Meeting Sarah on HolidayMeeting Sarah on Holiday



Our new friend had a fuck-ball in her bedroom

Valerie and I were on vacation in a wonderful part of America, the west coast of Michigan in the coastal towns of Harbor Springs and nearby Charlevoix. This is high-end resort country with harbors filled with sailboats and yachts and upscale facilities. Many residents are there for the summers only, taking advantage of the atmosphere and the weather. It has it’s tourist trade but it’s not dominated by it.

We were now in our late 50’s, still active and young at heart but not fulfilling all our fantasies as we had been able to do through our thirties and forties. We had calmed down and, what the hell, we had realized a remarkable number of sexual adventures. We were settling into being a couple of older adults who didn’t need outside stimulation. But we were still sexual. We had no trouble with that.

We were at a wine bar when we met Sarah by pure accident. She was our age and well put-together. Smallish, though not petite, probably 5’4″, she was damn cute. Wearing a simple shirt dress that wasn’t really sexy but the way she wore it just screamed she was feminine.

It was a lightweight white linen with buttons to the waist. Long and slinky, it ran below her knees. A casual, summer resort type wear that hung on her so as to compliment her breasts and rump.

She was well proportioned with a great ass that pressed against the fabric. I was sure she was wearing no underwear by the way the fabric clung to her butt and chest.

This gal was with a small group of women sitting next to us, pounding the wine and chattering up a storm. They were clearly locals and this seemed a regular social gathering.

Sarah simply slid over to our table and invited herself in with a kind of forward, “What is that you’re eating?”

We had a small plate of meats and cheeses, including a couple of huge meatballs.

“My, I sure would love a taste of that meatball”, she asked as she leaned into my shoulder.

Not shy to say the least, I got the feeling that the wine had relaxed any self-consciousness with her approach. She was acting as though she knew us.

I flirted back, “Of course, a pretty lady always gets her meatball.”

With that I held a small portion on my fork and fed it to her mouth with my hand held underneath her chin as one might do with a intimate friend. It was very personal for someone I had just met minutes before but there was real moment of sharing. There seemed to be an understanding that there could be a connection with us.

“God, that’s fantastic. I’ve had a little too much wine and that’s just what I needed.”

We went right to conversation which was quite easy as she was a talker. Every single subject was fun and interesting. This gal gave up her friend-group to stay with us and we were glad as it was a good fit. What a nice person to run into when you’re on vacation and sometimes isolated.

“Are you here with a boat?”, quizzed Sarah.

This was probably due to our attire. I was wearing khaki’s with a polo shirt and topsiders. Val had on bright yellow clam diggers and a striped boatneck sweater with canvas boat shoes for footwear. We were very preppy and nautical which looked right in place at this upscale harbor town.

“No, we’re just here to vacation for a few days. We just look at the boats.”

“Well, you don’t look like vacationers. Most of them look like there’re walking around Disneyland, if you get my drift.”

It was a little snobby but we have expressed the same sentiment ourselves with regards to how people dress.

Valerie jumped in, “So true. So many people dress down nowadays. Very, very casual, almost sloppy, scruffy. Have you seen the airports?”

Sarah perked up and asked, “Hey, do you guys like Old Fashioneds? There’s a joint near here with a great seashore view of the sunset and fabulous rye-whiskey Old Fashioneds. Wanna go?”

We jumped at the chance. One, because it was a warm-hearted invitation from this gal that seemed to be so much fun to be around and, two, that’s Val’s favorite drink.

We followed her Mercedes SL to the bar. Nice wheels, maybe Balgat Escort 10 years old, but it messaged “understated money”. There were a few other things that spoke to her class. Her haircut, her nails, her sandals. All suggested she was above middle class. She had a certain aire to her that added to her allure.

The place was perfect. Small, quiet, with a deck overlooking Lake Michigan with the sun lowering itself to the water. The theme of the bar was nautical with ship artifacts, flags, photos. A nice atmosphere.

We chatted through a couple of these rye-bombs and everybody was getting loose. Not drunk, but that high before one gets drunk.

Because we were so comfortable I directly asked Sarah why she left her buddies to hang out with complete strangers as she had.

“I am so bored with that group. They are rich, middle-aged liberals who never have an original thought. I thought you two could help me escape and it worked out beautifully. I like your company and my evening is richer for it.”

When returning from a trip to the john I was delighted by what I saw on the deck. Always on alert for anything erotic I was rewarded with a beautiful and sexy sight.

My two companions were standing at the rail of the deck admiring the setting sun and Sarah was literally lit up by the western sunlight passing through her light linen dress. She was standing with her legs slightly spread and her whole lower unit was highlighted. My suspicions were confirmed, there was no sign of underwear.

