Friday Night, Girly NightFriday Night, Girly Night

Anal Sex

I couldn’t believe I was about to let my husband slide his lubricated cock into my jelled bum hole for the first time. But here I was laying on our bed, gripping the bedsheets in lusty anticipation. I couldn’t wait to feel his hardness inside my anal chute. I can’t ever remember feeling this horny and dirty with a desire to being used by him. At this moment I was so horned up, I would have let anyone screw me.

To let you know the story that lead me to this moment of anal desire we have to go back to earlier in the evening.

It all began when a close friend shared a personal secret, a revelation that she had felt she had to get off her chest. It was something that shocked myself and a couple of my closest friends before leading to one of the weirdest, sexiest events we had ever shared in together.

Every couple of months myself and three of my friends, Tanya, Wendy and Kate would organise a get together and take it in turns to host a girly night get together. It was a casual, at-home affair where we would each bring a bottle of wine or two, order a takeaway meal and have fun with our girly chat’s. Tonights girly night took place at Tanya’s.

Tanya was a cutie, a beautiful and sensitive young woman in her mid thirties who looked a lot younger than her years. Her lovely nature came from her being a little shy and reserved. You could almost mistake her for a teen from a distance, the way she had maintained her figure and the way she dressed in young fashions. Her daily employment was in a perfume boutique and Tanya was very popular with the clients and her colleagues. Everyone was attracted to her gentle way but she had become a bit fed up after a recent divorce from her former husband Gerry.

We were all of a like age, Wendy being the oldest was in her early forties and married with kids, she was a line manager in a finance call centre. An authoritative career lady always smart in appearance. You would think in seeing her at any time, she was on the way to an office meeting. Tonight was no exception as she wore a business type suit with pencil skirt and blouse, but she hadn’t shied away from her make up, with her bright red lips and heavy mascara. With her striking features she always wore it well.

Kate, six years Wendy’s junior was also employed at the call centre, it being one of the biggest local employers. She was twice divorced and the life and soul of every party, always after new men and always blinged up and awash with jewellery and sparkly gems. She was a lover of colourful outfits that complimented her dark hair and and curvy body. Her divorce status wasn’t a surprise being that there was more fire in this young lady than most men could handle.

Myself, I was happily married to my longterm partner and had my family, an eighteen year old son and sweet teen daughter. I had my own little flower shop business and liked to dress casual most of the time. I enjoyed wearing jeans and casuals, but tonight I had my dark leggings and a big white, knitted, comfy sweater which I wore like a dress. It was just long enough to cover my rear and it felt more befitting to my maturing years. Although, according to my husband who regularly complimented me with ‘Rear of the Year’ remarks it was not that my butt needed covering. Even my kids had complimented my trim legs on occasion, calling me ‘Hot legs’, so I didn’t feel at all bad about my appearance.

So here we were at Tanya’s, we had all enjoyed our take away meal and had polished off a couple of bottles of the old ‘Vino’. We chatted about, clothes and fashions; men; food; men; TV; men and all the other things we normally chat about when we get together. The evening flew past and we were feeling the hazy effect of our drinking, we were all super relaxed and chatting with noisy enthusiasm.

It was in this semi drunken state, we were joking and outing silly sexy stories about ourselves when Tanya started her confession. A confession that captivated us all.

Retelling her story, it started for Tanya one Sunday afternoon when her younger brother Tom had called to visit with her husband not at home. Tom appeared nervy and upset before eventually revealing to Tanya’s he had suspicions that her husband Gerry was having an affair with Jill, Tom’s wife. As her brother revealed details, Tanya started to piece some of it together. Tom had said that when he was working late on Friday evenings he would come home to smell the fishy aroma of sex in his home and he was positive he had seen Gerry leaving the neighbourhood on the footpath near his home. This had happened on more than one occasion.

On another evening he had found a shopping bag with men’s sport shoes that Jill had said she collected for Gerry, but he was certain they had been left by Gerry accidentally. He was afraid to approach his own wife with his concern about the affair and didn’t know how to broach the subject, so here he was discussing it with his sister Tanya.

Tanya’s told us her mind was now racing with thoughts of infidelity, realising that her husband had told her frequently that he went out for Denizli Escort a Friday night drink with the ‘boy’s’. But on many of these occasions when he returned home, there was no smell of alcohol on him and more often a faint aroma of perfume. This was something that a wife noticed, the ‘lipstick on your collar’ scenario.

