Massage and MoreMassage and More


A friend of mine called me up. She’s in need of many things, but mostly to just relax. Knowing how much I enjoy giving massages, she asked if I could come over to her place and help her unwind a bit. Never one to let a friend in need suffer, I grabbed some massage oils and head on over.

When I arrived at her place, I immediately tell she’s in need of a massage, at a minimum. She just has that look. I know this scenario could get out of hand quickly, and I don’t want to do anything to get in the way of our friendship. I suggested she have a glass of wine and head to the couch, while I warm up the massage oil. She surprises, and announces that she’d much prefer the bed.

As I entered the room, she’s lying face down on her bed, and a thin white sheet is covering her lower body. “Promise me, no matter what happens, you won’t fuck me.” I’m shocked at her forwardness, slightly saddened by the reality, and relieved that we’ve cleared that up. Knowing that setting the ground rules will help her relax, I quickly respond: “I promise.”

I took some warm oil, and started working the tension out of her back. My hands glide along her muscles, my fingers finding her knots and forcefully working them out. Working on a bed isn’t the easiest for a massage, so I crawled up and straddled her body, allowing escort istanbul my weight to rest on her bum. I couldn’t help but be aroused by being this close, this intimate. I moved my hands up to her shoulders, digging into the pressure points at the back of her neck. My fingers tracing the chords down her neck. I love the feel of hair through my fingers, so I continued up and massaged her scalp. I scootch my body upwards, now resting some weight on the small of her back. Wiggling, trying to hide my arousal. I almost thought she was asleep by the way her breath was deep and rhythmic, but as I found her sore spots, she moans.

Finally, I finished massaging her, and at this point, I’m having a hard time concentrating on massaging her because my body is demanding a massaging of its own.

“All done.” I whisper into her hear, my lips brushing her earlobes.

“Nu-uh,” she moans “that was just the top half. Turn around.”

A smile crossed my face. I maneuver around and gently pull the sheet up towards her shoulders. I pulled it maybe a tad higher than I should have, wanting it to come just short of the crease of her ass, but instead I came up just short of covering it. “Fuuuck!” I think to myself as I realized that she is completely, and utterly naked.

I started by applying taksim escort some oil to her calves, pulling the oil down towards her feet. Now I’m a boob guy, but there’s something erotic about rubbing oil over a woman’s legs. Okay, there’s something erotic about having a naked woman begging me to run my hands over her body period! Once I’d worked both her calves, her feet, her arches, and in between each of the toes I step back to admire her ass. I’ll admit, it’s been distracting me.

Before I can even blink, she quickly flips over, the sheet still covering her upper body. “Now my thighs. They’re really tight after my workout yesterday.” I smile. I know she doesn’t work out.

I start my hands on her thigh, pushing along the outside of her leg. I can see her smile in what I hope is pleasure, as my fingers massage her muscles. As I begin another stroke up her leg, she spreads her legs, surprising me, and forcing my hands to the inside of her thigh. I run my hand up as far as I dare, I can almost feel the heat from her pussy against my fingertips. “Further” she whispers huskily.

I apply a bit more oil to my fingers and work my way up again, this time throwing caution aside. My fingers gently massage her lips, tugging on them, pinching them lightly. I run my finger down her hood, feeling escort kağıthane the warmth as the blood rushes to the area. I can see her clit begin to show, and I lightly caress it, my finger and thumb on each side of it. I know I’m doing something right by the moans of encouragement.

Emboldened by her moans, I decide the time will never be better. I bring my face close, and gently lick upwards, my tongue separating her lips. I harden my tongue and flick it over her clit. “Now THIS is what I need.” she exclaims. My smile almost ruins my rhythm. I form an ‘o’ with my lips, and start to suck inwards, making giant circles with my tongue. Her hood enters my mouth, and I gently ease my tongue under it, exploring it, feeling her pleasure hard against my tongue. She’s got one hand in a v shape near my face, pulling her lips apart, urging me to go deeper. Her other hand is on the back of my head, pulling me in closer. I start slowly, wanting to work towards a giant release of tension. She urges me to move quicker, desperate for the release. Finally, I slide one finger between her incredibly wet lips, pushing hard in, and making a ‘come hither’ motion, rubbing her from the inside as my tongue stimulates her.

Finally she cums. Her body seems to rack with pleasure. A single, giant ‘ahhhhh’… and all her tension melts away. “thank you” she manages to whisper.

With a devious smile, I tell her “We’re not done yet!” Knowing I need to keep my promise, I realize that I’m going to have to come up with some creative ways to blow her mind completely.

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