The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 10bThe Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 10b


Precursor: This is part 10b of the series and it is about the fantasy we have as a cuckold couple. We have engaged in many acts of cuckoldry, but the story itself is fiction. If you are offended by this type of lifestyle than please don’t read. It amazes me that we continue to get such negative comments to this series from people claiming that we are uneducated or despised for the lifestyle we choose to live. We are very much a loving couple and this is just an extension of our lives together. Again, if you are offended by cuckold situations, bisexuality or humiliation, please don’t read the story. Also, we have a unique writing style which we modified for this particular part (using … versus quotes, etc.). Please let us know if this is easier and better to read. Also, unsure if we will share more parts or not and depends on the views of our readers here. If after all of this, you choose to read, we appreciate it 🙂


Part 10b SF Continued

Master and my wife entered hand in hand with me behind them and there was already a gathering of people standing in the rather large ballroom. Master nodded and waved to a few people as he led us to the back. We entered the kitchen and Master simultaneously, and quite loudly, clapped his hands and whistled to get the attention of the cooks and servers. It became evident that this was Master’s establishment as the employees circled quickly with clear respect for him.

Master then proceeded to explain the situation, “this here is slave and he will be helping our team in serving the good folks that are attending the party this evening. He is my slave and tonight he will essentially be your slave as well. He does not need or deserve respect so use his services as you see fit and feel free to humiliate, degrade, demean, and torment him as you wish. All I am asking is that you at least give him the ability to keep me, my slut here, and the guests near me well served with appetizers and beverages and don’t put him in such an obvious predicament to cause me or my guests great discomfort.”

Master then motioned to my wife, his beautiful slut. “this woman is slave’s wife and slave’s superior Mistress, but she is my owned slave,” and with that comment Master persuasively guided her into a position where she was bent over with her ass facing the crowd of employees that had now more closely gathered around.

Master further solidified his authority as he further channeled her into an even more shameful position with her legs widely spread and her hands grasping her ankles. Slut’s dress rose up completely exposing her delicious ass and freshly fucked pussy. Though Master’s lengthy cock had buried his cum deep inside of her, the walk and gravity was taking effect and you could see her stretched, swollen and reddened cum soaked pussy starting to leak.

I stared at my wife’s abused cunt in amazement and though clearly evident, Master explicitly told his crew, with great pride, that he had just enjoyed his slut’s delicious pussy on the limousine ride over. There were some laughs, ample claps, some unrecognizable remarks, and even some gasps as the employees stared in awe at my wife’s exposed and used body.

Master continued, “slave get on your knees and clean your wife of my precious cum!”

Embarrassed, but without a choice I immediately complied and once on my knees I eagerly buried my tongue inside of my wife, Master’s slut. Though immensely humiliating, I so enjoyed the opportunity of touching, tasting, licking and pleasing my wife in whatever way I was able to do so these days.

Master’s degradation continued, “don’t be so eager you cum loving slave…I want my slut leaking all night so just savor my previous cum on the outside of your wife’s pussy, the cum that has already left my slut’s stretched cunt hole… we want to keep that baby making cum inside of her to do its work.”

For a second I was shocked at Master’s commentary, but the three of us knew that my wife getting pregnant was not possible…Master clearly did this for the reaction of the employees and to further illustrate his ownership of us in front of them. The shock factor worked as more gasps could be heard as I zealously lapped Master’s cum from the outside of my wife’s pussy lips.

Master then further perplexed me, “I want to thank all of you in advance for your work this evening and for those efforts, I will be taking a few of you with us to Vegas tomorrow on my private plane. Anyone who wishes to be considered must be eager to fuck this beautiful slut, must be well endowed to stretch and torment her hungry cunt as she has become quite the size queen after finally experiencing a real man’s cock after all these years.”

Master smacked my wife’s ass just above where I was worshipping her delicious pussy. He then coerced a response from her, “isn’t that right my slut…your tiny cocked husband does not do it for you anymore and you need thick long cocks to please you?”

“Yes Master,” escaped my wife’s mouth immediately which Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort caused me to feel even more submissive and embarrassed if that feeling was possible.