Tanya’s knowing how close she was to her sister in law began to feel a little upset. How could Jill possibly be having an affair with her husband?

As close friends to Tanya, we all knew Jill, she was a voluptuous, stout woman with a commanding presence. She always wore nice designer smock style dresses to cover her heavy frame and always wore impeccable high heel shoes. Her Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo’s gave her even more of a presence. But why Tanya’s hubby would want to have an affair with her with Tanya being so gorgeous and loving was a mystery to us all.

We were all completely absorbed in the story she was telling, waiting to find out if it was true.

It was decided that Tanya and Tom would attempt to catch their partners in the act and expose any affair that might be taking place. Inside, Tanya hoped that it wasn’t happening, the suggestion from her brother was a little much for her to take in. They decided that Tom would tell his wife Jill that he would be working until late on the coming Friday, whilst in reality taking the day off work and observing his home from a hidden location. And if Gerry turned up he would call Tanya and they could sneak in and catch them in the act.

Come Friday evening, Tanya became worried that the plan had worked when she received a call at 6pm. She was told to immediately head to her brothers house and let herself in through the back door quietly, and sneak her way in. As we listened, we all looked at each other desperate to know what happened next.

As Tanya quietly opened the door to her brothers lounge and glanced in, she couldn’t believe the sight that greeted her. Myself, Wendy and Kate also couldn’t believe what came next.

Her brother was reclining in an arm chair near to the door, where Tanya stood. Wearing nothing but an unbuttoned white shirt and stroking his erect penis with a look of bizarre, tortured lust on his face. He was gazing at his wife and brother-in-law, who, sweating with his dirty jeans and boxers around his ankles and still wearing his work boots was fucking Jill in full view of him.

Tanya told us the room was filled with sounds of the slapping flesh from the thrusting bodies and the splashy wet rhythm of Tom’s squelchy wanking.

She stood frozen at the door, unnoticed. Jill had her dress drawn up around her waist and her nylon stocking clad legs spread apart in acceptance of Gerry’s muscular body atop of her. She was grunting and groaning and screaming expletives in pleasure ‘Fuck me you dirty bastard… fuck my hot cunt…’ She kept snatching big wet kisses between her grunts of passion, tonguing Gerry’s mouth as they coupled.

Tanya couldn’t believe her eyes, her brother was simply sitting there pleasuring himself to the scene before him. ‘What the hell was happening?’ she thought.

Kate interrupted the tale asking ‘What did you do?’

She then told us after watching mesmerised for a short moment she was suddenly snapped into reality when Jill looked directly at her and smiled, saying in a surprisingly demanding tone. “Oh hello Tanya, come to join us have you? Come in and sit down beside your brother… he’s already enjoying the show’.

‘What? What did your husband and brother do?” I asked, surprised at the comment.

Tanya replied that her brother just turned and smiled at her continuing to draw his foreskin back and forth over his hard little cock and casually said ‘Hi Sis’. Her husband did little more than turn and looked at her for a second continuing his grinding fuck. Then he turned back to Jill and greedily commenced French kissing her with big slobbery tongue licks around her face and red lipsticked lips. He continued groaning and humping as if Tanya wasn’t even there, lost in the ecstasy of Jill’s sucking pussy.

Tanya told us that her sister-in-law kept staring, a soul piercing stare with lust filled eyes and smiling toward her. Tanya unexplainably decided to sit down on the carpet in front of her brother, her focus transfixed on the randy play between both Jill and hubby. She wasn’t thinking about her brothers cock only a few inches behind her.

Tanya stopped telling the story and went quiet for a brief moment, she lowered her head and looked directly at the settee where we were sitting, as if reliving the moment.

Wendy spoke “Oh Tanya dear, I’m so sorry to hear this’ she said.

Then Kate with her usual mad, playful attitude joked aloud ‘Sorry? Fuck that… what happened next?… It’s getting me hot!’

It sounded inappropriate but she laughed, she was lightening the mood. We all laughed, Wendy gave Kate a reprimanding look of ‘behave’, however, I think we were all desperate to hear more of the perverted revelation. And the story although Denizli Escort Bayan kinky WAS sounding quite hot in a freaky way.

Tanya continued her story first saying that she wasn’t quite sure that she should tell us of the events that followed. Only if we promised not to tell anyone, not even our partners because she felt so ashamed of the evening.

