Meeting in the Poconos – Next YearMeeting in the Poconos – Next Year


It has been a year since I last made a trip to the Poconos for work. Dan was riding shotgun and Jerry was asleep in the back seat. Last year was bearable only because of Jodie. Whenever I am having a bad day, I will think about my cock sliding in and out of her creamy tunnel and then things are not so bad.

The chances she would be here again this year were slim to none. We emailed one another for a little while but it stopped knowing we were probably not ever going to get back together. At this point I just wanted to get to the hotel, and have a drink with lunch then get ready for my first meeting at three. We pulled up to the hotel and went to the desk to check in, once we got our room keys went up to put our bags in the room and headed to the hotel bar for lunch.

As we entered the bar I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was Jodie having lunch with another woman. I slowly approached her table until I caught her attention. Jodie jumped out her chair to come over to me, Jodie greeted me with a hug and a kiss.

“What are you doing here,” I asked.

“I changed jobs this past year and I am here for three days of meetings,” Jodie responded.

“That’s great! Do you have a roommate?” I asked nervously seeing another lady sitting at the table.

“I am sorry to say I do. How about you?” She quipped.

“I am here with Dan and Jerry, this year we decided to get adjoining rooms, so we could relax and party a bit between meetings. They have a double and I am in a single.” I explained.

Jodie winked at me and said that we might be able to work something out. She then walked me over to where she was eating and introduced me to Gwen, her roommate. I sat and talked with them awhile forgetting completely about lunch.

I looked at my watch because I had to get to my meeting that started at three. I excused myself but before I left Jodie and I exchanged phone numbers so we could keep in touch throughout the next few days. She asked me what time we wrapped up? I told her I would be done by eight.

“Text me your room number,” Jodie said as I got up to leave the table.

The next several hours were an absolute drag. I swear the clock went in reverse a couple of times. I text Jodie my room number and wondered what she was up too? I promised Dan and Jerry that we would kick back tonight but I am hoping to get lost in Josie’s breasts for an hour.

Eight O’clock finally came. I ran out to the liquor store while my buddies assembled the snacks, ice and mixers. It was about eight-thirty when I got back to my room. I opened the door that adjoined our rooms and started fixing drinks. We put the game on the TV in my room and kicked back on the sofa and chairs. About nine-thirty I got a text from Jodie asking if I was alone. I wrote back “No.”

“Talk later” was her reply.

We had an early start the next day with breakfast at six. I kicked the guys out of my room by ten-thirty. I turned off the lights and climbed into bed. I drifted off until I heard a gentle knock on my door. I got up to peek out the peephole and sure enough, it was Jodie. I stood behind the door as I opened it for her.

As Jodie is walking into my room she is instructing me “Harry, turn up the heat in the room cause you and I are getting naked and having sex until we pass out!”

I did as she said by kicking the heat up to eighty degrees. Jodie disappeared into the bathroom when I heard the shower start to run. I decided to follow her I left my underwear in the sleeping area. I slipped into the shower behind her I reached around her and pulled her back against me and started to massage her breasts. I pulled on her nipples until they were hard little pebbles.

She then turned around to grab my semi-hard cock with one hand and she had a bar of soap in the other. Lathering and stroking my blade until I was hard as steel I had to ask her to stop. I reached for a washcloth and worked up the soap like she worked up my raging hard-on. Her fine red pubic hair is peeking through the suds as I pressed gently into her slit.

I thoroughly washed every inch of her front then turned her around to wash her back. I slid my hard-on into the crack of her butt cheeks sliding back and forth until we were both completely rinsed off. I turned the water off, we stepped out of the shower and toweled each other dry.

We stepped out of the bathroom to find the rest of the room warm enough to go al fresco. We pulled the covers off the bed and laid down on the bed next to each other. We started kissing each other getting turned on even more. Jodie got up and crawled on top of me in a sixty-nine position. The oral assault on each other’s genitals was amazing. Jodie had a couple of small orgasms but I knew there was more.

