The Storm Before the CalmThe Storm Before the Calm


It was just any normal day, no different from all the rest. I woke up at six and had my normal bubble bath to start the day off with. Relaxing in the tub as I though about the long day ahead of me and the very few things I had to do, I realized that I could go back to sleep and get a nap in before I had to do anything else. After the long sleepless night last night where my thoughts kept going to him, I was ready for a few hours of dreamless sleep. I shaved my legs and my puss, making it all nice and smooth, thought I’m not sure why since I knew my husband wasn’t going to have sex with me for at least four days, recovery time he says.

After I got out of my bath I sent my kid off to school and then I stripped down to just my pair of yellow lace thongs, leaving my clothes next to my bed, and crawled under the covers as I willed myself not to think of him again. I finally got to sleep, though I’m not sure for how long as I heard a noise or something that woke me up from the delicious dream I was having. I figured it must have been my dog that made the noise so I closed my eyes again and thought about the dream I had been having. He and I were in the park this time, actually where we were most of the time, and he had me pressed up against the wall of the old school building as he whispered soft words into my ear and his hands caressing my breasts making me cum and my knees so weak I could barely stand. Always this dream ends here and I have to finish myself or I will go crazy and my hands go to my own breasts and down to my puss and I finger myself till I cum and I sigh as I relax back onto the bed to slumber again with my hands placed above my head as I normally sleep.

This time a noise doesn’t wake me, but hands on my wrists do and I jump and draw a quick breath as my eyes open to see him, my lover, my dream man, tying my wrists to the headboard of my bed. At first I strain against the bonds, trying to get free as he watches me and smiles, not saying anything. I finally stop trying to get free, at least for the moment, and I look at him as I breathe deeply trying to compose myself and figure out what to say or do about this whole situation. Truthfully, bondage was something we had discussed, but I thought our relationship had not progressed far enough to do it. Obviously I was wrong and as I watched him I noticed his eyes going to my breasts that were still covered by the blanket as they went up and down as I was still breathing a bit heavily from my trying to get loose.

“Um, Honey,” I said, rather unsure of what to say, but knowing I must say something, “what are you doing here?” I felt like an idiot, asking him an obvious question, but it wasn’t so obvious to me. I had never told him where I lived, only the town. I had my secrets and he kept his, what the hell was going on? With that thought going through my mind I began struggled anew against the ties on my wrist, but again it was fruitless. For the bit that I was looking away from him as I tried to scoot my body as to give me better ability to get free from the ties I missed his movement and suddenly the blanket was gone and he had grabbed my legs and pulled me back down the bed leaving my hands still tied and stretched above my head. I winced at the sudden movement, but I wasn’t hurt, more surprised than anything. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. I lay there and realized I was naked now except for my yellow thongs and I watched him as his eyes roamed over my body and I felt so exposed. I started to struggle again, feeling like I had to, that if I didn’t I was betraying myself and the fact that he still had not said anything was freaking me out.

He put his arms on either side of me and leaned over me and I became aware of all of him, his body slightly touching mine as he leaned closer and closer molding himself to me and his face and inch from mine as I stared into his eyes. “Stop moving” he said so calmly and with such authority that I stilled immediately and even held my breath for a bit as he moved closer and my eyes closed as I eryaman escort tried to think, but I couldn’t. All that was going through my mind was how good he felt on me and how wet I was from cumming right before my nap. I knew I should have been resisting, but I wanted him to touch me everywhere. Then he made me completely relax as he kissed me on my cheeks and then my nose and then my eyelids, just soft, gentle kisses and then he moved down to my mouth and at first he was gentle and then the kiss deepened and his tongue met mine as I forgot where we were and I lost myself to the wonderful sensations he was arousing in me. I caught myself arching my body trying to get as close to him as I possibly could and the ache in me grew as all I could think about was him and how good he felt. He began kissing down my body to my neck, nibbling and kissing his way to my breasts. He licked and sucked and nibbled all around my breasts, but stayed away from my nipples knowing how sensitive they are. I moaned in frustration as he would circle them again and again smiling at me as I arched my back even more trying to get him to touch them, anything, I was going crazy with wanting him to touch them.

“Please” I whispered without even realizing I had spoken until he looked up at me.

“Please what?” He asked me as he licked around my nipple again and again and finally I could hold back no longer.

