Men in Her Life Ch. 02Men in Her Life Ch. 02


This is the second of six chapters. Marvelous Marva’s new fuck buddy offers all the attention she can handle. This is a long story, broken down into six chapters. The next chapter will be posted in a few days.


When Marva is finally awake, she smells coffee. The other side of the bed is empty, except for a clean folded t-shirt. She pulls the t-shirt over her head, not even bothering with her own clothes still in a pile in the corner of the room, and walks to the kitchen. Charles raises his head from the Sunday newspaper spread over the kitchen table and looks at her from the top of her head to her feet. “You look like a thoroughly fucked woman. I think I like you that way.”

“Charles …”

“Get you a cup of coffee and I’ll talk. You do know, men don’t like to discuss these things, but women seem to need to rehash it. So, I’ll do it, this time.”

Putting the filled cup of coffee on the table, Marva tucks the t-shirt under her hips and asks, “Why are men such a hard ass about things women need?”

“I don’t know,” he answers. “We’re just wired different, I guess. I’m going to call you in a couple of weeks and repeat last night. Otherwise, I won’t bother you.”

She looks up at him, “Just like that, wham, bam, thank you ma’am?”

“Maybe it doesn’t sound right to you,” he explains. “But you don’t know what you want, yet. And I do know what I don’t want.”

“Charles, how old are you?”

“Thirty-four,” he answers easily, and asks her, “How old are you?”

Marva looks down at her coffee cup and answers quietly, “Twenty-three.” She watches him nod knowing she has just told him exactly what he was talking about. “My sister says I’m a prude. She says a man wants a lady in the parlor, a Madonna for his children, and a whore in his bedroom. She told me that I’m a lady, but I’ll never be a whore.”

There is a long moment of silence before he speaks. For the entire time he stares at her. “And you think I’m trying to make you into a whore?” He asks the question, but does not seem to be offended.

“I don’t know. Are you?” Marva watches as Charles moves his head, tilting it from one side to the other, as if he does not know if the answer is, yes or no.

Charles finally shakes his head, lays his newspaper on the table, puts his elbows on the table and buries his head in his hands for a moment. Then he leans back and looks at her, “I don’t think I’m trying to make you into a whore. I may not be very good with all the words a woman wants to hear, but I get tired of all the puritanical ideas women have. They wear lipstick and complain if a man kisses those beautiful lips. They wear a dress that shows cleavage and are offended if a man looks at their breasts. I should probably stop there.”

“So we should wear a Mother Hubbard if we don’t want a man to look, or a string bikini when we do want him to look?” She asks, not being facetious, but genuinely interested in his opinion.

He chuckles and nods, admitting she is right to be skeptical. “No, just don’t lie to us. Don’t let us take liberties if you aren’t interested. Tell us if you want us to touch you. Tell us to take you to bed and screw your brains out or tell us to make love to you. Just don’t lie.”

Marva sits looking at him for a long time, and then she nods, “Okay. Charles, will you take me to bed and make love to me?”

He jerks forward and stares at her, and then slowly leans back in his chair. He is silent for so long she wonders what is going through his head. When he finally speaks, she is not surprised, “No,” he answers, quietly. But she is startled when he adds, in an even quieter voice, “I don’t think I can do that. I want it too much.”

Marva stands and says, “I’m going to put my clothes on. Will you take me home, or should I call a cab?”

“I’ll take you home.”

– – –

Sunday afternoon David Wells calls and although Marva is polite, she finally convinces him she will never go out with him. He does not seem to get the message, because he calls again Monday evening. Marva finally tells him, “David, I do not want to screw you. I do not want to fuck you. I do not even want to kiss you, much less even talk to you. Is that clear enough?” Her sister gives her a strange look as Marva folds her cell phone and walks out of the living room.

Bryan calls ten minutes later and wants to know what she did to David. He says the man closed his cell phone, walked to the window, raised it, and then threw the phone as hard as he could. Marva repeats exactly what she told David and Bryan said he has never heard a woman be so blunt, but David probably deserved it.

It is a hard week and neither Marva, nor her boss, Thomas Rowe, can figure out why. The copy machine in down for two days, while the repairman has some tiny switch sent by overnight delivery and then discovers that a second switch or connection needs to be replaced, too. Marva’s boss accepts two new clients and Marva spends hours and hours setting up their new files, doing the Alaçatı Escort work of the part-time high school student too, because she has a whole week off to study for her final exams.