For all that Wendy had said she was ‘sorry to hear about it’, she was the first to reassure Tanya we wouldn’t tell a soul. We all nodded, encouraging Tanya to go on.

Tanya continued, as she sat in the lounge amidst the sex, her dirty sister-in-law said something that caught her off guard. ‘Are you enjoying yourself Tanya?’ She asked then adding ‘Look at your randy brother behind you, wanking his little dick thinking about his hot sister’. Tanya turned to be met with a close up view of her brothers hard-on inches from her face. Jill continued, saying ‘Tom has often told me he would love to shove his dick into his sisters peachy bottom when we’re shagging… haven’t you dear?’ Tom, watching his wife fuck, nodded his head in agreement.

At this point we were all astounded. As I glanced around the room at the other girls I noticed that Kate had her hand on her crotch on the front of her mini skirt and was gently massaging her sex. I quickly looked away.

Tanya continued, recanting that Jill then asked ‘Why don’t you undo your jeans and slip them down and give your brother a better view of that beautiful behind of yours?’ while she continued her slow grind pleasuring with Gerry.

‘Did you?’ I asked.

As Tanya continued with the re-telling of events, she unconsciously enacted some of what she was talking of as we listened. Explaining that how on the night, she slowly unbuttoned her jeans whilst mesmerised and consumed in the moment, herself having become aroused.

As she was describing it, she undone her buttons before us, reclining back into the armchair as she spoke. She told us she was facing Jill and her husband as she lowered her jeans to her knees with her back to her brother, revealing her black panty clad rear. Jill then whispered to her ‘Slip your panties down Tanya, dearest’. Tanya said she couldn’t help but comply and slid them slowly down her thighs revealing her naked bottom to her brother. She was afraid to look around but heard her brother gasp ‘Oooh sis, so beautiful’.

As she described the details to us, her hand slipped inside her jeans and panties and she started diddling. I glanced again toward Kate sitting beside me, she had drawn her mini-skirt up to her tummy, and legs slightly apart at the knees, she was now caressing her own wet panty front. I placed my hand on Wendy’s knee who was sitting to my left, Wendy froze with a start before relaxing again as I hinted with a nod toward Kate’s masturbating.

Tanya continued her tale.

Her sis-in-law, now in complete control of the situation, prompted Tanya to get on all fours and wiggle her butt for her brother. By this time Jill and Gerry were both spread along the settee slowly fucking in a gentle rhythm as they enjoyed Tanya and her brother succumb to their taboo, sibling perversity. Jill instructed her husband… ‘Go on Tom, taste your sisters arse hole, you know you’ve always longed to do it’. Tanya said she tensed when two hands softly grip her bum and two thumbs spread her cheeks apart revealing her hole to view. She felt the warmth of breath against her anus and then a soft wet probe. Without looking she knew it was her brothers tongue dipping playfully into the tight sphincter and teasing her sensitive intimacy.

Tanya then confessed she was trembling with mixed emotions. She was feeling conflicted and perverted but erotically on fire, her senses were heightened with the knowledge of it being her brother that was poking her hole with his tongue. She kept her view fixed on Jill’s hypnotising gaze as the sensations rushed through her body. Not looking at her brother pleasuring her, made her feel that if she didn’t see him, it was OK to continue with this twisted madness.

As she described the sexplay in detail, she was shamelessly playing inside her slacks, as was our Kate who had taken her fingering fun to the next level. Kate had pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and was now pumping her middle finger between her wet labia lips. It was a crazy turn of events but strangely seemed like the natural thing for her to be doing.

Perhaps it was the wine getting the better of me, but I was also feeling somewhat aroused and had the urge to join with my friends in mutual masturbation. I turned again to Wendy and quietly whispered to her that it was becoming ‘a bit hot’ in here. She simply smiled and started rucking her tight skirt up around her luscious thighs, revealing her nylon stocking tops. She replied in a husky low whisper with ‘Honey this is girls night and we girls should CUM together’ emphasising the cum. With this, she raised her backside to allow the pencil skirt to clear her hips and then followed with a slick motion raising her feet Escort Denizli and whipping her knickers off. She scrunched them up and threw them playfully to Kate. Kate squealed in delight at Wendy joining her in creating our girly night pleasure circle. ‘Oh Wendy, you naughty bitch.’ Kate gushed.

