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Subject: Little Peter and the Frat Boy This story is a work of FICTION and contains explicit, graphic sexual acts between a young boy and older men. If this offends you or is considered illegal material where you are, I urge you to leave now. Events in the story are entirely fabricated and no character, event or setting is based on real life locations or people (either living or dead). Author retains copyrights to this work. This story is not intended to influence the actions of others and its contents SHOULD NOT be viewed as support or encouragement for any behavior. Everything presented is simply taboo fantasy from a guy that de-stresses by writing perverted shit. Please remember to donate to Nifty to keep this wonderful site thriving! ::Little Peter and the Frat Boy:: Peter’s nine year-old heart fluttered wildly as he rode the train to meet his boyfriend, Todd. The two had been `dating’ online for three whole weeks and it was his first time meeting the nineteen year-old in person. The butterflies in his tummy were going crazy! Todd was everything Peter had dreamed of when it came to having a man in his life. He was sweet (he read love poems to Peter all the time during their webcam chats), kind (he had sent Peter money for a field trip!), smart (he helped the lad with homework nightly!) and was so handsome and muscular Peter’s stomach twisted in knots whenever he thought of the jock. To Peter, Todd was a prince charming brightening his dark, Cinderella-like life with his mean foster father, Mr. Romano. The boy was so smitten with the jock, he didn’t even care about Mr. Romano discovering Peter’s childish drawings of the two having a wedding, their names written together in a gigantic heart. “You got a boyfriend, huh?” Mr. Romano had sneered at Peter as he clutched the boy’s drawings at dinner. Peter was looking into his soup not willing to look at the shirtless man. Mr. Romano was always shirtless- “Italian Pride” was his reason- and the hairy chest made Peter feel bubbles in his stomach, but also upset because Mr. Romano made fun of him for staring once. “He looks old. Got yourself an older boyfriend, huh? That’s illegal you know.” “No, I don’t have a boyfriend.” The boy lied. “He looks like a sissy. Wouldn’t have lasted in the marines with me and REAL men.” “He is NOT a sissy!” Peter huffed, spitting soup all over a smirking Mr. Romano. “He’s nice and a prince! Not like you!” “Keep raising your voice and I’ll spank your ass.” Mr. Romano grinned, tossing Peter his drawing and lighting a cigarette. He blew out a cloud of smoke and chuckled to himself. “You use to say I was your big prince before you went and became a mean little fag. Where’s my picture?” “You’re not a prince.” Peter huffed. “You’re more like a mean dragon.” “Tch, whatever. Don’t come crying to me if you go out and get fucked too hard. I ain’t gonna be a daddy to a mean fag.” “You’re not my daddy and never will be.” Peter grumbled. Mr. Romano chuckled again. “Eat your damn soup and get started on the laundry. And don’t let me catch you sniffing my underwear.” Peter was all too happy sneaking out of his room later that evening with a few nights’ clothes in his backpack and his train ticket to Todd’s town in hand. Who would want a big, hairy, idiot like Mr. Romano for a daddy anyway? Todd was so much better; like a big brother, boyfriend and dad all rolled into one. As the train continued on, Peter daydreamed about all the things that would happen when he and Todd were finally together. There would be picnics, hugging, and hand holding… Todd would complement the bowtie Peter picked out to impress the jock (it had Todd’s favorite colors on it!) and the boy would wear it to the candlelit dinner Todd promised him… And maybe… a kiss when Todd dropped the boy back home two days later! Todd promised to drive Peter all the way back home in his new, blue Mercedes and the boy felt giddy as he imagined being dropped off and kissing Todd goodbye in front of Mr. Romano. If his mean foster dad something rude he’d get a punch in the face by his big boyfriend for sure! The thought made the front of Peter’s pants tighten and the boy scratched at it, trying to ease the throbbing in his erection he mistook for itchiness. Peter giggled to himself and let his imagination run wild. Wilder