By Friday afternoon Marva and her boss are sitting in the reception area, just staring at the floor, trying to decide where they are going to put another desk, when Marva’s cell phone rings.

“Alright Marva, you promised you would go out for a drink with us after work today,” her best friend Callie says.

“Oh god, why did I ever promise you that?” Marva complains as Callie laughs, telling her to meet them at “The Hot Spot” for Happy Hour and “Don’t be late. Charlie promised to come by.”

“Okay, okay,” Marva agrees. “But I’m not going to stay long. I’m bushed and I’m taking the whole weekend to recover.”

At the end of the day, finally able to clean off her desk, Marva looks up as one of the men from the office upstairs steps into the reception area and says, “Marva, can I buy you a drink after work?”

“Darn it, Wilson, I wish I could. I promised my friend I’d meet her at The Hot Spot. Would you like to join us there?”

After getting directions, Wilson smiles, agrees to meet her and walks out of the office, smiling from ear to ear. Mister Rowe winks at her as he leaves, humming the Wedding March. He is a sweet man, but Marva is not fooled. She knows his opinion of the salesmen from upstairs. Her opinion may not be much different. She cannot recall seeing any of the salesmen being around for much longer than six months, eight at the most.

Callie is one of the movers and shakers among a particular age group of the city’s young professionals. She works for a public relations company and believes her business will increase as a direct result of her activity in encouraging networking among those in that age group. In addition to this Friday after work meeting for drinks and last minute arrangements of weekend dates, she and the manager of a trendy restaurant greet diners to one of the restaurant’s party rooms for a pay-your-own-way two hour noon come-and-go buffet on Wednesdays for the same age group. The restaurant’s Wednesday receipts are phenomenal, with as many as one hundred young professionals eating lunch on their expense accounts and collecting business cards.

Wilson is waiting in front of The Hot Spot and opens the door for her. She introduces him to Callie and her friends and is sitting with a drink in front of her when Charles Tester walks into the bar. He sees her and falters a step, before walking to Callie, who is standing beside the buffet table, and gives her a hug. Callie grabs his hand and leads him across the room.

“Marva,” Callie begins the introduction. “This gorgeous hunk is my cousin, Charles Tester. Charlie, this is my best friend, Marva Preston.”

Charles gives a slight shake of his head and holds out his hand, “Nice to meet you Marva.”

“Yes, you too Charles,” she responds, as she raises her eyebrows to ask, “What’s wrong?” He gives another faint shake of his head and turns to shake hands after being introduced to Wilson, before going to the bar to get a drink.

Wilson leaves his seat to go to the buffet and Charles sits beside Marva when he gets back to the large circular booth Callie has staked out as “her territory” for the couple of hours she and her friends will stay in the bar.

“Mother did not go see Callie’s dad this trip,” Charles whispers, and then tells Marva, in a clear voice “You work for Thomas Rowe, don’t you?”

“Yes, I’ve spoken to you several times when you call Mister Rowe,” she answers easily.

He looks at her for a moment and nods toward the drink on the table in front of her, “Are you going to drink that?”

She shakes her head, “No, Callie ordered it for me. I’m not staying very long.”

Without being too obvious, but making sure Callie can see, they exchange business cards making a big deal of borrowing a pen to add cell phone numbers to the back of their cards, as Charles says he needs to leave, he has another appointment. Just as he stands, he leans over and whispers to Marva, “Ditch Wilson. He doesn’t polish his shoes,” and then turns to leave, waving at Callie as he walks around the edge of the crowded bar.

Thirty minutes later, when she is half-way home, Marva’s call phone rings. “I need to see you and I don’t want to wait another week,” Charles says.

“Oh, so you “need” to “see” me, is that what you said?”

“No, dammit. I want to fuck you. You can come here or I’m coming to your apartment. Your sister might not like to hear your screams of pleasure, so you better come over here.”

“Charles …”

“NO! NOW! Did you ditch Wilson?”


“Then get your ass over here and get in my bed. I want your legs spread and I’m going to eat your pussy until you cum and rub that pussy against my chin.”