Not wishing to be left out, I slipped my leggings and panties down to my ankles and allowed my legs to part. Wendy, myself and Kate were now sitting side by side on the large sofa, our legs spread and our petals revealed in a spirit of togetherness with Tanya. With us all joyfully revealing our most intimate parts to each other, our trust to secrecy in each other was fully shared.

I could feel the love in the room for our gorgeous host as she continued the erotically charged tale.

As Tanya’s brother continued to taste his sisters anal delight Jill and Gerry continued their provocative fucking in full view of her. Jill had her legs raised in the air, her shiny stiletto’s glinting in the soft lounge light as they bounced in time to Gerry’s pumping motion. Jill prompted her hubby, ‘Why don’t you lube that cock of yours Tom? Your sister looks ready to enjoy your little joy stick in her bum hole.’ she said.

Tanya told us, all she could do was sheepishly nod at the suggestion. She was enjoying the tickling tongue licking that her most intimate parts were receiving.

As we listened attentively we were all now fingering our pussies casually in unison. I thought to myself, if there was a man available right at this moment he would enjoy a ‘fantasy come true’ and be invited to pleasure four very horny ladies.

Meanwhile, Tanya told us the tonguing stopped for a brief moment and she heard the sound of something being squeezed from a tube or bottle then felt cold drops of jelly drop onto her skin. Then a warm finger started to caress her crack gently poking into her tight sphincter. She clenched the finger by contracting her anal muscles as it worked it’s way deeper. Her brother was fingering and at the same time, lubing her arse.

We could all guess what was coming but Tanya proceeded with the details. She told us that the finger slowly withdrew and she could feel it replaced with a fatter feeling spongy rod. As it entered her, her willing hole became passionately hot, sucking what she knew to be the pulsing cock inward. She then heard her brother whisper as he moaned ‘Oh sis, you feel so amazing… I love your hot bum’.

Tanya couldn’t help but encourage her brother, ‘Oh Tom, push it in… push it in slowly… you feel so nice’. She looked over her shoulder to see her brother with eyes closed, head toward the ceiling in lustful ecstasy.

Tanya’s husband and sister-in-law were now going at it ‘hammer and tongs’, her hubby grunting and groaning and calling out to Tom, ‘Fuck her Tom, fuck your gorgeous sister. Cum in her sweet arsehole’. Jill was screaming in delight at the scene before her. ‘Fuck your nasty sis, fuck that horny little hole’ she squealed, excited by the perversion.

Tanya told us her nasty brother started slamming his cock home and his hips slapped against her bum cheeks, thrilling her and making her feel perverted and dirty. It was heightening her sex sensation. She was glad that her brothers small cock didn’t hurt, instead, made her feel fantastic as it plunged in and out of her tight but slippy orifice. It was only a matter of time before she furiously exploded with a mind shattering orgasm. She said it was as if everybody in the room synchronised with her in orgasm. Staring toward her husband, she witnessed him withdraw from Jill and his cock shoot never ending ropes of cum. His jizz splashing over Jill’s designer dress and hairy, naked pussy. The sticky splurges of white goo coating her open pink slit.

She felt her brother withdraw from her rear passage, leaving her hole yawning and open. He started blasting jets of his white spunk from the eye of his dick, coating her backside with his slimy man milk. It trickled down her seam onto her hot pussy lips and her tummy spasmed with orgasmic delight.

Our attention to the story telling was suddenly broken as Wendy let out a cry of desire ‘Oooh girls, I need a cock, my pussy is on fire’.

‘Ooooh me too’ blurted Kate as she pulled a hair brush from her handbag and slipped the handle into her wet love passage. She began dildoing herself furiously with the brush.

‘Oh you are all amazing’ Tanya cried as she slid her jeans and knickers down revealing her sopping wet clam. ‘I thought you would have all been shocked, I’m loving this.’

We were all as horny as hell from hearing of Tanya’s experience to watching each other frigg, this had become one very hot evening.

‘Oh Tanya, what did you do after coming?’ I asked ‘Tell us more.’

Before she continued, Tanya parted her pussy lips with a V of her fingers and stretched her pink folds allowing her swollen clit to protrude from it’s hood. It’s not something that I had ever considered I would be enjoying but I couldn’t help but look at her most intimate parts and wonder what it would be like to kneel between her legs and tongue her nub. I daren’t do it for fear of disgust from my friends at my sudden lesbian desire and considered it I line I’d better not cross. We were all intimately masturbating together which felt so right and I didn’t want to halt the moment.

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