The StepThe Step


Meghan had arrived at the club, completely prepared for the next stage of the game, the step. She had practiced hanging upside down for a little while, last weekend and had enjoyed sucking Mr. Hardgrove’s cock upside down, as well. Mr. Hardgrove came up behind Meghan, where she was standing, in the foyer of the club.

“Come with me. It is time for the step.” he whispered in her ear.

Meghan followed him, eagerly, thinking happy thoughts of getting fucked, hopefully upside down. Mr. Hardgrove helped her up a step, then he assisted Meghan in lifting her feet to place them on the overhead metal bar with attachments for her feet. Once upside down, Meghan felt good, and her pussy started juicing in anticipation of getting fucked upside down. Mr. Hardgrove brought out a very large dildo that measured 21 inches in length and 9 inches in circumferential length.

“I’m going to fuck your pussy good!” Mr. Hardgrove exclaimed as he shoved the entire dildo into Meghan’s cunt.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!” Meghan sighed, loudly enjoying having her pussy stretched to its limits. She could feel the ridges and veins of the monster dildo in her pussy stretching it so nicely for her.

“Harder please!” She implored Mr. Hardgrove. Mr. Hardgrove, in turn, did his best to pump Meghan’s pussy furiously deep and hard at a very frenzied Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort pace.

“Yes. That’s the ticket. I can see your pussy juices are gushing out of your pussy, even upside down.” Mr Hardgrove marveled.

“I want your cock in my mouth again, Mr. Hardgrove, please!” she begged of him as she reached out her hands and pulled him towards her, fumbling at his zipper until she managed to unzip it while upside down.

Mr. Hardgrove placed the tip of his cock at Meghan’s lips and instructed her to lick the tip slowly then faster and faster and to open up wide as he wanted Meghan to take HIS ENTIRE COCK down her throat, while she was hanging upside down.

“Uh huh” Meghan managed to say with Mr. Hardgrove’s cock almost gagging her as his cock swelled in her mouth and completely lodged in the back of her throat.

“Unnnnnngh!” Meghan sighed as her face turned completely purple. She was having difficulty breathing.

“Sorry about that. How about now?” Mr. Hardgrove asked Meghan as he readjusted his cock so that it wasn’t lodged in her throat anymore and she could breathe again.

“Better. Thank you. Pump my pussy harder with that dildo will you.” Meghan begged him.

“Okay.” Mr. Hardgrove responded as he gripped the giant dildo with two hands and Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort started, slowly at first, to pump Meghan’s cunt in a rhythmic smooth motion, then he began to pump her harder and harder until at a chaotic rhythm, first slowly then harder and harder until Meghan started shaking uncontrollably. That was when Mr. Hardgrove unfastened Meghan’s feet attachments and carried her, down the step and into the adjoining room.

The adjoining room was Mr. Hardgrove’s apartment and he was waiting to get Meghan in there for the longest time! Meghan didn’t know it, but the game was really his screening process for a lover. He wanted to know the erotic potential of the candidates that he was interested in. Thus far, Meghan was the only one that showed her true slutty ways and freely expressed her orgasms while she demonstrated to him as what SHE WAS CAPABLE OF SEXUALLY. He doubted, that after “testing” her so thoroughly in the many stages of the game that SHE WOULD EVER BORE HIM SEXUALLY. And not only that, but SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT KEPT COMING BACK EVERY WEEKEND, NON FAIL AND ALWAYS STOOD UP TO THE CHALLENGE OF THE GAME. Truth be told, Mr. Hardgrove had decided to make Meghan his own personal pet because SHE POSSESSED THE QUALITIES HE WAS LOOKING FOR. She was friendly, eager to Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort please and very willing just as a good pet is and what is more is the fact that she ENJOYED HERSELF IMMENSELY! Mr. Hardgrove had planned to put a leash and collar Meghan and walk her around his apartment, while she was on all fours. He quickly went and fetched the collar and leash and put them on Meghan.

“Heel!” Mr. Hardgrove commanded of Meghan and she sat back on her haunches.

“Up!” Mr. Hardgrove commanded of Meghan and she got up from her haunches back onto her hands and knees.

“Let’s walk for a bit.” Mr. Hardgrove said and he started to parade Meghan around the room.

After he was satisfied that Meghan could follow simple orders. He pulled her up from her hands and knees and told her to get cleaned up and get dressed. She was ready for the apartment, the last phase of the game.

“But Mr. Hardgrove. I don’t want to leave. I want to stay here with you and go on to the apartment.” Meghan informed him.

“Well then, just follow me, Meghan. The apartment just happens to be right next door. “

When Mr. Hardgrove and Meghan had entered the apartment, Mr. Hardgrove said, “Welcome to my abode Meghan.”

Meghan was still standing there exhausted but thrilled as she observed the modified modern day dungeon that was Mr. Hardgrove’s apartment.

Mr. Hardgrove rubbed his groin up against Meghan’s butt and whispered in her ear, “I’d like you to get a feel for my apartment. Here, let me get the leash and collar on you again and we can take a walk around the apartment.”

Meghan felt her pussy juices gush down her inner thighs and run down to her ankles.

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