than the train that hastened across steel tracks, barreling the oblivious boy to his doom. — “FUCK THE FAG!” “FUCK THE FAG!” The BOOMING, aggressive chants from the crowd of jocks surrounding the dirty mattress were like electricity to Todd! Electricity that went right to the college jock’s hips and spurred him to thrust HARDER and FASTER and more BRUTALLY than before! The shitty mattress shook and buckled under his pounding, threatening to break at any second. “YOU WANT ME TO FUCK THE FAG!?” Todd roared, rolling his hips skillfully to give the crowd of rowdy jocks a nasty view of his muscled ass and tight, hairy hole. He had a shit-eating grin plastered on his sweaty face the entire time- he loved the attention. “WANT ME TO PIP THIS FAGGOT HARD!?” “HELL YEA!” “DO IT, DIPSHIT!!” “HARDER, PLEDGE!” “FUCKING DO IT! ALL THE WAY BRO!!!” “FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!” “WATCH! JUST WATCH YOU FUCKERS!” Todd bellowed “WATCH ME- HHAAHAHANGGGHHH!” Todd lost his thoughts as he pushed back the thin legs that thrashed under him further. The movement let his girthy, eight-incher escort ankara sink even deeper into the spazzing, vice-tight boy cunt that desperately tried to keep out the invading cock. But the nine year-old sphincter was not use to having to fight off entry from meaty jock cocks. It was no match against Todd’s pummeling and blossomed open slightly. The crowd of frat bros hollered like apes as two more inches of Todd’s veiny cock entered the boy. As two more veiny, cock-sludge coated inches further stretched the immature anal walls of Peter’s boy cunt. “YYYOOOOOOOOO!” Wild frat bros screamed around Todd, frantically jumping over one another like zoo animals. Jocks crashed over one another roughly, banged shoulders and chest, and spilled beer on each other, all in excitement over the taboo coupling. “HALLLFFFWAAYYY!!!” “PLEDGE IS HALFWAY IN!” “BRING IT HOME, PLEDGE!” “DON’T BITCH OUT!” “Mmnngggh! NMMNGGGNHHH!!” Peter tried his best to cry out, but the bowtie he had so carefully picked out was shoved inside his mouth and kept in place with ducktape. “MMNNNGGH!!” The little boy’s head was woozy and foggy and only fractions of understanding came through. The only thing he understood was that his legs were being spread and something bad was happening to his ass and making him feel…feel… “EMMNNBGGGHHHH!” Peter blubbered into his gag as a powerful pressure built up in his stomach and sent small, pleasurable stabs across his tiny lower body. It was overwhelming and he shook his hips frantically trying to make it stop. Sweat dribbled down onto Peter’s face and a sliver of understanding hit him when he recognized Todd. Huffing madly, Todd bent down and licked off his sweat from Peter’s face, leaving it even wetter and slimier. “You liking our date, baby?” He chuckled, fucking into the little boy at a new angle, forcing the lad to squeal harder. “C’mon baby! YOU LIKING OUR DATE? BETTER THAN A FUCKING PICNIC, RIGHT!?” “NGGHHH!” The weird pressure in Peter’s little tummy increased seeing Todd’s face, like all the little butterflies from earlier were on fire. Shaky hands reached out to Todd, but were slapped away by the frat boy instantly. Desperate for SOMETHING, Peter reached between his bare legs. Some little part of the boy’s mind was shocked to discover his tiny prick was rock hard. What happened next was like instinct. It came naturally to the fuck-brained Peter. “ANNNNFFFHHHHHH!” Peter growled into his bowtie gag as he began jerking his little boy cock for the first time ever. The crowed of frat boys erupted in delight at the boy’s masturbating. Peter hardly registered them as he spanked his little pud, not fully knowing what he was doing. “ANNnnnnHJHgnnHGNGG!” “LITTLE FUCKER IS JERKING!” “TODDY-BOY’S NOT HITTING IT GOOD ENOUGH!” “GET IT LIL’ DUDE! SPANK THAT CRAYON!!” “PLEDGE CAN’T SATISFY A FUCKING KID!” “Don’t get handsy!” Todd barked. The jock slapped the boy’s hands away from his mini, rock hard peter and SLAMMED another inch of cock into him. Peter wailed in agony and threw his head back. The cock in him mashed against the boy’s tiny prostate harshly, making it throb in alarm and delight. Unable to reach for Todd or his little dickie, Peter clawed at his little chest for comfort. “EMMMMMMmmnnnnnhhhhh” The nine year-old’s body went through a series of limp-shaking-limp