“Charles, I haven’t had supper yet,” Marva says, not really teasing him, but thinking about it.

“I’ll Alaybey Escort feed you after I fuck you. Alright?”

He meets her at the front door of his house, dressed only in walking shorts, undressing her as he backs her down the hall. By the time he has her all the way back to his bedroom, his shorts are somewhere on the hall floor and he is pulling her underwear and pantyhose down, burying his face in her pussy as he pushes her back onto the bed.

“Are you always in this big a hurry?” She asks, and then moans as he scrapes her clit with his teeth. “Oh lord, do that again,” she begs.

He stops long enough to tell her, “Talk to me. Tell me what feels good,” and then opens his mouth pulling both of her pussy lips into his mouth, sucking, and then pointing his tongue to get it as far into her as he can. He is quickly replacing his tongue with a finger as he stimulates her, with his palm up and one finger inside her, rubbing back and forth against the “G” spot and pressing against the sponge as he tickles her clit, until she is moving in a rhythm that has her arching her back as waves of muscle contractions go up the inside of her thighs and settle on the inside of her pussy.

He sits up on his haunches, shoves his thumb inside her and presses upward with each thrust, telling her, “Push against my hand. Push, Marva, push, feel your muscles clench. Push dammit, bear down, more.”

She feels tiny wet spots fall and cool on her thighs. Charles tells her, “Put your hands down here and hold yourself open as wide as you can. Do it, Marva. Now! Pull the lips to the sides.” As quickly as she does, he increases the speed of his thumb going in and out of her. She feels the intensity of her climax then a flood of moisture splashing on her legs, her belly, and running down the crease between her buttocks.

Charles moves his hand to cup her pussy, gently massaging her and tells her, “It’s all over me. This time, when you feel the pressure, hold yourself open, I’m going to taste you.”

He moves down between her legs and starts all over, thrusting with his thumb, his mouth on her clit, raising his head only long enough to demand she hold the lips open while the climaxes build and build. Every time she climaxes, the amount of moisture increases. He tastes her. He licks her, sucking the tender tissues into his mouth. He rubs his face on her pussy and then does it again and again until she is pushing against his face, wanting more and more. Not realizing how much she is moving around, he pushes his cock into her, telling her, “I have to hold you down. Push, Marva, push against me, yes, yes, do that again. Oh my god, it’s running down my legs.”

She feels his rigid cock inside her as his balls slap against her and the squishing sound of her wetness each time he slams into her. She puts her hands under her knees, holds her legs up and as far to the sides as she can, while his arms beside her shoulders tremble. “Squeeze the damn muscles around my cock. Fuck me, woman. Fuck me harder, pump it out of me.”

“God, I can’t hold back any more,” he yells and goes rigid as he explodes inside her. She feels the warmth of his sperm laden cum landing inside her. He pumps against her, slowing with his final few thrusts, his warmth spreading inside her and a shudder going down the muscles of his back.

When he can finally raise himself off her, he sits back, brushing his hands up and down the insides of her thighs, and gently running his fingers through the dense hair between her legs as he talks to her, occasionally brushing across the tender clit, watching her jerk each time. “Do you have any idea how extraordinary you are? Men dream of a woman like you and I have you all to myself.” He leans forward, kisses her tummy, and then sits back, looking at her. “The next time you cum like that, I want every light in the house on and I’m going to watch, just to see how far you squirt. God, you are amazing.”

Both of them laugh when her stomach rumbles. He lies on top of her for a moment, supporting as much of his weight as he can. “I guess I’d better feed you. I’d rather send a load of cum down your throat, but I don’t think either of us wants a repeat of Saturday morning.” He watches her face as she turns her head, remembering what David did to her.

Charles puts his hands on either side of her face and tells her, “No baby, don’t do that. He was rude, crude, and totally out of line. It was rape. I don’t care what you want to call it. When you trust me enough, I’ll show you how, but only if you want it. I want my mouth on you as often as you will allow it. I won’t ask you to do something that you will not enjoy. Go empty your bladder. Then come back here. I haven’t had my fill of you, yet.”

