Making FriendsMaking Friends


There is an old saying, this ain’t the middle of nowhere but you can see it from here. If it applies to any place it applies to this town. But a job is a job so I moved here. It’s not really a small town, there are over 50,000 people, but it has the feel of a small conservative town. The principal at my new school starts every faculty meeting with a prayer, the Bill of Rights be damned. People are also kind of nosey (they would say open and friendly). It seems like everyone here gets married right out of high school so there are not a lot of singles my age. Who knew twenty five was over the hill? The only other single person on staff at my school is Frank.

Frank is about two years older than me and works in the counseling office. We hit it off right away. He invited me to go out a couple of weeks ago but I was too broke to do anything. Now that my first paycheck has been cashed I can afford a beer or two. Frank picks me up at my place and we head out for a tour of the three bars in town where I’m not likely to be stabbed. We have a few beers, play pool, and shoot darts. As Frank predicted there are about ten guys for every single female in the bars. After a couple of hours we head back to my place.

I invite Frank in and we have another beer and talk for a while. Frank gets up and goes to the bathroom and when he comes back I notice that he sits a little closer to me on the couch. Interesting. I get up and change the music and when I sit down I move a little closer to him. We are still about two feet apart. We are each turned toward each other so we can talk. I put my arm on the back of the couch. A minute later Frank does the same and our arms lying right next to each other. A subtle shifting of my weight and our arms are touching and Frank doesn’t move his away. We continue to talk like nothing is going on and then I feel Frank’s fingers lightly touching my upper arm, moving in small circles. His touch raises goose bumps on my arm. I move my hand and begin to lightly massage his upper arm. We are both getting caught up in the touching and Gaziantep Grup Escort the conversation peters out. We are looking into each other’s eyes and touching each other’s arms with more pressure.

I slide all the way over until our legs are touching and I lean in slowly toward him and, as our lips meet, I close my eyes. Frank’s fill lips are soft and when they part his tongue finds mine. He tastes like beer. What starts out as a gentle kiss quickly becomes more passionate. I don’t know about him but I have had no sex in several months and I have a lot of pent up lust. And boy can he kiss. I place a hand on the back of his head and pull his mouth more firmly against mine. He has one arm still on the back of the couch and the other is on my thigh. When he start moving that hand I get an instant hardon.

When we break for a breath Frank says, “God, I was hoping you were gay. I just wasn’t sure. Gaydar doesn’t work on you.”

“I’m bi. I didn’t think I would find any guys here.”

“Well you found one,” he says and he pushes me onto my back and he is on top of me and we are kissing again. He feels just as desperately horny as me. As we kiss he begins grinding his crotch against mine and we are both rock hard. I run my hands over his back then I untuck his shirt and slip a hand inside and caress his flesh. The other hand slides down to his ass and I and massaging his cheeks and pulling his hips tighter against me.

After a few minutes we sit back up. I place my hand on his thigh and run it up until my finger just brushes his bulge then back down. He starts kissing my neck and his hand is on my thigh and we are teasing each other. I abandon his thigh and start massaging his cock and balls through his pants. He groans against my neck when I apply pressure. He begins copying my motions and soon we are both groaning.

I break our kiss and start unbuttoning his pants. I tell him I’m going to suck his cock. He lifts his butt to let me pull his pants down. I am kneeling on the floor in front of him. Frank is not a big guy but he is a BIG guy. His cock is at least eight inches long and it is thick. The tip is peeking out from the foreskin and is glistening with precum. It is glorious. I grab his shaft and start pulling the foreskin up and down. He moans with pleasure at my touch. I lean in and lick the precum off the tip. I take the head in my mouth and run my tongue all over it. Frank puts his hands on my head and runs his fingers through my hair and his moans and groans are getting louder.

After a couple of minutes of working on the head of his cock Frank starts bucking his hips and pushing down on my head so I start deep throating him, going all the way down until his pubes are tickling my lips then back up until the tip is on my lips. His fat cock fills my throat when I go down. If he were any bigger I wouldn’t be able to take it all. Gradually i pick up speed until he is face fucking me and I can’t help but wonder how his cock will feel in my ass.

While he fucks my mouth I massage his balls. I love the feel of his dark, curly pubic hair and his very large testicles in my hand. Frank’s hips are thrusting hard and then he tense and moans that he is going to cum. He tries to pull my head up but I keep it down on his cock. I want every drop of his semen. He practically convulses when he cums and he shoots what feels like a quart of warm, slimy cum into my mouth. It is so copious I have to swallow half of it to keep from spilling any. When he finally stops cumming I pull my head up. Frank is panting from the exertion. I raise up and kiss him. When our mouths open his cum flows from my mouth to his. He is surprised and jerks a little but doesn’t pull away. We kiss for a long time, swapping cum back and forth. Cum is spilling out of our mouths and we both have it on our lips and chins. It may be the best kiss I’ve ever had.

When we stop kissing we both collapse on opposite ends of the couch, both breathing hard. Frank pulls up his pants and comes over and kisses me again. While he kisses me his hands are working on my belt and zipper. Once my pants are unfastened he pulls them down and his hands start working on my cock. I am so horny that my cock is slick already. His hand is pumping my cock slowly and firmly while he stare into my eyes. When he finally puts his mouth on my aching dick is erupt after about 30 seconds. Frank takes everything I pump out and then he returns my cum kiss and it is just as glorious as the first.

When we are done we make a date for the following night. No bars, just the two of us at my place. After another long kiss Frank leaves and I start dreaming about tomorrow.

Before Frank arrives I douche my ass and get myself squeaky clean. I worried that my ass is so tight it may squeak so I get out my dildos and loosen myself up. When Frank arrives I greet him at the door buck naked with a raging hard on. When he sees me he grabs me in a hot kiss and runs his hands all over my body. I yank his clothes off as we stumble to the bedroom and in between kisses I tell him I want his cock in my ass.

In the bedroom he pushes my down on my back on the bed. He bends down and starts sucking my dick. Then he is licking and sucking my balls. I am writhing with pleasure and I don’t think it could feel any better. Frank proves me wrong by pushing my knees back and lifting my ass up off the bed and rimming me. I love being rimmed. Rim me and you can do anything you want. Frank is an expert rimmer and my asshole opens up for him. He tongue fucks me for a long time, until I tell him to please fuck me.

He kneels on the bed between my legs and grabs my calves. I reach down between my legs and grab his cock and guide it to my quivering asshole. With the head against my anus Frank begins to push in. He is so big that when his head gets past my sphincter I yelp. Frank waits for me to relax and then he starts with slow small strokes. His cock feels so good inside me. Frank lays on top of me and starts kissing me. I wrap my legs around him and he thrusts harder and faster and the feeling of his cock in my ass and his tongue in my mouth is so overwhelming that I cum all over our bellies without touching myself. A few minutes later Frank arches his back and jerks as he cums in my ass.

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