I warned her that I was getting close to ejaculating so if she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth she could pull off my cock. On the contrary, she sucked on me like a kid sucking chocolate milk through a straw. I could feel my balls start to empty in her mouth. With that she let Etiler Escort out a groan, her body shook and her orgasm exploded with mine. She sucked me until I was dry but continued to roll my softening member in her mouth gently cleaning my flesh. She pulled off of my softened cock turned around and came up next to me. We laid there for a while holding hands as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to a naked Jerry standing in the passage doorway muttering OMG! Over and over again. Next to me was Jodie, completely naked and spread eagle on her back. I searched for something to cover her but realized all the blankets and sheets were kicked to the floor last night.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked Jerry.

“Dan has our bathroom tied up and I thought I would use yours if you weren’t in it” Jerry replied without taking his eyes off of Jodie’s naked form as she started to stir.

“Go use the bathroom” I told him thinking this would give me time for Jodie and I to get some cover.

Jodie’s eyes opened and a smile dawned on her face.

“So, did he like what he saw?” she asked me.

“What do you mean?” was my puzzled reply.

“I’ve been awake this whole time since he walked into our room. I squinted to look like I was still asleep. I was getting turned on by Jerry looking at me.” Jodie said as she grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy “Here feel how wet he made my pussy” she is soaked.

“You didn’t tell me how well hung your friend is.” She continued. “He had to be 6-8″ limp and almost as thick as my wrist.” Then Jodie wrapped her hand around my cock and asked “Do you want to waste that morning wood on a piss or would you like to stick it in me?”

“But what about Jerry?” I asked.

Jodie says, “Well he has seen it all and I am sure he understands the mechanics so at this point what does it matter?”

I wasn’t going to argue. I knelt between Jodie’s legs and rubbed my cock up and down Jodie’s wet slit. Slowly, I pressed into her pussy until my balls were resting on her ass. Jodie’s soft velvety wet vagina felt so amazing I just wanted to lay inside her and not move. Jodie started to raise and lower her hips, signaling she wanted more.

I was close to exploding inside her when she said, “Hi guys! We’re about finished give us a few more minutes!”

In the passage doorway was Jerry, naked with a hard-on, and Dan, dressed and ready for our first meeting. The thought of them watching us pushed both of us over the top. I filled Jodie’s pussy with a huge load of white cream and climbed off her. She had no embarrassment in standing up in front of the other guys while my man

juice began to run down her leg. She made her way to the bathroom and closed the door while I lay on the bed with my cream covered shrinking cock.

I looked at the alarm clock and realized we only had about twenty minutes before the first meeting. I grabbed my clothes and headed to Dan and Jerry’s room, telling them to let the lady get dressed in private. They picked their jaws off the ground and followed me into their room.

Although Dan had a head start the three of us were ready in less than ten minutes. I checked back into my room and Jodie had her clothes on and working on her makeup. She told me she had another half an hour before her meeting started. I handed her the extra key to my room and told her she was welcome to move in. She looked at me and smiled.

With that Dan, Jerry and I left the rooms. The morning dragged on as we went through a series of break out meetings where we were separated. Lunch was almost over when my group finally let us out of our last breakout. For that reason, they extended lunch for another hour for everyone. I ate very quickly because I wanted to get to my room to see if Jodie had moved in.

When I opened the door, I saw a strange suitcase and I knew what her decision was. As I moved into the room I saw Jodie sitting on the sofa watching TV and when I got closer I could see her shoulders were bare. She must have heard me coming as she turned to look at me and smiled.

I got closer and leaned down to kiss her, that is when I saw Dan. He was naked and laying with his head on her lap and legs stretched to the end of the couch. He had a lip lock on her right nipple and his spear was pointing to the ceiling. Jodie was naked too but was sitting straight up with her feet on the floor. Her right hand was wrapped around his well lubed fleshy staff and massaging it all over. She continued manipulating his penis while intently watching a TV show. Finally, a commercial came on and she turned to talk to me.

Jodie started telling me how she met up with Dan. “Dan and I got back to the rooms at the same time. After he sheepishly introduced himself to me, he confided to me that what he saw this morning had created a desire “between his legs,” Jodie said holding back a laugh while he continued to suckle.

Jodie looked over at me and informed me “I told him that I wasn’t interested Escort Etiler in fucking but I am willing to take care of him if he wanted. As soon as we got in the rooms he was naked in a matter of seconds with a hard-on.”

