Matt and Brad: Gay Lovers Ch. 05Matt and Brad: Gay Lovers Ch. 05


Chapter 5


Matt and Brad became inseparable. There love was new and flourished. They wanted to build a house and make it their home.

One Saturday, Brad’s acted unusual, seemingly lost in thought. “What’s on your mind, Brad?”

“There is something I need to do and I am just trying to figure out the best way.”

“You’re are coming out and trying to find the best way, right?”

“My lord we are becoming a couple! They say that a good measure of a couples love is reading each other’s thoughts. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

“I have always liked he direct approach. No beating arid the bush.

Just find the right time and be direct. Bit make sure you tell them how much you love them first.”

“Is that what you did? ” Brad asked.

“I did not have to. My parents knew all along. It’s a long story. I’ll tell if to you sometime.”

“Can you cover for me the Friday after Thanksgiving? I plan tell them abuts then.”

“No problem. It usually a busy day after a major holiday. I can handle it. Let bahis siteleri me know hw it goes.”

“When you see me late that day you will know lover.”

Brad’s family had a lot to be thankful for. The plant was up running, They expected to run at a loss the first year covering the expense of moving and rebuilding. Harry’s ingenuity let to major productivity increases and with any luck at all they would break even the first year. Mark promised everyone bonuses out of his own money they pulled it off.

Harry ad Grace hired a contractor recommended by Mark and were building their dream home.

There will be for you honey,” Grace told he son. “But we will not feel bad if you want to move on your move out on your own”.

“That’s what I have in mind Mom.” Bread revealed. “In fact it is something I need to discuss with you.”

“Hey let’s walk down to the park. Is a nice day and we all need to work off a few pounds after yesterday,” Grace suggested.

They walked a short distant to a small neighborhood park.

They stopped to rest for a bit. Harry online casinolar looked at Grace. Grace knew what Harry was silently asking and nodded her head yes.

“Brad, there is something that caused concern to your Mom and me. You do know that we love you dearly and always will. Short of running off the join a terrorist group there is nothing you could do that would disappoint us.”

“Honey you are our one and only and sometimes we worry about losing you. It’s a parent thing dear,” Grace explained. “You understand?”

“Yes I do mom and I am sorry if I have done anything to worry you or dad.” Brad replied.

“To tell you the truth we do have concerns and want to have an open, frank discussion,” Harry told his son.

Brad was no dummy and knew exactly what was bothering his parents. He had not planned for his parents to lead the discussion but did make him more comfortable.

“Mom, Dad I know what is on your mind, you notice that I am different, that I do not have girl friends.” He said, “And a hundred other things in my behavior gerçek para casinoları that even I do not recognize”

“I love you very much Dad and I adore you Mom. The honest truth Mom and Dad is that I am gay. Matt and I are lovers and wan to live together.”

“Dear I have to ask,” Grace began. “Are you sure this is real in not just idle curiosity?”

“No I assure you mom, it is real. I have known I was gay since I was 12 years old. I did not have the courage out come out of the closet until I met Matt.”

“You are talking about the Matt you work with?” Harry asked.

“Yes Dad and you should that Matt’s parents are very supportive. In fact they realized he was gay long before he knew himself. I don’t have the full story but I think he saw a counselor.”

“OK son, if Matt in anything like has father you have fallen fore the right guy. We love you and are with you completely.” Harry told him.”

“With no reservations, my darling.” Grace added.

Brad was engulfed in emotional feelings, Freedom to be his real self, with love and support of his family and the rush from knowing his dreams had come true: a great job and a loving partner Tears came to his eyes as he embraced his father and mother.

He wrapped his arms around their waist as they returned home. I’m also insanely curious about how far I could go.

To be continued…

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