Her First TimeHer First Time


She walked into the room… more excited than frightened but the fear was real. She could taste it. But it was swallowed up by her hunger to experience what she had been craving, yearning for. All of her life she had been in control… calling the shots, making the decisions.

She thrived on doing a job and doing it well. But she craved the freedom of submission in her personal life. She had never given vent to her need until a few months ago when it became over-powering.

Fearing she was a freak, she starting surfing the web to understand the emotions she was just now willing to name. And that is where she found Him.

There had been a few false starts and a few experiences that had left her shaken before she found Him. But He had calmed her fears, answered her questions.

They had met in a safe environment that comforted her. But during the meeting, she discovered a man she knew she could trust. While others may have thought her quick leap of faith was foolhardy, she was certain he was exactly what He claimed to be.

It was she who suggested a second meeting in a more private location. He agreed. And now she stood before the door of a motel room. Hand raised to knock, she felt her heart pounding… with fear, anticipation, unanswered questions.

He swung the door open after she finally got up the courage to knock loudly enough for Him to hear it. She stepped inside and he enveloped her in a sweet, reassuring hug. They sat, him in a chair, her on the bed, smoked a cigarette and made small talk.

He expertly swung the conversation to the reason they were there. She followed his every word. He suggested the signal to go into character would be his placing the collar around her neck. She agreed.

And so he did.

His next words were expected but they still made her heart still. “Take off your shirt.” She dreaded this… her self-confidence about her body simply did not exist. But while his tone was soft and sweet, kuşadası escort he meant to be obeyed and she would obey. With a sign, she lifted her shirt over her head.

“Now the bra.”

Again, she blanked her mind and obeyed.

Without giving her a break, he said, “The pants.”

In just a moment she stood naked before him. Without saying another word, he started placing cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

As each buckle was fastened, she felt a strange but comforting feeling. While in the midst of being restrained, she felt SAFE. And aroused. She marvelled at the feeling of pure contentment even as she acknowledged the feelings of anticipation.

He gently pushed her down so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed. He rubbed her shoulders to help her relax. When he felt her tension starting to leave, he ordered her to undress him.

She reached for his shirt and he helped her pull it over his head. She fumbled with his belt buckle and he helped her there as well. But she found the snap to his jeans the zipper and pulled his jeans down. Then she took off his socks.

Why did it feel so comfortable to be undressing him? she wondered. But she did not dwell on the question. She felt herself slipping into the moment. All that really mattered was the here and now.

He allowed her to touch him. She marvelled at his warm flesh and the strength in his thighs. She tasted his nipples and found herself suckling like a babe. It was wonderful.

He gently pulled away and chained her bound wrists to each other behind her back. She could no longer reach him with her hands but she could still taste him. He allowed her to continue nuzzling him and then stopped her. She didn’t take the hint and leaned back to his chest again.

A sharp slap to her ass pulled her up short.

“Why?” she asked.

“I didn’t give you permission,” he said.

“You did before.”

“Yes… before. But kuşadası escort bayan not now.”

She accepted that completely. It made sense. Her ass still stung from the unexpected slap but it felt right.

He turned from her and found the nipple clamps. Without explanation, he pulled on one nipple and clamped it and then the other. She gasped… not from pain but from the burst of feeling that ran from her nipples to her cunt.

He played with her nipples and she fell into the place where the pain/pleasure took her. After a few minutes, he took the clamps off and told her to get up on the bed and lay on her tummy. He raised her hips and slid a pillow under her, raising her ass even higher. And then he started spanking.

Slapping and rubbing. Uneven tempo. Slapping harder then softer. First one check, then the other. Then no pattern at all. She gasped. It felt right. Not just good. Not just pleasurable. But right.

He continued the assault… watching her, gaging her reactions.

He knew this was her first experience. He wanted it to be right for her. He was so careful but she was already lost in the feelings he was bringing to the surface of her consciousness. He marvelled at her acceptance, her total immersion into the experience.

Finally he stopped. He helped her sit up, unchained her wrists and handed her a drink.

“Time for a break,” he smiled.

She felt herself floating back to the reality of sitting up and sipping her drink. She did not want it to be over.

He read her mind and assured her they were just taking a break. They talked. He carefully monitored her comments. But he could see no dissatisfaction, no unease. He finally took the bottle from her hands and stood before her.

She quickly leaned into him and found his nipple. He placed his hard thigh between her leg and allowed her to hump as he rubbed. All the feelings he had brought to the surface earlier came escort kuşadası rushing back as white hot heat between her legs. Her mind leaped into a blaze… no thoughts, only feelings. Hot. Urgent. Pulsing.

n the back of her mind she wondered if she was allowed to find sexual release. But she was too far gone to care. She allowed herself to climax… and tried to hide it.

But when he asked if she had come, his voice was kind. He had meant to drive her to completion. She relaxed, knowing she had not overstepped herself. It was critical to her that she not disappoint him.

But his pleasure in her became apparent when he said he would reward her by allowing her to do whatever she wanted.

And what she wanted was to taste him.

To take his prick in her mouth and taste his essence.

She worried briefly that she would not please him. Her experience in that realm was so limited. But she did so want to please him as well as herself.

She asked him to lay down and quickly crawled between his open thighs. Whether she did it right or not, she needed to feel him in her mouth. And she did. It was just as comforting as she knew it would be. God, how she had needed to taste him.

When he exploded in her mouth, she smiled. He tasted as good as she knew he would. She carefully licked him and felt his hands in her hair. It was a tender moment and she cherished it.

And then it was over. Time to leave.

She forced herself to take off the symbols of her submission. The cuffs were so much more than simple restraints. She had come to recognize that somewhere during the session but she could not tell you when. It just was.

They dressed and smiled at each other. She left first and walked to her car.

She could not think about what she had just experienced. All she could do was be thankful she had done it. Her life was forever changed; she knew that much. A calmness, a sense of peace enveloped her.

But she had to allow herself to savor this feeling, to drown in the satisfaction. To recognize that she had reinvented herself as she rediscovered herself.

She realized a song was streaming through the back of her mind. She smiled as she started softly singing, “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar.”

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