I realized that what Master said was in fact true, but hearing it and getting my wife’s confirmation while I cleaned her pussy of Master’s creamy thick cum was piercing.

Master continued before I could further contemplate the situation, “other requirements for those interested in traveling with us and fucking this beautiful slut are that you must have staying power and an ability to recover quickly as slut’s lustful desires can only be satiated by endless hours of rough and forceful fucking. Finally and this should go without saying, but you must be disease free and testing will be completed by my physician prior to wheels up so the weekend will be filled with bareback fun for those of you meeting the mentioned requirements.”

Master then proceeded with his comments, “those interested will order slave to take a few nude photos of you and will have slave measure your erect cock both length and girth.”

Master paused, “oh and feel free to use his mouth to get those cocks hard, he chuckled…slave is becoming a better and better cock sucker all the time.”

Master then positioned Miss Jenny upright and her face was bright red from enduring the humiliating position both physically and mentally.

Master commented in a playful tone, “awwww slut blushes.”

Master handed slut the tube of lipstick and without a word spoken, she immediately applied another thick layer to my already bright red lips. I was unsure if my clean-up duties caused the lipstick to smear or rub off or if this was just another act to properly humiliate me. Regardless it worked…my mind raced and I felt completely disgraced as my lips were coated with the deep red lipstick.

Master then fixed slut’s dress, engaged her in a passionate kiss and then they departed the kitchen hand in hand. I rose from my knees and as Master exited, there were several crude remarks splayed in my direction. Specifically and most impactful came from a large (tall and muscular) black employee, “you are some kind of faggot,” he paused, “still, I can’t wait to stuff your wife’s cunt with my large black snake and flood her with my baby making cum.”

Laughs were shared amongst the group as I tilted my head towards the floor in utter shame.

The evening evolved about as expected, I was consistently sent out with drinks and appetizers and was ignored by the guests as I served them. There was the occasional glance and demeaning look at my outfit or lipstick, but everyone seemed to be engrossed in their own conversations. Master and even my wife ignored me as I served them which stung more than I imagined it would. If I did not know better, I would have just assumed that Miss Jenny and Master were a happy, loving, professional couple. It was a different scenario inside the kitchen, I had taken pictures and recorded stats for 15 males and of the group, 4 of them had forced their sweaty cocks into my mouth.

Uniquely 3 of the 4 that had done so, had been the most aggressive, and were the most verbally abusive, also sported the largest cocks of the group.

As the event neared its ending and the guests were shuffling from the venue, Master with Miss Jenny in tow came into the kitchen. Master again gathered the employees and then eagerly began his inquisition.

“Did you get your fill of cock back here slave,” Master asked and before I could answer over the deafening laughter in the crowd, he continued. “How many men were photographed and measured slave?”

I quickly answered, “15 Master.”

“What were the measurements for the top 5,” Master asked?

Again I quickly complied with an answer, “Gilbert was the largest with 10.5 inches in length and 6.5 inches in girth, Jeremy is 10 inches in length and also 6.5 inches in girth, Sam is 10 inches in length and 6 inches in girth, Louis is 9.5 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth and Trevor is 9 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth.”

Master seemed impressed and then asked a mortifying question, “did any of the 15 men measure or ask your size slave?”

I turned a deeper red and answered, “No Master.”

Again the laughter in the crowd was overwhelming and even Miss Jenny had a disconcerting grin on her face.

“And what do you measure in at slave?”

Quickly I replied hoping that Master would not force me to reveal my embarrassing tattoo for the group, “I measure 5.25 inches in length and 3.75 inches in girth Master.”

Master laughed and without delay ordered me to reveal my tattoo for the group. “And just so none of us forget your distinctly small size, you have that nice little tattoo slave don’t you?”

Master continued more authoritatively, “show it to the group now,” he commanded.

Knowing I had no choice I lifted my shirt and coat and lowered my pants slightly Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort to reveal my tattoo, “sissy slave OWNED BY MASTER B followed by MASTER’S COCK (9″) vs. slave’s lil clit (5.25″).”

Several of the men came closer to see it and everyone seemed shocked that I would in fact bear such markings. Master seemed pleased with his verbal torment, but he was not finished. “Now slave, did you suck any of the men that you measured,” Master asked.

