Michael, Javier and LiMichael, Javier and Li


Michael, Javier and Li, all 18 years old, entered their final semester of high school having known each other since they tried out together for the basketball team four years ago. Since then, they had become the best of friends even though they came from very different backgrounds. Michael was black/white mix, his mother was American and met his father, a Jamaican doctor, who migrated to the US. He was the only one of the group who was born in the US. Javier migrated with his family from Honduras when he was very young. They’d made a difficult but honest and relatively decent living over the past fourteen years. Li, on the other hand was born in some remote village in China. He came to the US just six years earlier after his dad was offered a job as an engineer at a local factory.

Javier was definitely the most outgoing and outspoken of the group. He was tall and lean, wore his pants a little lower and could sweet talk any girl out of her panties. He still had a softer side and that was how he and Li became friends. When Li started school, he could barely speak English and was very shy. The other students often made fun of him.

Javier remembered all the times he had to translate for his parents and empathized with him. He tried his best to teach Li English and showed him how to play basketball and how to pick up chicks. Li’s English gradually got better until he was one of the most articulate writers and speakers in the class. Li was shorter than Javier but still well-muscled with washboard abs. Michael was a bit of a comedian. He met Javier and Li when they ended up on the same team for a tryout match. He was muscled and defined but a little heavier than Javier and Li. His most obvious feature, sometimes a source of embarrassment and pride, was his big meaty butt. Javier often poked fun at him for its massive size and would ask him how he managed to find jeans to fit. One time, Michael accidentally bent over and ripped his boxers in the locker room after practice and the team went wild with laughter. It was all good natured fun and he would often joke, “At least I got something for my girl to grab on to when I’m tearing up her pussy.”

The summer after high school, the young men were set on where they wanted their lives to go. Michael had enlisted in the marines, Javier had been attending night school to become a barber since his final year and Li was off to college to study engineering. Michael was heading off to San Diego to start his basic training in a week and Li would be heading to Iowa around the same time so this was going to be their final week together in a long time, possibly ever. They didn’t want to think about it like that but it remained in the back of their minds.

Thursday night rolled around and Javier and Michael had gone over to Li’s house to play video games and basketball. His dad was out of town for the weekend on business. They’d all gotten a little time away for their girlfriends for a boys night. They spent 2 hours playing games and then decided to shoot some hoops. Michael and Li played each other and then the winner took on Javier. By the end of the game which Javier obviously won, their shirtless bodies were drenched in sweat.

“Let’s go shower up. Don’t want Michael’s sweaty culo leaving prints on the chairs,” Javier suggested jokingly.

Michael and Li laughed.

“Good idea. That big booty going to take some time to clean up properly,” Li chuckled.

“Man, yal just jealous. But f’real though, my boxers sweaty as fuck. I should go first,” said Michael as he kicked off his basketball shorts and walked to the shower with his big bubble butt straining against his boxers.

One by one they showered off but, having got caught in conversation, they neglected to change into their new clothes and instead remained in their towels. As is common when most young men are gathered in a small group like this, the topic inevitably turned to sex and girls. They went through which of their exes gave the best head or had the tightest pussy. Javier recounted the first time his girlfriend let him do anal. Li and Michael Uzun porno were in awe.

“Bro, no homo or anything but your tool really thick based on what I seen in the shower. How you fit in all in her ass man?” Michael asked casually.

“You ain’t gotta say no-homo bro. It’s just you, me and Li. We all know you not gay. Anyhow, you just gotta go in nice and slow-like. Ain’t gonna lie though- I ate them groceries before I put it in if you know what I’m saying,” Javier responded with a sly grin and laughter. Li snickered. He was a little bit shyer about talking sex in such detail.

“You know Vanessa got that Latina thing in the back that I can’t resist man,” added Javier.

Since they sat around in just their towels, there wasn’t much to hide their arousal at Javier’s graphic descriptions. Even Javier had begun to pop a tent under his towel. Li raised his knees a little to hide his boner while Javier, who sat between Li and Michael on the bed, just put his hands behind his head. However, it was Michael who was the first to make a move.

“Damn bro. Talking that freaky shit got be feeling to bust a nut,” moaned Michael as he groped his cock through the towel.

“Looks like Li got the same idea” Javier jabbed playfully. Li looked embarrassed. He’d never been hard in front on other guys before. Javier, who had a particular soft spot for Li quickly tried to make him feel a little more comfortable.

“Yo Michael, do your thing man. If I’m being honest, I think I gotta drain my balls as well and we already got the towels here,” Javier then turned to Li. “C’mon Li, it’s the three amigos. We’re all hard so you ain’t gotta be shy bro. Nobody gonna make fun of you- I mean, not more than we usually make fun of each other.”

