Dani from the Antique Store IIDani from the Antique Store II


Dani was the very cute twenty-two old College co-ed that filled in for her aunt at the antique store next to my office. We had become friends after I had agreed to give her access to my office Wi-Fi account so she could chat with her friends and do school work from the antique store.Dani had friended me on social media and I could tell by the photos she had posted on line that she was a party animal. Meeting her in person, she seemed so very quiet and church-like, except for the small heart tattoo on her left shoulder that was usually hidden by whatever she was wearing, which was usually a very tight form fitting t-shirt and cut-off jeans that showed off her cute ass and long, slender legs.I could tell by our brief interactions that Dani was a sexually over-charged girl. She stood unusually close to me whenever we chatted. At first, I didn’t know what to make of our quickly developing acquaintance. kaçak iddaa Dani was not the shy “church-like” young lady that most of her family seemed to think she was. In fact, she was rather straight forward in going after what she wanted. I had to be careful, because I was married. I sure didn’t want to have an issue in my marriage.Dani knew I was married, but that didn’t seem to stop her. We hadn’t exchanged but a few brief lines in back channel messages, when she let it be known that she thought I was a ‘cool guy” she wouldn’t mind getting to know on a more personal level. I told Dani that I was probably much too old for her. She replied, that she liked older guys because we were more settled down and more experienced.Dani only filled in at the antique store as her aunt needed. I had hoped to see her more often than once every few weeks, but settled for whatever we could arrange. Our acquaintance kaçak bahis quickly developed into a torrid affair. It started off simply with a prolonged greeting hug in a common office hallway, and a non-sensuous peck on the cheek.“You smell nice,” I noted.“You look nice,” Dani countered.“You too,” I replied.“Not really,” Dani shot back, “I just threw on some things without even giving a thought as to what I was going to wear.”“You could be totally naked, and I wouldn’t’t care,” I replied. The words fell out of my mouth before I realized what I had said.“That came out wrong,” I quickly added, apologizing for my crudeness.Dani smiled.“Be careful what you wish for,” Dani replied, flipping her long brown hair back over her shoulder with her hand as she slipped into the backdoor of the antique studio. “I’ve been known to strip for less.”The door closed, and I retreated to my office. A few minutes illegal bahis later and I heard tapping on the wall that separated my office from the antique store. I stepped into the hallway and saw the back door to the store propped open with a chair. I moved the chair and stuck my head inside the store.The store lights were off, but I could still very easily see around because of the ambient light that filtered into the store from the display windows, even at the back of the store. I found it strange that the store lights were off. I stepped into the store and before I could even go a step, I felt a hand on my shoulder and then another covered my eyes.“Don’t move,” Dani instructed.In an instant, she slipped a cloth blindfold over my eyes and tied it behind my head.“My aunt won’t be back, and the store is closed,” Dani said, taking me by my hand and clumsily leading me to a large overstuffed chair, where she seated me. I pretend-protested that I didn’t like the blindfold, when, in reality, I didn’t really mind. I kind of figured Dani was up to something mischievous and fun, so I decided to play along.

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