I looked at him with his now flaming red cock still in Jodie’s hand. Then he let go of her tit and turned enough that he could breathe in the scent of her femininity and quickly rutted for her left nipple. Only seconds later a stream of milky white liquid shot almost a foot into the air. A second stream surged about half that high and a few more surges just oozed over Jodie’s fingers and onto his stomach. Dan stood up and thanked her while making his way back to his room.

Jodie stood and walked to the bathroom and I followed her. She rinsed the sticky white goo from her hand. I asked what time she thought she would be back in the room? She moved back into the sleeping area and started putting her clothes on. Her meeting and dinner is supposed to be over for the day by seven. I told her mine would wrap up about the same time and asked if she wanted to go somewhere or spend the time in the room?

“There is plenty of liquor here. Let’s spend a quiet evening here,” Jodie replied.

“Settled” I said.

She finished dressing stopping to kiss me before disappearing out the door. I changed my shirt and looked for Dan. The look on his face was one of satisfaction and we headed “back to the mines.” The rest of the day was like sleepwalking. I had heard it all before and all I could think about was sliding in and out of Jodie.

Finally, the work day was over. All four of us jammed into my room. I mixed some cocktails, turned on the TV and we all started to unwind. After about an hour Jodie turned on the radio, and turned off the TV, grabbed my hand and we started to dance.

As I held her I could tell she had no bra on and I didn’t detect any panties under her dress. As my cock started to harden and press against her I reached behind her back to unzip her dress halfway down her back. She never said a word and we continued to dance. I waited a few minutes and unzipped the dress the rest of the way.

Sure, enough she had no panties on because the top of the crack of her gorgeous ass was now exposed. Jerry and Dan watched intently to see what was going to happen next. I backed away from her for a second and brushed the dress off her shoulders. Those fleshy melons with nipples popped into everyone’s view but the dress stopped dropping at her hips.

Again, she said not a word and we continued to dance. I could now feel the precum oozing out of my penis. One more push and her dress fell to the floor exposing that beautiful redhaired pussy. I reached down to determine if she was wet and found that to be an understatement.

I felt a tap on my shoulder to find Jerry wanting to cut in on my dance. Who could blame him?

I backed off and he took her naked form into his arms. Jerry immediately started to dry hump her while moving to the music. I was able to catch a glimpse of his swelling groin when their bodies parted. I knew he wanted to fuck her but we all knew that it was Jodie in control of what was to happen next. I never noticed Dan taking off all his clothes and standing to the side with a semi-erect dong.

Waiting for an opportunity, Dan moved closer to the pair and tapped on Jerry’s shoulder. Jerry released his grip on Jodie and she reached out to Dan to change partners. A little awkward at first because Dan’s cock, now a rigid tool, kept sticking Jodie just above that beautiful vagina. He pulled it up and close to his body as she moved in to hold it in place. The two of them danced some more as Jerry and I watched asses and tits moving in time.

After a few minutes, Jodie separated their bodies. She grabbed Dan by the penis and led him to the bed. She lay on her back and spread her legs while those amazing tits slid off to the sides of her body. With her fingers she spread her pussy lips showing Dan the way to ecstasy. He knelt on the bed between her legs and slowly made entrance to her love tunnel. Once he was fully inside her he started to pound at her sex organs. She whispered something in his ear and his stroke slowed considerably. They were coupled for several minutes so Jerry and I started to undress. She whispered in Dan’s ear again and he started to pull out of her. He lay next to her with his cock near her head. There was no sign of cum on him or her.

“Harry, it’s your turn”, she said wiggling her finger in a come here motion.

I moved between her legs and she forced my head straight down to her slit. I took her clit gently between my teeth and rubbed my tongue over her pearl.

In a few minutes she declared, “I’m going to squirt! Suck it Harry! Suck up my come!”

A gush of warm sweet fluid flowed into my mouth and I lapped up every drop that I could. I waited until I was sure Jodie was done and proceeded to penetrate Jodie’s pussy with my weapon while laying on top of her Etiler Escort Bayan I turned my head to the right only to see Dan’s cock inches from my face.

Jodie then whispered, “Suck his cock for me Harry?”