When she is back in bed with him, very slowly he bends his head down and kisses her. It is the first time he has really kissed her. He slowly slides his lips from one side of her mouth to the other, touching the corner of her lips with Aliağa Escort his tongue. He raises his head and does the same thing again. Moving slowly he pulls her into his arms and rolls to his side, touching his lips to hers, tasting each inch of her mouth, feeling the different textures of her skin, the sharpness of her teeth. The tingle when his tongue touches hers.

As he enjoys the feel of her in his arms and his lips touching her, he can see caution on her face. It is not exactly fear, but she is concerned and he wants to reassure her. As he holds her, he can feel her stiffness, where moments before she was relaxed and squirming beneath him. Although she does not turn her face away from him, she is just barely comfortable with his kiss. She will relax more, if he takes his time. He will enjoy this woman. She will learn to kiss him in return, more boldly than she is doing now.

She may have been kissed before, perhaps even very thoroughly, but probably not by a man, they were boys, wanting something from her, rather than wanting to give something to her. They did not take their time to show her they enjoyed kissing her. They probably had their hands all over her, searching for something they wanted, and they forgot to be gentle or give her the time she needs to relax and respond.

He moves his mouth to each of her eyes, feeling her eyelashes tickle his lips and the soft brows as his mouth moves across them. But it is her mouth he wants. He brushes his tongue softly across her upper lip and then sees her tongue come out to do the same thing, soothing the tingle he left behind. He moves below her mouth, going from under her lower lip to the softness of her cheek and all the way to her ear and the soft skin below her ear, his breath soft against her ear, taking his time, letting her learn the feel of his mouth on her, feeling her earlobe against his mouth.

But it is her mouth he wants her to share with him. As he lowers his head to press his lips to hers, he feels her arm go up to his shoulder as she pushes her upper leg between his thighs, moving closer to him. Yes, now she is interested in returning his kiss. When he brushes his tongue lightly across the seam between her lips, she parts her lips, opening her mouth for him. But he is not going to invade her. He is going to wait for her to invite him. He moves to the corner of her mouth and feels her turn her face, to place her lips against his cheek.

Now he can take his hands from her face, to thread his fingers through her hair, to move her head so he can kiss her better. She has lifted her chin, searching for his mouth and is giving him access to the softness of her neck. He will taste her there, and he will go no lower, because it is always her mouth he wants. He touches his tongue to her lower lip and feels her breath on his face. She is taking shorter breaths now, her passion increasing, because he has taken his time to arouse her, too.

Once more he returns to her lips, holding his mouth near hers, letting her feel his breath. He can pull her closer to him and feel her press herself to him, the softness of her breasts against him, as he explores her neck and then the softness of her cheek, before he returns to her mouth. She is open for him, waiting for him, and he will taste her, but only briefly, touching the softness inside her upper lip, her lips closing for a moment on his tongue. He is satisfied. He has kissed her as he has wanted to do since the day she got out of the taxi. This is a woman of passion, and she will soon learn how much passion she has. She may even learn to look at him when she returns his kiss. But for now, all he will do is hold her and allow her to relax.

He tucks her head into the crook of his neck, between his jaw and his shoulder, and lies still as her breathing returns to normal. He will wait until she pulls away from him. He wants her to know how much pleasure there is in the feel of his mouth on her. When she is ready, she will want her mouth on him.

– – –

Near the end of three weeks, Marva has not heard from Charles. During those weeks, she does not call him, although the temptation is great. She is not sure what or how she feels about him. Her work days are busy, which makes the time pass faster and Karen is at home most nights. She and Cynthia are more settled in their relationship, but Cynthia is considering going back to school, which slightly frightens Karen. Bryan commiserates with her. He does not want to loose his secretary.

Bryan comes to supper in the middle of the third week, bringing a shirt he wants his younger sister to cut the sleeves off of, to make a short sleeve shirt. He is excited asking for their congratulations, when he says Elizabeth has accepted his marriage proposal and says she wants a long engagement. Her parents have promised her a big wedding and she wants six sets of attendants. He symbolically wipes his brow when he says they have agreed on an expensive engagement ring and simple gold bands for the wedding rings. He even has a photo of what she wants for her engagement ring.

“So, what color dresses do you girls want to wear. Elizabeth is leaning toward yellow, but is thinking about graduated shades of yellow, getting darker and darker going toward the bride. I made her say that at least five times so I could tell you.”

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