I quickly answered that I had sucked 4 of the men’s cocks including the three largest in Jeremy, Gilbert and Sam.

“And did they taunt you slave,” Master asked?

Again I answered swiftly, “yes Master all three were verbally and physically aggressive Master.”

“Good,” Master replied and with that he asked the named men to come forward.

All three were stout individuals standing at least six feet tall with muscular physiques. Gilbert and Jeremy were both black (Jeremy was the one that had been initially abusive at the onset of the cocktail reception) and Sam was white and probably had been the most aggressive forcing his cock into my throat to get him hard for his measurement.

Master asked slut her thoughts and my wife smiled and said that all of them were indeed very sexy. Master then surprised the three men as he ordered me on my knees in front of them.

Master spoke, “rather than study the photos, why don’t each of you pull out those impressively sized cocks and give slave here a few dick slaps on his face.”

In order, Gilbert stepped up first, removed his striking manhood and swatted me on the face multiple times garnering amusement from the crowd. My wife’s eyes were wide open as she stared at Gilbert’s now growing massive prick. Master ordered me to thank Gilbert for dick slapping me by licking and kissing the bulbous cock head and thereafter allowed Gilbert to step back.

Jeremy was next and he was quickly taking the lead position in terms of aggressiveness. He pulled his dark member from his pants and belligerently commenced dick slapping me again and again and again until Master finally told Jeremy to stop.

Master seemed very pleased at this behavior and it was easy to see Jeremy’s excitement as he was fully erect with veins pulsating in his shaft. Master and slut looked at each other and both smiled at one another.

Again Master then ordered me to thank Jeremy by licking and kissing Jeremy’s massive cock head. As I did so, Jeremy took hold of my head and forced his huge member in my mouth and aggressively gagged me as it easily hit the back of my throat. I choked and spit as the cock was removed from my mouth. Jeremy then pressed the tip to my lips as I gained my composure and ordered me himself, “I want you to verbally thank me for allowing my precious cock in your faggoty mouth slave and afterwards you can give the head a nice kiss.”

I glanced at Master hoping he would insert authority but he just nodded at me. Immediately, I thanked Jeremy for allowing me to gag on his gigantic and superior cock and then kissed the head gently. Jeremy shoved my face after doing so and spent ample effort getting the monster back into his pants.

Sam, the only white male, then stepped forward and the process was much easier and similar to that of Gilbert. Still in a state of shock, I did verbally thank Sam prior to licking and kissing his cock.

Master turned to Miss Jenny after this process and she had a gleam in her eyes that left no doubt about her excitement. Master quickly made an executive decision and said that all three of them would be invited to Vegas and he would have a limo pick them up at 8am sharp the next morning.

My mind was all over the place at what had just transpired, what would be unfolding this weekend and specifically about the look in my wife’s eyes. I wondered with significant jealousy if my wife in fact was a size queen and after all of these years if that was truly what she wanted was massive cocks inside of her. It was like she could hear my thoughts as I glanced at her and she blushed. I was now even more horrified at the thought of these men fucking my wife. With that, Master turned and ordered both of us, his slut and slave, to follow in tow, Miss Jenny on his arm and me walking behind.

I heard Master tease Miss Jenny as we walked away, “those are some massive cocks that are going to fuck you this weekend,” he said and I stepped up quickly to see her reaction.

From the back I watched as she glanced at Master blushing deeply and she managed to get out a little bit of a sound. It was neither a hmmm or a moan, but somewhat in between and Master paid no attention continuing.

“You will have to please my driver first slut,” he said, which caused her head to ratchet back towards Master and slut’s face was one of shock.

As we approached the limousine, Master ordered me into the driver’s seat and told Thomas to get comfortable in the back seat with his slut.

Once Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort inside, Master spoke sternly, “slave you are going to drive around the city for a bit while slut pleases us both.”

“After the scene inside, my hormones are racing and I know that your wife’s are as well,” he continued.”