Javier, the Li-whisperer, finally got his buddy out of his shell enough to lose his towel. There they sat, side by side jerking their cocks.

Michael’s was about seven inches with a brownish head. He was the only one of the group who was circumcised. Javier was a whopping 9 inches and thick as a beer can with a huge set of balls that hung loosely in his hairless sac. His foreskin peeled back to reveal a bright, shiny, pink head. Li, also uncircumcised, was the smallest of the three with a rigid hard cock that measured about 6 inches and a scrotum tight against his body. They all sat there recounting their stories in graphic detail. Even Li chimed in.

“Sarah, that skinny white girl, gave me the best head I’d ever had in my life a month ago. She deep-throated my whole thing. I guess that’s the advantage of not having a monster cock like Javier,” Li joked. Javier laughed along.

Javier saw Michael out of the corner of his eye doing something a little strange. Michael’s other hand (the one not stroking his cock) was between his legs. At first Javier thought Michael might be playing with his balls or maybe his gooch. However, his hand seemed to be reaching a little far just to playing with his balls. Out of curiosity, Javier sat up to see if Michael was really doing what he suspected.

“Bro, Mike, you playing with your bootyhole over there? Wha- Bro! You are!” Javier exclaimed. Li sat up to see what he was talking about.

“Hey man! I ain’t on no gay shit or nothing. It’s just feels good is all,” Michael tried to answer. He looked mortified.

“Bro, I said already that we know you’re not a homo. Was just surprising is all.” Javier replied. Not wanting to kill the mood for Michael, he went further.

“Look bro, it’s just us guys. We all got our own lil secret spots on our body that drive us wild. If you like playing with your booty, it’s totally cool.” Michael relaxed a little bit more.

“Pretty sure some girls are going to want to play with it anyhow- considering how much junk you got in the trunk,” Javier added to lighten up the mood. Michael laughed and returned to his ministrations of his hole while jerking his cock.

“Actually, it was my girl that got me into it. I thought she was going to suck on my balls and she ended up going ‘back there’. I was going to Öğrenci porno stop her but it felt so good. Since then, I just liked playing with my ass. You ever had your girl eat your ass man?” Michael asked Javier.

“Nah man. I prefer to be the one doing the ass-eating with my girl.” Javier chuckled.

“I’m surprised you didn’t stifle her between those big cheeks of yours,” Li joked to Michael. They all laughed.

“Hey man, at least I got someone to appreciate my squats at the gym,” Michael responded proudly.

“So Javier, since you were talking about them ‘lil secret spots’ and you already know mine, what’s yours?”

Javier looked shy for the first time since he’d met the two of them. Li and Michael prodded him until he answered.

“Okay fine. It’s my balls. I just can’t hold it back when my girl licks them or tickles them or just caresses them,” Javier finally admitted.

“That makes sense. You got a huge ass pair of balls there man. You probably drown Vanessa when you shoot your load,” Michael joked while playfully putting his arm around Javier while he laughed.

“Li you awfully quiet over there. Your turn bro. Tell us your secret spot.”

“Umm, it’s a little embarrassing. You have to promise you won’t laugh.” Li Looked beat red.

“C’mon bro. We just caught Michael playing with his hole. What can be more embarrassing than that? Can’t promise I won’t laugh but I promise I won’t judge.” Javier tried to reassure his friend.

“My nipples,” Li responded quietly.

“Your nipples?” said Michael quizzically.

“Yes. My nipples. They’re really sensitive. If I play with them really gently and light, I can shoot hands-free. I never asked a girl to touch them though. They might think I’m weird”

Javier giggled a little. It was his first time hearing of a guy who could cum to just his nipples getting stimulated.

“Damn bro. You can play with them if you want. I mean, Michael is doing his thing so you can too. Like I said, nobody gonna judge you. Actually, I got an idea. Sit up on your knees Li.” Javier said slyly.

“Why?” Lee looked concerned.

“We’re going to give you a little parting gift. You said your girl never played with your nipples right?” Javier asked.

Li knew where this was going. They started playfully wrestling until Michael jumped in and easily pinned Li’s hands behind his back.

“Ew dude. I can feel your dick on my lower back,” protested Li.

“Just go with it dude. Accept our little gift.” Michael added his obligatory “No-homo though.”

Javier stood in front of him and Li stopped protesting even though Michael still stood behind him restraining his hands. Both Javier’s and Li’s cocks pointed straight out and were a centimeter away from touching tips. Javier reached out and lightly put his hand on his friend’s chest. He moved his hands down and gently dragged his index finger across Li’s right nipple which became instantly hard. He did the same thing to his left nipple. Li’s cock pulsed.