When she turned to greet my return her breasts were also outlined by the sun’s glow. It was exhilarating to be offered this unintentional display.

Is there anything so feminine to the male mind? I wasn’t entranced with our new companion but I was very glad to be in her company. I had a little buzz from the earlier wine plus the great cocktails and I was with two sexy females. Vacations at Disneyland aren’t like this.

As nightfall overtook us Sarah announced she had to get home to feed her cat.

“I’ve got to break this up and take care of my best friend. Why don’t you guys follow me over? I’ve got some great wine and we could finish the bottle this evening. I’ve got some pretty good cheese, too.”

Val and I took her up on that offer as it was only 9 p.m. What the hell, let’s go to her house.

Sarah’s place was really nice. A mid-century cottage that has been both well taken care of and upgraded. Beamed vaulted ceilings and a cobblestone fireplace gave it a charming atmosphere. She told us her former husband spent a lot of money to get it to where it was and he very reluctantly gave it up in their divorce.

“I got the prize. I really wanted to live out here so I held out for it. I ran it as a Bread she wasn’t bashful.

Looking at us she grabbed the handles and started rocking. No commentary, just her lustful stare and her body uniting with the ball. She was literally warming up, getting into it.

Then……she spoke: “You can join with the ball’s action. Slowly rock with it, play with the moving prick inside you, or fuck yourself silly with it by using the bounce and rebound it offers. You hang on and control with the handles. Otherwise you can’t stay centered and you can fly off.”

“You might laugh but I have also used it as a follow-up to my yoga work. Just sitting penetrated, not moving, to meditate and focus my thoughts is a kind of body awareness that works for me.”

Valerie was completely fascinated by Sarah’s display. “God, it’s what I had imagined but to see you and the way you’re using that thing……..what a toy!”

Sarah quietly responded with a big smile, “You know you’re going to ride it tonight. Take your pants off, Valerie, you’re the next cowgirl.”

Our new friend picked up her tempo and pleasured herself as Val stripped as ordered. She sat awaiting her turn on the green fun-ball. After a minute or so Sarah dismounted with a rolling leg-lift that showed practical experience.

Valerie hopped off the bed and went to the ball. Sarah applied a little more lotion to the rubber prick then held Val’s hand for stability as she got into the position Balgat Escort Bayan to mount. My eager wife found the tip and dropped on it.

Because Val keeps her pubic hairs closely trimmed I was afforded a clear view of the entry. The dildo slid right up into her and she rested herself down onto the ball, completely impaled.

Maybe because of Sarah’s earlier action or maybe because she just wanted to give me a show, Val stripped off her top. She was just as nude as Sarah who had nonchalantly come to sit on the bed with me to wait for Val’s exhibition. That was playing out at slow speed as she was new to this “bull-riding” sport. Sarah had mastered her technique to the expert level. Val was a newbie.

To no surprise, I was getting highly stimulated. This was an extraordinary situation. Two appealing naked women were putting on a sex display for me and how could I not notice that one of them had put herself next to me. My prick was bursting at my trousers.

Sarah saw my bulge and tenderly placed her hand on my crotch, rubbing gently as she turned her head and said, “Would you like my hand?”

Without replying I opened my belt, unzipped, and lifted up as I dropped my pants to my ankles. My hard cock stood at attention for her next move.

Sarah looked to Valerie for assurance it was okay with her. My wife smiled and nodded affirmatively. “Go for it” was the non-verbal message.

Our new friend reached for that bottle of lubricant she had used for the dildo and spread it into one hand. Lowering herself to my awaiting dick she wasted no time in getting to work. My cock was enthusiastically pumped by this attractive and naked woman we had just met a few hours ago.

I watched her smile as her fingers wrapped around my shaft, stoking with a quick tempo. She was going to make me cum and I was pleasantly awaiting that outcome.

“Look how big you got, Tom. Look at that big, plump head. He’s excited. God, that’s a nice cock.”

I’m not of bragging size but I’ve got a nice 7 inches of thick prick when I’m fully erect and this situation had me engorged. She had a handful.

The whole atmosphere was charged with sexual energy. Even as she was fucking herself on the prick-ball Val was fixed on watching us. This woman who practically picked us up over a meatball was buck-naked and working earnestly to bring me off.

I wanted that to happen and it didn’t take long. She sensed my closeness and picked up the pace until I blasted several spurts of jism onto my stomach with the overflow spilling onto her hand..

Smiling again, Sarah asked, “Did you like that?”

I answered in a jocular tone with a boyish voice, “Thank you, ma’am.”

At that moment Valerie left her ball to rush to the bedside to sit on my other flank. Val grabbed my still erect penis and milked a few last drops of cum from it’s crown, finishing with a sweet kiss to the messy head.

Sarah: “Reclaiming your man?”

