, to be awakened soon afterwards by one or the other or all three of us making violent love, and more than once I awoke to find the two girls performing in “sixty-nine”!

Next morning, though we all seemed to sober up and realise that we had some chores which were necessary, so we mutually and automatically set to, making up the beds, going to the shop for bread rolls, and generally tidying the place to make it look a little more respectable.

But, later on, the weather began to heat up again, so what was more natural than we all go to the swimming pool.

As we went, memories came flooding back to me of the previous year, when I had first more or less met Lili at the Jacuzzi and then the pool. This memory was especially recalled when the first tow into the Jacuzzi were Pierre and Michelle, repeating their last year’s position. In other words, Pierre sat down on the sunken ledge and Michelle immediately sat on his lap, her hands behind her and, in spite of it being a public place, presumably cupping his cock and balls. This seemed even more likely when his hands firstly cupped her firm breasts, rolling each nipple in turn, before sliding down and placing them between her accommodating thighs before she gently closed them to trap his hands as they explored her soft pussy.

But, to my surprise, but also delight, Lili sat down and repeated Pierre’s actions but not with Didi – but with Tricia! Didi, instead, was copying them with his twin sister, Fifi, who was less inhibited in spite of the public area by spreading her legs wider to openly expose Didi’s fingers exploring her intimate regions.

I was on my own, temporarily, but did not mind, as I had brought my digital camera with me, and now proceeded to take snapshots of all of them in turn. Unfortunately for me, though, this started to turn me on and soon I found that I was compelled to enter the water in order to disguise my stiffening erection. Luckily for us all, though, no-one else seemed to be around, although we could hear quite a few people chattering round the poolside area, separated from us, providentially, by a fairly thick hedge.

But all good things come to an end, and so when we heard voices approaching that was sufficient notice for us all, and quickly we assumed conventional positions, appearing to the newcomers as just a family group enjoying the Jacuzzi. As these others entered the water, though, Lili and Tricia clambered out and walked towards the main pool just down the path. A few seconds later Pierre and Michelle did likewise, Pierre saying to me that they were going for a swim, and would I like to join them.

Actually we all made for the pool, and once again I was able to have a replay of last year, when Lili Işıklar Escort Bayan swam over to me, and told me to stand by the step-ladder as she was about to climb out.

Knowing what she had in mind I swam to the side of the step-ladder and gazed intentionally as Lili put her feet on the rungs and slowly climbed out, deliberately lingering between each step to display her enticing pussy in all its glory to my eager eyes.

But scarcely had she got out of the water, then I felt a nudge and a voice saying “Pardonnez-moi, s’il vous plait”, and Fifi pushed past and repeated Lili’s method of leaving the water, but she finished by actually sitting on the side of the pool, her feet touching the water, her legs slightly splayed out so that her pussy was revealed sufficiently to anyone just in front of and below her, which I was. I continued to gaze at this wonderful sight until I was interrupted once again by another voice as Michelle, too, decided to copy her mother and her cousin, by exposing themselves so plainly to me. By now I had been joined by Pierre and Didi, and we all three were thoroughly enjoying the scenes being displayed for our benefit.

Finally Tricia, who had been hovering close by, pushed between us and said, “Now it is my turn.” And she, too, started to clamber out, except that in her case she reached the top, and leaving one foot on the top step she placed the other one as far away as she could to really open up her lips, as she slowly bent both knees and lowered herself towards us. She remained in that position for a few seconds as her swollen hole pulsed, opening and closing in her excitement at really being so able to display herself so much in public.

Then once again everyone played in the water, and we all fooled around for a while, touching one another especially when we were able to do so un-noticed by others in the pool.

But eventually we decided to sunbathe for a while, and lying on the sunbeds all four girls lay in such a way as to appear quite unconcerned about what they might be showing, but actually trying to show as much as decency (if there is such a thing in a nudist site) would allow. We three men, though, had to lie face down in order to maintain our own decency, as each of us was sporting at least half an erection, thanks to our partners.

Soon, though, and all too soon, it was time to call it a day, as we returned to our caravans in order to prepare evening meals. Again we joined together, and the four ‘girls’ cooperated in preparing another delightful salad for all of us.

After that it was natural to repeat the previous evening’s activities, and I lost count of how many times I fucked and licked until I was too exhausted to perform any more. And I had dried up, too, as far as my cum was concerned. Sore, yet contented, we all more or less slept where we were, in caravan or awning, as it was such a warm night.

But next morning came the crunch – it was time to say goodbye to Pierre and his family once again. They had to leave fairly early to make the journey home before nightfall. This time, though, we exchanged e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and addresses before we said goodbye.

As Shakespeare once said, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” And it was. But we have decided that next year we will try to time our holidays so that we are staying on the same site but at more or less the same time, instead of last year and this present year when we just overlapped.

For Tricia and me, though, there was one consolation – Mandy and Charles were due to arrive later that day, although late in the evening. At least, then, we would have something to look forward to, even if the Duvals would not be there.

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