Dr. Mom Pt. 08Dr. Mom Pt. 08

Feet Fetish

“Mom!” Lee cried as he fucked her over the kitchen table for the third time in a row. It was like they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves anymore. As soon as Veronica was within arms reach of her son she would start making out with him and one thing would lead to another…

All they did anymore was fuck, but that wasn’t all! Lee and Veronica had a very important job at the fertility clinic.

Yesterday, three different women came in looking to try this “new, revolutionary technique,” that Dr. Veronica Thelma had patented, or at least told people she did.

Sometimes the husbands would wait in the waiting room, then the secretary, who was already 3 months pregnant with Lee’s child, would tell them, “It’s a very difficult technique, you might hear some strange noises coming from the next room.” As she said this the woman, was already moaning in ecstasy as Lee started fucking the shit out of her with his enormous cock.

Dr. Thelma didn’t mind Lee fucking so many different women. For one thing, it was for a good cause since so many women in their town needed to get pregnant and Lee was the only man able to do so. Because that was the other thing that made it so Veronica didn’t get jealous, no matter how many women he fucked, he’d always come home and give his old mom a screw…

“FUCK ME, LEE!” Dr. Thelma shouted as her son fucked her with his huge cock, stretching her pussy lips further than they’d ever been stretched before with such as wide and enormous dick.

“I’VE NEVER BEEN FUCKED THIS HARD BEFORE! I JUST WANT YOU TO FUCK ME INTO OBLVIOUN!!” She cried and let her son manhandle her tits as she came on his cock for the third time since he’d gotten home from work (where Lee had fucked six other women, cumming into each of their pussies, one of them being his exceptionally horny aunt).

“I’m going to cum Mom!” Lee announced as he continued plowing into Veronica’s pussy like a jackhammer with no sense of slowing down.

“CUM IN ME!” She cried, knowing exactly what she wanted, “CUM IN ME, LEE! IMPREGNATE YOUR MOTHER JUST LIKE YOU IMPREGNATED Çeşme Escort YOUR AUNT!”

Lee complied and let out a mighty roar as his balls tightened and he began cumming in copious amounts deep in his mom’s snatch, “I WANT YOU TO BE MY BABY MOMMY AND MY OWN MOMMY!” He cried, knowing that if it was legal, he’d marry his mom if he could.

“I WANT THAT TOO SON!” She cried, cumming twice in a row as Lee filled her pussy full of his cum.

They took a shower after that and Lee fucked her again. It was like this most days. Lee would come home, fuck her immediately in whatever room he found her in, or one time in the backyard. They were fucking like rabbits and didn’t even care who knew about it anymore.

“LEE!” She was shouting as three women came in together, already knowing to leave their husbands in the care as they heard Veronica cumming loudly on her son’s cock upstairs.

“Wow!” One of the women moaned, it was Jill’s mother, Beth, who had heard from her daughter that Lee’s cock was amazing (mostly because Jill was shouting it at the top of her lungs as she road Lee’s dick in her bedroom). “I guess they’ve already started without us.”

The other one was another of Lee’s many aunts, this one on his father’s side, Marsha, she was over there almost every day, “Mmm, I can’t wait until my nephew impregnates me!” She moaned.

The last woman was the Mayor of the whole city, Mayor Carletta Jose, she was just as hot and horny as the other two women. “It’s very important to the city that I become pregnant today.” She announced.

Soon they joined Lee and his mother in their shared bedroom. It was a sight to walk in on. Veronica was dressed only in her doctor’s coat, she was riding her son’s dick in the reverse-cowgirl style and her face and tits were covered, absolutely covered, in Lee’s thick jizz.

“Oh hello ladies,” Veronica said casually as she road her son’s cock, “You’re here early.” She pointed out.

“We’re only here early because you always start early!” Lee’s Aunt Marsha complained, “You have to save some of Lee’s semen Çeşme Escort Bayan for the rest of us!”

“There’s some on my face you can lick off if you want,” Veronica told her sister-in-law devilishly.

But Marsha surprised her by leaning forward and kissing Veronica, she licked the cum off her delicate skin and then kissed her sister-in-law to share it with her.

“Mmm, that’s fucking hot!” The mayor moaned as she ripped her clothes off, revealing her porn-star-like body and climbing on top of Lee’s face, “Lee!” She moaned as he began eating her pussy without a care in the world, “YOU’RE THE BEST FUCK IN THE WHOLE CITY! YOU NEED TO GET ME PREGNANT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!”

Veronica practically collapsed off her son as she and Marsha got into a furious 69, each woman lovingly snacking on the other woman’s cunt. They both had incredible orgasms in each other’s mouths within moments and neither was slowing down as they licked the other’s clit.

While every other vagina was being filled, this left Beth feeling a bit empty but she realized that Lee’s cock was left unattended, she practically jumped for joy as she jumped out of her clothes and on top of Lee’s rock hard dick. It filled her pussy up completely, “Oh fuck!” She shouted as she lowered herself completely on his cock, “I’ve been needing this all week since our last threesome with my daughter!” She moaned, loving all the incest that’s been happening around her and with her lately. She vaguely wished that Jill was there just so she could eat her cunt too, but knew there’d be time for that when she got home later that evening as well.

Lee was feeling great as the mayor road his face and one of his many girlfriend’s mothers was riding his cock. Soon, after his mother and aunt had another screaming orgasm, they each got on one of his sides. Each parental figure grabbed one of Lee’s hands and shoved it close to their pussies. Lee knew what was going on and started playing with his mother and aunt’s pussies and soon, he had four women cumming on him simultaneously. Life was good.

Lee Escort Çeşme knew he couldn’t take much more of this and pushed the women off of him so he could stand up at the foot of the bed. All four sexy women opened their mouths and held their breasts up for target practice as Lee jerked his cock and began to cum. Just like every time he had an orgasm, it was intense and in incredibly large quantities. He began cumming, first hitting his mother square in the face, adding to what cum was still there after Aunt Marsha ate most of it, then he moved to Mayor Carletta, she took his dickhead in his mouth for a second to get most of it on her tongue. She loved tasting his spunk almost as much as she liked fucking Lee’s dick. He moved on to cover Jill’s mom and his aunt and came back around (no pun intended) to cum on all four women again.

Once he was done and the four women on the floor were dripping with Lee’s semen, Aunt Marsha began to laugh, “Dammit Lee!” She giggled, “You were supposed to cum in our pussies, not on our faces!” They all laughed at that.

Lee motioned to his still-hard dick, “I’m still ready to impregnate all of you!” He announced and pushed Marsha down on the floor as he inserted his cock into her for the first time that day. He began fucking her like there was no tomorrow. The other women began licking the cum off each other’s faces as they eagerly awaited their turn.

The husbands waited in their cars for several hours, the house was soundproof from the outside so they didn’t have to hear their wives in the throes of ecstasy as Lee made them all cum more in a few hours than their husbands could do in a full year. When they came out, they all told their husbands, “Well, that might have worked, but the doctor’s orders are to try again tomorrow! And the next day and the day after that!” They were very excited and smelled like sex, but all the husbands thought that was just part of the treatment.

As they left, Lee was fucking his mom in their bed again already, “God Lee! You never stop!”

“With you Mom,” Lee said with a smirk as he fucked her tight, wet pussy without anything slowing him down, his orgasm already building again, “I don’t think I ever will!”

Lee and his mother went on to have 6 kids together, not including the hundreds of children Lee ended up having with women all over town.

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