Val chuckled, “I just love tasting ‘the Salty Dog’. I can’t help myself.”

With that, all three of us exchanged glances then burst into a giggle.

Val spoke first, “Wow, that sure got wild. I was getting fucked by an exercise ball while you pleasured my husband. Who thought this night would end this way?”

Sarah added, “I surely didn’t think we would go there but I think we all just got caught up in the moment. And, I loved getting ahold of a man’s cock. Jesus, It’s been awhile since I’ve done that.”

She left the room for a moment to come back with a warm cloth which she used to clean up my mess. Her hand lingered as she tenderly stroked my stomach, then offered a thought.

“Ya know, you guys should stay the night. I’ve got a king-sized bed we could share. I’d love to sleep with you two. We could snuggle and maybe we could think of a way to entertain Tom. Let’s make this an unforgettable night. Will you sleep with me?”

With that direct proposition, Val answered, “Sleep would be part of it but you know Tom’s gonna want to screw both of us, right?”

“Of course, that might happen. That’s the fun part.”

This continued a tone of non-serious, lighthearted pleasure Escort Balgat seeking, not at all a hint of sexual tension.

Valerie quipped back, “Purely in the spirit of friendship, I’m in the mood for your offer. And I know Tommy could be talked into it.”

Again, a little humor that kept this playful.

It was late and it was obvious we were staying. No further words were necessary.

With already two naked people in the room, Valerie decided I was overdressed. She and Sarah pulled off my shoes and pants as I helped with my shirt. Leading and holding Valerie’s hand our host marched her guests to her bedroom.

We dove under the sheets, me in the middle with these two amorous females draped over my torso.

“Mmmm……isn’t he sexy? Is he ours for the night?…..Who gets him first?” was the kind of silly chatter from the girls. They were teasing me but they were also thinking ahead. Sex was on the menu.

I, on the other hand, was crashing. Unbelievable as it sounds, I was drifting into a slumber. I wanted to see what these two had in store for me but my dick was soft and my eyes heavy. Blame it on the alcohol and the hand-job and maybe age, but I wasn’t up for anything these two might expect.

Both Val and Sarah backed off and moved a bit to their respective sides but there still was body contact; we were close in that bed. And..I could smell them. God, what a way to go to dreams.

Sarah said goodnight to both of us but tossed in an innuendo, “Rest up, Tom. We’ll see you in the morning.”

With that they both kissed me on the cheek. I drifted off to sleep with thoughts of what amazing things might be ahead of me.



It was Valerie who awoke me in the middle of the night, probably around four. She was playing with my prick, caressing my testicles. I rolled to face her and asked if she had something in mind.

She whispered, “I’m going to crawl on top of you and you’re going to quietly fuck your wife. That dick is mine.”

With that she slipped down under the sheet to find my quickly hardening cock with her mouth. That my devilish wife was bobbing the sheet up and down as she gave me head with Sarah just inches away on that bed was extremely exciting.

What would happen should Sarah awake? Would she go down on me, too? I was really having visions.

Well, Sarah did awake as the sheet action disturbed the whole bed. She took in the situation immediately even though it was very dark.

“Did you guys start without me? With that she threw back the bedsheet and uncovered my cocksucker, still with that dick in her mouth. “I can’t see who that is but I’m betting it’s Valerie.”

“How about sharing, woman? I could help out down there”, Sarah quipped, keeping the tone playful.

Sarah moved down to where my pecker was being attended to and joined in with my wife. I was being caressed, cradled, licked, and sucked to my utmost joy. The girls were trading me back and forth as they made love to my cock.

For me, at least, the excitement of this sexual romp was heightened by the pre-dawn darkness. There was a mystery to the situation although in a party of three it really wasn’t a complicated puzzle.

My mind liked the game-playing of that unique situation. Whose lips were on my cock? Are those Valerie’s or Sarah’s hands stoking me? Whose cunt will I be entering? Will I be able to tell?

This went on for some time, maybe 15 minutes though I had no real track of time.

Then Val declared, “It’s girltime.”

With that she lifted up to straddle me and lower herself onto my erection. She was going to fuck me as she had promised. With her hands on my chest she started slowly but that tempo quickened as she revealed her sexual excitement.

What surprised me, though, is that she didn’t ride me to orgasm. She was clearly highly stimulated but didn’t yet climax when she dismounted and offered me to Sarah who was at our side on the bed.

“You take him, Sarah, he’s your fuck-ball.”

Sarah rolled onto me immediately, she was more than willing to get screwed. That’s why she offered her bed to us. She wanted a real dick and now one was about to be slipped into her.

And “slipped” was the appropriate term as Sarah was well lubricated, slick, and slippery. My fat head pushed past her labia and ran to it’s full length in one smooth thrust. We were coupled, joined together in sex.

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