cycles trying to process what was happening to it. Arms reached around for stability. His hips moved erratically to escape the harsh fucking- and to back up against it. Todd smirked at every weird reaction- the boy was melting under his movements. He pumped harder and Peter gurgled wide-eyed as another inch of frat boy fuck meat stretched his pussy hole wide. “EN!EN!EN!” Peter’s mousy squeaks were pounded out of him in a rthym; matching the fucking tempo Todd thrusted into the spazzing elementary schooler. “EN!EN!ENNN!ENNNNNNNNN!” “LISTEN TO THE LITTLE WHORE SQUEAK!” Todd boasted swinging his head around to eye the wild frat boys around him, but never stopping his fucking. “YOU FUCKERS WISH YOU COULD BREAK A BOY’S PUSSY LIKE I CAN!” Laughs erupted from the crowd as muscled frat boys threw beer cans and insults Todd’s way. “Don’t get cocky fucker! You’re not a bro yet!” “HA! That baby dick couldn’t satisfy my little bro! Only my HOG can!” “FUCK HIM HARDER, PLEDGE!” “FUCK THE FAG!” “FUCK THE FAG!” The laughs and jokes all merged into the battle cry that all the frat boys seemed to love `FUCK THE FAG’. Not one to disappoint, Todd withdrew his cock until only his tip was embraced by Peter’s shuddering pussy lips. Before the hole could get use to feeling mostly empty, Todd SLAMMED back in, banging home another inch into Peter’s hole. “MMUNNNHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Peter cried out, tears beading into the little lad’s eyes as they rolled into the back of his head. In truth, Todd thought he’d feel bad for the kid; about all the promises and sweet talk and lies. About how the dumb slut traveled all the way to his college town alone and ran to Todd expecting a hug, but getting a chloroform rag instead. About how the half-conscious boy mumbled about romance as Todd forced mushrooms and weed gummies down his throat on the ride back to the frat house; where Peter would be his ticket into the sickest Frat in America. Todd thought he’d feel bad, but he didn’t. Because the cheering his bros roared at him as he crushed esenyurt escort Peter’s kiddie cunt to oblivion gave him a high that let him know it was all worth it. And fuck, Peter’s little dicklet was hard as a bone! It couldn’t be all bad for the boy, right? Being Todd’s slam piece for a night had to be better than the shitty life the kid said he led at home. “Look at all that fuckslop shoot out his ass!” One of the frat bros drunkenly slurred, getting in so close to Todd’s gyrating ass Todd’s heavy balls slapped against the drunken guy’s chin. “You sure he’s a virgin, Toddy-Boy?! Gotta break in a virgin to join us! No exceptions!” “Fuck yeah he’s a virgin!” Todd grunted, letting the nickname slide off him. After tonight he’d be an Alpha Eta Alpha brother and beyond childish nicknames. Todd laughed deeply and continued rabbit dicking Peter with his tongue practically hanging out of his mouth. “Only a virgin would fall for the DUMB shit I said. Dates. Picnics. Kids are fucking RETARDED these days! Fuckhead FAG thought I was his PRINCE CHARMING!” All around the muggy room Jocks roared in laughter; the smell of their hot, alcohol stained breath filling the air and mixing with the smells of Peter’s fucking. The room was heavy with the stink of booze and jock cum, but the second Todd laughed at being a prince charming, it was like the air cleared for little Peter. A switch flipped on in the boy’s head; like he was shocked awake and filled instantly with boiling acid instead of blood. “NNNNHH-NHHHHH! NOOMMM!” Peter roared. His weak limbs found strength and he immediately began thrashing. He instinctively clamped down and tightened all the muscles in his little pussy, his anger making him ignore how good it was feeling. Todd looked down in shock as his cock was pushed out. He couldn’t fuck into the boy-not an inch. Even the path his cockmeat had carved into the kid cunt earlier had tightened beyond breach. “Wh-” Todd began to express shock, but he was cut off when one of Peter’s flailing limbs reached his face with and gave him an audible SLAP! “OooOF!” The jock teen, caught off guard, fell off of the dirty mattress and landed on the floor with a loud `THUMP’. “YYYYYOOOOOOOO!!!!” The crowd of jocks erupted into an explosion of laughter and mockery. “LITTLE DUDE IS MAD!” “DID TODD JUST GET HIS ASS KICKED BY A KID!?” “YOO!! TODD’S