“Please stop torturing me like this, suck my nips, please” I was practically whimpering as I made my plea to him and he smiled again.

“On one condition,” he said as I looked at him expectantly waiting for him to tell me. He rose up to my face and with his hands on my breast he said, “If you want me to do that, then no more stuggling.”

With that he tweaked my nipple just a little bit with his fingers and then let go as my whole body quivered. I was so close to cumming and yet I didn’t want to give in. A part of me wanted to refuse him completely and I just stared silently at him not saying anything.

“So, you think you can last, that you’re stronger than me? We’ll see baby girl, we’ll see.” He said as again he moved down to my breasts and tortured me by softly touching and caressing and licking, but still not giving me the touch I craved and my whole body was writhing trying to get him to do what I wanted without having to tell him. Just when I though I couldn’t take anymore he stopped and I breathed a sigh of relief as he moved as if to get off of me. I was not to get much of a reprieve though as he kissed his way down my belly to the top of my smoothly shaven puss and he spread my legs as he settled himself between them.

I set my heels to the mattress and tried to move back away from him knowing he was about to give me the same torture he had given my breasts and though I knew I would enjoy it I also knew that he would win and I would give in, I was that close to telling him what he wanted to hear. His hands settled on my thighs and pushed my legs down holding me in place as I moaned in frustration and knew it was only a matter of time till he had me where he wanted me. I watched him as he moved slowly toward my puss and I gasped as I felt his lips and tongue move around the outer lips, lightly caressing and nibbling. I tried to stop myself from moving, but my body had a mind of its own as I raised my hips up trying to get him to do more than just the light kisses he was giving me, but to no avail. He kept this up for a bit and finally I couldn’t keep my mouth closed and I started to whimpering and moaning and tried to move my hips my mind losing itself in the fog of desire that settled over me. When I could take no more I whimpered breathily “Please” and he stopped and looked up at me and asked me.

“Are you willing to do what I say?” He asked as he looked at me and I nodded afraid to talk, and he said in his firm voice “Tell me.” And I did.

“Yes, whatever you want, please, just touch me.” I was shocked to hear those words come out of my mouth, but at that moment I did not care about anything but ulus escort the pleasure I knew only he could bring me. Instead of continuing what he had been doing on the lips of my puss he moved up molding his body to mine holding himself up on his elbows as I felt the wonderful pressure of his hardness through his pants as he moved his hips against mine and I moaned in frustration that he was dressed and determined to torture me. His hands reached for my wrists and he untied me from the headboard though my wrists were still tied together, but I was able to move where he wanted me. I looked up at my wrists then at him and as I was about to ask him a question his lips were on mine and I forgot everything and looped my wrists behind his head as his tongue found mine and I kissed him back with all the passion I had in me and my legs spread under him and wrapped around his waist as all I could think of was wanting him inside me. My eyes were closed enjoying the moment when he stopped and my eyes flew open in surprise and then delight as he moved my arms back above my head and slid down my body just to give him access to my breasts that now felt swollen and ached for his touch.

He teased as before moving back and forth as my back bowed and I whimpered saying “please” and he looked in my eyes and I knew I had delighted him by saying that word and leaned his head back down taking one erect nipple into his mouth gently licking at first as I moaned and the tingles started again in my puss letting me know that I would be cumming soon if he kept it up. My hands went to the wrought iron headboard grabbing and holding on as pleasure infused my body as his hand rolled my other nipple between his fingers and his sucking became stronger and my moans became louder and though I tried to stay quiet I could no longer as I came, the wave of pleasure hitting me and lasting long enough for me to have another one as he did not stop until my body fully relaxed and my sigh of satisfaction escaped my lips. At that moment I thought he was finished with me and that we would fuck finally, but I realized I was wrong as he slid down even lower as he looked at me and I said “Oh God” and he smiled knowing that I knew what I was in for.

