Diaries of Ceres and Taliya-Part two: Taliya-P3Diaries of Ceres and Taliya-Part two: Taliya-P3


Chapter 3:I was heading back down stairs with my black thong accentuating my tanned ass cheeks, a green loose fitting Chambray shirt on to finish up my chores.  Ceres was still hard at work; it was close to lunch time so I went to prepare it.  Mistress Julia stopped me.“You girls go help Master John.   I’ll finish up here.  If I need help cooking I’ll call for you, Liya.”  Looking at her I nodded.  Searching for Ceres she couldn’t be found in the dining room.  I heard Master calling me from the living room.  and I went to him.“Liya, I want your room clean in five minutes.” Master John said.  Five minutes.  Damn!  Two to get upstairs, only  three minutes to clean.  I nodded,  heading on my way.  Trashed.  That was my room is.  So I have this thing about keeping it clean…. but I started to rethink my position when I  noticed the time. None left, nothing done.I heard Master coming up the stairs.  Panicking I ran out of my room, right into him.“Master!” I said, appearing to be shocked, but I wasn’t.“Liya, I want to see your room.”“But Master….””NOW Şerifali Escort Liya!”“Yes Master.”  I led Master into my room and waited, waited for him to yell at me.“You had five minutes young lady to get this room … look at it!  It’s still a mess!”“I’m sorry, Master.  I tried my best.  Really, I did,” I said, eyes watering,  backing up into my bed.”Start cleaning, Liya.” Master was a man of few words.“Yes Master.  Right away.” I started cleaning again, Master John staying in my room making sure I did it right.   An hour later I was almost finished.“Liya, Liya, Mistress wants you,” Ceres said running up the stairs, bursting in, her full chest heaving, sweat a light covering on her face.  “Right now?” What could be so important?“Yes.  Right now.  You’re done cleaning, right?  If not, I’ll help you out if that’s okay with you, Master?”  Ceres gave him that soft eyed look.  Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.  “I’m done; just have to put some things up.  Master, will that be okay?” I asked as I knelt Şerifali Escort Bayan in front of him.“Yes, my pet, it’s fine.  Go ahead, kitten, go see what Julia wants.”  I must have done something right.  He only calls me “kitten” when I’m good.“Thank you, Master.  I’ll come back as fast I can.”  Saying that I got up, heading down stairs to the kitchen.“Come, sweetie, we need to talk.” Mistress Julia said.“Why, Mistress? Did I do something wrong?”“No baby; just sit down.”“Yes, ma’am,” sitting down in the living room.   Crazy thoughts running through my brain must have been mirrored in my eyes.  A bitch slap…KA-POW… knock her on her skinny butt… then take a thin switch to her…. Dangerous thoughts for a submissive to have against her mistress.“Do not look at me like that, little girl.  You know better.” she yelled.”Yes Mistress.  I’m so sorry,” I meekly replied, hanging my head low.  It was wrong for this girl to look at her mistress like that.  Pulling a chair up in front of me,  she sat down.“Now, Escort Şerifali I want to tell you I am sorry for not helping you out.”“Not helping me out?”  I spoke quickly, out of turn.“Don’t cut me off,” she said sharply. “Now, like I was saying,” she continued.  “I am sure you heard my screams.  I deserved it.  And it will be happening from now on until John says otherwise.  So please, if he asks…” she paused dramatically, ” I have been good, I even told you I was sorry.  Besides, if you lie on me to him that’s you’re ass not mine,” she said calmly.  My loyalties were torn.  I loved my Mistress, I really did.  But to cross Master?  That was flirting with disaster.  However, I felt the need to protect her.  Ignoring the alarms going off in my brain I submitted to her dominant will.“Sure thing, or should I pay you back?” Looking in her direction I saw a figure at the bottom of the stairs.  Master John, grimly standing there.  I knew I was in trouble now, I’m sure he heard what I said.“Oh no, don’t do that.  I know I deserve payback but don’t do it.  I don’t want you to get in trouble for it,” she said, not realizing he was behind her.”To late for that Julie.  She is already in trouble.  Am I right, Taliya?” he said.  Spinning around Mistress’s jaw dropped so low it almost hit the ground.  Fear flashed in her pretty blue eyes.

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