I thought about her request for a moment then I rationalized that it was only skin. Skin that was just minutes ago in the same vagina that I immersed my prick and covered with the same juices that I so eagerly just swallowed.

“I’ll do it for you but he can’t cum in my mouth”, I informed Dan looking him in the eye.

With that I turned my head towards his cock and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I tried to develop a rhythm between fucking Jodie and sucking Dan. It didn’t take long and once I was in a rhythm I was starting to get turned on.

Jodie was starting to moan, I felt she was building to a second orgasm. I was holding back on unloading in Jodie when I tasted some precum in my mouth. I spit Dan’s cock out and Jodie whispered that it was time for me to pull out of her. I did as she asked and got off bed.

She sat up then walked over to the bar and made herself a drink.

“Jerry don’t worry. Your turn is next”, she said with a smile. “I really can’t wait to feel that big snake of yours between my legs.”

As Jodie sat down in a chair, Jerry knelt on the floor between her legs. She propped one leg over the arm of the chair and Jerry immediately pushed his face between her thighs. Jodie acted as though she was immune to what Jerry was doing to her genitalia.

His oral assault on her pussy lasted for several minutes but when he came up for air she said, “Come on let’s go!” leading him by his cock to the bed. “I’ve never had one this big before. Can we take it slow?”

“Sure, we can”, Jerry said. “I’ll apply some lube and that should help too.”

I watched as the head of his spear parted her lips. The head slipped into her folds and then he pulled out. She smiled and spread her legs wider apart. He entered her again about a third of his length. Moving in and out just a little to loosen her up. When her hips rose to meet his, he knew she was ready and plunged deep inside her. He waited for her to get comfortable with his girth and started his undulation inside her depths.

“Jodie your pussy feels like heaven”, Jerry said. “Almost too good. I’m on the verge of cumming. Where should I drop my load?”

“Anywhere you want Jerry. There are no rules tonight. Just some friends having fun,” was her reply.

A few minutes later Jerry was grunting as he filled Jodie quim. Then he rolled off Jodie with his cock covered in milky white paste and a little of the same coming from the center of Jodie’s rosebud. Jerry just laid on his back with his once massive cock beginning to shrivel.

Jodie got up on her hands and knees and called out to Dan it was his turn again. Dan entered her doggy style and Jodie smiled as he slid in her pussy all the way. Jerry must have gapped her pussy but Dan didn’t know the difference. Jodie took control of the rhythm by sliding up and down on his cock with an occasional roll so it rotated inside her now well-spunked tunnel.

After several minutes she slid off his dick and rolled onto her back. Dan jumped right back into her pussy and fucked her like a jackrabbit. His face tightened and you knew he was adding to Jodie’s already velvet purse. Pure bliss is written all over her face.

Jodie was ready for me now I laid next to her on the bed. Her pussy was now oozing with two loads of sperm but I didn’t care, she was a great lover. It was getting late and tomorrow was the last meeting day for all of us and we had to check out before the first meeting. Dan and Jerry headed back to their room through the passage door. I yelled at them to lock the door on their way out.

As much as I wanted to sixty-nine Jodie I just couldn’t bring myself to do it and she knew it. Quickly she swallowed my cock whole and I could feel the head in the back of her throat. It started to swell and she gagged me free. She then proceeded to mount me cowgirl. Having watched all that sex tonight I knew I wouldn’t last long. I just wasn’t sure if Jodie had one more orgasm left in her. I reached between our bodies and my fingers found her clit. Her reaction when I found her bud told me she was ready for one more. As she rode I rubbed. Her chest and face turned bright pink. As her mouth opened to scream I shot my seed deep into her and she climaxed at the same time.

Jodie fell forward onto my chest and I left my cock in her for some time until we decided to uncouple. She must have been exhausted because once we separated she fell asleep in the fetal position almost immediately. I came up behind her and spooned until I fell asleep too.

The alarm went off far too early. My morning wood got lodged in her ass and I wanted to fuck one more time. Jodie started to stir, turned to me and told me she was too sore down there to do it again. I understood. A few minutes later we both climbed out of bed and headed for the shower. We washed each other and when we rinsed, Jodie dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Grabbing my balls and massaging them she took the other hand and searched for my anus. When she found it, she inserted a finger and started pumping it as I blew my load in her mouth.

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