LITTLE DUDE’S BITCH!” “HE JUST KICKED HIM OUT THAT PUSSY!” “TODD’S THE PUSSY!!!” “CAN’T FUCK FOR SHIT!” “HE JUST KICKED HIM OUT HIS PUSSSSY!!!” Todd immediately leapt back onto the mattress and between Peter’s legs. He pried them open and began sweating nervously as he tried to push back into Peter’s hole. The wrinkled entry remained unmoving however, barely letting in a quarter of Todd’s large cockhead. “NMMNNN!” Peter grunted, repelling all Todd’s strokes with furious eyes. “NUHN! NUHN! NOOH! NO!” “CAN’T FUCK NUMBNUTS! CAN’T FUCK NUMBNUST!” The Jock crowd started chanting at Todd, mocking the increasingly panicked pledge. “TODDY-BOY CAN’T FUCK A BOY!” “FUCKIN’ PEDOS!” The nervous jock bellowed hoarsely at the jeering crowd- flipping all the men around as they laughed. “YOU’RE ALL SICK FUCKS!!” “YEEAhhAHHHHHH!!!” The college boys roared like wild animals, fist-bumping and clanging beers in perverted solidarity. They were all sick fucks and knew it! Todd roughly pinned Peter down, practically sinking the boy in the mattress with his weight. He was heated from the embarrassment of looking weak in front of the frat and wasn’t going to let the boy get away with it. “LITTLE SHIT!” Todd growled. He raised a heavy fist and PUNCHED the boy in the stomach with just enough force to knock the air out of his lungs! Peter’s eyes bulged from the hit and the shock broke down all the kid’s defenses. In one devastating thrust, Todd crashed all of his cock into Peter, grinding his pubic bush against the little boy’s hairless taint for good measure. “NngGHH!” Peter croaked hoarsely as little body seized up. His boy pussy strained to accommodate the huge cock and his grape-sized prostate twitched in delight and agony, sending shot after shot of pleasure throughout the nine year-old body. Before Peter could adjust to the new invasion in any way, Todd began Slam fucking the boy. ANGRILY. “DON’T!” -SLAM “YOU!”- SLAM “EVER!” SLAM “KICK!” SLAM SLAM “ME OUT!” SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM Todd’s dick slammed in and out of little Peter’s boy pussy ferociously, breaking through every measly barrier the boy’s anus had- deep fucking him like his hole was an endless void and not the twitching, cum-gunked orifice of a na?ve elementary schooler. He punched the kid’s prostate with his cockmeat again and again and again, making the boy wail in his gag. “FUCKER!!” Todd spat angrily. Still pissed, he reached between the boy’s legs and gripped up the tiny, hard boy nail. He began grinding it between his calloused hands, using every gym-perfected muscle in his arms to crush the little dickie to dust. “NNNMGGGHHHHH!!!” Peter flailed, completely at Todd’s mercy. Slowly opening his legs wider despite himself. The rapid fire assault on Peter’s twitching, helpless prostate sent CRASH after CRASH of pleasure to every nerve in Peter’s body. The boy’s high-pitched voice moaned and cried and howled into his bowtie gag. He buckled his tiny hips, meeting eskişehir escort Todd’s thrusts. He banged his head back against the mattress. His mind shattered from the overwhelming, forced-pleasure inflicted upon his underage body, forgetting everything that had made him mad just seconds ago. He was a helpless sack of flesh at Todd’s mercy, only able to helplessly thrash and let the pressure in his tiny tummy build and build and build until FINALLY it all crashed down on him. “NYYANNnnnGHHAAHHHH!” Todd’s hard, patterned fucking was too much for Peter’s tiny prostate. The boy let out a guttural moan as his limbs seized-up and his torso and pelvis bent into a harsh arch. The shout the boy released was so loud and beastly it stunned all the jocks into silence. “AAAANNNNGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The crowd of frat brothers watched in awe as Peter’s tiny cock twitched and shook wildly. As the boy thrashed in the wonderful and horrific grips of a first-time full body dry orgasm. “GGGHHHHHHHHHHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Veins throbbed all over the boy’s hairless dicklet as it vainly tried to shoot out cum from its empty, abused prostate. “SSSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” Todd screamed, adding the booming sound of his own orgasm to Peter’s screams. The jock boy threw his head back, shut his eyes tight and enjoyed the spectacular feeling of his orgasm