“You are to keep the divider open so that you can hear your wife’s pleasure and from time to time see your wife’s carnality and her efforts to satisfy us both. However, I assume this is your first time driving such a vehicle so you will drive safe and pay close attention to the road. Should anything happen, your punishment will be more severe than anything you can envision.”

With that, Master ordered slut to remove her dress, but to remain in her sexy heels. As I pulled away, I watched Miss Jenny shivering with nervousness and excitement as she slowly and seductively removed her dress. Master popped a bottle of champagne and poured three glasses for him, Thomas and my wife. Master then opened the moon-roof and ordered Miss Jenny to stand and expose herself to the public and laughed heartily as he was thrilled with his own command. I glanced back and watched as Miss Jenny hesitantly stood in her heels.

I could only see her naked body from her belly button down making it clear that her naked breasts were exposed for others to see. Master ordered slut to lower her hands and I smiled knowing that Miss Jenny must have been covering them up. Simultaneously, I watched as Master’s hands started rubbing my wife’s calves and I watched as Thomas took a large swig of champagne and then followed Master’s initiative. Thomas started higher up and was rubbing slut’s waist, but quickly began to massage my wife’s sexy bubble ass. His eagerness was clearly evident and within seconds his long thick fingers were rubbing over my wife’s moistening cunt.

Thomas commented, “your slut is certainly enjoying herself as she is already dripping,” and with that comment I glanced back to see his two thick long fingers thrust inside of her wet pussy.

I was unsure if I actually heard it or just envisioned the “squishing” sound as his fingers maneuvered deeper inside of her. Miss Jenny was shivering and I imagined it was from the cold wind versus experiencing an orgasm so quickly, but I could not be sure. A honk from a nearby car caused me to jerk slightly and the honking continued which I assumed was a result of someone spotting Miss Jenny’s naked breasts.

The noise subsided and I watched as Thomas whispered to Master. Immediately Master ordered slut back into the car. Miss Jenny reappeared and it was clear that she was flustered from what was transpiring. Master placed a blindfold on his slut and maneuvered her on her back, legs spread with her pussy facing me. The beautiful view was quickly ruined as Thomas placed himself between her legs as Master rested to the side. The back seat was suddenly lit up and I could see Master working to properly position what I imagined was a video camera. Suddenly, I heard Miss Jenny moan, but I could not see exactly was taking place.

Thomas was on his knees, but his pants were still on so I could only guess that he was fucking her with his fingers or some other object. I then watched his right arm as it began to piston back and forth in a steady, but fast paced fashion. Slut’s moans became louder and louder as I drove and my small cock was hardening in its cage. I actually felt myself leaking and Master began to laugh. Thomas was equally excited by what was transpiring and I felt submerged in deeper humiliation even though I knew that it had nothing to do with me or my leaking boy clit. Miss Jenny moaned loudly and I could see her body convulsing. Master then spoke, “she soaked you Thomas,” he said.

The light bulb clicked in my head as I heard Miss Jenny beg for Thomas, “please don’t stop she squealed, I have never squirted like that and I don’t want it to stop,” slut pleaded.

Both men laughed in unison and I watched Thomas continue his assault of my wife’s eager slutty pussy. I could still not see the penetration due to their positioning, but I could see his arm moving at a feverish pace. My wife began to scream, “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” and again the men laughed as I only envisioned that she was again squirting ample liquid from her slutty cunt.

Thomas turned around to me, “your wife is a dirty slut and thankfully you found the right Master to satisfy her carnal desires.”

Master then gripped slut and brought her off the limo seat. He motioned for Thomas to lay down and immediately Thomas removed his pants and complied. Master then spoke, “my dear slut, you are going to ride Thomas here like he has never been ridden. I want him to experience what a well-trained slut you have become and what a delicious whorish cunt you have. If you displease me, I will bruise both you and your sissy husband for everyone in Las Vegas to see tomorrow.”

Though slut was wearing a blindfold, I watched as she eagerly took Thomas’ shaft in her hand and swiftly positioned her cunt on the tip. She moaned loudly as she slammed down upon it and though I tried to see, I could only imagine his size given her scream as she did so. She began bucking on his cock and then loudly verbalized, “Your cock is huge Sir Thomas and feels amazing inside of my tight slutty cunt.”

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