This time when before he kissed me on my puss he tickled me lightly with his fingers making me jump and giggle as I tried to move away, but he stopped me by grabbing my hips and holding me still as he leaned forward and I stopped struggling as I felt his tongue lick my puss and I melted to the mattress as his hands moved away from my hips and spread my legs even farther giving him better access. I lost all thought as his tongue found my center and my hands that had relaxed their hold upon the headboard once again gripped it as my hips raised giving him better access to my puss. Slowly at first his tongue licked and swirled making me shiver and moan at the touch and soon all I could feel was the orgasm that was welling up inside me and just as I was about to cum and moans were becoming shrieks I felt him thrust his fingers inside of me and I came shrieking so loud and as my body relaxed and he had stilled his movements I opened my eyes and looked at him through half closed lids not able to talk. The look of desire on his face as he looked back at me curled my toes and I knew how much he wanted me just by that look. I didn’t have a chance to say anything before he thrust his fingers inside of me again and again and my eyes closed with the realization that he was going to make me cum again, knowing that he was in complete control and all I could do was go along for the ride.

Each time his fingers withdrew from me my body moved to get them back inside me, to not let the wonderful feelings he was giving me go away. He stayed there watching me as my body writhed and my hands held onto the bed as I peaked again and again one orgasm blending into another until with a scream I came and fluid gushed out of me soaking the bed and his hand and I felt his mouth upon my puss once again as he tasted of eryaman escort my cum and my puss was so sensitive that just his light licking brought me again to intense pleasure and finally he withdrew his fingers and his mouth and I let my body sink into the mattress in utter contentment and unable to think or even move.

My eyes were still closed as I tried to formulate any kind of thought in my head when I heard the sound of a zipper and I knew that he was giving in to his passion and even though I was satisfied just a moment ago I knew I wanted him inside me and I could wait no longer. I had waited too long already. I rose to my knees holding my tied hands in front of me as I beheld the sight of him naked and hard and so very ready for me. I held my hands out to him hoping he would get the hint and he did as he untied them for me and with my hands now free I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down to me wanting to feel his skin on mine, to feel every part of him. I whispered in his ear for him to roll over and he did and lay upon his back watching me as I came over top him and kissed him as I felt his cock with my hand. I had planned to lick and taste and tease him as he had done to me, but I could wait for him no more and with my knees on either side of him I positioned his cock at the entrance to my puss. I looked up at him as I lowered my body his cock slowly filling my puss, more than it had ever been, it felt so nice and I leaned my head back and moaned my satisfaction at having him inside me.

His hands came to mine and he pulled me down to kiss him as I slowly rocked against him taking him in and out of me his mouth catching my moans. So sensitive my clit was from having cum so much earlier and I raised myself up onto my hands to give myself better leverage as I took him in and out my puss, nice and slow, letting the tip of his cock hit my clit each time and my eyes closed as I lost myself and forgot everything but the feeling of him inside me and I came so very hard gushing once again and as I slowed down my movements I could hear the sound of our skin and my cum together and I opened my eyes and looked at him and gave a small, tentative smile. He was just watching me, a look on his face I had never seen before, a look so intense that I was unsure and I stilled and just looked back at him.

“That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen” He said, his voice so low and husky that I had to strain to hear him, and I just looked at him, I had no response to that. He moved so quick at that moment that it surprised me as he rolled me over and under him as he slipped out of me and my arms gripped his shoulders and he kissed me hard and demanding leaving me breathless as he wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust his full length into me making me moan into his mouth and I slid my hands down under his arms to the middle of his back and pulled him in deeper each time he thrust hard into my puss. My legs tightened around him and my heels dug into his ass as my whole body seemed to be caught in pleasure so hot and tight that I felt it would never end. My eyes opened just a bit as my peak neared and his moans mixed with mine as I saw the intense look of pleasure on his face and I came feeling him cum so deep inside me and my puss clenched tight around him milking him of every last drop and after he was finished and his eyes were open staring into mine as we both were in awe of what had just happened my puss clenched one last time and I came moaning my fingers digging into his back.

When my eyes opened and I looked at him I blushed for he was smiling at me, a silly little smile. “What?” I said as he held me in his arms not crushing me, just covering me.

He leaned ever closer to me as he whispered “I’ve never seen anyone cum as easily as you do or look so sexy doing it.”

With him still inside me and holding me in place there was nowhere for me to go as I blushed again and with nothing to say I lifted my lips to his and kissed him and said “Thank you” very simply. He slipped out of me and I felt empty as he moved to my side, but he didn’t leave. He grabbed my blanket and brought it over top of us and then pulled me against him and wrapped his arms around me and we lay there cuddling and satisfied relaxing in the calm after the storm.

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