Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 14 DOCTOR WHO, JESSE, AND JEREMY interlude or chapter 14 XMAS WINTER SOLSTICE “Doctor?” “Hmmm, my boy?” “This is a time machine right?” “You know it is.” The Doctor said, unapologetic and without insult in tone. “Well, I just…it’s just…” Jesse looked at him. “Our guests are taking in a bath and some food,” the Doctor smiled, “And I hope in that order…or maybe not?” Jesse faked a laugh, “It’s just…” “What?” “I have a life.” “I know.” “I mean it’s this and that but whatever…I just…” “What do you want, Jesse?” “Well, I have to…it’s just I want to…I had obligations in the present…” Jesse looked, “And they don’t come close to this and you and Jeremy…but…” “But?” “I mean there are things I do that matter. Back then, there, ahead, oh…” Jesse laughed, this time for real, “I think this time travel is complicated especially when you try to talk about it. I mean in my time, I do some good…don’ t I?” “Jesse. Just tell me what you want.” It was a HOME FOR HOLIDAYS celebration. Orphans who do not have homes or are bursa escort bayan not yet adopted. They tell their stories on TV. The ones who are adopted, the ones who are not. Yet. Jesse told the Doctor. On stage. Jesse went out on stage. The Doctor watched from the TARDIS doors, watching and looking back at the scanner for a better view. Jesse wore one of his third persona’s old green velvet jackets. It was big for Jesse but he filled it better than the Doctor thought he would. Jesse was a big boy now. He wore a long scarf from the Fourth Doctor around his neck, this one more Christmas colored. Madam Nostradamus knew her color schemes and knitted many for him. The Doctor smiled. Of all the people he knew in time and space and other places, Jesse and Jeremy were it for him. He leaned his elbow on the frame of the Tardis door, crossed one foot over the other leg. Jesse had a Newsies cap on his head, checked colored and for some reason, as the Doctor had set the TARDIS Jesse had dyed his hair brown. The Doctor liked the natural blonde but whatever Jesse wanted, the nilüfer escort Doctor would go along with. It was at this moment that the Doctor knew this would be permanent. His eyes were entranced with Jesse and his performance. Jesse would go home from time to time, so to speak but the Doctor knew he was in love with Jesse. Jesse’s eyes sparkled as he brought music to the young girls in the front of the guitar shaped stage, “Beautiful Soul” was the choice. Good choice, the Doctor thought, for all his bravado, Jesse was a beautiful soul. It had been easy to park the TARDIS in the back darkness of the stage, one blond hottie emerging from the curtains and the other watching. “After all this is a time machine and this is Christmas.” The Doctor patted the TARDIS door, “Thank you, old girl. Thank you.” The music continued, Jesse doing his magic on stage, entrapping the Doctor in rapture and bliss just to watch and listen. The Doctor wanted to close his eyes to just listen and as chills ran through his arms, up them to his shoulders and chest, türbanlı escort he knew he couldn’t. He was not able to take his eyes off Jesse. He couldn’t swallow for a whole minute. Funny for him, he thought, especially around Jesse (or Jeremy for that matter). He smiled as Jesse thrust his head upward and finished the song and then bowed, “Thank you all, have a great night and a great Christmas and Holiday Season.” Jesse ran for the door of the TARDIS as others came running to find out where he had been for a few days…the time machine had appeared to have only had him in its bosom for three days or so…when in reality for Jesse it had been longer. Jesse ran right into the Doctor. “Thanks!” “It was supposed to be Christmas.” “It’s winter solstice…” “Yes but…” “You got the spot spot on…” Jesse said, “They made it today live…” “Oh, I guess I did.” The Doctor threw his head up and looked at the lights above. Jesse said, “And I get you spot on.” He kissed the Doctor’s mouth deeply and pushed him roughly into the TARDIS. A crowd had followed them but the doors shut tight and the wheezing groaning sound continued…onward to take Joey back to 1931…. DOCTOR WHO IS THE BBC’S, no copyright infringement is meant. This story is total fiction and does to imply or state that either Jeremy S or Jesse M are gay!

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