“Holy shit bro. You weren’t kidding. You’re dripping a lil bit too man” Javier teased.

He licked his fingers and brought them back to Li’s chest. He shuddered loudly as it touched his nipples. Just to add an extra bit of pleasure, Javier bent down and blew on each nipple and it drove poor Li insane. He contemplated kissing the nipple in the heat of the moment but he didn’t want to cross any lines with his friend. He was already pushing boundaries as it was.

He put his hand on his Li’s shoulder and leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “That’s right bro, just lean into it. Let your amigos help you with the things you’re embarrassed to ask girls.” He continued his teasing of Li’s nipples. Just for a second, the tips of their cock heads touched ever so slightly and separated but still connected by a single strand of Li’s precum. Javier could see Li was getting close and wasn’t too keen to get his buddy’s cum on him so he stopped gradually to let Li cool down. Michael loosened his grip and let Li’s arms go.

“Thanks guys,” was all Li could bring himself to say as he came down from the high. It was the closest he’s ever felt to his two best friends. Javier, although not gay, felt grateful that he was able to do this for his friend. It felt almost like giving a friend a massage.

“No problem bro. Sometimes you just need to talk to your amigos about this stuff,” Javier said knowingly.

They resumed their positions on the bed and began jerking their cocks in earnest now. Michael seemed like he was the closest. His other hand was still playing with his hole. Deciding to make their first group jerk-off memorable, Javier began goading on Michael and encouraging him.

“C’mon bro. Just think about Carmela spreading open those big booty cheeks of yours and licking your hole.”

Michael’s eyes were closed shut as he jerked furiously. “Fuck yeah girl. Eat my ass while you jerk this dick.” he responded.

“Yeah and imagine Sarah deep-throating your cock while Carmela eats your fat booty,” Li added.

It was enough to send Michael over the edge as he spurted cum all over his chest.

It was Javier’s turn as he reclined into the bed while closing his eyes to focus on his pleasure. Michael thought he ought to return the favor to help his friend along.

“Hey man. How’d you like Vanessa to suck on that big sac of yours? Looking up at you with those puppy dog eyes while she her tongue is teasing your balls and all the way to your gooch.” Michael gently teased Javier with his thoughts.

“Aww shit. Put both on your mouth baby. Show me how bad you want this dick!” Javier was lost in his imagination.

“And Carmela is sucking your dick while Vanessa slurps on those big fuckin’ balls,” Michael encouraged his further. “Spray it all over her fuckin’ face man.” Li could see Javier’s balls start to draw closer to his body. At that point, Javier couldn’t hold back and popped a huge thick white load all over his tummy.

“Your turn Li. Front and center”

Li scooted around to the center of the bed while they sat on either side of him. Javier and Michael had their arms around Li’s shoulders in a sort of brotherly embrace and he closed his eyes and jerked his cock. This time, they each took one of his nipples in their hand and began their little tease of their friend.

“Damnn Li, Sarah really took your whole cock down her throat?” Javier asked in an effort to get Li’s imagination going.

“Yup. My whole fucking shaft. Her tongue was touching my balls.” He clearly was getting into it.

“All the way to your balls man? Shit bro, that must’ve felt hella good,” Michael added. “Imagine if Vanessa and Carmela sucked on your nipples while Sarah sucked on your dick.”

“Ting qilái tài rèle.” Li was lost in his head. Neither of them understood what he said but he must be enjoying it to accidentally slip into his native tongue.

“Hell yeah man. Hit them some Gangnam style from behind,” Javier added.

“That’s Korean bro. But yeah, I’d love to line them up and hit them this dick while I grab their ass.” Li chuckled at Javier’s comment but was still lost in his fantasy.

“Fuck yeah Li. Show them girls what that Chinese cock can do.” Javier and Michael’s ego boost was about to send Li over the edge. Just then, Michael moved lower down the bed. “No homo bro,” whispered Michael as he gently touched his lips to Li’s left nipple and gave it a small kiss. Li lost control and spurted cum that hit him on his chin and the pillow behind him.

“Damn Li. Your snake may be a little smaller than mine but it sure packs a lot of venom,” Javier playfully jabbed as they marveled at Li’s cumshot. The three amigos wiped up and spent the rest of the night playing videogames, talking to girls online, recording funny videos to post later and wondering about what lay ahead in their life.

They remained great friends and would joke about that night every time they got together. Javier opened his own barbershop in the neighborhood; Michael served his tour of duty and went to med school soon after; Li went on to be a well-known civil engineer but he never outgrew his friends from high school and would always return to visit.

Three young men- different ethnicities, counties of birth, personalities, pasts and futures- all bonding over a little group jerk.

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