merging with Peters. His spurting cock synched with the boy’s pussy-seizure as he shot load after load into the kid. His anger melted into bliss as his pungent cum began to blast out the sides of Peter’s pussy hole; the load too huge to remain in the kid’s tiny hole. It all felt fucking magical to the jock. Peter’s vibrating anal walls massaging his rod frantically. Todd’s huge balls rising and falling as they dumped their load. Todd’s secret shame- his virginity- disappearing from his body. For a moment his frat brothers disappeared and it was only Todd and Peter in the room; enjoying a shared orgasm like lovers. And for a moment, Todd felt a bit of regret that Peter was only a fuck piece; a tool used for his initiation into the Alpha Eta Alpha frat and not an actual nine year-old boyfriend he could dick down regularly. The frat house quickly brought Todd back to reality. “YYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The jock crowd erupted into their loudest cheers of the night. They went wild, jumping on each other and dog-piling on to Todd’s exhausted body to ruffle his hair and slap his ass with pride. “YOU OWNED THAT LITTLE ASS!” “LITTLE FAGGOT THOUGHT HE HAD YOU!” “YOU’RE A FUCKIN’ ALPHA ETA ALPHA BRO!!” “FUCKTHEFAG!FUCKTHEFAG!” Todd punched the air triumphantly and grinned cockily as his Frat brothers continued to pile onto him in the bed. They opened cans of beer and poured it over Todd’s sexed-out, naked body in celebration. Squished beneath Todd and the jocks, Peter groaned with tired eyes half-rolled in the back of his head. None of the Frat brothers noticed that behind his gag, the boy’s quivering lips produced just the slightest smile at the corners .Todd didn’t feel Peter’s cum-soaked anal walls contract ever so slightly around the jock’s shrinking cock as the boy tried to squeeze himself to another anal orgasm. It had only taken one dry cum for Peter to turn into a cock slut. — Mr. Romano was on his porch lazing his Sunday away in his bathrobe when the shitty blue truck hobbled down his street and stopped in front of his home. He made no reaction when Todd, sporting a crisp new Alpha Eta Alpha shirt, came out of the truck, went to the passenger’s seat, and produced a sleeping Peter. The frat boy walked up the porch carefully, trying his best not to disturb the sleeping boy. “Uh, hi, sir.” Todd spoke formally. Rehearsed. “I found this kid at the park during my jog last night and-” “If I find out he ain’t like it I’ll kill you.” Mr. Romano said flatly, stunning Todd into silence. The man flexed a muscled arm and Todd eyes widened at the intricate- and frightening- Marine Corps tattoo on it. “He better’ve loved every fucking second of it or you’re dead. All of you are.” “I-I” Todd stammered, at a loss for words. “Get the fuck off my porch, pussy.” Todd shakily placed the sleeping Peter in the Mr. Romano’s arms. The boy snuggled in deeply to the hairy chest and Todd watched, in horror, as the older man stroked the boy’s hair. Almost lovingly. He didn’t give off the aura of a negligent, uncaring foster dad like Peter wrote in their chats. “I’ll be seeing you, Toddy-Boy.” Mr. Romano said darkly. Todd could feel every weight in those loaded words as he rushed back his car and drove away in terror. Mr. Romano leaned back in his chair, enjoying the feel of Peter’s soft body on his hairy one. After a quick look around to make sure no one was watching, he slipped a hand down the back of Peter’s pants. He found Peter’s wet, puffy hole instantly and pushed three large fingers against it. The hole quivered and opened up immediately, releasing a flood of cum onto Mr. Romano’s fingers. “Ah…” Peter moaned softly. His wet anal walls began contracting lazily around his foster father’s fingers. A little smile crept across his lips. “Mean little faggot…” Mr. Romano smirked. “Making me jealous…hope you enjoyed it…No one else is ever getting a taste of you…” The man placed a soft, loving kiss on Peters head before picking up the lad and carrying him inside their castle. ::End:: Past stories by the author so far: Jock’s Awakening (Athletic) Mini Derek (Adult/Youth, Interracial) Tales From Smallville (Adult/Youth, Interracial) Why Is Your Brother Such A Dick? (Incest, Interracial) Little Peter and his Frat Boy Boyfriend (Adult/Youth)

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